The Lady in Blue

Elena wore blue. It had to have been one of the few times that I'd seen her wearing something this bright but she looked positively ravishing. She always did, but most especially today. Her ample bosom bounced beyond the stretched cotton as her massive E cups laboured to contain them as she walked. A shiver ran up my spine. The glasses she wore belied her devilish smile. Unable to help myself as she strode past me I stared, drinking in her image with fully dilated pupils. She must have noticed me because as she passed me and I caught her returning my gaze from over the top of her dark rimmed glasses and she allowed the corners of her mouth to curl ever so slightly into a devilish smile. I caught a wiff of her sweet, floral perfume as she walked passed. Here eyes remained locked on mine but she did not turn her head. When she rounded the corner into her office here trance was broken. I walked out to my car and drove home.

The next day I noticed from outside of the office building that she was already there. Her company had rented the first unit in this complex, as well as almost all of the second floor. My company had a large, single unit on the first floor that was around a corner from Elena's. She worked reception and had a clear view of everyone coming in and exiting the building. As I pulled open the heavy glass door and was about to make my way past her on my way to my company's door, she beckoned me over with her finger and a cocked eyebrow. Surprised by her candor, but not knowing what else to do I walked over and stopped at her desk.

"So I've been watching you stare at me for these past few weeks" she said bluntly, without a trace of disapproval to be found.

I nodded.

"So? are you liking what you're seeing so far?"

I nodded again, this time feeling stupid with not knowing what to say to her and had to continue to leave the ball in her court for at least another exchange.

"So when are you going to ask me to coffee?"

A single, solitary, insufferably long moment lumbered passed before my response.

"Well I could make the offer now, but I see you've already got one. I thought perhaps that I'd make my introduction with my name first. I'm Jim."

"Elena" she said with a small smile. "This one's empty" she the said, dropping a very obviously half full paper cup into the garbage can beside her with a thud.

"So I see. Interest you in a refill?"

She smiled and nodded. I went to turn around to go to the cafeteria opposite her office but she grabbed my sleeve before I could turn all the way around and tugged. "This way" she said and lead me through her still empty office to a small, windowless board room.

She closed the door behind her. I stood paralyzed, my brain not fully comprehending what was happening. This was the kind of thing that happened in the porn movies I couldn't be bothered to watch as I'd skip past the narrate bits to the sex scenes.

She turned and strode up to me, stopping a mere inch or two from me. For a moment only silence and the sweet smell of her perfume hung in the air. She looked up at me.

"How about now? Still like what you're seeing?" she inquired.

"More than ever" I responded softly. I took care to look down at her without lowering my head as I spoke. I didn't take my eyes from her's. She cocked her head sideways slightly, holding my gaze.

She was a good deal shorter than me, but I rather enjoyed my vantage from here. Though her sweater rose all the way up to her neck, I still loved being able to take in her full figured physique.

She smiled and ever so carefully began manipulating the buttons and zipper on her dark skirt. So deft were her movements that I barely noticed. She pulled the flap of material open to call attention to it but didn't pull it down or remove the article of clothing.

"Then I hope you'll like the rest" she said under he breath.

I couldn't bare this any longer and swooped down and pressed my lips to her's. My right hand coiled around her waist and pulled her in tight to me, her hands finding my already rock hard cock though my pants and she began to massage it. My left hand snaked up her spine and found it's way into her hair. I tangled my fingers in it and pulled down, pulling her head back. I chased her mouth which lead me down the side of her jaw then down her neck as I kissed, the soft tingle of her flesh on my lips driving me deeper into lust for her flesh.

"Oh God, yes" she moaned.

Releasing her waist I pulled her sweater up and over her head and tossed it aside. Standing between me and her supple 34EE cup breasts was her black bra. I began to reach around her to undo the clasp, but before I could she she stuck up her index finger and put pressed it to my lips.

"Before we do this" she started "I need to tell you something." She paused.

I looked at her expectantly.

"I kinda have this problem." she resumed, but stopped once again.

"What is it?" The tension building unbearable crescendo, I implored her to continue.

"Well, I'm a squirter." My heart skipped a beat. The holy grail of sexual abilities has coaxed 'me' into her board room and is now apologizing?! "But not just a squirter, a big time squirter. I just don't want it to scare you, you know? My last two boyfriends weren't able to handle it and I don't want it to scare you when it happens." she finished, her eyes wide with a tinge of concern in her cheeks.

She had no way of knowing that the more she could squirt, the happier I would be. I didn't care if she squirted gallons and gallons, I'd be only too happy to drink every drop of her precious fluid and still come back thirsty for more.

