A Weekend with My Big s*s

A Weekend with my Big s*s.
This story starts quite slowly, but I recommend that you persevere. I promise you it's worth it. At least I think so!!

I got the train to Marylebone at around 4pm. It was a Friday so the carriage was fairly busy as usual. I didn't really mind as I was going to London to see my big s****r for the weekend. Georgia is ten years older than me and we both have different fathers. My mum had Georgia when she was only 17; she divorced her dad and married mine a few years later. I was the product of their union. I guess we are only half s****rs, but that doesn't alter the way we feel about each other. She was like a second mum to me, but one that pretty much spoilt me and indulged all of my whims. Anyway, back to the weekend. I had just turned 16 and Georgia had invited me up to attend my first grown up party. It was her best friend's birthday party so they had arranged for me to share the party. I felt really grown up and mum had treated me to a lovely new 'little black dress' and matching bag and shoes. These were in my bag so they didn't get messed up on the journey and I was travelling in a pair of jeans and a strappy yellow top which showed off my tan perfectly. I knew I was getting a few looks on the train; there were a couple of the usual lecherous middle aged blokes and one nerdy looking girl of about 25 or 30.
She kept looking at me. Her constant gaze caused me to squirm a bit and I felt my nipples stiffen. I looked down and sure enough they were sticking out like the proverbial chapel hat pegs! Although she was wearing a shapeless anorak over a pair of baggy sweat pants I could imagine she had a pretty nice body underneath. I looked across the carriage at her and gave her a wink. The effect was instantaneous. She blushed a dark crimson colour.
My gaydar clicked into overdrive, yep definitely, she fancied me. I tried to picture her with her glasses removed and her hair pulled back from her face. Yep she was very pretty and if I'd had time I'm certain I could have had a bit of fun with her.
I zoned out and in my imagination saw her walking across the busy carriage; dropping to her knees in front of me she pulled down my vest to expose my breasts. She then fastened her mouth onto my erect nipples, sucking their crinkly nubs into her mouth. With her hand she unzipped my jeans and slid her hand down between my skin and my panties until she felt my squelchy slit. Then without pausing she slipped her forefinger between my rapidly engorging labia straight into the depths of my wet pussy. As all in the carriage just carried on their conversations totally ignoring what she was doing, she frigged me to a very moist but silent climax. She gave me a quick open mouthed kiss, slipping her long tongue deep into my mouth. And said, "Thank you, I enjoyed that, I hope you did too." Then stood and went back to her seat.
I opened my eyes and the carriage was unchanged, I quickly realised I had been day-dreaming. Hopefully my orgasm was quiet enough that it wouldn’t have alerted my travel companions. I looked around, no, everything appeared normal. God I'm so weird sometimes, this pre-occupation with sex is getting out of hand.

Twenty minutes later the train pulled into the station and I began the long, hot tube journey to my s****r’s station. A very sticky hour later I emerged from the underground and made my way the two hundred metres to her apartment block from the tube station. She buzzed me in the front door and as I stepped into the dimly lit hallway I saw her short little bod half wrapped in a bath towel as she jumped on me and threw her arms round my neck. We hugged tightly for at least a minute. She then drew back and said, "phew, you smell funky. Didn't you shower today?"
I laughed at her, knowing she was, as usual taking the piss out of her baby s****r. Something I'd had to get used to, but nevertheless hated her doing. She was always so composed, witty and confident. I always ended up feeling like a dork. My response was pathetic.
"Fuck off Georgia, I've just been on a train for over 2 hours, you'd smell as bad as I do if it was you."
"Take it easy Jay, I'm only joking. Come on, come inside, time we had a nice drink. You'll need to get ready shortly, we're leaving at eight. I've just showered and shaved all my bits, so I just need to get dressed."
She rattled the words off at a furious pace, I was used to her non-stop chat, so understood it. Most people had to ask her to slow down so they could understand her. So many words, so little time!
We went into her flat and went straight to the kitchen. There was already a half d***k glass of white wine on the table. She grabbed a clean glass, filled it and handed it to me. As she turned the towel came undone and dropped to the floor round her feet. Totally unconcerned she bent at the waist and leant down to pick it up. As she did so I was treated to a view of her freshly shaved pussy, her big lips bulged pornographically between her thighs, clearly freshly shaved. She stood up and casually wrapped it round her waist leaving her cute small tits on display. I saw that her nipples, though not seemingly aroused, were erect and much to my chagrin about twice the size of my own.
