She took on the team, and won

She always loved basketball, since she was little. She would play against me or my dad and she always liked to say "I'll kick your ass" at it. She was very good even got scholarship offers to colleges but, went to college on a volleyball scholarship instead. She did try out for and made the women's basketball team.
I got some time off from work and went to visit my s****r at her college for a few days and over the weekend. We spent some time just hanging out seeing the sights of her college town and the surrounding area. One thing we had to do though was go to the campus gym and shoot baskets. She loved the game was very good and played every chance she could. It was a way for her to relax between her classes and studies.
She was a very good athlete and quite a head turner it was hard for people not to notice her. She was 5 foot 11 slim and athletic with long legs and long blonde hair which she wore in a pony tail when playing sports. She also had beautiful blue eyes. She had small breasts but, they looked nice on her if a b*****r can say his s****r had nice breasts, they bounced and jiggled when she played.
We just goofed around shooting baskets and having fun us at one basket and 3 guys playing at the othe basket on the opposite end of the gym. "Enough playing" she said with a little smile on her face. "How about I kick your ass". First one to score 20 wins. Okay I said accepting the challenge. I tried hard but was no match for her, even though I was taller at 6 foot 2 I was nowhere near the athlete she was and she pretty much mopped up the gym floor with me. I think the final score was about 20-6. WHen we finished she was laughing, when one of the guys from the other group came over.
"Hi" he said. "We saw you play you're pretty good" I laughed my s****r is I'm not". "Then he asked if we want to play a friendly game against him and his two friends. "What we didn't know but found it is that they were all part of the men's basketball team at the college, Two black players and one white player. The two black players were very tall 6 foot 5 at least, the white player was the same height 5 foot 11 as my s****r it looked like.
"Sure" my s****r replied smiling she liked the idea of a challenge, by that time the two other players had joined us. I'm sure they only talked to us trying to get in my s****rs pants, but, the challenge was on. "My s****r just smiled you 3 against us 2? Friendly game to 20 and winner has to win by at least two points. "Sure" the other player replied. "In my excitement I piped out "We'll kick your ass". Everyone was stunned even my s****r. one of the other players the tall black man named Calvin said "Oh is that so, Would you care to bet on that"?
My s****r never one to back down from a challenge said yeah let's bet, if me and my b*****r win I get your friends letterman jacket. The white player looked to be about my s****rs size and she wanted the jacket he had worn into the gym. Okay they agreed Calvin said and if we win what do we get? My s****r looked around and thought a bit. "Me" she replied to stunned silence.Your team wins, your TEAM gets me for one night tommorrow night.
"Okay" they all agreed not believing what she had just said. I asked her whispering "are you sure"? It will be fine we won't lose just get me the ball and let me shoot".
The game started out alright she scored the first basket, then stole the inbound pass and scored again so just like that we were up 4-0. I started to relax a little thinking maybe this wouldn't be so hard. They came back and tied and the score went back and forth until we got close to 20. We were up 19-18 If we scored another basket we would win 21 to 18. All I had to do was pass to my s****r who had a hot hand one more basket and we would win and she would get her jacket.
I tried pass to her but, threw a bad pass and they got the ball back and scored. They were up 20-19 but had to win by 2 points. I tried to pass the ball into her but, they inercepted again scored a basket and won the game, 22-19. I felt so bad I had blown the game for my s****r and I. She stood with her head down knowing what this meant.
The other players were high fiving each other but, Calvin walked over and told my s****r. Good game sorry you lost. You don't have to follow through on the bet. "No" she said "A deal's a deal My dad taught me you give you word, you follow through or your word is no good".
I apologized to her that night and most of the next day because I thought I blew the game, she just kept telling me to forget about it,let's just get through this.
She and I went to the house the players lived in the next night, I pretty much went there for moral support and to help in case someone got out of line. Calvin met us at the door and invited us in, the two other players were sitting on the couch in their living room. My s****r who loved a challenge took this as one more challenge. She took off her tank top and sports bra then dropped her shorts and stood there naked in the middle of the living room. Ok fellas come and get it, 3 holes no waiting. Calvin then told her remember what you said about taking on the team. "Yeah she said wondering what he meant "Well us 3 aren't the whole team. She stopped a moment and thought a moment "Oh do you mean the starting team 5 of you? That would one in each hole and 1 in each hand, that's 5 I can do that bring'em out.
"No Calvin said the team, How many are on your women's team"? She thought Well there's 12 total on our team 5 starters and 7 reserve players, Oh wait a mnute do you mean the whole team is here, The whole FUCKING team"? Calvin looked at her you said if we win your team gets you for one night. "A deal's a deal isn't that what your daddy said"? Oh fuck she thought to herself what have I gotten myself into. "Yep you're right daddy said a deal's a deal and I'm only as good as my word so all 12 it is.
By that time the other players were in the room and all were naked, including Calvin. As she got on her knees, Calvin put his 10 in cock at her mouth she began to suck she liked his massive cock and tried to swallow him whole. Then the other two that played last night got close to her one in front on in back, she motioned for the white player too enter her from behind, which did. She said to you have a small dick you fuck my ass he did she loved it. The other player surrounded her each taking their turn filling a hole somewhere front back or in her mouth. Sometimes she was on her hands and knees other times she was on her back but, each of the 12 players were getin a crack at her. She gave as much as she got.Many of the players just wanted to jack off on her so some did, blowing their load on her belly or tits or face. She took this as one more challenge knowing these guys wanted to wear her out, but, they couldn't the more they fucked the more she liked it. She sucked fucked and licked the whole night away guys blowing their loads everywhere. It went on all night and into the wee hours of the morning finally all 12 were spent and could not go on any more.
She lay on the floor covered in cum, cum dripping from every hole and all the guys either laying on the floor or passed out exhausted on the couch. She was covered head to toe in cum but, when they were all spent she was ready for more.
She looked at me and signaled for me to come over to her, I thought she wanted me to help her up but, no, she said,"Get nake you're next". I took all my clothes off and tossed them in the corner. I fucked her with everything I had until we both came together. We just layed on the floor arms around each other.
We got up in the morning and they let us use there shower to clean up. Before we left, each of the players thanked her for a great night. The white player from the night before whose name was Jeff told us to wait aminute before we leave. He ran upstairs and brought down his letterman's jacket and gave it to her, here he said you earned this. She put the jacket on it fit perfect. She thanked them and said we should play again sometime. Wondered if by play again sometime, she meant basketball,or something else.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
love a girl who keeps her word! great story!
3 years ago
grate basketball
3 years ago
Best story i've read in a long time
3 years ago
There's more to this I'll post later.