the new assistant

It had been a long month at the office, but, the project was finished and Lisa could finally relax. 50,60, 70 hour weeks sometimes in the last two months seven day work weeks sometimes, as project mananger all that work was done and she was able to send all her team home early.
She sat in her office reviewing reports and feeling great relief after all this project had been very stressful and a great deal of work, but now she could take it easy her bosses said she and her team had done well and could expect bonuses for bringing the project in on time.
She sat in her office loosened the bun in her blonde hair, took her shoes off and put her feet up on her desk, reading the last of the reports she had recieved that day.
knowing everyone had gone home she thought for a moment then stood up removed her pantyhose and pantys put them in her desk drawer and sat back down at her desk, sore feet back up on her desk. As she read her reports holding them in one hand, she let her other hand slowly slide up the inside of her leg and inside her blue business skirt.
She read the info in the report as her finger moved closer and finally touching her pussy lips which were surprisingly a little damp. She had been so busy with work she had not touched herself down there in weeks and it felt good. As she read the reports and touched that sweet area she thought about her new assisstant, the one she had ridden so hard these last few weeks. She knew she owed her an apology for yelling at her that morning for the way she was dreesed and would apologize first thing Monday morning when she saw her.
She gently let her finger ride up and down her cunt slit and moaning ever so low. Glad the week was out everyone had gone home and she had the entire office floor to herself. She thought about her new assistant and the low cut blouse she had worn to work that day and it made her hot. She rammed her finger into her wet cunt and let out a yell, quickly remembering where she was, she put her hand over her mouth hoping no one heard.
Just then her office door opened and her assistant Gloria came in. "Are you ok maam?
GLoria she yelled I thought you were gone home?
Maam I wanted to finish up the last of the reports before I left. Lisa then stood up and yelled at her "I told you, you could leave those until Monday when I told you to go home don't you listen" Lisa sounded mad but, was more embarrassed at being caught by her new assistant.
"Maam I'm sorry I wanted to finish so I didn't have to worry about Monday so I stayed after you told me to leave, I'm sorry maam". I knew you were mad today about the project and upset about my attire maam, you would't let me explain that I wore a low cut blouse because it was the only clean blouse I had. I have not had time to do laudry because we have been working so much.
Lisa settled down and went to shut her office door. It's okay Gloria this has been a very stressful month, I'm sorry I was so hard on you, I have people breathing down my neck all the time and sometimes I take it out on the people who work under me. sorry. Lisa glanced at Gloria cleavage and thought herself "nice tits" though she didn't say anything, remaining professional.
She sat up on her desk, motioned for Gloria to sit in the chair in her office and smiled. "please stop calling me maam you've been doing that for weeks, make me feel like an old lady, I just turned 30.
"Sorry maam I mean Lisa" my daddy taught me to always call my elders or superiors sir or maam". Gloria glanced at Lisa's bare feet and thought they were nice.
How about I call you Gloria and you call me Lisa deal? They both smiled, then there was an ackward silence.
Work day's over Lisa said as she jumped off her desk maybe we should go home, GLoria stood up when she did her ample breats brushed up against Lisa.
Lisa grabbed her and kissed Gloria full on the mouth their breasts touching, Gloria wrapped her arms around Lisa opened her mouth and kissed Lisa back long and deep. Gloria stepped back and Lisa reached down and removed Gloria top, GLoria then undid her bra letting her big beautiful boobs free. Lisa kissed one breast and then the other then helped Gloria undo her skirt and pull down her pantys.
Naked GLoria got on her knees and kissed Lisa's feet "you have such beautiful feet Lisa I love them". She then worked her way up Lisas leg and pushed up Lisas skirt and kissed her pussy lips. mmmmm Lisa moaned nice. Lisa took off her blouse undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Gloria gasped at Lisas sexy toned body. They kissed again standing up then Lisa helped Gloria to her chair where she licked Gloria sweet pussy mmmmm , mmmmm now they were both moaning, naked sweating.
"Your feet, I want to suck your feet Lisa GLoria moaned. Lisa got on her desk and showed her feet to Gloria who licked and kissed and slurped Lisas feet and toes. Then they got on the floor and had a long 69 licking each other pussys .mmmmmm mmmmmmm oooohhhooooohh aaaaahhhh ahhhh both were enjoying the others body. It was not long until they climaxed together and collaped in a heap on the carpeted floor of Lisas office. They lay there for a bit kissing and touching and relaxing.
After a bit, they both got up and got dressed, Gloria looked up at the clock and said "Oh no, I've missed the last bus home". "I can give you a ride home Gloria" Lisa offered. Thank you, I was about to run for my bus home when I heard you yell before. Lisa took Gloria home where Gloria invited Lisa in for coffee. There was no coffee but, Lisa and Gloria had oher things to think about, as they continued and finished what they had started at the office.
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needed more detail
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hot story x
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Sexy story
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loved it