The conversion of Beth in 3 parts. Part 1 of 3

Beth was sweet girl and by all accounts most everyone liked her. She was bright, a hard worker but, just a little naive, especially when it came to sex. Sometimes the girls in her office would get together for drinks after work on Friday and they would always invite Beth but she would always decline saying she had to get home. One friday afternoon her friend Mary invited her to happy hour and she said she had to get home Mary said to her "Get home to what your cats? come on come with us once, the other girls think you're a snob". Beth reluctantly agreed to go with her friends for one drink.
They got to the bar for happy hour Beth was quite nervous, but began to relax when the girls started talking about the day at the office or gossip about the boss she even laughed a couple times. The girls she worked with range in age from 20's to late 40's. Then the talk turned to sex, a subject Beth knew little or nothing about. Though she was 26, she had only had sex a couple times and was not comfortable with it. Either having sex or talking about it. She quietly sipped her drink, a Strawberry Daquiri and tried to laugh but was getting nervous even embarrassed.
The girls were talking about the size of their boyfriends or husband peniss' and laughing. Some laughed about how small their man was down there. Beth wanted to get up and leave but, was sandwhiched in, 2 girls on either side. She couldn't get up without asking people to let her out so she just kept sipping her drink hoping someone would change the subject.
She thought someone had changed the subject when they mentioned BBC. "BBC Beth shouted I love BBC" they all looked at her surprised "I can't get enough of it", she stated. She then went on BBC, "British Broadcasting Company all those great shows from England". "I love it my favorite network, better than any of the garbage they broadcast on these American channels". Mary put her hand on her friend Beth's arm to calm her down."No dear Beth, BBC is not British Broadcasting in this case, BBC stand for Big, Black, Cock". "Oh" Beth said getting really embarrassed, then she put her hand to her mouth "And I said I can't get enough oh no I'm so ashamed". "You must be laughing at me now".
"The girls all laughed "It's ok Beth" Mary said reassuring "We're not laughing at you, we all love you. You just maybe haven't seen as much of the world as the rest of us". Mary who was in her late 40's had a special place in her heart for Beth who she saw as a daughter and tried looking out for her.
"Beth" Becky, a girl about Beths age said, "you need to get out more, it looks like all you do is come to work and go home, you need to put some fun into your life". "Yeah" Cheryl a girl in her early 30's said. "We can help you, you can come out with me and Becky any time".
"There's a club Becky and I go dancing at on Saturday night why don't you come out with us. Put on a sexy mini-skirt and low-cut blouse let you hair down and have fun". "Oh my" Beth thought out loud I don't own a mini-skirt. All my skirts and dresses are below my knee. Come to think of it, I don't have any low-cut blouses either, guess I'm a bit of a prude. Becky answered that one, "We're about the same size you can borrow a skirt and blouse from me". The girls were all getting excited now all but, Beth who was not sure about any of this.
Mary then had an idea, "Why don't we all meet at my house tommorrow afternoon about 2:00P.M. Becky bring a couple extra skirts and blouses, and we'll all get to see what Beth looks like without her hair in a bun. They all laughed again all but, Beth who just smiled nervously.
This is part 1 of 3 I will post parts 2 and 3 soon. Let me know what you think when all 3 are posted thanks.
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Good start.