My worst student part 3

Amy was to report to my class at 3:00 pm and I wasn't holding my breath since that girl was never on time for anything. She certainly redifined the term naughty schoolgirl, doing everything she could all year to get under my skin and defy the rules.
Oh yes her last class was clear across campus but, there was still plenty of time, to finish her class and make the walk across campus unless she stopped to smoke in the girls room or to gossip with her girlfriends which she always seemed to doing. I was grading tests from that morning including Amys' and waiting for her to show up. I just assumed she would be 10 to 15 minutes late with some lame excuseas to why she was late.
Much to my surprise a few seconds before 3:00 the rear door to my classroom opened and an out of breath Amy came in. "Am I late Sir". I ran the whole way, didn't stop to smoke or uh uh I didn't stop to pee or anything". "Didn't want to be late, my bottom still hurts from the spanking you gave me yesterday sir".
Hope I passed the test, my dad will be mad if I didn't.
Are you done speaking Amy I asked can I have a turn. If you need to use the restroom go ahead but come right back, we have some things to talk about. Thank you sir I almost peed myself coming down but didn't want to stop running".
When she came back from the restroom, I had her sit in her desk up front. i have my proper uniform today sir and the smaller one I wore yesterday so my tits aren't hanging out. I mean my breasts sir, I'm trying not to swear I know how you hate it.
It's not that I hate it Amy I said although I do, it's that it is against the rules of this school as are smoking and being late and talking in class you don't seem to mind doing those things.
Sir, I'm trying to do better because I need to graduate on time, my dad will just shit.....uh I mean my dad will be very mad if I don't graduate on time.
Well Amy we might have a problem there, you are way behind in your homework assignments as it turned out you failed this mornings test and i don't believe there is time for you to make up all the work you have missed.
Oh fuck sir, ......I mean oh darn sir I have to graduate my dad will kill me if I don't graduate on time.
Amy, after the test today, I don't see a way you can pass this class and you will have to take it over in summer school. There is ow way you have the time to make up all the missed work.
oh fuck sir, she said very upset..... I mean oh no sir..... I can't fail your class my dad is mean man when I don't please him, he already told me coming to this school has cost him a lot of money and he doesn't want to spend anymore on me here.
I stood in front of my desk looking down at Amy and for the first time all year I felt a little sorry her, but not enough to change her grade. She was too far behind in class and I was not just going to pass her.
I'm sorry if your dad will be mad Amy but, you should have thought of that sooner. I don't see any way you can pass this class.
I could see her lip tremble and her eyes start to tear up. Oh sir my dad will beat me worse than you not just spanking. I can't fail, I can't I can't. I'll do ANYTHING to pass your class sir.
Amy there is no way that.......did you say anything?
She looked up at me with sultry eyes.........any thing.....sir.
I went to the classroom door and locked it.
Perhaps there is something we could to fix your grade. I walked back to my desk and stood in front of it.
Amy walked over to me and kissed me at the same time grabbing my hard cock though my pants. She then unzipped my pants knelt down and began to suck me.
As she sucked she unbutooned her white blouse at the same time. Removing her tie and blouse she also undid her white bra she off her lovely perk tits and sweet nipples.
"Oh see she laughed I'm out of uniform, I need a spanking. With that she went to the corner of my desk and bent over. I stood behind her my cock hard , and lifted her skirt. "Yes indeed Amy you are a naughty girl". I pulled her pantys down and gave her a little spanking. She reached behind and pulled her pussy lips apart. "Sir can you fill me with your .......knowledge"? I need you to fill me so I can pass. I placed my hard dripping cock in her hot young cunt.
MMMMMMM Sir, she moaned I feel smarter already.My cock slid into her wet waiting pussy and I fucked as hard as I could.
HA HA HA she laughed who's naughty now sir? I continued to slam deep inside her, I spanked her bottom which was still red from the day before. OOHHH SIR History is hard,, IT's SOOOOOO Hard ..... mmmm hard... hard ... harder, harder ,,, harder. I rammed her pussy deep and spanked her naughty bottom.
mmmmm sir, American history is easier now mmmmm, "WHat year did Columbus Cum to AMerica ? mmmm 1492........ mmmm cum to america ..... cummming cummming cummmming sir I'm cummming to America .....mmmm ooohhhhh."
"I'm cumming to Amy just like Columbus... CUMMING CUMMMMING CUMMMMING mmmmmmmm.
With that I pulled out.
I zipped up and handed Amy her bra blouse and tie. as she put her bra on we continued to chat. she was buttoning her blouse and asked "Is there another test tommorrow sir. "Yes Amy" I answered. It's an oral test though no writing.
mmmm sir , I like oral tests I do very good oral....mmmmm.
With that she finished tying her tie, gathered her books and headed for the door to catch the bus. I like oral sir.......oral tests I mean, she smiled and ran out the door. I looked out the classroom window and saw her run and catch the bus.
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