My true life story

First off let me make it clear that I am not gay, I don’t even consider myself Bi. I am, as explained to me by a gay female friend, a hetero-flex. Which basically means I’m straight, but like something different from time to time. I have no interest in a realationship with a guy, not into kissing & cuddling etc.When it does happen I just want to get naked and have fun, then both be on our way. If it’s good we can meet again sometime.

Anyway, I have been with another guy 4 times in my life, the first two were with the same guy. He was a younger b*****r of a girl I knew. We were at a party with some friends and he had to leave. He said his parents would make him go to church in the morning because of visiting realitives, but if he had company he wouldn’t have to go.His place was close so I went with him. Once in his room he said he would sl**p on top of the sheets and I would be under them.While he went to the bathroom I stripped to my underwear and got under the covers. I had no intention at the time of doing anything, and fell asl**p right away. I woke up a few hours later laying on my back, no covers on and my underwear was pulled down enough to expose my cock & balls. And his hand was on my cock.At first I was scared. I looked over and he was on his left side with his eyes were closed, but I knew he was awake. My cock started getting hard so I started thrusting my hips a little. Next thing I knew he was slowly stroking my rock hard cock. It was then I realized he was naked and was hard as well. So I reached down and started to stroke his big (he was longer & thicker than me) cock. It didn’t take long and we came at the same time. Me on my belly, he blew his load on my hip. He got up and got in the shower, I got dressed and went home .Not one word was said the whole time.

About 2 years later I was once again at a party with some friends and the same guy showed up with his s****r. We were outside talking to a few people (it was a nice warm summer night) and at one point when we were alone he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. There was a field across the road with a path up the middle so we headed that way.We found a nice private spot surrounded by long grass, and a fence to lean on so we sat down and started talking. Then he told me he was horny and asked if I minded if he jerked off in front of me. I was shocked at first but once again I started getting hard. So I took my cock out as well and we watched each other for a bit. I asked if I could put my cock in his mouth and he said yes. At this point I was so hard I thought my cock and balls were going to explode. Without a word I pulled my cock out of his mouth, got down on my knees , and for the first time in my life put another guys cock in my mouth. And I REALLY liked it. I stayed there, licking the head, sliding my lips up and down until he came in my mouth. I swallowed every bit. Then I laid on my back while he played with my cock and balls, even putting a finger tip in my ass. We were both completely naked at this point, I was about to cum and he started to suck my cock until I filled his mouth. We then got dressed, and went our own way and I have never seen him since.

The third time was about 25 years later. I started talking to a young guy on-line , he said he was horny so I said come to my place, he drove from Toronto to Oshawa. He came in, dropped his pants and sat down, stroking his cock.All I had on was some cut-off shorts.So I dropped those while standing right in front of him. He said he didn’t suck cocks, but started stroking me until I was almost ready to cum. I stopped him & got on my knees telling him I wanted his cum in my mouth. I was only sucking him for 30 seconds and he blew a huge load down my throat. I sat beside him on the couch and he watched me make myself cum all over my stomach. The whole time still playing with his semi hard cock. The he left, no names or anything.

The last time was another guy I met on-line, but from Oshawa. He paid for a cab to bring me to his place.I think he was around 30 years old, and he said his wife was away for the weekend. As soon as I stepped through the door he had his hand on my crotch. He gave me a beer and we sat on the couch. He asked if he could take my cock out and I said sure. He sucked and licked for awhile then suggested we go up stairs. We got to the bedroom and I just took all my clothes off, so he did the same. He sat on the bed and sucked my hard cock for a bit. He then got up and took a condom out of a drawer and handed it to me, asking me to fuck him. This was a first for me. He got on his hands and knees on the floor, I put the condom on, lubed up with my own spit a slowly pushed my cock in his ( virgin ass as he said it) ass. Man it felt great. After a couple of minutes I told him to lay on his back on the bed. I lifted his legs in the air and put my cock back in his ass. I loved watching his balls & hard cock bounce around while I fucked him. When I was ready to cum, I pulled out, took the condom off & jerked off all over his hard cock. Then I licked my own cum off him, then sucked him until he came in my mouth. We rinsed of quickly in the shower then he offered to drive me home. Once he stopped the car he asked if I would cum in his mouth & I was hard again.He sucked me off in the car. I zipped up, said thank you and went home.Once again,no names, just fun.

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3 years ago
Hetero-Flex... I guess that would describe me too. I just haven't had the encounters to back it up yet :-(
3 years ago
Great experience you could write a novel about all your experiencs thanks
3 years ago
top work...loved it. hetero flex that sounds like me
3 years ago
Great story....i would go for the same sort of encounter....more please...