First time anal

The first time I had anal sex was about 4 years ago it was a very cold winter. I was out with my guy friends. We went up to bar to have a few beers. I a few hours later I did my usual and sucked one my friends off as we booze cruised. We then went back to bar. It was getting late and there we a couple of older guys still there at close and they asked for a ride. I was way to d***k to be driving but they were worse.
I found myself driving thru the country and one asked to pull over he had to pee. So we all pulled up to barn and peed. As I went to pull my pants up I felt a hand on my ass then a fingers sliding towards my pussy. He wispered in my ear bend over and before I knew it I was bent over as he tried to fuck me. All of a sudden I feel him in my ass and tell him to stop but then the feeling was incredible as he shoved his hard cock deep in my ass. I am starting to sober up and say that's enough. I reach back and he is lip. We get back into car and I drop him off. Realizing he came in my ass

The second time was much more enjoyable. It was about a year and a half later and my hubby and I had been dating a few months. He spent the night and we went to the bar and got plastered. We went up to my room and started fucking. After an hour I was sore and he was like the energiser bunny. So I started sucking him and told him he had to cum in my mouth. But no he still didn't cum. I asked him to fuck my ass. He first fingers me loosening me. Then slowly puts his fat head in my ass. At first it was a little painfull then it felt amazing. He moved in and out of my ass as I rubbed my clit. Orgasming several times. He starts pulling it out and putting it back in. Every time he puts his cock in I moan. Then squirt everywhere. He then fucks my ass so hard and cums deep in my asshole. But keeps going . After that I fell in love with anal
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2 years ago
I wish my wife was just like you...
2 years ago
just the way i like it.....
2 years ago
Very nice!!!! i love anal too!!!!