The New Boss in Charge PT 2

Jeff had followed Amy as she entered into Mr. Johnson office since he had heard her f***ed to gag on his cock the previous day about the same time... closing time

(please read PT 1 "The New Boss in Charge" to understand the rest of this story)

Jeff was in a hiding place and could not only hear well, but see thru a small hole he created during the day. he could here Amy once again argue with Leroy Johnston he new Boss... a large black ex marine male.

Amy: "I should have to do this, I was very un-comfortable with my husband last night after I sucked your cock and swallowed your cum, That should be good enough"!
Leroy: "Ha.. Amy the old management never caught on to your lil game.. girl you been doubling up your paycheck with a fake employee giving yourself a $500 week bonus.. But I found it fist thing I took over. so I let you work here, minus your bonus but you have to do as I wish, or be Fired and face jail time"
Amy: "I can't lose this job, my husband is only working part time now, and I do not want to go to jail"
LeRoy: "Then I will forget about it and not press charges as long as you do this.. your a fine white girl, and I wanted you from the min. I started.. this crime you have done just happened to fall into my lap, so do you wish to obey me"?
Amy: "But I hate hurting my husband, just the once incident has already affected our relationship. I thought of how you mammoth his penis all night, and I feel he is pretty big at 8", I have never sucked his cock, but the way you made me got me excited and he wanted to have sex last night but i had to tell him know cause he may figure out something is wrong.. I don't want him to know I did or am doing this"
Leroy: "then don't tell him.. besides, he the one who put you in this.. he should be working so you don't have to steal"
Amy: "that is true, but can't we work out something else??
Please don't make me do this"
Le Roy: One last time Amy, or I call the cops, and file a report.. Do you wish to serve me until I decide you have paid your debt to this company? or do you wish to go home to your husband,and look forward to a few months in jail?

Jeff had noticed it got quite and looked inside where he saw Amy unleash Mr. Johnston massive cock from his pants, then lowered to her knees and began to suck it. she had a hard time getting it in as the girth was outrageous and meaty but Mr. Johnston grabbed her head and began to f***e it in her mouth.
Amy: "Is this what you want Mr. Johnston"?
Her left hand slipped between her legs looking like she was rubbing her pussy as his cock grew harder and thicker, he tried to handle it with the right hand, stroking and sucking.
Leroy: "For someone who has not done this, you seem to know what your doing.. grrr... mmmm... that's is spit on that dick girl"

I looked at my watch and it was 30 mins after quitting time.. i had already cum in my pants just a few mins after, and he was still fucking her face good and strong. but a few mins later I heard a growl.
Amy: "making gagging sounds umm, hack.. hack.. OMG that was a huge load" licking her lips and swallowing... how do you produce so much within a days time"?

I could see amy's nipples hard thru her shirt like yesterday.. like she was in a freezer, she had swallowed the whole load, since his cock was mostly inside her mouth when he busted his nut, she began to wipe her chin and head to the exit door..
Leroy: "we are not done.. you leave when I excuse you, and you must ask to be excused"
Amy: with some humiliation on her face.. "May I be excused"?
LeRoy: "Not yet... tell me how you feelin' what will you tell your husband"?
Amy: "what do you mean?? I am not going to tell him anything.. I will have to try to live with the guilt or go to prison, and living with the guilt seems easier"
LeRoy: "You want me to fuck you don't you"?
Amy: "No.. god No, it would ruin me.. it would hurt, and it is way too big"
LeRoy: "Don't lie to me... that's what you thought about last night in bed wasn't it?? the fact you may have to get fucked by me"?
Amy: "well Yes.. I wondered If that would become a possibility, but please.. this is bad enough, sex would never be the same with my husband if you insert that cock inside me"
LeRoy: "Just be here tomorrow at 4:30pm, You may now be excused"
Amy: "Yes Mr. Johnston"

As Amy left, I waited so she could not see me leave either, but now how was I to get passed Leroy Johnston?
conclusion coming soon
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Love it... love the videos you add as well
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Looking forward to the conclusion!!!
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oooooooooh's dicking time