THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

The Travis f****y:
Dan: Father, 42, CEO Connie: Mother, 37, Housewife Ken: Son, 19, attending
college Roni: Daughter, 16, Private High School
The Travis f****y lives in a posh home in the hills of northern California. Dan
Travis, was made CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country, which
also qualified him as one of the highest paid CEO's in the country. Dan is the
type of person that had to have the best for him and his f****y; the best house,
cars, and life style in general. When Dan married Connie 20 years ago, she was
only 17 and in high school. He promised her that she would never have to work as
long as she was married to him and he would give her everything her heart
desired. Dan made good on his promises to her, because Connie has never worked
and couldn't asked for anything that Dan hasn't or wouldn't give her.
Connie's days were spent with her rich neighborhood friends, making plans for
parties and such, taking classes on any subject that interested her at the time,
and keeping herself in shape by visiting the gym 4 days a week. Connie had
everything she wanted, but still, there was something missing in her life. Dan
had become lost in his work several years back, never having time for things
like sex with Connie. Sure, he would give her a quickie on some nights before
bed or Connie would give him a blow-job in the mornings, but as for the
passionate sex they once had was down to nothing. It was a beautiful fall day
when Connie took an opportunity to lounge in the hot tub behind her house. The
hot tub was enclosed in lattus work that held it in seclusion from the rest of
the property. Connie walked to the rear of her home and entered the small
hide-away. Closing the trellis door behind her she removed the heavy robe she
was wearing. Her naked body came in contact with the cool fall air. Her large
nipples that topped her melon sized breasts became erect from the cool feeling.
She stepped into the warm water of the tub and eased down, pulling the warm
blanket of water over her sleek well maintained body. She closed her eyes and
laid back, enjoying the sensation of the hot water and the coolness of the fall
Connie's solitude was interrupted by the voice of their gardener, Terrel. Terrel
was a black man, in his mid 30s that her husband had hired last year. Very well
built, tall, and muscular. Connie, on numerous occasions, had inspected his from
a distance as he worked in the gardens. Connie watched through the shrubbery as
he came into view. He was talking in a low voice, but Connie couldn't see who,
until they past by some open parts in the shrubs. Connie could see it was Tammy,
white girl that worked for them as kitchen help. Tammy didn't speak, she only
followed Terrel to a place beside the hot-tub. With only her head out of the
water, the shrubs hid Connie from their sight. She could see them pretty
clearly. Terrel looked around and gave the surrounding area a quick once over
before turning to Tammy and telling her it was all clear. Tammy quickly dropped
to her knees in front of Terrel. Connie's eyes grew wide at the sight, she knew
what she was about to witness. Tammy reached in front of her and unbuckled
Terrel's pants, unzipping them and then pulling them and his underwear down to
his ankles. Connie's eyes grew even wider as Terrel's cock came out. Connie
quietly gasped for air at the sight of it. She had never before in her life seen
a human cock that size. As Tammy pulled his pants down, Connie looked at his
cock, she could see it was at least 10 inches and as thick as her arm. Tammy
then pulled her sweater off and laid it on the ground next to her. Her skin was
very white with freckles covering her large heavy breasts. Connie watched her
breasts as they bounced free from the material.
