Carol & Alicia

Frank had been seeing Carol for about six months, and during that time, they'd
had some great times. Carol was a lovely brunette with pale blue eyes and a
penchant for oral sex. Frank loved the way she looked up at him with those soft
blue orbs when her mouth was full of him. She often smiled around his shaft, an
impish delight shining in her eyes, while she worked her mouth up and down.
Carol's figure is nice too. Slender, yet filled out with the curves of a mature,
sexy woman. Her breasts weren't large, but they were pleasing and wonderful,
with large, sensitive nipples that she liked Frank to play with. Carol is a
delight in bed, or on the floor, or on the kitchen table. She had a youthful
enthusiasm and enjoyed the sensual pleasures, giving back what she received.
Carol's behind is firm yet soft, with the oh-so pleasing curves that men find
sensual when kneeling behind a woman with her ass pressed against him. Her hips
only hinted at her earlier motherhood. And therein lay a minor problem.
Carol's daughter, Alicia, is 18, and Carol is 34. Carol had been a naive fifteen
year old when she found out about the need for birth control. Alicia came along
halfway through Carol's 16th year. After Alicia started to mature, Carol found
delight in watching her daughter grow up, flirting with the boys. Alicia, like
most k**s today, knew a lot more about sex than Carol did in the early 70's, and
Carol was very patient and explained things to her daughter. Alicia is now a
young woman, and Carol found the thought of her own coming independence both
frightening and as a casting off of restraints.
The problem? Alicia is a very pretty blonde, with passionate, light green eyes,
freckles on her cheeks, and a disconcerting habit of hanging around when Frank
and Carol would have preferred some privacy. Carol had told Frank that Alicia
was watching out for "mom", making sure she didn't get too wild. The two of them
laughed about that over dinner one night, in a dark, romantic restaurant. Alicia
didn't know that several times Frank and Carol had gone to a party and stayed
late, even though it had turned into a hot, sweaty orgy. Carol is bisexual and
very easy about it. Even Alicia knew, had known that, for many years. Carol had
been turned off by men after Ali was born, only returning to men after her
twenty fifth birthday. Frank made a comment, jokingly, that perhaps they should
throw an orgy for Alicia, and let her see just what she was missing. Carol shot
him a look across the table, then slowly smiled. "Maybe we should.", she said,
laughing at Frank's wide-eyed surprise.
Things went along pretty well that summer. With Ali out of school, she was
almost constantly out on dates during the evenings, which left Frank and Carol
plenty of privacy. It was late in July when Frank went on a trip for a week,
phoning Carol several times to tell her how much he missed her. Twice they
steamed up the phone lines, describing in detail what their reunion would be
like. On Friday, Carol was waiting at the airport for Frank's plane to touch
Frank walked down the corridor from the plane and into the terminal. Carol was
standing among the crowd, easily seen in her brilliant blue dress. The two
embraced and kissed, then walked arm in arm towards the baggage claim. Frank and
Carol stood around the carousel until Frank found both his bags, then headed for
the door. "Where'd you park?", Frank asked.
"I didn't.", Carol smiled. "Ali has the car. There she is."
The small sporty sedan pulled up, and Frank felt a twinge of disappointment that
he and Carol wouldn't be able to get steamy all the way home. He'd planned some
interesting things on the plane too.
"Taxi Mister?", Ali said cheerfully, popping open the hatchback.
Frank tossed the bags in the back. Ali climbed into what passed for a back seat,
sitting across it with her knees bent. Carol slid into the driver's seat. As
Frank got in, he seemed to notice Alicia's legs for the first time, peeking out
of her white shorts.
"You've been getting a tan haven't you?", Frank said, closing the door.
"What else is summer for?", Alicia laughed.
They drove off into the night, leaving the bright airport behind. The air
flowing in the open windows felt good, even though the humidity still made their
clothes feel damp and sticky. Ali was wearing sandals, white shorts and a simple
halter top. She sat behind her mother, facing Frank in the front seat. Frank and
Carol talked about his trip briefly, and then Carol asked if he wanted to stop
for something to eat.
"God yes!", Frank said. "I'm famished! How about you guys?"
"We haven't had dinner yet.", Carol responded. "Anything's fine."
"Leo's Bar-b-cue??", Alicia said gleefully. Both Carol and Frank chuckled,
remembering that last time Alicia had stared at the cute young man behind the
counter throughout dinner.