"There you go, nice and cold, that'll make you feel better. How was your journey?"
"Same old, same old." There was a pretty little nerdy girl who made me horny, made my nipples really hard. I wanted to add. But of course, I didn't. I continued. "The tube was chaotic, it was packed. Some bloke copped a feel of my tits and I couldn't even move or turn round to see who it was."
"Yeah ok, but on the bright side at least someone gave your tits a grope, mine haven't been groped in weeks. Other than by me of course." She cupped both of her breasts and gave them a little squeeze. She then picked up her glass again and took a long slurp of her wine.
I laughed. "So you still between blokes then? That's not like you, you've usually got them queuing round the block."
"Yeah, work's been mad, I've been working 15 hour days, no time for any fun. By the time the weekend comes round I'm too knackered to go out and party. I just end up sl**ping."
This was a side of Georgia I hadn't seen before, the hard working wage slave. She had done well though, two promotions inside a year a nice 3 series BMW convertible parked outside.
"It'll all be worth it in the end though won't it? You've done so well since you started this job. I bet you’re making a bomb."
"I don't want to talk about work; this weekend is for partying, you and me are gonna have such a laugh. Mum phoned me and said I was to look out for you and not let you get in trouble, whatever that means. I guess she means I should make sure you don't get pissed and shag some random bloke and get yourself knocked up like she did at your age with me."
"Georgia," I remonstrated. "I do know how to drink, I'm on the pill and anyway, I've not been a virgin for nearly a year. So I do know what guys are like." I pulled a packet of Marlboro Lights from my bag, offered her one and lit one for myself. I exhaled a long stream of smoke towards the ceiling. In my best grown up fashion I continued. "If I happen to find someone I deem worthy, I may well end the night by getting shagged, but it won't be anyone random."
She burst into peals of laughter. "Nice one Jay, you sound more and more like me every time I see you. I doubt that there'd be anyone there that you'd be fancying; they're all older than me I think. Anyway, we're going to have fun, shag or no shag. Come on you need to shower that funky body."
Fifteen minutes later I was out of the shower, I'd nicked Georgia's lady-shave and gone over my stubbly pubes till I was a smooth as silk, you never know I might get lucky!

I walked through into her bedroom naked. She was sat at her dressing table in exactly the same state. It felt perfectly natural as we'd both grown up without ever feeling the need to cover ourselves up.
She looked up and into, the mirror seeing me walk in behind her.
"Wow, looks like your tits are bigger than mine now." She observed as she looked me up and down. Bizarrely her gaze triggered something sensual in me and I felt my nipples stiffen as she looked at them.
"Your nipples look good too. You'll poke the guy’s eyes out with them if you're not careful." She looked further down my body. "And you're totally shaved now, that's new. When did you start to, do that? I thought you liked to keep a little triangle there before."
"Do you remember me telling you about Adam? I met him at the school Valentine's ball. Well he was obsessed with me having a shaven pussy. So I did it for him. I kinda prefer it like that too, so I decided to keep it bald. Does it look ok do you think?"
"It looks fab, really suits you like that, some girls don't have the right shaped pubic bone for it to look sexy, but yours is perfect. Your lips look nice and tidy too. Not like my big piss flaps!"

As she said this she swivelled on her stool and opening her legs wide she exposed herself to me. I felt a mild shudder of desire wash over me as I saw her pale inner pinkness protruding from between the darker outer lips. She was partly right, her inner lips did protrude outside the outer ones. But it looked perfectly fine to me. In fact for the first time ever I was looking at my big s*s in a sexual way. Maybe because it reminded me a little of Ingrid's pussy. Her lips looked almost identical and I had spent many a long hour licking hers during our sexy games at school. As I remembered that, I could feel my pussy moistening with lust, the memories of what our little club got up to in the absence of any boys.
"That doesn't sound like you." I replied. "I think your pussy looks lovely. I guess it's all a part of getting older. In fact a girlfriend of mine in my year back at school looked exactly like you. It didn't bother her. Her boyfriend quite liked it she said."