I grinned at her. "show me".

I spun her around so her back was to the large rectangular desk and began walking her backwards, kissing her deeply and passionately, our tongues chasing each others in wet trails around each others mouths. When her back reached the desk, I tore off my own shirt and laid it on the cold surface behind her and laid her down on top of it.

She almost immediately splayed her legs for me. I could tell that she wanted me almost as badly as I wanted her - her black panties were soaked right through and I could smell her pussy from a foot away. Her breathing was heavy and her breasts, still in their black bra, rose and fell with eager breath of anticipation.

Kneeling down in front of her, I pulled her skirt up and bunched it up at her hips. Leaning in closer to her, I took careful hold of each side of her panties and began to peel them down. Slowly, revealing inch by sacred inch of her pubic region until peeking out from behind the boundary of her falling panties I could start to see dark stubble. Then the top of her hood with but the smallest, trimmed tuft of hair, following by the rest of clean shaved, soaking wet pussy. I pulled the off the left them in a coiled moist mass just under the table.

My legs began to quake beneath me, clumsily I unbuckled my belt and opened my pants to relieve the pressure around my rock hard, throbbing cock. I stroked the tip a few times and felt it's heat and the wetness of my precum. I was just as eager as she was.

I wasn't in a mood for foreplay. I wanted to experience this squirting action of hers and I wanted to see it now.

I slid my right index finger in between her hot, wet pussy lips as the sound of her heavy breathing is split by the sound of an "Ouuuu" escaping her lips. Her pussy pulsed and a thick, clear liquid oozed out from around my finger. I withdrew it and hungrily lapped up the liquid.

"How do I taste?" she inquired with a breathy voice.

"About like this" I said as I returned the figure to her hot pussy, pulled it out and presented it to her. Her tongue parted her lips and with just the tip, began to dab and lap at the fluid on my finger, exclaiming only "Mmmmmm".

My cock bounced, relishing the sensation on the finger, imagining what it would have to feel like to have that same tongue massage its way around mu cock and lap up every drop of precum from the tip of my cock.

Leaving my finger with her for the time being I returned my attention to her pussy. I stuck my own tongue out and touched it to her clit. I felt a sudden, slight tremor pass through her body as the sensation registered in her mind, her own tongue stopped it's lapping for moment, then resumed sucking.

I placed the tip of my tongue under the clip and pressed it in gently. I let it sit there for a moment as I inhaled though my nose, savoring her delicate scent, carving out a space in my memory for this day and every sensation I could experience. Suddenly, I flicked my tongue upwards, across and over her clit, her body shook more violently this time, her hips beginning to sway in slow circles. She used both hand to quickly free her colossal breasts from her bra, but left it on. I could now watch them sway and quiver as I did my deed.

Her hands found their way down to my head. She ran her finger tips through my hair until her palms came to rest on either side of my head and she balled them into fists to pulled me into her.

"Lick" she commanded.

I didn't even need that one instruction. I began to lick her clit, flicking it gently at first. I liked the distance of a few inches because as she began to fall into her rhythm of euphoria, I could see her pussy juices start to flow out and run down her ass and collect on the table. She had to be the wettest woman I'd ever seen.

Her juices almost stung my tongue as I began to take longer, broader licks, licking her from ass hole to clit, over and over again. Her hips swinging more and more desperately and her breathing began to grow more shallow and erratic. I felt her cross her ankles between my shoulders.

"Oh fuck yes. Just like that. Don't stop!"

I had no intention of ever stopping. She tasted to good, her body felt too good. Her taste, her smell, her warmth, it was all some glorious dream, a dream I never wanted to be stirred from.

Her fluid began accumulating in my mouth and I felt the need to swallow or risk choking. I did so. I felt a warm stinging sensation as her fluid slid down my throat and the sensation was a thousand times more intoxicating than any alcohol. I needed more. I needed all that she had to offer and I needed to drink it down.

I began sucking on her clit, releasing it only to slide my tongue up her slit to lap up every drop of her precious liquid that I could. Faster and faster I repeated this process, becoming more and more aggressive with each repetition. Her body began to convulse as though my tongue and lips conducted electricity and I was shocking her.

"There. That's it. Don't stop!" she said, trying to keep herself from screaming as she dug her fingernails into my scalp and held me in place. I kept it up.

I felt her breathing grow very shallow and very rapid. Her abdomen tightened and her breasts swirled in wide circles, quaking like two bowls of jelly with each revolution. I watched her dark nipples set against her pale flesh convulse almost independently of the rest of her body.

