The New Boss in Charge

Jeff loved working in the furniture stores Inventory department, He started when he was 16 but his manager of 4 years left and the new manager was a black ex-marine and never took slacking but he also changed alot of the rules.
Amy was the H.R. manager, A quite petite blonde in her mid 20s, who had recently gotten married, which Jeff hated since he had a crush on since his orientation to the company.
He and another lady spent 2 8 hour days with Amy, and he felt he got to know her but she was 21 and he was only 16 she never would had gave him the chance and he was left to fantasize and masturbate each night of Amy.

One night about 3 months after his new boss started, he heard some commotion in the back conference room as he walked by to clock out for the day.
It was Amy and Leroy the black boss having some words so Jeff eavesdropped and listened in....
"I need this job" said Amy, "but I could never do that to my husband"
Do what Jeff was curious.. was they going to hurt her husband? rob him?
"Oh my lord" said Amy.. You have a huge cock Leroy! "Call me Mr. Johnston"
"Do you wish to remain the H.R. manager?" "Yes.. Mr. Johnston... But I...
"No Talking Amy, bow down below me if you wish to remain with this company"

It was quiet for about a few mins but I felt my penis getting hard and I imagined her sucking his cock, the "It's too big.. OMG I can feel it growing in my mouth" Mr. Johnston I can't.. I don't do this not even to my husband"
"Good Leroy stated.. you will be doing it to me and me only"
I felt my cock throbbing tight in my pants, and had to leave to the bathroom stall and shot out a load within seconds... I headed back but Amy was already coming down the hallway from Mr. Johnston office, and her nipples fully erect thru her shirt she had a shameful look on her face, she didn't even say a word to me just left for home.
I masturbated 3 times thinking of them two in his office, he is a big well built black man, and she was a short cute blonde like you see here in videos.

the next day I saw her going into his office 15 mins before our shift would end, all i wanted to do was be in my hiding place to hear what Mr. Johnston was going to do to Amy...

Part 2 will follow soon
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1 year ago
Great stories, keep 'em cummin'.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Part 2 coming now
1 year ago
Put up the next one soon plz
1 year ago
Very hot :) Great vid too