Working late

She was staying late another night. As much as she loved her new job she was not happy with the long hours she was putting in. It was either work late or take work home with her, so another 10 or even 12 hour day it would be.
She was a little nervous staying in the office by herself, everyone on the floor had gone home and she was pretty sure all the downstairs offices were empty too. By this time of night she had gotten used to the only noise she would hear were the cleaning people either on her floor or the floors below.
If she had any problem she could call the security guard down below but, nothing ever happened, most every night was quiet and uneventful.
She pulled her sweater closed again trying to keep warm, why the company left the air conditioner on full blast this time of year she had no idea. it was cold as a meat locker on the floor this time of night.
Some nights there was an entire team of cleaning people that came to her floor at night and sometimes there was only 1 or 2 people. She hoped that they would just come, do there job and leave, they didn't really bother her but, the sound of vacuum cleaners making noise and trash cans clanging as they were emptied bothered her a little.
This one night she was a little surprised to see only one person on the floor, a rather large black man named Calvin or Albert or something. Whatever his name was, she just hoped he would hurry up and finish and leave her be to finish her work and go home. She heard him vacuum the floor and empty the trash in the cubicles outside her office. He always seemed to want to talk to her when he got to her office to empty her trash. most times she was in no mood to chat since she had been there all day and just wanted to finish going over and approving the days reports and then just go home.
Calvin ot Albert or whatever knocked on her office door and entered,"Evening Miss Jenny, can I get your trash please". "Sure" she mumbled wishing he would just come take the trash and leave without interrupting her. "nice night tonight isn't it Miss Jenny". She looked up at and answered curtly. "I wouldn't know I haven't been outside since noon". There was something about him that made her nervous, it was probably nothing just her imagination, but still she wished he would just do his job and leave and let het do her job and leave.
He was a big man 6 foot 3 and his size intimidated her, she kept her cell phone on her desk in case she needed to call 911 or her desk phone to call security. "I'm just trying to be friendly Miss Jenny no need to snap at me like that". He seemed to be lingering in her office longer than was needed he should have dumped the trash from her baskets and left. "I just want to finish my work and go home I'm too tired to make small talk, now can you just take my trash and get the fuck out of my office please"?
He dumped the trash in his garbage cart sitting outside her office and brought the basket back in and placed it next to her desk. He then stood at the door looking at Jenny, who now very concerned. " there something I can help you with"? slowly moving her hand toward her cell phone.
"There's no need to use foul language talking to me Miss Jenny" he said to her.
"Look you're done here please just go"? She jumped to her feet ran in front of the desk to call 911, He slapped the phone out her hand, it landed on the floor She then grabbed for her desk phone to call security, He grabbed her hand and slammed the desk phone back down.
"Now Miss Jenny you're making me mad I wasn't mad before". Calvin said calmly but,with a threatening tone. Jenny tried to act calm but, was genuinely scared now. This man was big and strong, and she'd heard he'd been to prison though she didn't know what for. She was hoping the security guard was going to come making his rounds like he was supposed to every couple hours where was he.
"Now Miss Jenny just be quiet do as I say and you'll be okay.
She took a step back from him knowing she had no chance to overpower him and run, though she was young (25) and athletic she knew she would be no match for him.
"What..... what do you want"? she asked her voice trembling. "Do you want money my ring, my watch here take them take it all. Take it and go". "No Miss Jenny I don't want any of that". What... do you want oh please don't hurt me I won't tell anyone what happened just go please"?
His hands were behind his back He pulled one out and held a knife, Jenn tried to scream but couldn't nothing came out.
"Strip for me Jenny, take you clothes off" She was terrified now, but, hoped that maybe all he wanted was a thrill of seeing her naked though she knew that probably wouldn't be all.
She took her sweater off dropping it on her desk, then pulled the green turtle neck shirt she was wearing and lifted it over her head. She was already cold since the air was so high in the office now she was freezing. She stood there watching Calvin look at her nipples sticking out of her pink bra. The cold in the office made her nipples hard. She reached behind her back and unzipped her black skirt letting it drop to the floor. She stood there only in her pink bra and pantys she had taken her shoes off much earlier in the evening.