"Sure.", and "Sounds good." were their replies.
Carol pulled into the lot and they went in. Frank admired Carol's reflection in
the windows as they walked up, smiling at her graceful figure and the way the
light dress set it off. Alicia beat them to the counter, and seemed somewhat
disappointed that an older man was the only one there.
They sat on the hard picnic benches inside, eating ribs and chicken, and Frank
asked Ali who was the lastest man in her life. Ali talked in animated tones
about Steve and his motorcycle. Carol made some faces during Alicia's diatribe,
and Frank smiled. A bit later, Carol was talking about a movie she wanted to
see, and Alicia was biting into a sauce covered rib, when a large reddish drop
of barbecue sauce dripped down right between Alicia's round breasts. Frank felt
a twinge in his groin, his mind quickly changing the color to white. Carol
hadn't noticed and Alicia wiped it off with her finger, then licked her finger
off. Frank felt a tightening sensation in his crotch.
As they left, Alicia darted back in for a soda, she said, returning with a paper
sack. In the car, she drank her soda as they headed home. At home, while Carol
and Frank pulled his bags out of the car, Alicia went inside. The bags were put
in Carol's room, and with Ali in her own room, they finally kissed passionately.
Frank felt the earlier sensation turning into a thick erection as Carol pressed
her body to his.
"Ali has something she wants to show you.", Carol said when they came up for
"Hmmm, can it wait?", Frank smiled, looking into her eyes.
"I think you'll want to see this.", Carol said, her eyes sparkling.
Frank took a deep breath and followed Carol into the front room. Carol called
out for Alicia and a moment later her bedroom door opened. Alicia walked into
the room and Frank took a short breath.
Alicia stood before him in a very small orange bikini. Her skin was a smooth tan
everywhere Frank could see. The bikini was a high-waisted affair, with a long,
thin triangle that dove between Alicia's succulent legs. The top seemed to be
overwhelmed by her full breasts, with the small triangles cupping her tits and
threatening to slide down, thus exposing her nipples. Alicia turned around,
smiling from ear to ear, showing Frank the back. In back, thin orange strings
tied behind her neck and back leaving her almost completely bare from the waist
up. A very thin string circled her waist, and a very thin slice of fabric dove
down the crack of her ass, surfacing as the triangle in front. Alicia's ass was
almost completely uncovered. Both cheeks tauted him as she turned, rippling
softly with her few steps. Frank felt the firmness growing in his lap. Alicia
turned around again, still grinning.
"You like it?", Alicia asked innocently.
Frank whistled softly. "Oh to be twenty!"
Carol laughed with Alicia. Alicia sat down in a chair opposite Frank and crossed
her legs, giving Frank the impression that she was naked from the waist down.
"It took me a month of nude sunbathing in the back yard so I could wear this.",
Alicia remarked carefully. "No tan lines!"
Frank sighed and tried to get comfortable. His growing shaft pressed against the
leg of his slacks when he crossed his legs. Carol noticed and put her hand on
his thigh, not helping things any.
Alicia bounced up and announced that she had to make a phone call, then jiggled
out of the room, walking firmly for Frank's benefit.
"She certainly is grown up, isn't she?", Carol said.
"Humph! OH YES!", Frank said, kissing Carol. "And she knows it."
"Why don't we sneak into my bedroom while she's on the phone and close the
door.", Carol said. "I'm sure she'll get the idea."
They went into Carol's room, and Frank closed the door. When he turned, Carol
let her dress slide to the floor, revealing her nakedness that she'd concealed
under her thin dress. She moved like flowing water to Frank, and began
undressing him. Frank ran his hands down her sides and pulled her to him,
kissing her passionately.
Moments later they were on Carol's bed, with Carol straddling Frank's mouth with
her hips, her mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft. Frank heard a small noise
and wondered if Ali was listening at the door. The thought of her nubile 18 year
old body, nearly naked in her suit, fingers down the front, listening to them
gobble each other made his cock throb. Carol moaned and pressed her hips down on
his face and Frank licked and sucked her flowing pussy. Carol moaned again,
louder, and Frank found it very erotic, since she was normally quiet. Carol
spread his legs and licked at his balls, the head of his cock pressing against
her neck. Carol pressed her cunt against his face hard, grinding down and
rubbing her wet pussy all over his face. Frank felt something on his hand pull
it away from Carol's ass, then tighten around his wrist. Helpless since he
couldn't see anything but Carol's ass, he found his other wrist similarly
attacked. Just as suddenly Carol slid down his body, and looped something over
his right ankle, then struggled a moment with his moving left ankle before it
too was encircled. Carol slid off the bed and stood, and Frank found himself
tied to the bed with firm, yet soft ropes. Standing next to the bed was Alicia,
still in her orange swimsuit and Carol, stark naked.