"So you checking out your mate’s pussies now? What did you get up to at school? I bet you're all drinking from the furry cup, you bunch of lezzers." She grinned and responded to my revelation. "I'm not really that bothered about it, but I'm nearly 30. Even my tits are drooping a bit." She reached down to her chest and lifted her boobs in her hands. "See what I mean, I can remember when these puppies stuck straight out. Still never mind, I've never had any complaints. I'd like it if they were as big and as perky as yours though."
"They look about the same size as mine, apart from your lovely big nipples. I wish my nips were as big as yours. Anyway what cup size are you now. I think I'm a 34C."
"Bitch I hate you,” she snapped back. “I'm only a 34B, but fuck it, who cares. C'mon we need to get ourselves dressed. No more time to compare our bits. Nat is picking us up in 15 minutes."

Natalie was on time and we both piled into the backseat of her clapped out VW Beetle. She introduced me to her front seat passenger. "Hi George, Hi Jay, good to see you again. This is Lucy, she shares my flat."
Introductions over, I studied the two of them as best I could from behind. Lucy was a slim girl in her mid twenties I guessed, her dirty blonde hair was cut in a sweet elfin bob. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped summer dress in some kind of purple clingy material. Her smallish tits were half exposed by the low neckline and she showed no evidence of tan lines that I could see. I imagined that if she had a slight amount of arousal, or stood in a cool draught her nipples would be poking holes in the thin material in no time
Natalie was the polar opposite, she was a stunning redhead, her hair tumbled over her shoulders almost to her waist. Her shoulders and cute face showed an abundance of pale freckles. She again reminded me of Ingrid. She was the same voluptuous build; I guess a dress size of around 14. She carried the weight well, showing no lumps or bumps, just a lovely smiley, happy, bigger girl.
Within minutes it seemed, we pulled into a narrow street of Mews houses. Nat stopped the car and sent a text. Seconds later a garage door just down the street opened and drove up to the opening and pulled into the dark interior.
The party was in full swing. There were at least 50 people already there and all three floors of the house were occupied. We made our way out into the garden and searched out the booze. Lucy came back in no time with a cold bottle of Veuve Cliquot, my favourite champagne. Well I did go, to an expensive boarding school and had developed a taste for it already!
Georgia took a glass and disappeared who knows where with Nat to find the birthday girl. I stayed with Lucy, very conscious of my youth as I was surrounded by people who were at least twice my age. Still, nice champagne, beautiful warm weather and Lucy's bright chatter kept me amused as she regaled me with tales of her life as a Virgin Atlantic stewardess, flying the long haul routes around the globe.
I'd just pulled out my cigarettes from my bag and was about to light one when a friend of Lucy's offered me a half smoked spliff.
"Here you go gorgeous, try this, it's really good weed. It's got me buzzin' already."
Not wanting to betray my tender years I took a toke on the hand rolled cigarette. Wow, I could feel it hit me almost immediately. There was this incredible buzz as I held the smoke in my lungs. It felt like I could feel every nerve ending in my body. My still slightly moist pussy felt like it was turning to liquid and sure enough my nipples were erect and clearly visible through the black jersey of my dress.
"So what do you think gorgeous? Good innit?"
I handed back the spliff, "God yes, that hits the spot, that's some good stuff you've got there."
He reached into his waistcoat pocket and extracted a small paper packet. "Here you go gorgeous, have this on me; I've got plenty more where that came from." With that he turned and made his way back indoors. Lucy turned from the girl she was talking to.
"Don't take any notice of Eric; he's in the music business. He thinks everyone should be stoned 24/7 like he is. Just make sure you’re not on your own with him, he’ll have your knickers round your ankles in no time flat. Come on let's go find Georgia and Nat."

The potent mix of good champagne and the spliff had combined to give me a fantastic buzz. I felt strangely light headed and totally aware. My sense of smell seemed to have been magnified a hundred times and as we made our way up the tight circular staircase I could have sworn I could clearly smell the musky womanly aroma emanating from between Lucy's legs just in front of my face. The scent was amazing; it made me aware of my own moistness inside my black lacy thong and heightened my need for some kind of sexual release.