She took one final deep breath and held it. She pulled my face in so hard I had to open my mouth just to breathe.

With a scream that would have deafened me had her thighs also not clamped shut over my ears, holding my head solidly in place, her pussy lips dilated, quivered briefly and she unleashed her torrents.

My mouth held fixed over her pussy, filled almost instantly with her hot squirt and it began to leak out from my lips and spray back at her, wetting her skirt NS dotting her skin. I f***ed myself to swallow. Still more came as she continued to hold me still in her vice grip of absolute ecstasy. This time I was ready for the continual surge and swallowed more quickly. I swallowed again, and again. It was almost like drinking directly from the garden hose - it was uncanny.

A rivulet of her squirt trickled down the corner of my mouth, down to my chin. I left it there - a trophy of what I'd done to Elena and of what she'd done to me. She released me all at once and for a moment I thought she might have passed out from the effort, but I noticed her breasts were rising and falling.

As her breathing began to return to normal she began to quiver and shake on the table. I backed up for a moment to take in her whole quivering figure. Several smaller squirts sputtered out of her with a rushing sound and I momentarily regretted the decision to back away and missed the opportunity to drink them too, but it was worth it, to watch it, to see her rolling from side to side, squirting still on the table, soaking her skirt and the carpeted floor. Her breathing slowly started to quiet and she began to regain her composure.

She caught sight of my dick. An opaline trail dangled from my cock with an opaque bead on the end which stretched nearly a foot from the tip of my cock. She rolled onto her back, still panting, with her head hanging over the edge of the table. She motioned me over to her, still breathing to hard to speak. I walked towards her.

She took my cock in one hand and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as far as she could, flattening it on her chin and and caught the swinging bead of cum on it. She guided the rest of my cock down to her gaping mouth, following after the trail of my cum.

When the tip of my member finally touched her tongue it seemed to almost scald. The anticipation of this moment and what it would feel like seemed almost paltry by contrast with the real thing. I looked down at her as she raised her hands and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me into her.

My eyes widened as the magnitude of her voracious sexual appetite began to dawn on me - she not only wanted everything to do with me, she needed it and needed it now, like a d**g addict craving the next fix.

I felt the end of my dick connect with the back of her throat and I withdrew and thrust it in again. Over and over I repeated this process until I noticed that she wasn't only trying to suck my dick, she was trying to swallow it whole - this squirting hellion was trying to deep throat me!

I thrust once more and she held me in place. She made tiny adjustments to her positioning and suddenly with a wet-sounding "glach" she swallowed my cock, right down to the balls!

Taking control of my thrusting she guided me, taking care not to pull it out from her throat. She sputtered and gagged and choked, but she only allowed me to pull my cock out from her when the need for a breath was too dire for her to bare. She inhaled a few breaths hungrily then continued sucking. I had to focus my mind on other topics other than what was happening simply to keep from spraying my hot cum down her throat right here and now. Thick streams of saliva began hanging from her nose and forehead as they grew and stretched towards the floor, her head still bobbing back and forth on my cock, tirelessly, insatiable.

She began cupping my balls, massaging them in her hands before pausing for a moment and opening her mouth as wide as she could and tried to swallow them too. Sadly, the task was too much for her small mouth, but it didn't keep her from licking and sucking on my sack.

Finally, she pushed me back and gasped for air, fighting to keep her airway clear of the sheets of spit which covered her face. Her makeup run all around her eyes like dark cracks in an oil painting. She scooped spittle up with her hands and held what she could collect her cupped hand. She rolled over and kneeled down on the table with her ass facing me. Her knees were separated and I had a clear view of everything - her pussy which over the act of sucking me off had excited her so that it shone with a new layer of juices, as well as her puckering asshole.

Looking back at me from on all fours, he took the wadded up ball of her spit and my cum and slicked it across her asshole and smeared it across both of her ass cheeks. She sucked air in between her teeth as she did this.

"Give me that cock!" she demanded, any trace of that quiet receptionist I'd seen most mornings as I walked past her desk had choked to death on my cock and was replaced by this hungry sex fiend. That realization made this moment so much hotter.

I shuffled towards her, my pants around my ankles. I was about the slide my hard cock into her pussy but she intercepted it and thrust the tip against her asshole, which seemed to almost swallow it regardless of my original intentions.

"Fuck me in the ass! Do it! do it now! FUCK ME!" She cried.

I began pushing slowly and it met with almost no resistance as her asshole took the whole thing. Deeper and deeper I thrust and her hole took every inch of my meat.