The women looked at Frank, then Carol told him to relax. Alicia moved to the
other side of the bed and while Carol tightened his right side, Ali tightened
the left, until Frank's arms were firmly against the headboard. They moved
quickly, using leather straps to tie Frank's arms to the bed, then they removed
the ropes so his circulation returned to his hands. They repeated this on his
legs. Alicia knelt over his left leg, facing his foot, and showing Frank her
ass. The small suit covered her openings yet that made her seem even sexier.
Alicia turned around and looked down at Frank's hard cock.
"You weren't exaggerating were you?", She said, running her hand softly up the
length of Frank's thick ten inches. Carol laughed and shook her head. Just as
she opened her mouth, the doorbell rang. Carol pulled on her robe, the light one
Frank had given her, and left the room.
"Whaddya have planned?", Frank asked Alicia.
She smiled at him and kissed the head of his cock. "You'll find out!" she
Frank heard voices coming down the hall, and a blush creeping over him. The
voices stayed in the hall for long moments, then Carol came into the room. She
was followed by a small, lovely naked woman who looked a few years older than
Carol, and the woman's equally naked daughter. The woman was only about five
feet tall, slender, with small mounds for breasts, a deep natural tan skin, and
smooth dark nipples. The woman's short dark brown hair gave her a very sensual
appearance. Her daughter was a few inches taller, with long hair that fell to
the middle of her back. She had larger, fuller breasts, that hung down slightly,
with hard nipples almost covering their ends. The girl's lighter hair matched
the thick tangle between her lithe legs, and her mouth was a wide, sexy smile.
"This is Devra, and her daughter, Rena.", Carol said introducing the ladies.
"I like your suit!", Rena said to Alicia. "When did you get that?"
"Last month.", Alicia said.
"Ali, you're still dressed you know.", Carol said, implying it was rude.
Alicia stood up on the bed, straddling Frank's hips and began untying her suit
slowly. The neck string first, and she held the suit in place while she undid
the back. She let the warm bra fall onto Frank's torso, and he jerked slightly.
Alicia looked down at Frank, smiling while her breasts wobbled slightly. She
used the thumb and forefinger of each hand tugging slowly on the strings to her
bottoms. Frank's eyes were glued to her body, waiting for the material to fall.
The knots slipped, and the bottom slid from between her legs, hanging in front
of her, obscuring Frank's view. Ali dropped the moist, warm fabric onto Frank's
crotch and let him look.
"Oh, that's beautiful!", Devra said.
"Ali, that's so sexy!", Rena added.
Alicia had shaved her pussy completely, and her tan lightened where her bush had
been. Frank could see her glistening pink cuntlips, and the tip of her clit
pushing out at the top of her slit. His cock jerked at the erotic sight.
Alicia stepped to Frank's left and stood there, and Rena climbed over Frank, her
hanging breasts dragging across his large, rigid cock. She knelt on the bed in
front of Alicia and began licking the blonde's naked pussy, showing Frank her
own bushy cunt from behind.
Frank's cock stood up at a forty-five degree angle, wavering and throbbing as he
watched the two young girls. Carol and Devra sat on the edge of the bed,
caressing each other while their daughters made sapphic love. Frank felt like he
would burst with all this hot, womanly flesh surrounding and ignoring him.
Pre-cum oozed from the head of his cock, slowly trickling down the side of his
Devra produced a long feather, and began to run it over his balls, up the
underside of his shaft, and then down his thighs.
"Relax.", Carol said. "Enjoy the sensual pleasures."
Frank groaned.
Alicia and Rena fell into a slow, sensual sixty-nine, and the sounds of lips
smacking against moist pussies f***ed more pre-cum from the tip of Frank's thick
cock. Devra knelt and began tracing Frank's body with the feather, circling his
nipples and outlining his chest lightly. Carol was lying between Devra's legs,
sucking the small woman's cunt with noisy abandon. Frank saw the flush in
Devra's dark features, the hardness of her nipples. On the other side, Rena's
hips moved wantonly over Ali's face, and both girl's full breasts seemed to be
squeezed out to their sides. Rena's were fuller, larger, and one hung along
Ali's side, half crushed by her weight.
