she took on the team again.

I went back home after a great visit with my s****r who was away at college, met some cool people too. She told me this story about what happened a few days later.
She was in the gym playing basketball, her favorite place to be when she had time off. Between classes and studies there wasn't much time to just relax and do something fun, and when she could she loved to play basketball always had since she was little.
She Went to the gym where she ran into two of the guys we had met at the gym the last week, we shot some baskets and goofed around nothing serious a good workout though. The guys had been coming out and supporting women's sports since we met and it was appreciated. After shooting baskets they went out for a few drinks and then back to the house the guys were renting.
the third player was back at the house and they continued their lighthearted conversation. They talked aboutall kinds of things school, grades classes teachers, even sex. The 3 guys 2 black and one white were members of the men's basketball team, my s****r played on the women's team and was quite good, although she was at the college on a volleyball scholarship.
As the night wore on they had a few more drinks and the conversation got more loose and free, a lot of joking and sex talk My s****r said 3 guys and me, I like those odds 3 on 1. No one was wearing much just shorts she had a tank top on.As the night wore on all 4 of them ended up on the same couch. 3 holes no waiting she said laughing. Then it got a little serious when she kissed two of them on the cheek Do you mean that about 3 holes the last one asked? "What do you think she said looking at him"
He stood up in front of her dropped his shorts and held his 10 inch cock at her. She sat up put her mouth on it and began to suck. His huge member tasted good. "Wait aminute let's get comfy "she said standing up took her top off and dropped her shorts kneeled on the floor naked and put his cock back in her mouth and continued to suck. The other two one white one black stood up and stripped, the party was on 3 on 1 or "3 holes no waiting". The white boy Jerry got behind her kneeling down and started licking her butt crack emmmm she moaned feeling the wet tongue on her crack. She got on her hands and knees letting him lick her butt, the other black man who had a big cock got underneath her on the florr and stared sucking on her tit. She was in heaven withese 3 jocks 2 black and 1 white exploring her body while she wanted to satisfy theirs.
She reached up the balls of the man she was sucking Calvin and stroked his balls as she sucked his cock. THe other Black man who was sucking her tit got underneath her and pointed his cock toward her pussy. Meanwhile Jerry, the white player took his tongue from her ass and put his cock on her ass. He slowly eased his cock into her ass. She lowered herself down so that the played could put his 12 inch cock in her pussy.
she could believe what was happening none of them could, all 3 holes were filled and all were going all out in the holes they were in.Jerry the white boy, was first to cumm shouldn't his load in her ass He pulled out and with that she switched over onto her back. She kept sucking cock and bucking as the big, 12 inch cock plowed into her hot pussy. Jery started sucking on her tit, then she just stopped. Taking Calvin's cock from her mouth. I want you all to "Fuck Me" take turns. First was the big cock in her pussy already 12 inches of massive manhood strethching her hungry cunt. He pumped and pumped and pumed until he came shooting his load deep inside her.
Pulling out, the next one was jJery the white who got inside her and pumped hard. Rocking and bucking he came in a short time. Las was Calvin and his 10 inch meber he climbed on top of her put his 10 incher inside of her and pumped and pushed Pumped and pusehed until he too came deep inside her wet pussy.
hey were all 3 standing over her when she said all 3 you jack off on me everywhere. They all took turn jacking on her tits her face her belly. Hot white goo all over her and in. Calvins come was in her mouth from the beginning she was dripping come from all 3 holes.
"Gawd" she said "You guys are fantastic", trying to catch her breath. So were you", Calvin said, "fantastic taking all three of us on and getting us all off".
They all cleaned up, she stayed the night and left in the morning. The guys all slept in because they were all worn out. She left a note on the kitchen when she left,"Thanks for playing, let's play again" I'm quite sure the guys went go for that.
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very good
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another great story! work on ur punctuation but very hot none the less