My friends mom

Quite a few years ago when I was 15 my friend and I ( male) snuck out and met up some friends and we had a few drinks. We stay pretty late and then wandered back to his house. Well I actually had to help him in bed and he was out cold. I laid there and couldn't sl**p so I pulled out my cock which is small at 5" and stared stroking it and it Santa long before I exploded all over my stomach and chest. I just loved feeling my cock getting hard all the time ,anything excited me . So I got up to clean up and went to the bathroom. I took a piss and wiped off the cum. As I was leaving I saw a pair of his s****rs panties lying there. I picked them up and just inhaled them, it was memorizing. Now my cock is harder than before. His s****r was only 17 with long legs and I saw her tits by accident one time at the beach. Small but perfect. Embarrassed to say but I jerked off in those panties and started to go back to bed.. That's when I could barely hear a tv on upstairs so Ii creeped up to shut it off and almost shit! His mom was passed out on the couch with a robe on.a light was on in the kitchen too so I figured I'd shut that off too. What I saw on the counter was a medicine bottle and apparently sl**ping meds. My stupid brains is going crazy and walked back to ( mrs k) on the side of her was a empty bottle of wine and another that was half full.i thought I would try to wake her to help her to bed but she was toast! As I pulled on her the robe opened and I almost died ,she was absolutely beautiful. She had no body fat no stretch marks . Lying there in front of me with her tits poking right out at me and cute yellow panties on..I know this was stupid but now my cock is hard again! I had to touch her tits. They were so soft and the nipples were getting hard when I touched them too. I was going crazy as I slid her panties off and stuck my face right between those amazing legs.i did the best I could and I thought , I have to fuck her and that's just what I did. I slid her down a little lower to position my cock( which is only 5") and it slid right in and I must have fucked her for 20 minutes .her legs were like dead weight as I held them over my shoulders. Soon I stuck my finger in her mouth and it opened up so silly me said I have to see if I can get my dick in there. I turned her head to the side and stood up and I was in! I was in shock ,I was fucking my best friend moms mouth. I was ready to cum so I went back to fucking her with her legs over my shoulders. Just as I about to cum ,I mean I'm there,she opens her eyes and says in a very slurred voice" john what are you doing?" I just ignored her and pumped harder and shot my load! I just kept cumming and cumming. She was actually moaning too. Now I'm thinking I'm caught . Omg omg omg when she started snoring again.this time I slid her panties up and put a blanket over her and went to bed. I didn't wake up til noon and when I did I went up to the kitchen who do you think walks in,I'm thinking I'm dead ,I'm dead.she looks at me and says what's wrong and I just said long night I didn't sl**p that well. She says" I slept better that I have in a long time" she even made me pancakes and then said she has to take a shower. I left and I I've jerked off to that night many times. Ps . That was my first time with a girl and the best I must wipe this pre cum off as I'm done wriing
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9 days ago
fuck her to wake her up---then fuck some more
4 months ago
Cool story that has an authentic ring to it, and I loved how you described how it made you feel to write it, I also get precum when I write.
6 months ago
Mmmmmm nice!