"I just want to see my f****y whatever you do please let me go home tonight she said through tear filled blue eyes.
"Your not done" is all he said. With that she reached behind her back and undid her pink bra and set that on her desk, her pert breasts stood straight out and the cold in the office indeed made her nipples erect. She knew what she had to do next and did not want to, but, she took a deep breath and pulled her pantys down kicking them away from her.
She stood naked in front of him shaven pussy and all. She was going to do whatever he said to make sure she got to leave tonight, and a quick thought in her mind(Where the fuck is the security guard?)
"Very nice body Miss Jenny" he said thinking she would appreciate the compliment. She just stared at him. "He smiled smuggly now it's my turn". He unbuttoned his work shirt and took his shirt off. As scared as she was she noticed he had a strong chest and for a strange moment it excited her. He then kicked his shoes off, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. She gasped as she saw his 10 inch cock which was hard. She had never seen one that big and it made her tingle between her legs despite her fear.
He motioned for her to get on her knees and suck him, she did what he wanted because she wanted to get through this and hopefully go home. She took the big black head into her mouth and began to suck, licking the head and tasting his pre-cum She had never sucked a black man before and surprisingly she kind of liked it. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft making it all wet and slippery. When it was good and wet, he stood her up and leaned her over her desk. "Don't move" he ordered, then ran to his cart in the hall and grabbed a roll of duct tape. He cut a piece and put it over her mouth he then told her to put her hands behind her back, when she did, he duct taped her hands.
he then pushed her back down on the desk and began to slowly fuck her, her pussy was dripping , because despite her fear she was very excited this was the most erotic sexy thing that had ever happened to her. He rammeed his 10 inches deep inside her pussy and she loved it despite her fear, how could that be? She thought he was going to cum in her pussy when all of sudden he pulled out. Oh god she, he's not going to stop now is he I'm about to come. With that he wet his finger and stuck it in her asshole causing a muffled shriek though the duct tape. He then eased his 10 incher into her virgin asshole. She could not believe what was happening and how much it excited her. He grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled on it as he fucked her asshole long and deep all 10 inches found it's way into her ass and she couldn't believe how it felt. They started bucking like wild a****ls and she went from freezing to sweating how hot this all was. They bucked and rocked and with a huge push her shot his load deeper into her waiting asshole, as he did she squirted blasting her cumm out her pussy and onto his feet.
They were both exhausted as he pulled out of her, and she could barely stand her legs were weak and shaky. He pulled out and then cut the duct tape on her hands.
He grabbed his clothes ran out the door and dressed in a cubicle outside her office he then put the custodians cart in the closet where it belonged. after dressing he ran out the backdoor and down the staircase, fully expecting her to call the police as soon as he left.
What he didn't know is that her legs were so shaky that she fell and hit her head on the side of her desk knocking herself out. She came to a few minutes later she doesn't know how many minutes but, she was on the floor of her cold office naked, shaking, freezing. She wondered if she had just had a dream or did it really happen. She reached up and felt the duct tape on her mouth and slowly and painfully pulled it off. She then reached behind her and felt the cumm oozing from her sore ass. She knew it not a dream or a nightmare. Then she pulled herself up onto a chair in her office and slowly and painfully dressed herself. She went down the elevator to the lobby and there was the security guard fast asl**p at his post. (Some fucking securiy they got here.) She thought to herself.
He never returned to his job and no one knows what happened to him. Jenny felt guilty that for one thing not calling the police and reporting what had happened, but she also felt guilty that she enjoyed the experience so much,it was probably the best sex she'd ever and much better than anything her boyfriend who had a small dick and was not very good in bed did for her.
she was lying in bed one day after a shower naked and touching herself everywhere. She fingered her pussy and it was fun, then she reached a finger around and stuck it up her butthole mmmm hse thought, those 10 inches were something.
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3 years ago
very good
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WOW! fantastic what a story! Thank you for sharing
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thanks for sharing
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Nice story....Sometimes we learn what we enjoy when we least expect it...