The Massage

As you lay on the bed, radiant in your nudity, resplendent on the clean sheets; I am already aroused before I even approach you.

In my hand is a bottle. I have removed it from the sink, where it sat in hot water, warming up the oily liquid inside. As I approach, I begin unscrewing the top. You watch me, and your legs part. I can already see liquid glistening on your swelling labia.

I bend over and kiss you, sweetly. Then I whisper in your ear, “Turn over, baby”.

You do. And as doing so, I see you actually shutter with anticipation.

When you are comfortably stretched out on your tummy, I pour the warm, slick oil on your back. You moan. And I set the bottle down. With both hands I lightly and sensuously massage the oil onto your back -- up and down, over and around, deftly kneading your muscles as my hands slide through the slippery oil, rubbing it on your supple skin.

My hands move all over your back, and down your sides. The tease and caress the sides of your back. I pause only long enough to occasionally pour a bit more of the hot oil on your back.

Slowly, sensuously I move down, down… until I am massaging the oil on your butt, kneading your ass cheeks, the flesh slick in my hands.

And then I move down your legs… leaving your ass wanting more… In time, in time.

I massage and lubricate each leg in turn. Each time I near your sex, I can feel its heat… burning with desire, but I only graze it with my hands, teasing your pussy…

I run both hands up you, one on each leg, and my thumbs slide over your pussy as my hands continue up.

I am again rubbing your bottom. With one hand, I hold your ass cheeks apart, with the other I upend the bottle a bit to allow the warm oil to pour directly on your asshole. You arch to meet the flow, anxious, trembling with that anticipation.

I rub my hand over your asshole, not yet entering it, but using every part of my hand to tease and tempt your opening. I get the doorway WELL lubricated and then, I slide two fingers up your ass. I work them in and out slowly. You raise yourself off the bed to meet my strokes. One of your hands snakes underneath you, finding your clit and rubbing it while my fingers fuck your ass.

Slowly, in and out. In and out. In and out. My fingers fuck your ass. I at long last remove them as I stand, and through eyes clouded with desire, you see me pour some of the oil on my rampant cock. I slick it up good, and then move behind you.

And I fuck your ass. My cock moving in your well lubricated ass slowly at first, then faster, then harder…

You are so turned on, you buck against me. My balls slap against your cunt as my cock probes the slickened inside of your ass.

You feel me tense, and you know what is about to happen, and it pushes you over the brink, too. You cum with me. As my cock spills its own hot liquid into your eager ass, you squirt all over my balls as you cum hard for me. Our secretions mingle with the oil that now coats both of us.

I collapse on you then roll off to hold your slick body close to me. Spooning, I hold you, your back to my front. My arms holding you tight against me. We stay that way until our whimpering post orgasm moans subside. Then I whisper into your ear…

“Are you ready for me to do your front?”

Your only reply is a large smile as you turn over on your back...

I take the still warm oil and start to seductively drip it on your breasts. Your nipples, still turgid from your recent orgasm, reach and beg to be coated...

I do not disappoint them.

Then I move the bottle further down... further... until I am pouring the slick lotion on your bar pussy. You spread your legs to allow the last of it to splatter on your distended clit. I hear you moan, and your body shudders.

I set the empty bottle aside and start to work the oil into your skin, first moving my hands over the swell of your breasts, kneading them, massaging them. Every time I drag the flat palm of my hand over your taut nipples you squirm. I take my time, working them. I twist and tweak your hard nipples, even though the slick oil makes it hard to hold onto them. The fact that they keep slipping from my fingers actually increases the pleasure, as they are released then once again quickly recaptured and pinched and pulled. You are so turned on, as I finger and fondle your nipples, that you are close to cumming again...

And you do... a wave flows through you and out your cunt in a gush of fluid... I quickly cup one hand there to capture as much of your cum as I can, and I add it to the oil on your tits and continue to rub and pull on them. Your orgasm finally subsides and I bend down to kiss you.

While kissing you, I rub your temples lightly, gently, lovingly... until I move down to the nape of your neck, sweetly and deftly massaging the skin there.

Then, one hand moves down, past your still tender breasts, down your stomach... down to your dripping hot center... and my fingers easily and quickly side up inside you. I continue kissing you as I finger fuck your wet pussy. As three fingers work in and out of your well lubricated pussy, my thumb massages your clit. It encircles the hard nub of your clitoris in a swirling motion, offsetting the deep and rhythmic thrusts of my fingers... In and out they go as my thumb goes round and round -- all the while my other hand rubbing the back of your neck as my tongue darts around yours.

And soon, you are bucking against me. And I am hard again.

You pull away from my mouth only long enough to look into my eyes and plead, "Please, fuck me, Jericho ... fuck me!"

I reach to the dresser beside the bed and take a condom from its package. You help stretch it onto my cock, then lay back and spread wide for me. I tease your opening with the head of my cock until you can't stand it anymore... now you are not pleading, you are demanding...

"Jericho, Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!"

And I push into you. My cock enters you and I hold for just a moment, then we begin to move together. I fuck you slowly at first, then harder, then faster then we fuck with wild abandon. You cum, your pussy squirting around my thrusting cock -- and that does it for me, I cum! Hard. Cumming again for you.

I collapse, and you remove the condom from my cock and suck it greedily, getting the last bit of cum from it. I take the condom from you and empty its contents onto your breasts, then rub it in, continuing the same way I had massaged and teased them before... soon, you are panting again...

And I think to myself, "This could go on all night. We may be out of oil, but there are so many other fluids we can share". It is a wonderful thought, and when you see the smile on my face, you smile too... we laugh, knowing each others thoughts... and we laugh with each other until the laughs become moans and the night becomes ours.
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2 months ago
Oh, I see this story has rubbed you the right way! :-) Thank you so much for the compliments! Glad you enjoyed it, Ms. Kitty!!!
2 months ago
And the night becomes ours. Whew!! That was one very sensuous story my friend. May I please supply the coconut oil, and have you massage me JUST LIKE THAT? :* Wow, yes please!! That was one very lucky woman. The condom play made me laugh having had similar fun. Kindred spirits. ;) Thanks again Jericho. Spectacular writing!!