She's ready for her close up.

A few weeks ago an actress was in the news for something beside her latest movie. A day or two later when I went to bed, I had a dream about meeting her at a hotel. Part of this story is based on the dream, the rest is my made up fantasy.

I was out of town on business, my presentation to be made first thing Monday morning. I pulled into the hotel late Saturday night checked in and dropped my bags in my room on the 7th floor. Although I had eaten on the plane I wondered if the restaurant downstairs might be open, so I went back down to the lobby to ask the front desk about somewhere to eat a little something before bed. The lobby was almost empty a couple people walking around, but, not many a few people at the bar but seemed quiet for a Saturday night.
I noticed a pretty blonde lady in a sweatsuit no make up and hair in a bun sitting by herself on a couch near the bar
reading a magazine. I nodded to her she smiled back politely and went back to her magazine. She looked familiar and I was trying to figure out if I knew her from somewhere or if she just looked like someone I knew. I went to the check in counter and asked if they had a restaurant open or if there was somewhere I could get something to eat in the hotel. I was told all the hotel restaurants were closed the only places open were a mile or two up the road. It was late and I was tired and did not feel like getting in my rental car and driving anywhere, so I decided to just go to my room go to bed and get up early Sunday morning for breakfast.
I started to walk passed the woman sitting on the couch when it occurred to me, the woman was Scarlett Johansson the movie actress or someone who looked exactly like her. She looked up and half-smiled at me. I asked politley "Excuse me are you who I think you are". She seemed a little guarded like she didn't really want me to bother her. "Yes I am" she said "I'm hiding so don't say it too loud". i responded "I won't say anything to anyone, but, I want you to know I really like your movies".
She smiled and thanked me and asked me to sit for a minute. She waved to the cocktail waitess to come over and asked if I wanted a drink on her. I said sure and figured since she was a movie star she could afford to buy drinks more than I could, although, I could afford it. I ordered a drink and so did she. I said I was hoping to get something to eat and she said you're welcome to some of my pretzels. I smiled and thanked her, even in sweats, no make up and her pretty blonde hair in a bun she was quite beautiful.
I started to tell her my favorite movie of hers and she held her hand up to stop me. "Look I don't want to be rude, but I really am hiding, I'm here to get away from the movies for awhile". "I'd love to chat with you" she went on, "but, no talk of movies or show business ok". "Anything else is fine. Sports, weather, anything but show business". "Okay", I agreed. The waitress brought our drinks and after a brief silence she asked, "What brings you here". "I'm here on business I have a presentation to make Monday morning. I work in computer sales and have a pitch for my company to give". "Sounds fascinating", she said with a big grin. I think she was just glad to hear about anything but movies or show business, she seemed to relax in my presence like she was happy to talk to a normal, Non-Hollywood or show business person.
We talked a little more and had a couple more drinks then she did something that completely surprised me. She invited me up to her room for another drink. I was floored but, certainly was not going to turn her down. we got up to her room which happened to be on the same floor as mine, I was getting a little nervous.
We talked some more in her room I was very careful not to mention movies or show business. "Your sweet" she smiled, and I appreciate your honoring my request about what not to talk about. She walked over to me and kissed me on the lips."It's getting late, I have to take a shower and get to bed". "Okay I can leave" I told her. "You don't have to leave" she said Starting to remove her sweatsuit top "Matter of fact, she went on you can stay and wash my back.
I couldn't believe what I just heard as I watched her remove her sweatsuit bottoms. She stood in front of me in just light blue bra and pantys. "It's late but, it's not that late and after you wash my back", she said grinning at me "you can wash my front" as she dropped her bra and showed me those beautiful breasts.
We went into the bathroom where she turned on the shower, dropped her pantys and got in, I quickly undressed and joined her in the shower.
She handed me the soap turned around and asked me to wash her back which I did, her butt was so beautiful and I wanted to stick my now hard cock right up it, but, didn't dare. She turned around and had me wash her front starting with those gorgeous breasts. "Now let me wash you" She said, grabbing the soap and washing my chest and taking the time to wash my cock and balls.
We got out of the shower and toweled off then both walked to her bed, we lay in bed naked and kissing then she guided my head down her wonderful body, I sucked her one breast as I fondeled the other, after awhile she guided my head down further between her legs I licked and sucked her sweet cunt for a long time. As I licked her pussy I rubbed and stroke the wonderful golden globes of her bottom. I could not believe this night.
She pulled my hair to move back up her body and I sucked on her tits again then working my way up kissed her neck then her beautiful big lips. She spread her legs for me to enter with my now fully erect and dripping cock. I slipped it into her sweet wetness and fucked her like nobody's business. "mmmm" she moaned "fuck me" she whispered. Faster she said I fucked her. "Fuck me, Fuck me she cried Faster, faster she yelled Mmmmmmm orr aaaggghhhh, She grabbed my back scratching me with her nails, Bucking like a couple horses we fucked long and hard. She screamed harder harder, fuck me FFFUUCCKKKKMMMEEE OOOOHHHH CCCUUUMMMMINNNG CCCCUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG oh oh oh oh. After shooting my load deep inside her I pulled out and relaxed.
We fell asl**p in each others arms.
She was sweet enough to have breakfast with me the next morning and she left later that day, before she left she thanked me for letting her spend some time with a normal person instead of the people she normally deals with.
My presentation went quite well Monday morning and I was on a plane back home Monday afternoon. I'll never forget that business trip and hope to go back there but imagine it would never be the same.
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