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I would like to thank everyone who has read my stories or my page. I get a lot of Friend Invites, but I usually only except those from Woman.

Not to be rude or an asshole to all the guys on the site, but I'm mainly on here to find like minded Weman.

I know who and what I am. I have an above average Libido and a wide range of Fetishes.

In past relationships, I had to conform to there standards. Sex when and how they wanted it. All the weman in my past lied about their Sexuality. Some would say they were Bi- (but Lied), they said they were it to diffrent Fetishes (but Lied), and all of them had sex when ever I wanted in the beginning of the relationship. However, as the relationship progressed sex became a tool for them to use. A form of controll. If I did what they want, I get Pussy. If I didn't, they cut me off.

Don't get me wrong, I know Pussy is the greatest thing on the Planet. I mean it's a very powerful thing. Many faithful monogimist men have been tempted and lead astray by it.

Men have faught wars over it. Men have worked for it. Men pay for it in some way, shape, or form everyday.

Adam knew it was wrong, but bit the apple after Eve and was castout of paradise all for that Pussy. Now you tell me What else has that kind of Power?

I'm NOT bashing weman, but I think weman Need to realise this Fact. In my experiance, the woman usually blames the man solely when they stray. Shouldn't the blame be on both parties involved?

I don't condone cheating, but if a woman denies her man sex he'll find it elsewhere. If you don't feed or shelter something, it will find what it needs on it's own.

Sorry for rambling on.

Ladies! You have an Awesome Power. And with Great Power comes Great Responsibility!

Posted by JaxsonCurry 3 years ago
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4 months ago
Very profound.
2 years ago
You summed it up pretty good when you said, "Men pay for it in some way, shape, or form everyday."
3 years ago
I like this post... and you're right... for the most part. Me, I've been cheated on not only when my pussy was offered freely, but also when I sensed he might need more and offered to bring another woman home for us to enjoy together... his thing, though, was not that - he'd never been with 2 women at once so that never happened. Instead, he cheated...
Oh well... like my momma used to say - there're plenty of fish in the sea, honey - So... where's my fishing pole!!?? ;)

hugzzz Jaxson - have a great day!