My 1st gay experience (on Omegle)

I thought i would share this time i had 3 months ago on omegle.

I was very horny one day. I woke up with a boner. Since i sl**p nude, i woke up turned over and felt very uncomfortable. I rolled back over and saw him standing upright. I stroked my cock for a bit. Started gettin horny, so i put in a porno dvd i had. I kept stroking until i came all over myself! I got up showered. I was still horny.

I got on Omegle hoping to find a girl ready and willing. I kept tryin. After a hour, of gettin nothing but guys i was gona giv up. I found a hot milfy mom on omegle. Havin my cock on cam, i had her attention. SHe had just took her tits out and said. "Oh fuck my husband is home!" She disconnected. I was so disappointed! I had been jerking slowly for an hour to keep my cock hard. I decided to try to find someone one more time.

I found a guy. "He yelled please dont leave! What can i do to keep you here for a gay session?" I was curious about jerkin off to a guy. "I have never jerked off with a guy on here before, so there is a chance i may lose my hard on." i said. He said "Thats ok. You can try with me.

I start stroking hard. tryin to keep it up. He started moaning loudly. I started gettin turned on. I spit on my cock and started pumping even harder!
When we came. He came 1st and i came 2nd(we were just seconds away from eachother). I said, "Wow baby that was awesome! Am i gay now bc of this?" "No silly you are bi sexual is all."
90% (6/1)
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3 years ago
I don't think you are gay. I intend doing the same as you. It will be my first time too. I think I am cyber gay.