Tammy took his cock quickly and pushed her light skinned face down over his dark
cock. The contrast of the color of her face and his cock made Connie's eyes fix
on the sight of where they met. Connie watched Tammy take only a few inches in
her mouth before having to stop. Connie tried to imagine her taking his cock and
how much would she be able to take. Tammy pumped the long limp cock as she
sucked the head. Connie watched her hand move up and down the shaft, moving the
skin around it as she did. Connie became aware of the excitement growing between
her legs as she watched. Parting her legs underneath the water, Connie let one
hand venture between her legs and placing it over her hot mound. Connie began
stroking her clit at the sight of the two. Tammy was moving her mouth quickly
over his cock as though she was in a hurry, taking more in as she went. Connie
watched Tammy's lips as they gripped his cock tightly. Before long, the cock was
thick and hard, standing straight out for Tammy to suck. Connie's fingers were
moving faster over her clit. Her breathing became quick and hard. Tammy pinched
her nipples as she sucked his massive tool until they were hard and erect,
standing out from her large breasts. Connie watched the girl roll and pinch her
nipples as she took in all there was to see. Connie could feel herself wanting
to moan from the intense pleasure she was giving herself. She raised one hand to
her mouth and covered it in fear that she wouldn't be able to control herself
when she started cumming. Tammy's hand had now moved to the bottom of her skirt
and pushed its way to her crotch. Tammy pinched and rubber her clit as she
sucked Terrel's cock. Tammy looked up at Terrel and nodded her head as she kept
the cock tightly in her mouth without saying a single word. Connie saw Terrel's
head draw back and eyes shut. She knew he was about to cum. Tammy pulled the
cock from her mouth and began pumping it with both hand vigorously, letting her
mouth only cover the tip of his cock after a few pumps. This sight was too much
and knowing that this little white girl was about to suck his cum out was enough
to send Connie over the edge. Connie bit her finger to keep from making any
sounds as her cum raged beneath her pulling fingers. Tammy stroked the cock with
long hard strokes, bring his cum to the surface. When the first spray of cum
shot out, Tammy quickly covered the head of the cock with her lips, sucking his
cum into her mouth. When he started cumming, Tammy quickly pulled her right hand
off his cock and placed it back in her crotch. With her left hand, she pumped
his cock even harder as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Connie could hear Tammy.
She could hear a low steady hum coming from Tammy's throat. Cum flowed from her
mouth and down her chin and onto her white breasts.
When it was over, Tammy stood up as quickly as she got on her knees and dressed,
leaving Terrel to pull his pants up without saying a word. Alone, Terrel pulled
his pants and underwear up, pausing at his cock to snake it back inside and then
he pulled his clothes the rest of the way up. He gave a quick look-around before
moving from the cover of the shrubs and then left.
When Connie was sure he was gone, she sat back up in the hot-tub. Her hand was
still lightly stroking her clit, giving her more after-orgasm pleasure. With her
eyes closed, Connie spent a while day dreaming of what she just saw happen.
Since Dan wasn't giving her as much sex as she would love to have, she seemed to
stay horny most of the time. Connie began fantasizing about replacing Tammy's
mouth with her own. She could see herself bringing Terrel to an orgasm by her
mouth. Connie stopped thinking about it and moved her hand away from her flooded
pussy. She knew there wasn't any since of making herself frustrated thinking
about it. Soon, Connie was out of the hot-tub and putting her robe back on. Just
as she began to pull the robe over her shoulders, she heard the trellis door
open, looking up, she saw Terrel standing there. Connie, in an attempt to cover
her voyeurism, said hello as if nothing was any different than any other time.
Terrel returned the Hello, but just stood there looking at Connie's exposed
Terrel told her that she didn't have to put that robe on for him because he knew
she had seen him and Tammy a few minutes ago. He asked her if she enjoyed the
show. Connie didn't know how to act nor did she know what to say. She just
looked at him. Terrel rubbed the outline of his cock through his pants. Connie
couldn't take her eyes off the large outline that ran partly down his leg. He
then unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. It hung out over the zipper and
bounced heavily down. Connie was amazed at the size of it. She felt the familiar
tingle between her legs as she looked at the long thick black cock hanging
there. Terrel asked her if she wanted to try it on for size. Connie looked up at
him and then back down to the cock. Terrel moved closer, but Connie didn't move
back, she stood there gazing at the bouncing cock as he drew near. Terrel put
his hand on her shoulder and gave a slight push downward. Connie dropped to her
knees just as she had seen Tammy do only a few minutes ago, without a single
word or resistance. Connie's face was only inches away from his cock. She heard
Terrel say go ahead. Connie then raised her hand and took it. Her fingers
wrapped around the thick shaft and closed tightly, her fingers couldn't even go
all the way around it. She thought about Tammy's mouth over this large cock and
her thoughts at that time. She thought about how much she could take in her
mouth. Slowly, Connie moved her face closer and opened her mouth. She could
smell Tammy's perfume and see traces of her lipstick on his cock and see a drop
of cum oozing from the large head. In a slow deliberate movement, Connie raised
the head to her mouth and covered the head with her stretched lips. It was
bigger than she thought. She f***ed her mouth further down the cock causing her
lips to stretch wider apart. She let her tongue push to the under side of his
cock as she pushed her mouth down. Only taking the fist couple inches before it
touched the back of her throat. This didn't stop Connie at all, she lowered her
head a little more and pushed harder, making the head slide down the back of her
mouth and down her throat until her nose was pressing against his pubic hair.
