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Another hard day at college completed for Alex was tinged with the excitement of Beth and the gang coming over to get smashed that evening.Alex had had a crush on Beth for as long as he could remember. Only recently had she moved into his social circle, allowing him to get closer to him. Alex's dad worked away and his mum was visiting his grandparents, so the nest would be free for him to make his move.
Tom, Jim & Dan turned up nice and early. They brought some sweet tunes and added to Alex's stash of Strongbow with a slab of Stella. By the time Beth and Abbie turned up, the mini party was in full swing. Beth it would appear had been drinking whilst getting ready and was well loosened up. Abbie on the other hand had driven, so was her usual boring self.
Beth had such a good figure. Thin waste, round arse, shapely breasts and a beautiful face. Her brown curly hair jostled from side to side as her and Abbie danced together. They mimicked the stripper dances up against each other, laughing as they got ruder and ruder. They boys were desperate to get some of the action, and eventually Beth turned her attention to them. Alex got in there first and wined with Beth to some Jamaican Dancehall. The sat on each others leg and thrust there crouches together. Alex's cock was as hard as could be, and Beth was enjoying teasing him. Jim & Dan were doing there best to entertain Abbie, but she really wasn't getting into it. Tom stepped in and started to make shapes with Beth. Alex still hung around with his huge erection tenting his shorts. Beth tugged at it and pulled him round as she danced with Tom. Beth asked Alex to fetch some more drink, and Alex willingly ran to top her up. He decided to make her a really strong cocktail to impress her, and smooth over his move on her. As he came back he almost dropped his drinks, Tom had his tongue so far down Beth's throat. Beth though seemed to be more than willing, and even enjoying it. Alex could her Abbie's nagging voice in the background, reminding her about Harry her boyfriend. Beth looked oblivious to her friend. Tom had his hand discreetly down Beth's leggings and was rubbing her pussy. Tom was almost engulfed in rage, but didn't want to ruin any future chances with Beth. So he just watched and drank.
Abbie it seemed had started to go along with Jim and Dan's flirting. They sat as a three on the sofa, rubbing and touching each other up, giggling but going no further. They couldn't see that under the guise of there dancing Tom was bring Beth close to a climax.
Tom And Beth "went for drinks". After a few minutes it became clear that they were more than "gone for drinks", so Tom went to investigate, leaving Abbie to bat off the c***dish endeavours of Dan & Jim.
Tom looked in the kitchen, but they weren't there. He tried the door to his bedroom, but it was locked. He put his ear to the door and listened carefully. He could hear the moaning Beth was making, her breath being f***ed out of her with the thrust of her new lover. He desperately wanted that to be him, but it wasn't. He knew behind that door his perfect woman was receiving the servicing of her life.
Tom had a big dick. He ground it into Beth with a slow f***eful motion. He had already made her cum once, now he would drag the next one from deep within her. The drink was making both of there senses numb, but enough of them were operating to become engulfed in each other. Tom pulled Beth to the corner of the bed, he stepped over her legs and put them together, whilst staying inside her. He could now stand with bent legs and drill down into her rubbing his shaft against the top of her pussy and his head pushing across against anal tract. He pushed deep and stayed there grinding his pubs into her clit, making her scream. She placed her hands under her arse lifting herself onto him as he ground down onto her. Then she started to wimper " oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" getting louder and louder. With a cream of "OH MY GOD, FUCK, OH,YES YES" Beth came. Tom stayed deep and motionless inside Beth allowing her to relax around him and complete the sensation. She had sweat all over her, and she looked amazing. But Tom still hadn't cum. Beth knelt down before him, pulled his foreskin back and licked round his engorged penis. Tom moaned, she knew exactly what she was doing. She licked the banjo string whilst pulling hard down on his cock, stretching it all the way out. Then she trust him all the way back into her mouth, right down her little throat. She gagged and coughed up junk, but carried on. She f***ed her throat onto his cock with amazing f***e. It didn't take long before Tom exploded masses of cum all down Beth's throat and over her face and breasts, moaning as he did.
The stood up with a laugh, "that was cool" said Beth. "yeah we should do it again sometime" said Tom. They cleaned each other down and headed back.
Alex had heard just in time and made good his escape before Tom & Beth vacated his room. He wished so much that it had been him that evening, maybe next time he would send Tom to get the drinks
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