Violation of Taylor Swift

I was walking down the hall when I saw the room I wanted. ‘Yup, this is her room’. It was 2 in the afternoon and I saw her go into her room earlier. I reached back and kicked in the door and was greeted with a scream. Yup, Taylor Swift was standing in front of me. She had on a little black tank top with a black skirt that was just above her knees. I closed the door and locked it as she came running over towards me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the gun I was carrying and pointed it at her, which stopped her dead in her tracks. ‘Well Well Miss Swift, how are you this afternoon’ She started sobbing uncontroabbly at the sight of me pointing the gun at her. ‘We are going to have some fun today.’ ‘What do you want me to do?’ she said trembling and sobbing. ‘Well, first I want you to stop crying, Ok?’ She sniffled and muttered out a little ‘ok’. ‘I want you to strip out of your clothes slowly while I take my cock out and jack off while watching you. You like watching men jack off for you Taylor?’ She whimpered back ‘no, not really’. ‘Well, this will be a first. First I want you to take off that top.’ Taylor whimpered a bit as she looked at the knife and removed her top over her head. She had on a little black bra that showed her little cleavage off very well. I unzipped my pants and put my hand in the hole and fiddled with my dick and got it in the hole in my underwear and whipped it out of my pants. Taylor was taken aback by it. ‘Have you ever seen a hard cock before?’ ‘No, never!’ ‘Well, there is a first time for everything’ I said as I stroked to the sight of her in her bra. ‘Take off that skirt next!’ I ordered her, waving the gun around. She unhooked the top of the skirt and let it drop to her feet. She had on a pair of tiny white panties with a bow on the top of it. The sight of Taylor Swift in her bra and panties was too much for me to take and I started stroking harder and harder at the sight. ‘That is so disgusting what you are doing!’ Taylor yelled at me. ‘Well, it’s human nature sweetie! Now lose the bra or else!’ I said while waving the gun in her direction again. Her shaking hands reached back and undid the clasp of her bra and slowly her perky little bare tits came into view. She had little pink nipples that were hard as rocks and little areolas. She covered them up with her arm. ‘First move your hands away from your tits, I want to see them’. She moved her hands away and I started stroking harder while looking at her bare breasts in view. ‘Now, remove your panties!’ I commanded. She started crying a bit while she put her hands on both sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down past her knees to the floor. She covered up her crotch quickly. ‘Nu Uh Taylor, I want to see it all!’ She wept a bit as she moved her hand away from her pussy exposing it to me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She had a little bit of a blonde bush covering above her clit. Her clit was a little bit bigger than most that I have seen. ‘Turn around, let me see that ass Taylor’. She turned around, showing me her tight ass. I stroked it harder and harder and she watched me. ‘Ok, are you done with me, I got to go pee!’ This intrigued me a bit. ‘Well, no, I still haven’t blown my load. I want you piss right here in front of me on the floor’ ‘Ewwww!! No!’ she commanded. I took the gun I had that was back at my side, held it up and said ‘well, guess we got to find alternative measures then, huh?’ She started crying ‘I hate you!! You are sick!!’. I laughed and continued stroking my rock hard cock while looking at her naked body. I could tell she was getting really uncomfortable and finally she let parted her legs a bit and let out a stream of hot piss. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Taylor Swift was taking a piss in front of me! I stroked it harder and was about to cum when she finished. ‘Put your pussy on my face, I want to taste it right now’. She trembled as she moved towards me and put her crotch near my face. I could smell her piss that was still dripping from her pussy and I got a close up view of it. Her little hairs were neatly trimmed in a little v above her cIit. I stuck my tongue out and licked her vagina. I could still taste the piss that was reamaning on her little pussy. While I was doing this I was stroking my cock harder and harder. ‘Now I want you to turn around and bend over, I want to see your asshole. Maybe that will make me cum’ ‘You are such a creep! I hate you!!’ she yelled at me. But she looked at the gun next to me and decided to do as she was told. She turned around and bent over and touched her toes. Her little butthole was sticking out and the sight of her pussy sticking out between her legs was too much for me to take. I took my tounge and started at the top of her ass crack and licked down until I got to her little butthole. I started massaging her little shithole with my tounge. The acidic taste was extremely erotic. I couldn’t take it any more and I stood up put my dick on her asshole and shot my load all over her ass. ‘Oh my god that was so disgusting!!!’ she yelled at me. I finally sat down and said to her ‘you can leave now, I am done with you!’ She got her dress on quick and ran out the door. I sat there satisfied that I was able to cum all over Taylor Swift.
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4 years ago
LOL u should have banged that pussy! MAKE HER PREGNANT! LMAO
4 years ago
nice story i cant stand taylor swift but she is pretty good to look at lol
4 years ago
nice and naughty