No stopping the African from Impregnating her

She was just a small white girl only a few days past her 18th Birthday.
her 1st trip to the new college she was about to attend, she was introduced to a older senior upperclassmen, he was large and shaped well, what many would call a black bull!
He was the one to show her the new gym, and he did it during the slowest time, too early in the year for most to show up, yet late afternoon when most have gone.
he took her right there in the shower room,
she kneeled down and began to suck on his cock, as it grew large in her mouth, much larger then she had intended, when it went in it was too big to come out and she choked on it.
her wet panties had been pulled down to her ankles as he raised he new skirt up, and bent her over.
she cried as he penetrated, it hurt but he continued making her wet pussy lubricate his cock as she began to cum on him.
she was weak and tired, as he turned her around and laid her on her back!
he stuffed his swollen cock deep in her sticky wet pussy, she wanted to wash herself as her multiple orgasms was all over his cock, she could smell the raw pussy juice as he buried his large cock deep inside her.
As he began to pump harder, she could tell he was going to cum, she was unprotected, and was vulnerable to having a c***d.
she took all her strength and pushed him off her body a good 7", be he was still 4 inches inside her, as he shot his hot seed way up into her helpless pussy.
she was basically paralyzed as he continued to pound his large black cock inside her, filling her up with his large dose of cum.
she was told to shower and shown the exit, and went home with her welcome to college folder and packet.
85% (25/4)
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2 months ago
HELL YEA AWESOME ,lucky ass whitey bitch sweetie
2 years ago
Cool Story! Got me so hard!
2 years ago
wow, awesome story Jenn, you read it or write it? or hear of it?
2 years ago
2 years ago