Devra let out a small cry, then arched her back, laying her head on Frank's
stomach as she came. She shook a few times, and then Frank watched Carol kiss
her friend's pussy and sit up. Carol's face glistened with Devra's cream, and
Carol moved up and kissed Frank hotly. She rubbed her face against his, tonguing
his mouth fiercely.
High-pitched cries and the rocking of the bed from his left made Carol lift off
and they both watched. Rena and Ali were grinding their cunts against each
other's mouths, bucking hard, making wet smacking noises. Ali came first,
raising her legs and locking them hard around Rena's head. Her hips rocked
upwards and shook as she moaned into Rena's steaming snatch. Frank could see
Rena's thick cream leaking down the side of Ali's flushed face. Ali lifted her
head and sucked, and Rena's body jerked, then began shaking. Her moans sounded
like soft whimpering. Rena's soft round ass clenched and she sat back, rocking
wantonly on Ali's face. She let out a long, soft "oh", then stiffened and fell
limp on top of Ali. Frank watched for a few moments as both girl's breathed
"Our sexy girls.", Devra said to Carol, running her hand over Carol's fair
skinned ass.
Rena rolled off of Alicia, onto her back. Her legs were spread wide giving Frank
a good look at her sopping cunt. Rena's thighs glistened wetly, and her tits
were covered with sweat. She smiled, her tongue just behind her front teeth,
making her look sweet and sexy.
Ali rolled over and came up to kiss Frank. Carol watched her daughter shove her
cream coated tongue into his mouth, then begin rubbing her tits against his
chest. Frank tasted Rena's sweet cream, and sucked it from Alicia's tongue. Rena
was next, and her wide mouth covered his, and she slid her long tongue into his
mouth. She tickled the back of his mouth with it, and Frank tasted Alicia's cum,
sucking the hot girl's slippery tongue to get every drop.
Rena moved away and spread her legs wide, letting Carol begin to suck her
slippery cunt. Ali moved up and straddled Frank's face, holding herself just out
of reach. Devra's hand slipped a vibrator into Ali's cunt and it began to hum.
With each full stroke, when it was deep inside Alicia, Devra's thumb brushed
Ali's prominent clit. Frank watched her pink lips extend around the vibrator as
it slid from her cunt, then disappear as it was pushed in again. Ali's bare,
shaved cunt showed every soft fold of skin, every spasm of her inner walls.
Ali's hips rocked back and forth in time with Devra's pumping. Frank looked up
to see Devra's lips locked over Ali's left tit, sucking the nipple out from her
breast. He saw Ali's cream seep around, then down the vibrator, wetting Devra's
hand. His cock was about to burst when Ali moaned and shook a few times.
Devra removed the vibrator and Ali pressed her bare cunt to Frank's lips.
Frank's tongue lapped at her clit, then her hole as her hips rocked. She spread
her slippery wetness over his face and then grabbed his head and pressed his
face hard against her creaming cunt.
"Drink me!", Ali moaned passionately.
Her cream flowed from her, and Frank sucked and licked it up from her slick,
rocking pussy. Alicia came for several long moments, then slid off of him and
onto the floor, breathing heavily.
Devra mounted Frank's tongue quickly, facing his feet and he sucked her twat
too. Devra's pussy tasted different, and her coarse hair tickled his nose. Devra
moaned and Frank felt her spasms with his tongue. He shoved his tongue into her
pussy and drank her creamy juices until she crawled away, still jerking from the
Rena moved between Frank's legs and licked from his asshole, up under his balls,
and played her long tongue over his aching gonads. She lifted each one, then let
it roll off the side of her tongue. She lifted them both by snagging her tongue
between them and lifting the sac. Frank groaned and his pre-cum oozed down the
underside of his cock. Alicia came up and licked the trickle, while their
mothers kissed and sucked each others' nipples alongside the bed. Frank had to
watch, lest this be a dream. Even if it was a dream, he wanted to remember every
The two young girls kissed each other over Frank's cock and he felt a deep,
growing urge. His hips arched up to press his cock against the side of their
mouths. Rena turned and opened her mouth, then in one smooth motion, lowered her
head until her nose rested in his pubic hair.
