Me and my cousin

One day i was changing in my room after working out in our weight room. I had my shirt and pants off. I took my boxers off and turned to walk to the bathroom for a shower. There standing in my door was my cousin (she was living with us). She stands at about 5 ft 8 in. She has a very slim figure. Great tan lines. With her standing in a one piece swimsuit lookin as sexy as she does. I started getting hard. Her jaw dropped. I started to grab a towel on the nearby chair. "Um i can't help but say you are the sexiest man i have every seen!" She said. I looked at her fully erected and said, "Your the hottest girl! Wow, i never thought i would say that about my cousin!" She walked over and eased me to sit on the bed. "Have you ever wondered what i look like naked?" she said reaching around behind her. She untied her swimsuit and pulled it down to the floor, picked it up and placed it in my lap.

She pushed me back on my back and climbed ontop of me. Laying on me we touched eachother alot. I finally kissed her and she started kissing me back. I knodded at her. She understood. She raised her hips. Holding her right thigh with one hand and moving my cock with the other. I guided my cock to her dripping pussy. She moaned. It was tight but it got easer as i moved in and out slowly with her.

She came before i did. When i came inside her. We lay there for the longest time. I just kept kissing her and stroking her hair. I looked at the clock. My folks were gona be home soon. We went and took a shower together. We mostly just kissed and held eachother. After the shower we dryed off and got dressed. While she was blow drying her hair. I sprayed my room with some freshscent stuff the room smelled like sex! I went to her room. She was holding her stomache. "Whats the matter?" i said sittin by her. I put my arm around her. "It must be just nerves but i hope i dont get pregnant. We didnt protect!" My eyes got wide! "Do you think you can pee out the cum?" i asked. "Its been in me too long, i dont think i could even if i tried."

(Its been over 5 months since we had unprotected sex. Luckily she didn't get pregnant. I wouldnt mind having a c***d with her. Because we are related it just wouldnt look right. We are related by marriage. Her dad married my aunt when she was a baby. So we arent bl**d related. We are still secretly dating and i love her.)
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2 months ago
Keep sinking the Johnson Daddio nothing to worry about.
2 years ago
thats a hot story hope it works out for you guys
2 years ago
Then all in all you are not doing a blood relation, only in name. Fuck her sesnless, no morales involved there, or 4 fingered kids as an outcome.
3 years ago
madd unprotection. Rule # 1 always carry a box o condoms in yo back pockett
3 years ago
it is a start ...
3 years ago
Good for u
3 years ago
It needs some harsh sexy dialects