My teacher, My mistress

She walked into the classroom prepared to be a good teacher and to make a good impression on her students. She knew that since she was young and brand new to teaching that some students would probably take advantage of that and challenge her authority. She had no idea how right she was about that or how much they would challenge her.
Oh yes she was young just 25 pretty and blonde. but she was far from an airhead and was a little frusterated that some of the students mostly boys who insisted on treating her that way. She had studied criminal justice before switching to biology in college and she knew ways to protect herself which came in handy with some of the students at this school and in her classroom.
She walked from the back of the room passed two male students, jocks memebers of the football team, including one who was captain and star of the football team. As she walked by, the one Randy the star player whipered to his friend "Nice Ass". She heard that but ignored it. Went to the front of the class and wrote her name and the class on the blackboard. Miss Jenkins: Biology 101. She tried to start the class but, the jocks kept talking and making crude remarks to each other.
"Randy" she asked the football star, "Is there something you'd like to share with the class". He smuggly answered "No Miss Jenkins". Well she said "Let me share something with the class then". She walked to the board and wrote the words "Nice Ass" on the board. Is that what you said as I walked by you just now? Yeah he answered smuggly a little embarressed but, mostly thinking it was funny. "I will assure you I am more than a nice ass or any other body part you chose to comment on Mr.".
I was going to talk about the chapter you were supposed to have read before class today, but, I'm going to do something a little different. I want to teach a biology lesson that's a little different from what you've been learnng everyone close you books and put your pencils down. I need a volunteer to help me and since you can't seem to quit talking Randy I want you to help me with this biology lesson. "Could you come up here please"?
She went on, "This is college so we're all adults here right, or at least we're supposed to be". The chapter you were supposed to have read had to do with how babies are made so I want to show a live demonstration of how this happens". "So" she went on, "I'll ask my vounteer to strip, if you don't mind and I'll do the same". Don't anyone leave it will be okay" Go ahead Randy" She said as she started to unbutton her white see through blouse". Randy sat in a chair and took off his shoes and socks and then removed his shirt. He was getting excited at the idea of fucking the teacher in front of he class and was geting. The teacher took her blouse off and her erect nipples pressed against her black bra.
Randy undid his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down standing naked with a huge boner, in front of the class. The teacher looked at it and smiled to the class "very impressive cock you have there". "Very nice isn't it ladies"?
The teacher then reached behind her back unzipped her black skirt and let it drop to the floor.She stood in front of the class in only black braa black stockings, garters and high heels. Randy was speechless at how hot she was.
"Okay class the next part about making a baby is called fornication, but, actually I prefer to use the more common term, fucking. Now Randy walk toward me. Randy the big, strong football player walked toward her and with the f***e she had from her martia larts training she punched him as hard as she could in the stomach. He doubled over in pain, With one arm she grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and she spun him around and slammed him against her desk. The class was in shock. With her free hand she reached into her bag and grabbed a pair of hundcuffs, she then cuffed Randys hands behind his back. She then slammed his head against her desk almost knocking him out. While he was daised, Miss Jenkins reached into her bag again and pulled out her strapon and quickly pulled it up her legs. randy was starting to come too when she licked her middle finger and shove it in his asshole, then she slowly worked the strapon into his ass. This big, tough jock was about to get a lesson he would never forget.
She held his head down on the desk and slammed the strapon deep inside his ass. He screamed aggghhhhh aaaagggghhhhhh as she fucked him deep Laughing she spanked his ass as she fucked him the class sitting in horror some of the girls giggling seeing this caveman get his due. "You think you can just treat women like you personal playtoy Mister"? she said to him as she fucked him deep. Aggh Aaagghh was all he could say.
"What's wrong"? she asked "My ass My ass" was all he could say. "Your ass huh, she said laughing I don't think that's your ass I'm fucking tell me what I'm fucking boi". "No I won't say that ever" he said sheepishly Feeling the pain and embarrassment of having his ass drilled by this woman. "Say it boi" He screamed agggghhh aggghhh oh please stop aggghhhhh aggghhh... my .....mmyy asss I ...aggghh she fucked him harder ramming the strapon cock deeper inside him "Say it boi where is my cock boi"? aagggghh aagggh "My pussy ohhh my pusssy please stop my man pussy hurts".
She slowed down then stopped and then eased the strapon out of his ass. He lay slumped over the desk whimpering as she took her strapon off and put it away. Then she tookher key out and undid his handcuffs. She pulled her skirt up and zipped it from behind and put her blouse on and buttoned it. Randy sheepishly sat in the chair and put his clothes back on. You can return to your desk now boi, I'm done with you for now. He walked to his desk and tried to sit but, his ass hurt too much so he just stood in the back until the end of class.
"You might be in charge on the football field but, I'm in charge in this classroom and I hope you never forget that". Randy sheepishly nodded rubbing his sore ass.
"Well class that is what is called fucking I hoped you all learned something, class dismissed". Miss Jenkins never had another student talk out of turn in her class the reat of the school year.
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Seriously, love this story! Really cute and fun!!!
3 years ago
lol awesome
3 years ago
What the FUCK LOL That was funny as HELL GOOD STORY
3 years ago
Well that was great. Well done. I'm a bloke but I've never said anything like that to a girl but I have heard other blokes saying sexist things. Pity other girls don't retaliate like it