The conversion of Beth. part 2 of 3

This is part 2 of a 3 part story about Beth a shy girl whose friends at the office are trying to get her to come out of her shell. They talked her into going to happy hour after work on friday and now they have talked her into going out to a club on Saturday. They are meeting at Marys' house. The story continues.

Beth went home and had a restless night wondering what she had gotten herself into, going to a club with her friends. She decided to herself that she will go but, if she was too uncomfortable would go home early.
The other girls arrived at Marys' house about 1:30 Becky brought 3 mini-skirts and two low cut blouses for Beth to borrow since she didn't own any clothes like that. Beth had had a very strict religious upbringing and was forbidden by her father to wear clothes that were too revealing, even though she was now 26, she still feared her fathers wrath and wore only clothes that covered everything even her casual clothes.
The girls wondered if she was going to show and one girl Becky even joked, I wonder if she wears her hair in a bun on her days off. The other girl Cheryl chuckled at this but, Mary who thought of Beth as a daughter, said "Now be nice".
Beth pulled up at Marys' house got out of her car and in fact had her hair in a bun which made the younger girls laugh. She was dressed in a sweatsuit, but,it covered everything and was zipped all the way to the top. Beth did have a pair of black high heels and black pantyhose which she brought, and carried in the house. Mary greeted Beth at the door and welcomed her in as did the other two girls. "Glad you made it" Becky said "we were worried you'd back out". "Let's get started fixing up the new Beth" Cheryl said. Mary took them all into her bedroom where Becky had laid out the clothes on Marys' bed.
"First thing we do" Mary said "is let your hair down, Do you sl**p with the your
hair in a bun"? "No" Beth said a little embarrassed. She took the pin out and let her hair down, Cheryl stepped back a bit, "What beautiful red hair you have, I've never seen it down before". Beth smiled. "You're beautiful with your hair down Becky said. "pick out a skirt and top whichever one you want". Beth nervously chose the black mini-skirt and a green low-cut blouse" "Go ahead put them on, I want to see how you look". Becky said. Mary then spoke up "Girls I think Beth want a little privacy", and e****ted them out of here room and into the living room. Mary told Beth to call them back when she was ready.
Beth took off her sweatsuit and quickly put on the black skirt and pulled over the green blouse. She felt almost undressed, but sat on Marys' bed and pulled up the black pantyhose.
"Ok" she said looking out the bedroom door "I'm ready" They all came back and could not believe the transformation. "Look at you sexy" Becky said. "Wow" Mary said. Cheryl said "You are hot looking girlfriend, Nice tits". Beth had never heard anything like this to descibe her appearance, she was both embarrassed and flattered. Looking in the Mirror she saw herself again, she smiled. "My daddy would spank my bottom if he ever saw me dressed like this". "Oh really" Becky said. "Would he spank my bottom, because I always dress like that and love having my bottom spanked".They all laughed even Beth who was starting to like the way she looked. She looked at herself in the mirror again and said "Hello sexy". They all laughed even Beth. This was going to be a fun night.

This is part 2 of a 3 part story. I will post part 3 soon. Let me know what you think when I'm done. Thanks
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