"Ungh. Yes! That's it baby, slide that dick in my ass!" she said and I trust into her. Once again she sucked air in through her clenched teeth with a distinct "shhhhhhhhh".

Finally, my hips connect with her ass cheeks and I could feel her body trembling, this time from inside as well as out. I slowly pulled my cock out, watching as her asshole turn outwards, relinquishing my cock back to me. I put my hands on her ass and pushed, instructing "move up". She did so. I climbed onto the table and stood. I bent down over her, angling my dick downwards into her hungry maw and pushed her chest to the table, leaving her ass suspended high above her.

"Oh yes baby! Give it to me!" She begged.

I slide my cock back into her, slowly, feeling the even, tight, warm pressure of her asshole around the entire length of my member. Deeper and deeper still I thrust until I was balls deep in her. I re-positioned her hips and trust even deeper into her seemingly bottomless ass.

"Oh God baby, you're so deep! You're fuckin' my asshole so good! Please don't stop!" She whimpered, her cheek pressed flat to the desk, her eyes looking back up at me.

I began to withdraw and then trust into her again, over and over again, slamming her cheeks into my hips, watching the shock wave ripple through her ass. Unable to contain her excitement she propped herself up again on all fours and her grunting mingled with mine and she enthusiastically bucked backwards and pounded backwards into me for more.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah baby, that's it! Fuck me! Give it to me! That's it!" she shouted. I watched as my thrusting caused her hair to bounce and her enormous tits hung half way down to the table and swing and bounced and slammed into one another with a slap.

I watched, barely able to control myself for much longer as her my cock seemed to nearly split her in two.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed suddenly, and I could feel her ass clench around my cock, nearly making it impossible to pull out as her ass tried to strangle my fifth appendage.

"Oh god!" she repeated louder. She suddenly lost control and her torso fell to the table and she began to shake and convulse uncontrollably.

Her scream was followed by a warm wet sensation on my thighs and legs. I looked down and found that she was squirting once again. I reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart and extracted my cock from her ass, her squirt spraying it as I did so. Her scream was piercing and rattled around in my skull like a BB in a tin can, but I didn't care.

I watched the transparent stream gush out of her and spray into me, sending thousands of tiny renegade droplets arching through the air on their various trajectories. Slowly her stream settled to a trickle then died down, once again a few trailing squirts followed. Not allowing her a moments reprieve, I leapt back up onto the table and holding her ass in my hands, thrust my cock back down her gaping hole.

I thrust hard and fast, as much to her surprise as my own and the impacts filled the air with the slapping of our flesh against one another.

I allowed myself to fall into the moment. I felt my cock stiffen impossibly hard and there was the sensation of conducting electricity through it as I mounted to my own climax. My breathing began to loose rhythm and my thrust lost tempo. My cock felt as though it was submerged in hot oil I had to cum so bad.

Her grunting had sounded almost as primal as my own as we'd left the better part of our humanity behind and became enthralled in this moment.

I began grunting louder and louder in rapid intervals, suddenly building to a long f***eful growl as I buried my dick as deep as I physically could and made only small rapid thrusts. I felt my cock explode inside of her warm, welcoming ass hole.

"Mmmmmm! yeah baby, give it to me! That's it, fill me up with your hot cum!" she said smiling, biting her lower lip, looking back at me.

After what seemed like minutes, I finally settled down enough to pull my cock from this succubus for the final time. I felt her clench around me as I did so. When it popped out of her she spun around and dove down on it, forming a tight seal with her mouth. She looked up at me and moaned. The vibrations though my aching member caused me to shake. She slowly sucked her way up, leaving my cock almost completely dry, pressing her thumb against the underside of my dick, squeezing out every last drop of cum as she went.

"I want it all!" she proclaimed!

To my astonishment she leapt up and squatted over the table. I watched as she squeezed every drop of my cum from her and into an expanding white puddle onto the table. I watched as she wrung the last of it from her and she took a finger and wiped the last of it up and sucked it clean.

She leaned down and with a noisy wet slurping, sucking sound, sucked every drop of cum from the table. She looked up at me as she did so. I was staring at her, dumbstruck by how positively kinky she was. She opened her mouth when she'd finished to show me that she'd collected all of it. She closed it for a moment before opening it again, there was a swallowing sound as she did so. I look down into the back of the throat and not a drop of it remained.

"So" she said, gasping and panting still "do you still like what you see?"
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bugger what i see i liked what i read
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worthy I liked it please write more