The shoe store

She was starting a new job Monday and was very excited. She would no longer be a waitress for minimum wage and her college education was finally going to pay off. Her new company gave her a bonus for signing on with them and she had spent it on a new wardrobe for work.
She only had one more stop and that was to buy new shoes for work. The company was very specific that skirts and high heels were mandatory for all managers. She was going to be a manager, high heels would be fine with her.
She finished her last shift as a waitress and headed for the mall before it closed. She was wearing her black skirt and white blouse from her waitress job she wanted to run home and change quick but, knew there would not be time, as it was she was cutting it close that the mall would still be open.
She got to the mall and walked quickly to where the shoe store was, hoping the cute young salesman was working. She hadn't met him but, had seen him when she walked by the store in the past. she got to the store looked in the window and saw he was there. Before going in the store she got an idea, she was going to have a little fun with him.
She went to the ladies room which was right next to the shoe store, went in a stall and took her panties off and put them in her purse. She then went back to the shoe store after staightening out her skirt and fixing her hair a little.
She walked in the store and walked right to the cute guy who looked about 19 she was 25, He was tall thin rather skinny but, cute. Her blonde hair and blue eyes caught his attention as well as her long legs.
She ran up to him out of breath as she had run through mall to get there on time about 15 minutes before the store closed. She touched his arm annd said to "heels" he looked puzzled at her "high heels ma'am you mean"? She nodded and asked pointing toward back of store where those shoes. She finally caught her breath and told him "yes I'm starting a new job and need to buy high heels can you help me"? He took her to the back of the store and showed her some shoes. He asked her size then asked her to sit where. He would go in back and find a couple pair of shoes for her to try on. "You're closing soon right"? she asked. "About fifteen minutes it ok you're already here we won't kick you out" he smiled at her, but he was very nervous, she was hot with long legs. He went in back and got some shoes for her to try and came back she knew her was nervous and decided to have a little fun with him.
When he came back out she had her shoes off, he got on one knee in front of her, but, he was shaking nervously, she was smiling to herself at how cute and clumsy he was. "These are our newest model ma'am I'm not sure what color you wanted so I got a couple colors. She could tell he seemed to like feet and wiggled her toes in front of him. It was true he had a foot fetish and bare feet were like a bare butt or bare breasts to him.
Would you like to try these on her asked shaking"? "Oh, yes you put them on my foot for me please"? She was really enjoying how nervous this young man was. Having her asking to put shoes on her feet was like her asking him to help put her bra on or pull on her panties for her. He though how her toes were perfect and how he would like to suck on them but, he dare not say that.
She looked down a how he fumbled with the soe and tried to put it on her foot but he was too shaky. "It seems too small for you ma'am another size maybe"? "No that's my size" she answered Then she leaned over "Maybe if you lick my foot and suck my toes they'll slip". The young man about had a heart attack he dropped the shoe. "I'm sorry ma'am". Just then his co-worker told him he was leaving since there were no other customers. Okay his answered. Now he was alone with this goddess. "Well do you think licking will help"? He lifted her foot and lick her toes one by one then lick the side of her foot. He tried to slide the shoes on and it worked. "How about the other one" she asked Without trying to put the shoe on first , he grabbed her other foot and began sucking her toes and licking the foot. The other shoe slid right on. She looked down at her feet, she had put a finger on the hem of her skirt and pulled it up a little giving him a look at her leg. He swallowed hard, alone with this woman after hours. He looked up her leg and noticed she had no pantys on now he was going to have a heart attack. She really enjoyed playing with him. "Would you like to walk in them ma'am see how they feel. She stood up and walked away from him knowing he would look, yes he followed that skirt that cover her sexy ass very closely. He was starting to get hard but had to remain professional.
She walked back to the chair and sat down again "Yes these are good thanks I think they'll do". She spead her legs wide giving him a good long look at her glistening pussy. "Ma'am" he said I'm glad you like them any thing else I can do for you"? She leaned whispered in his ear. "Since we're the only ones here, you can take me in the back room and fuck me".
The both went in back where he dropped his pants, she raised her skirt and he plowed deep into her wet glisting soaking cunt. Ramming hard and deep it didn't take long for them both to cumm.
They went back out front where she paid for the shoes, he gave her and extra pair for free. "Thank you" she said "and here a little something for you". With that she pulled her panties out of her purse and handed them to him.
He spent the rest of the night sniffing her pantys jerking his cock and reliving the greatest day of his life.
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2 years ago
Hot shoes store erotic fun story.
3 years ago
Good story, but a bit rushed at the end
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
u got some awesome stories
3 years ago
great story