Hot Office Seduction:

So I finally find out where this guy I had been chatting on line with a while works, he makes me so fucking hot... Some time in the late afternoon. I slipped into his office locking the door behind me... He was on the phone, he had his back turned away from me. I came in so quietly that he did not even hear me, I was nervous. I slowly put my hands over his eyes and slipped a soft silky perfume scented eye mask over his eyes. Quickly I knelt and I tied his hands to the arms of the chair with two long silk scarves, also scented, he asked me if I came to fuck him or rob him blind. I said both, but I want all of your hotness and what ever else you have to give. I closed the blinds. I lit some candles and came back to him. I straddled his lap and I could feel the heat rising inside of him. I start slowly kissing his mouth and licking his lips, slipping my tongue in and out of his mouth sucking on his tongue softly tugging at his lips with mine. My hair is all around him, I lean over and kiss his ears softly and start to softly blowing hot breath on them and tug softly with my teeth at his ear lobes sucking them too. I am running my hands through his hair, black n silky short tightly pulling at it, massaging his neck and shoulders with some heated oil to help take the tension of the day away. I pulled his face down to meet my bare chest other than the sexy bra and skirt that I am wearing hot pink. With my nipples exposed. I arched back and leaned on the desk and he started nipping and kissing my breasts and licking my neck, but he can't feel them yet. He has me by the waist and he is holding my skirt trying to edge it up. By now his cock is so hard and hot that he is so eager to be untied. He asks me to untie him and I leaned over to his ear and say wait a few minutes more. I slither off of his lap with my legs spread and down one of his legs. He can feel the heat cuming from between them. I un-do his pants and he lifted up and I take them down slowly as his cock pops up, I rub my tits down his shaft. I’m leaning into him, he can now hold and caress my breasts and nipples and the lace peek-a-boo bra is making him so wild. I hold on tightly to his fine ass and start to play with his cock, kissing, licking and slapping his cock on my lips and with my wet tongue and hands, hot breathing on the tip of it. I am holding every part of his cock, kissing it and sliding my hands slowly up and down, sucking it hard then slowly...then hard again. I add a little of the heated oil I brought. he is moaning and chastising me for tying him up. He keeps whispering to me, let me go, I say no... I unbuttoned his shirt and started to lick and kiss his nipples and tug at them playfully with my teeth and he say’s don't keep me tied! I want to pleasure you too! I came up and started kissing him vigorously, as I was kissing him, he was holding my ass and started pulling at my under ware as I had slipped off the skirt by now. I laid back on the desk and told him were I was, he moved forward and I had my legs open and my black high heeled sandals on the sides of his chair. The scarves were actually coming lose as I did not bind him tightly. I couldn’t wait for his hands to be all over me any minute. He was holding my ankles and kissing my legs and inside of my thighs....he was breathing all over me and with a few more tugs he had the scarves undone and his hands were all over me, he took my breasts in his hands and kissed my mouth hard and slid his hands to the middle of me. He realizes I still have my panties on. He started to pull them off and I stopped him and put his fingers to the middle where there is an opening of lace and satin of crotchless panties. He sighs as he licked and sucked down my neck and breasts, nipping them on the way by and his fingers were rubbing my clit. At this point I am nearly to explode and he is slipping one and two fingers in and out of me, and one of his fingers in my ass, he kneeled down putting his mouth over my hot dripping wet pussy and starts to kiss, lick, and tug at my pussy. He was pleasuring me until I was wreathing with a wet orgasms. I was moaning and telling him how hot he is and that I want him inside of me, I want your hot hard 10' cock In Me Now!! I kissed and bit his neck and he pushed me back a little and pulled me to the edge of the desk, saying to me “I am going to give you all that I have” whispering in my ear with hot breath, driving me insane. I could feel how hard he was, he was leaking for me and that was making me even hotter. Then as he was kissing me, he shoved his prime hot flame of fire inside of me hard, holding it there, holding me in suspense! It was hot and very tight, I gasped into his ear! He was even more turned on, knowing he was completely filling me. As he slowly started to move and thrust into me we were both lost in the moments that passed by. He pulled away from me pulling me up on trembling legs turning me around. I laid over the desk my sexy long dark hair spilling all around me like a d**g full of sweat and perfume filling his head with a magical euphoria as he slid his hard wet cock into me again harder. He leaned over me thrusting inside of me hard and fast, I’m moaning and making sounds that turned him on, nipping and licking my back making me cry louder, he slides his hands around the front of me and starts to hold and massage my clit, with his first three finger’s. I am squirming with hot wet passion, I came so hard that I was seeping hot fiery wet juices into his fingers, “HE said OMG that is sooo hot you’re soaked”… He pulled me up and held my breasts and kissed my back and neck, he then pulled out and turned me around putting me back on the desk pulling me back towards him sliding it back in nice and slow at first, in and out in and out several times, holding it half way in making me crazy...he then thrusts hard for a while I am holding his neck and shoulders. I pulled him closer so my nipples are close to his chest and felt the warmth of him rubbing against me, which was adding to my climax. I was holding his hot ass as we started exploding with orgasms, tingling all over my body and my head, he is making me quiver over and over again, he is fueled beyond belief, he falls over my body holding my head in his hands landing a hot wet passionate kiss on my mouth he shakes as he spilled his hot male passion deep inside of me, ooooooooooooooooo he say’s pushing deep in me hard and oooooooooooo cumming so hard! He pulled away from me standing there looking at me with hot fire in his eyes… Helping me up I am dripping with cum and sweat... we ended up on a sofa his office just laying there...breathing hard not saying a word....
Sle 09 copy write
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1 month ago
luv ur style.. super erotic n hott!
1 month ago
a very horny story
3 months ago
your welcum my loves!
9 months ago
Very hot. Mmmm
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
So dam hot,,very hot,,,thanks