Frank's ten inch cock nestled in Rena's tight throat, and he felt that he was
about to cum. Rena rocked her head back and forth slightly, and Frank was sure.
The surge started deep and traveled through him. Rena chose that moment to lift
up and pinch his cock off with her fingers, delaying his gusher. Frank groaned
again, and his hips rocked.
Rena smiled with a mouthfull of him, and then, fingers still tight around the
base, lowered her lips to meet her fingers. Alicia watched in awe, and then Rena
sat up and kissed her girlfriend. The girls looked at him, smiling, teasing him.

Carol sized up the situation. "I think he's ready girls.", She said with a
chuckle. Devra was sitting in Carol's lap now, and they were kissing and playing
with each other's nipples.
Rena slid closer to Frank's cock, and Alicia reached down an put Rena's large
tits on either side of his cock. She pressed them together and pumped his cock a
little while Rena licked her lips and smiled. Rena bent her head down sharply
and took the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue flicking over the
sensitive area just below the head.
Frank groaned, and rocked his hips lewdly, pumping the head of his cock into
Rena's mouth. His balls rubbed her chest between her tits, and she sucked him
like a soda straw. Alicia moved down, parted Rena's cheeks and rimmed the girl's
asshole with her tongue. Rena moaned around his cock.
This time Frank felt it rising like a tidal wave. A huge volume rushing through
his crotch, racing for his cock.
"Go ahead Frank, cum in her mouth.", Carol said.
"Rena likes it Frank. Shoot off in her mouth.", Devra added, pulling on both of
Carol's nipples.
"Fill her mouth with cum Frank. Let us taste your cum.", Ali urged.
Rena lifted her mouth and looked right at Frank. "Cum in my mouth." she said
lewdly, "Let me drink your cum."
Frank groaned and felt it surging up his cock. A thick fountain of hot cum
jumped out, leaping through several inches of space right into Rena's open
mouth. The stream gushed for over one second and then she closed her mouth in
reflex. Frank's cum spurted again, splashing against Rena's lips and chin,
dripping onto her splayed tits. Frank felt like gallons were shooting from his
cock, right into her face. Again another long stream of sperm flew, and Alicia's
face was in the way as he leaned down to join in.
"Cum on my daughter!", Devra cried. "Cum all over her!"
Rena's mouth closed on his cock and he felt his jism filling her mouth with two
more long streams. She pulled back and Ali began pumping Frank's cock against
Rena's neck and tits. Thick white streams of cum ran down the girl's dark skin,
and dripped from her chin. Alicia sucked his cock, and Frank shot two more
squirts into her mouth, his balls being drawn up their channels into his body.
Frank felt like his balls would shoot out next, and spurted again, this time
against Ali's left tit, soaking it with jizz.
The cum still trickled out of his cock and the girls rubbed it against their
faces and lips, pumping him for more. Then they kissed, sharing the thick cream
between them, swapping mouthfuls of cum and letting their tongues dance in it.
When they parted, they looked at each other wantonly, then swallowed the thick
jism and kissed again.
Rena sat up, her heavy tits streaked with Frank's cum. She lifted his semi-hard
cock and sat on it, shoving it up her thoroughly soaked cunt. Carol got up and
began licking one of Rena's tits clean, while Ali did the other. Devra came over
and licked off Ali's left nipple, sucking the cum off and laving the girl's tit.

Rena rocked and moaned on Frank's cock, feeling it harden again. Frank was sure
that he couldn't cum again, but minutes later, five?, ten? who knows, Rena got
off quickly.
"He's gonna cum mom!", She cried.
Devra slid down and pressed Frank's cock against her chest, rubbing her
daughter's fuck juices over her nipples. Frank's cock jerked and spurt thick
sperm over her tits, and some in her face. Devra licked the spurting cock,
oblivious that her face was getting soaked with his jism.
Exhausted, Frank lay back and watched the girls lap is cum off of each other. It
was Alicia who turned to him.
"Wanna cum in my cunt now?", She asked, as if she'd asked him if he wanted
"It'll be a few minutes.", Frank said softly.
"Aww, gee.", Ali said. "I guess we'll have to start ALLLL over!"
Frank fainted.

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2 years ago
outstanding a part 2, 3...
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Very hottt!!
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Awesome friend I loved it
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Hot stuff. When do the mothers get it on with their daughters?