My worst student part 4.

Amy was to report to my classroom at 3:00 pm. and I told her to make sure she was on time. I was angry at her for falling asl**p in my class , but, she promised she would be here at 3:00. A few minutes before 3:00pm the classroom door opened and Amy walked in. Looking tired, but,o time.
Afternoon sir, I'm here for my test. hope I pass. She looked very slepy and I worried she would be able to take her test but she assured me she was ready.
Amy, you know that falling asl**p in class is against the rules don't you. I said to her. "Oh please sir she begged I was up half the night studying". You said my test is oral test correct, well I feel good because I'm good at oral.
I had help studying, my b*****r helped me.
I walked to the back door and locked it. I then returned to my desk and stood in front of it. Amy sat at her desk,looking at me. "When do we start the test sir, I'm ready anytime".
Amy, I'm going to ask you an important question about American history and you answer orally".
"Yes sir" she answered, she seemed eager to start.
"Ok Amy tell me about Christopher Columbus and what did he do".
"And answer orally corect sir? Well let's see". She sat a moment thinking. in 1492 Columbus set sail to find China I think". She then stood and walked toward me, then knelt down in front of me. So he started to sail around the world. As she said this she start tracing a circle around my cock with her finger, I started getting hard.
"But, he didn't make it to China, because he ran into another land that was big and hard. She undid my zipper and pulled out my hard cock. Mmm where was I oh big and hard land. So they explored that land instead. she took my cock head in her mouth and started to suck. My cock growing in her mouth. As she was sucking, she removed her blouse and bra, licking and slurping and sucking my cock the whole time. I undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor letting her deep throat me.
"It was a big land Columbus discovered and there was so much to explore. She licked my balls, mmm. "mmm sir am I doing good on my oral test".
Yes Amy quite good I said stroking her red hair".
Columbus found jewels to bring back to the queen I think she said stroking and fingering my balls. Oh sir the ocean was so wet, and so Am I she said pulling pantys down and removing her skirt".
The ocean isn't all that's wet I said looking at her pussy".
"mmm no sir, i'm very wet sir".
Stood up and lay across my desk wearing nothing but her buster brown shoes and knee socks. I got face down between hetween her legs and started to lick".
Oh sir do you want to explore my new land she said almost laughing. I licked my way up to her titties small but pretty. Biting her nipple and fingering her wet cunt mmmmm.
Oh sir, I am America, come to america sir". I stood over her jerking my member and shot my load on her belly, tits and face.mmmmmm yummy sir.
"Do I pass my test sir"?
Yes Amy you pass.
I thought so, I always do better on oral tests than on written ones.
I handed her a towel from my desk and she wiped my cum from her face tits and belly. Cleaning herself up I handed her her uniform.
She finished getting dressed and headed for the classroom door. If you offer extra credit I can come back tommorrow sir.
I'll let you know Amy I don't think that's needed for you to pass,let me check your grades.
"Thank you sir, gotta run catch the bus".
90% (14/1)
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2 years ago
Definetly needs extra credit
3 years ago
yes lots of remedial classes
3 years ago
I think she needs remedial classes!
3 years ago
thanks for comment
3 years ago
Very good,,she is a fast learner