She heard Terrel tell her that she was the first to be able to do that to him.
With her eyes closed now, Connie moved back up the shaft only to return her nose
to his pubic hair again and again. She thought to herself, how much she would
like to see Tammy try doing what she was doing.
Terrel's cock was becoming hard and too thick to take down her throat. Without
saying anything, Connie stopped and turned around on her hands and knees. She
pulled the back of her robe up exposing her luscious ass to Terrel. Reaching
between her legs, she parted her pussy lips for him and pressed two fingers
inside herself. Looking over her shoulder, she gave him her best 'fuck-me' look
and used the other two fingers to motion him to come. Terrel moved to her and
took his place between her legs. Connie quickly pulled her fingers out of her
pussy and took his cock, guiding it to her wet pussy, she pushed back, taking
his cock in her wet hot hole. A slight moan of pain and pleasure jumped from her
mouth as the thickness of his cock opened her pussy wider than it had ever been
opened before. Without a word, she started her fuck motion on his cock. Lowering
her head to the ground, she looked between her legs and watched the black snake
like cock slowly impale her body and then draw out. She squeezed her pussy
tightly around his cock. She heard him groan with pleasure which told her all
those years at the gym had not gone to waste.
Roni walked in the front door of the house and dropped her books on the living
room table as she did ever day. She quickly ran up the stairs to her room to
change out of her school uniform before doing her homework. Coming back down
stairs, she wanted to tell her mom about a boy that asked her out. She searched
for her in all her mom's favorite locations but couldn't find her. She went into
the kitchen and saw Tammy over by the stove. She asked Tammy had she seen her
mom. Tammy told her that she had not seen her for about an hour and didn't know
where she was. Roni decided that she would tell her later when she saw her. She
took her books from the table and walked back upstairs and to the study. Roni
closed the door and put her books down on the large oak desk by the window.
Turning around to open the window, Roni saw her mom in utter disbelief. She
found her alright, but her mom was at the hot-tub fucking the black gardener. In
a second, fury flooded her head for her mom. She couldn't believe she was
cheating on him, much less with the gardener. Roni trembled with anger as she
watched her mom fuck their gardener. At about that time, Dan opened the door and
came in. Roni turned around and looked at her dad. With anger and disbelief in
her eyes, she went to her dad. She wanted to tell him what was going on that
very same second outside at the hot-tub, but she didn't know how to tell him.
Instead, she took him by the arm and told him she had something to show him. She
lead him downstairs and out the front door. Dan kept asking her what was she
doing, but Roni kept saying she had something she wanted him to see and nothing
Once at the back of the house, Roni told him to be very quiet. He did as
requested of him by her. They quietly came the lattus work around the Hot-tub.
Dan's was instantly filled with anger and pain. Roni looked at her mom and
Terrel with her dad. Dan had to turn and walk away. He couldn't go back inside
right now. He wondered if anyone in the house knew about what he had just seen.
He wondered how long had Connie been cheating on him and with who. Was Terrel
the only one or was there more? Dan walked to the other side of the property
where the pool was. Roni was right behind him. She walked with him telling him
that she was sorry about showing him. She went on to tell him that she had just
seen it from the study and got so mad that she had to show him. Dan told his
daughter to stop trying to blame herself, that she had nothing to do with his
pain and anger. That it was her mom that did it all, that she only made him
become aware of it is all. They came to the pool and walked around it for a
while. Neither of them said much for a long time. Dan finally said that he had
to have a drink. He walked inside the pool house and took a bottle behind the
bar. Pouring himself a large glass, he sat down on the sofa and just looked out
into space while quickly downing the first glassful. Roni sat beside him, trying
to think of some way she could ease the pain her dad must be feeling.