We found the other two in the upstairs lounge sat in a group on the huge white leather sofa set. Up here the party was certainly going with a swing. One of the women, a brassy blonde of about 40 was holding court.
"So I said to my surgeon, Dahling, if you're going to give me a tit job, you'd best make it worthwhile. He wanted me to have the size 3 implants, but I said fuck it, stick the size 5s in there. You know what Geoffrey's like he always wants value for money."
With that she reached behind her head and undid the straps of her dress and brought them forward to reveal a huge pair of perfectly circular, huge fake tits that stuck out almost obscenely from her darkly tanned chest. She had tiny stark white triangles where her minuscule bikini had been. The triangles were barely larger than her big brown aureolas. Her bikini top must have been miniscule. All in all she looked like some cheap plastic American porn star. Obviously a lady of class!
Georgia nearly choked as the tits were revealed; I could tell exactly what was running through her mind. She like me was thinking of the boob job our mum had had two years ago. In contrast to the blonde, she had gone for the size 3 option and hers looked perfectly natural and so much sexier than those we were looking at. I looked across at her and she winked, confirming my thoughts.
The brassy blonde left the straps where they were and stood unsteadily on her 6" porn star heels.
"He did an amazing job on my arse too. A nice lift and a bit of lipo worked wonders. Geoffrey thinks my arse is like a teenager’s now. What do you think?"
She raised the hem of her white minidress and exposed her bum to everyone. I nearly died of shock at the sight. To be honest the surgeon had done an amazing job, what I didn't expect to see was the whole of her naked lower half on show. As she bent forward and turned around to show everyone. I saw her small dark brown arsehole and her slightly parted, shaven pussy lips winking at me. Now she really did have the most enormous pissflaps. They hung at least an inch out of her slit and were joined in at least three places by little gold rings that clinked as she moved. Suddenly a body insinuated itself through the open-mouthed crowd surrounding the exhibitionist blonde.
"Ok Tracy, that's quite enough, I'm sure these nice people don't want to see your undercarriage on display. Cover yourself up, for fucks sake." He pulled her dress down to cover her bum and led her away from the sofa towards the kitchen, trying to fasten her halter top as he did so. Much against her will it seemed as she struggled to be free of his tight grip on her arm.
Spontaneous laughter broke out around the room. I flopped on the newly vacated seat and moved to let Lucy sit beside me.
"Wow." I said. "I didn't know we were going to be entertained as well, she certainly likes her jewellery doesn't she."
Lucy laughed, "oh yes, she certainly does, poor old Geoff can hardly get her to keep her clothes on when she's had a drink or two. If I've seen her pussy once I've seen it a hundred times. I think she's gone a bit over the top with the piercings though. One is quite enough for me."
I did a double take, Georgia, in a moment of madness a few years ago had had her clitoral hood pierced. But after a few years found that it could be uncomfortable so had stopped wearing the stud.
"Have you got one then Luce?" I asked hesitantly.
She turned towards me and whispered. "Yes, but unlike your big s*s, I don't fuck blokes, so it’s never bothered me like it did her. Girls are so much more gentle and considerate when they're touching your bits."
I looked at her with new found fascination. I had no idea she was gay. On this occasion my gaydar had failed me miserably.
She grinned at me. "I hope I haven't shocked you, don't worry I won't make a pass at you. As beautiful as you are, you're not my type." She gestured towards a woman across the room. She was about 6' tall, slim and dressed in a beautifully tailored white trouser suit. The jacket's three buttons were all fastened and her honey gold tanned chest could be seen from between the vee of the lapels. She had no discernible breasts, but just oozed class and sophistication. "Now she is definitely my type, that's Chloe my girlfriend. She's only just arrived; I'd better go say hi before she thinks I'm chatting you up. See you later eh?"

The rest of the party passed in a blur, a mix of far too many glasses of champagne and another couple of tokes of Eric's spliffs. I was sat on the wall in the cool of the garden when Georgia found me. She too was the worse for wear. "Come on k**do, let’s go get a cab, Nat is upstairs with some bloke, so we've lost our lift home. If I know her, she'll be shagging him for hours; she’s got this thing for fit young black guys."
Half an hour later we staggered back into Georgia's flat. She retrieved the white wine from the fridge and handed me a glass. She then struggled to roll herself one of her roll-ups. I reached into my bag and handed her the paper packet Eric had given me. "Here you go George, try some of this, its ace."
