It's too Big I said, yet he was determined to

My boyfriend was leaving on his f****y Vacation over the 4th of July, it may be his last since he just turned 18. so he would be going away for 2 weeks to his f****y's lake house. I had turned 18 a few months ago as well, so we only had sex a few times.
we had the night all planned out, and alone in my parents basement it was time for him to fuck me for the last time in the next few weeks.
as we finished up our foreplay, I applied some lubricant to my pussy lips, and begin to roll on his condom when he ejaculated on my hand.
I couldn't believe it... since I was so worked, he ended up fingering me and licking me until I had a orgasm, but then he managed to harden again so I had him put his own condom on so not to get too excited, and we finally got to penetration but after a few mins, he slowed down and said he was too tired and that was the sex night until he would return in mid July.
The next Friday night I was working the late shift, and Anthony worked the same shift so he was able to give me a ride home.
He only lived a block away from me, so i was very thankful not to have to walk since it was raining, and I was telling him about how my BF was away for the next couple weeks,and was going to be bored.
he then stated that his parents were out for a few hours at least, and wanted me to go over and smoke a joint with him? I said sure and we proceeded to his house.
It was fun getting not having to worry about my boyfriend being away, but then Anthony started flirting and at first made me nervous, but being high, was calming me, so I just let it slide, but about 30 mins later, next thing I knew he was kissing me.
backing up a little bit, I am white, about 5'4" and Anthony was a African guy, over 6' and well built. he played football on our HS team, and even though he was cute, and sexy, It never justified me being with him when my BF was gone.
My BF by the way is white as well, 5'10, and very smart kinda the geeky sort.
Well as my pussy was soaking, Anthony managed to slip out his cock and it was a Big black cock as they say. he hung 5" below his ball, but the girth was unreal.
he directed me to my knees and I proceeded to suck his cock.
It grew even harder in my mouth, but I couldn't believe that it took so long, my BF would had cum by now, usually when I touch it, but i sucked and jerked on it, and it was still only semi hard, yet bigger than ever.
I had got my KY out and used darn near most of it on his long meaty cock, then rubbed some on myself, but told him No way is that going to fit inside me!!
His head opened me wide as I moaned, he managed about 3" and it hurt but the lubed worked it in to about 5" as I came all over him.
he continued to work me for about a hour or so, when I realized he never wore a condom, and got scared. so he pulled it out and I jerked it until he shot a thick hot load all over me.
we ended up seeing each other 4 more times during that 2 weeks, as I felt sorry for my BF, Anthony ruined my pussy and my BF would easily go in now. but i let his large cock fuck me just a few hours before my BF were to be home.
and I also wanted to add, after our 3rd time, we were unable to fight it and Anthony had shot his load deep inside me, so the last 2 times him cumming inside me was a given.
I still don't know what i am going to do, but I Imagine I will be breaking up with my BF and have Anthony black baby.
I jogged from Anthony house to my BFs and it turned my BF on, I was sweaty and we kissed, he ejaculated before I got undressed, but said he would please me and proceeded to eat me.
I tried to tell him know, but he said he liked it when it was sweaty ect. and ended up licking all that load Anthony shot into me earlier. he said he loved my salty sweaty pussy, all i could do was enjoy it.
But I found out what they say is true.. Black guys are bigger, and better, and once you go black... you don't go back!
82% (20/4)
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Keep writing. This was good, boner inducing lol. Mix some of your true stories with fanatsy :D
2 years ago
Very hot story,,but we need more from you,,keep writing,,,kisses
2 years ago
Thanks.. I will try to write more, but this was a true story that happened to my sisters friend
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
more please :)
2 years ago
Nice story. :)