A Quickie For Jemima

I checked my make-up and adjusted my brunette, bob cut, wig in the bathroom mirror. Pleased with the results I then ensured that my clothing was right. I was a vision of darkness: black G-string under black thin denier tights, 3 inch heels, black satin vest top and black mini skirt. I was sure Simon would approve.

I walked slowly yet purposefully to the bedroom. Simon was sitting on the edge of my bed naked stroking his cock looking at me “mmmmmmmm,” he said seeming to approve “ Why don’t you cum and join me the doors open?”

Out of habit I shut the door as I enter in case we made a lot of noise, even though the house was empty. I strode to the bed trying to wriggle as sexily as I could, I bent forward and we kissed deeply and passionately. Simon put his hand up my skirt and rubbed my nylon covered crotch while I took over the stroking of his cock.

“Are you all excited as I rub your crotch, your tights are feeling very silky?” he asked.

I did not need to reply, however, it was obvious that I was incredibly excited his hand felt so good as my cock grew out of my little black G-string.

“Your cock looks so tasty” I said “I might just have to kiss it.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm i hope you do, maybe even a little lick” he replied.

I licked him from his balls all the way to the tip as if his cock were an ice cream. Then I took his swollen glans past my lips and gently sucked him into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes,” he groaned as I felt it twitch in your mouth, “your mouth feels so warm around my cock!”

Not only could I feel him twitch I could taste a little excitement oozing from his tip, tastes salty yet lovely on my tongue and I made my panties a little wet too.

“Stand up and bend over right in-front of my face!” ordered Simon.

“Ooh you're so f***eful” I replied, before doing as asked

I was touching my toes certain he could see my string through the nylon

“I want a better look” he said before ripping a hole in my nylons, and pulling them apart.

His hot breath on my exposed skin felt so good. He ran his fingers along the material of my string, making me quiver, his caress such a tease. He pulled my arse cheeks apart and leaned forwards to lick it. I was shaking on my heels his hot breath and wet tongue felt so wonderful on me.

His stiff tongue began to stab at my hot tight hole till it entered, his hand reached up and started stroking my cock. I opened up my hole to accept him, his hand felt so good on me I was leaking pre-cum as I reached between my legs to get a hold of him again. My gosh he felt so good.

“Cover me in lube baby” he asks through heavy breathes.

I grab the lube from the bedside cabinet squeezing a generous amount onto my hand and gently cover his cock from base to tip in the silky gel.

He was all slippy and my hole was wet and ready from his probing tongue. He hooked his thumb around my string and pulled it across my ass cheek, then pulled at my hips to lower me down onto his throbbing cock.

I crouch over his cock feeling the tip against my hole, gently I pushed against him, the tip squeezed in, I let out a slow breath as I lowered myself down on his lap, I pause as I get all of it in and enjoy the warmth and fullness of his cock in my hole

It felt tight, but amazing and hot, I slowly rose up and down feeling his cock spearing my ass hole, seeming to feel each curve and vein of that marvellous member.

Simon lay back so I could grind down harder onto his cock, it felt so good as my arse slid up and down his pole it was not going to take me long before I reached my climax. Simon’s breathing and a quickening of his movements seemed to indicate that he was getting close himself.

Our movements sped up the slap of my buttocks against him getting louder; I pumped at my cock with my hand as his cock ploughed into my ass. Suddenly Simon arched his back and with a loud grunt pulled me onto him as he thrust himself into me as deep as he could; I felt his cock twitch and knew he was coming.

A couple of tugs more and I squealed in ecstasy as my thick sticky cum shot all over his and my thighs some looking very conspicuous brilliant white against the dark black nylon of my tights.

I sat on Simons lap catching my breath feeling his erection diminish and soon his cock squelched wetly out of my hole, before lying next to him and enjoying his embrace, and the wet bruised heat of my arsehole, evidence of the good fucking I had just received.
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6 months ago
O M G I wish I was you
2 years ago
oh my god i wish i was simon so much.x
2 years ago
A good fucking is a beautiful thing! This story is hot!