She looked at me in amazement, where did you get this? Ah, don't tell me, Eric's been handing out samples again."
I nodded dumbly in assent.
"Yeah, he said it was good stuff and my god it really was, talk about a buzz. It gave me a really good glow." I hesitated to mention how it had awakened the feelings of horniness deep inside me and its effect on my nipples and the moistness of my pussy. "It was a bit weird though, it was like it sharpened all my senses. My sense of smell was magnified a hundred times, so weird."

Georgia lit her spliff, she took a deep draw on it and then finally exhaled. "Mmm, that's not at all bad. Want some?"
She handed it across the table to me, swigged her glass and refilled both hers and mine. I sucked in a big drag.
"That's odd." I said after I'd exhaled. "This one is nowhere near as potent; I can feel a little buzz but nothing like the one that Eric had."
Georgia giggled, "That’s 'cos he's probably smoking it almost neat. I just sprinkled a little on top of the tobacco. He probably mixed it the other way round."
We finished the spliff between us and she reached into a cupboard, extracted a bottle of Courvoisier and opened the bottle of cognac. "Just a quick nightcap before bedtime. You want some?" Before I even answered she poured at least a treble measure into each of our brandy glasses.
We clinked glasses, "So little s*s, how did you enjoy your first grown-up party?" She asked as we made our unsteady way into the bedroom, dropping our clothes as we went.
"We'll it was different, it's not that often that I get to have a middle aged woman's pussy flashed in front of my face. Did you see all those rings she had on her lips? I bet she has fun going through airport security." Laughing together at the memory of Tracy's exhibitionism we both downed the brandy flopped into bed naked and within seconds were fast asl**p.
It could have been a couple of minutes or more probably; a couple of hours later, when I became aware of a pressure between my legs. There was this insistent touch that was opening them wider. I was laid on my back one arm thrown back on the pillow behind my head, the other hand resting on my lower tummy. I felt it again, the same pressure trying to f***e my legs apart. I moaned quietly, my brain was still a bit addled by the pot and the booze. But I definitely felt a hot flush of desire running through my body as I felt some serious stimulation of my clitoris. I instinctively started to spread my legs still not sure what was happening, but feeling my arousal building. Then I felt it, something wet, something warm touching me intimately. There was a dim glow of light coming from the street lamps outside. In this dim light, I looked down at the source of my arousal. I could see a dark mop of hair fanned out either side of my sex, a few fronds of hair lay on my flat stomach. “What the fuck?” I mumbled as I felt the wet touch again. The feeling was just perfect. My un-assuaged horniness of the day before burst like a dam in my lower belly and I felt my insides melting. I reached down with both hands and pulled the head deep into my core, spreading my legs wide and lifting my knees higher up the bed. I could feel the invading tongue flick deep between my gaping wet labia, plunging deep inside me.
“Oh fuck yes, harder, deeper, lick my clit, suck it.”
I pushed myself against the mouth between my thighs trying to get maximum penetration from the stiff tongue.
The head lifted from between my thighs and I saw Georgia’s face in the half light. “Is that good Jay?” she asked. I woke up and felt so horny. I saw you lying there with your hand between your legs touching yourself and I just couldn’t resist it.”
I looked down at her face, her lips and chin glistening in the light, covered with my juices.
“Well don’t fucking stop, now you’ve got me so fuckKeep licking me.”
She grinned and put her face back where it was, I felt her tongue stab deep inside me as she complied. Once more I tried to spread my legs wider allowing her easier access. Her hands slid up the back of my thighs and helped by pushing against the backs of my knees. I could feel my bum cheeks spread as she did so and I then felt her tongue dip out of me and slide down to my bum-hole. This was one of my favourite things, having someone rim my arse. I loved doing it to others and particularly enjoyed having it done to me. She pointed her tongue and pushed against my tight sphincter. I co-operated by pushing down against her tongue, feeling my tight pucker open and let her tongue inside. The sensation was fabulous. She moved a hand down from my leg and inserted some, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than one finger between my lips and also inserted another finger into my open arsehole. The wonderful sensation was doubled in intensity as she finger-fucked and licked me at the same time. I knew my climax was rapidly approaching. I barely had time to say, “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.” When I felt my orgasm rush through my body. The exquisite manipulation of my cunt and bum conspired with my horniness of the past 24 hours to make me almost lose consciousness as I began to cum. I rammed my hips hard against her fingers and face as I twitched and spasmed in ecstacy, my juices splashing lewdly from between the walls of my cunt and her intruding digits.
