s****r's room

My s****r had cheerleader practice 3 days a week and got home an hour after I did. On those days I had the house to myself since my parents were at work. One day after school I went into her room just to look around. She kept her room neat for the most part, dad was very strict and insisted we keep our room clean or pay the price.
This one time I looked into her closet and saw how she kept her room so clean, she, like me just threw her dirty clothes into her closet where they wouldn't be seen. This made me smile because she was miss perfect and daddy's princess. I also saw her uniforms cleaned and pressed hanging in her closet oh if those schoolgirl outfits could talk I thought. I was jealous of those uniforms because they got to spend all day clinging to her beautiful body.
I must have lost track of time because I thought I had plenty of time until she got home but, I heard her come in the front door. I panicked as she asked "Hello, anyone home"? I didn't want her to catch me in her room so I hid in the closet and shut the sliding door to her closet. Not all the way I could see a little bit. I hoped she would go in the bathroom then I could sneak out of her room and into my own without being caught but, I could hear her open her bedroom door. "Shit, I thought, trapped,".
She came in her room and shut her bedroom door, dropped her backpack on the floor and went to her dresser. I watched her hoping not to get caught. She was dressed in her school girl outfit minus the tie which she had taken off earlier I suppose and two buttons in front opened, so there was a little cleavage showing. My dick was getting hard and I would have wanted to jerk off but, I dare not move for fear of getting caught.
She reached in her dresser drawer and pulled out her hair brush, she loved brushing her long blonde hair and spent hours in front of her mirror doing it. After brushing her a little she took he brush and sat on her bed. From where i was in the closet, i could see her straight on, my fear was that she could see me too but, I got lucky and she didn't seem to notice.
She sat on the bed and removed her shoes, she then undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and removed it. She then stood up turned around so her cute buttom was pointed at me, unzipped her plaid skirt and dropped it to the floor.
She sat back down on her bed and tossed her uniform on the floor. As she sat she removed her white bra and let those small but beautiful tits hang out. Her nipples were as hard as my dick and i couldn't believe my luck. She stood and dropped her white panties and kicked them off into the corner. She sat on the bed in only her white stockings but slowly took those off and lay back onto her bed.
She lay still for a moment then began to finger her pussy, she then picked up her hair brush and while fingering her clit started to shove the hairbrush into her sweet cunt. I could not believe what I was seeing and I was looking straight at it. She worked boh her finger and the hairbrush with great energy, I could hear moans and squeals coming from her mouth, on occasion she would lift her head and look down at her furry cunt and then drop her head again, working ohhh , ohh she would moan. She must have have believed she was in the house alone because she was so loud, if she knew I or our f****y were home she would have been more silent. MMMMM OOHHh she moaned grabbing her tits on occasion as she plunged the hair brush handle deeper. Moving and shaking on her bed her legs moving feverishly kicking up and down to and fro. Then she plunged the brush deeper fucking herself with the brush, lucky hairbrush to be deep in her juices. She screamed and squealed like an a****l oooohhh oooohhhh aaaah aahhhhh. then she lifted her ass in the air plunged the brush deep and let out a loud moan. I knew my sweet s****r had just come.mmmmmmmmm. She dropped her ass back down on her bed pulled the wet brush from her cunt. I could tell she was breathing heavy trying to calm down. She sucked on the brush handle like she was sucking on a cock, cleaning her juices from the handle.
After calming down she sat up on her bed for a bit. She then stood up got a change of clothes, (shorts and tank top)from her dresser drawer and headed off to the shower.
She left the room. I made sure I could hear her get in the shower. I left her closet and ran to my room as quick as I could. It was my turn to lay on the bed jerkoff now.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
good one
2 years ago
so fucking hot. lucky guy
3 years ago
3 years ago
The act of being a voyeur in training.. nice to start out that young
3 years ago
i bet you still do that
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
lucky young man
3 years ago
Great spying, hope you got to eat her soon,,I know I did my sis