“Oh my fucking god, that was incredible, my big s****r made me cum.”
Georgia giggled, “Yeah, didn’t I though, I just couldn’t resist, seeing you laid there playing with yourself in your sl**p. I’ve not had sex for weeks and you just tempted me too much.”
“Well I’m glad you did, that was awesome. The thought of you being my s****r really made it a bit special.”
She shuffled up the bed beside me, nearly the whole of her face now wet with my juices. She leant across and kissed me on the lips. As I felt her lips on mine I opened my mouth and met her lips with my tongue, my pungent taste and smell inflaming me once again. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we kissed like lovers rather than siblings. Our tongues entwined, each holding the other’s head. We kissed for at least 5 minutes, both revelling in the intimacy of kissing like lovers, an entirely new experience between us.
Georgia broke away, “God I feel so fucking horny, will you do something for me?”
“Yes of course, anything.” I replied, my breath coming in jerks, I was so turned on.
She reached over to her bedside table, opened the drawer and picked up a large rabbit vibrator.
“Will you use this on me?” She asked.
I took the vibrator, my hand grasping the knobbly silicone shaft. I placed the tip in my mouth savouring the feel on my tongue and lips. She lay back on her side of the double bed and lifted her left knee, spreading herself widely.
I leant over her and flicked the switch onto a low setting, the entire thing gently buzzing in my hand. She took both tits in her hands and started to knead them in her palms then as her pleasure increased she took her nipples between her finger tips and started to squeeze and twist them. She watched me fellating the rabbit, coating its surface in copious amounts of saliva, making it slick and ready to penetrate her. She pushed her hips towards me, lewdly offering her shaven pussy for me to fuck her. I obliged!
I lay the shaft between her gaping lips and gently started to rub the full length of her slimy labia, further coating it in her natural lubricant. She started a forward and backward motion, seeking to feel its length inside her. Her mammary stimulation accelerating, she started to moan, urging me to fuck her with it. What could a compliant s****r do? I slid the 8” smoothly inside her. The combination of my saliva and her juices meant it met no resistance as the whole length bottomed out against her cervix. As she felt it fully inside her, I had very little to do. She was doing it all herself. She fucked it in and out of her, her hips rising then falling as its length impaled her. I then tried to increase her stimulation. Using my other hand I slipped my finger tips through her slime and found the crinkly rosette of her anus. I pressed tentatively, not knowing how she would react. The effect was I suppose, predictable. She jerked herself against my finger and it slid in past her sphincter up to its full length. She bucked spasmodically against me fucking her arse with my finger. “More give me more. Fuck my arse Jay. Fuck it.”
I slid in a second finger, and then followed it with a third, my fingers spearing inside her, covered in her wet juices.
“Yes that’s it. Now finger fuck me hard, I’m going to cum.”
I redoubled my efforts; she reached down and took the vibrator from me, fucking it inside her pussy hard and fast. “Yessssssssss Jay, Yesss, just like that, fuck me. Oh god I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”
Her hips slammed against me my fingers going deeply inside her as she started to cum. Three, four times she slammed against me, each spastic twitch accompanied by her cries of release.
Finally she slumped down on the bed, the vibrator still deep inside her, gently buzzing. She then gave a push with her pelvic muscles and it shot out of her, to lie on the sheet between her wetly covered thighs.
“Mmmmm, I needed that.” She reached up to my face and held it, then pulled it down to hers and kissed me gently.
“I need to sl**p now, you’ve worn me out.”
Seeing the look of disappointment on my face, she said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got all morning when we wake up. I want to fuck you when I’m completely sober. There’s so much I want to do with you, now that I know you are exactly like me. I wish I’d been your first, but hey. Who cares about numbers, I just know that we’re going to have some lovely horny times together from now on. Aren’t we?”
“What could I do, I beamed a smile at her and nodded, “Oh fuck yes!”

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