Connie was now wild with passion. Bucking against the large cock like an a****l
in heat. Terrel's hands gripped her ass tightly as he plunged his cock harder
and harder into Connie's hot pussy. Connie's clit was large and erect with
excitement and quickly became the target of her fingers, kneading and rubbing it
until it burned with pleasure. Connie felt every inch of Terrel's long meat
burying itself inside her. Connie's fingers were a blur as they feverishly
rubbed her swollen clit. Nearing the edge of her orgasm, Connie turned her face
and looked over her shoulder to Terrel, telling him that he better cum quickly
or she would be finished and he would have to stop. Terrel plunged his cock as
hard as he could into Connie pussy. Connie's face laid on the deck of the
hot-tub with her eyes closed, feeling her pussy getting filled with cockmeat.
Connie started cumming hard. Her fingers pressed harder on the hard button. She
whispered to him that she was cumming. Terrel wasn't ready to cum yet. He wanted
to enjoy this woman's pussy for a little while longer before shooting his cum
inside her. Connie's cum lasted for a few minutes, but Terrel hadn't cum yet.
Connie knew she had not felt his cum shoot into her throbbing pussy. She turned
around and took his cock back in her mouth. She could taste her own wetness that
coated his cock. It tasted good to her as he milked his cock between her lips.
Terrel's head drew back and Connie knew that his time was here. She drew her
head back, just as Tammy had done before, keeping only the head of his cock in
her mouth as she pumped the long thick shaft with her hands. His cum shot into
her mouth. More and more cum followed, filling her mouth and pressing out
between her lips and his cock. It poured out onto her heavy breasts that were
bouncing as her head bobbed on his cock. Terrel cum soon subsided since he had
cum only a few minutes before, he didn't have a full load of cum. Connie quickly
stood up and pulled her robe together and told Terrel that he should stay here
until she had gone so nobody would be wise to what they had just did. Terrel
agreed and waited until Connie had been gone for a few minutes and then walked
out and to the garden shed. Connie walked inside the house and went straight to
her bathroom and took a bath. The smell of horny sex was all about her and the
smell of her pussy was all around her mouth where she had cleaned Terrel's cock.
She locked the door and quickly got in the hot water and laid back, exhausted
from her fuck she had just been given. Her pussy was a wreck from the size of
Terrel's cock. The hot water felt wonder to her pussy. It helped soothe the
stretched feeling her pussy was having.
Back at the pool house, Roni watched her dad finish the bottle and get another.
Roni knew that he would be d***k a no time if he kept up. Sitting back down next
to Roni, Dan began drinking straight from the bottle, omitting the glass all
together. Roni heard her dad repeat "why" over and over and over. He took
another long drink from the bottle and started asking why again. Roni took the
bottle from her dad and asked if she could have a drink too. Dan looked at her
and said that it must be hard on her too that she could probably use a drink
just like him. Roni stood up and went to the door and looked out. It was dark
now and the light was on in her parents room. She knew that Connie was through
fucking the gardener and was now in their bedroom waiting for her dad to get in.
Anger swept over her and she too tuned the bottle up just as she had seen her
dad do it. It burned going down her throat causing her to cough a little before
pulling the bottle away from her mouth. Roni closed the shade on the door
window. There wasn't any other windows in the pool house to see in from. She
didn't want anyone to come out there. She wanted them to alone without anyone
coming out there. Roni walked back to the couch and sat beside her dad again,
handing him the bottle back, she asked him what he was going to do now. Dan told
his daughter that he didn't know right now what to do that he would have to
think about it. Tears began running from Dan's eyes as he said this to his
daughter. Roni, not knowing what to do, put her arm around her dad and held him.
She only knew that she wanted to stop the hurt he was feeling.

Dan laid his head on his daughter's shoulders as the tears rolled down his
cheeks. Without a sound, he quietly cried on her shoulder. He finally pulled up
and turned the bottle back up, taking another long drink. Roni took the bottle
back and took another drink also and then handed it back to her dad. Dan sat
back in the couch and Roni stood up. She began asking "why" now, but neither of
them had an answer yet. Roni began crying now. The thought of her mom with
another man, hurting him the way she did made her cry with pain and anger. Dan
pulled her to him and she sat on his lap like she did when she was a small c***d
with her legs on either side of him. Dan held her trying to make her feel
better. The convulsions of Roni body as she cried made her bounce on his lap.
Dan didn't notice at first that his cock was becoming hard from the activity
that was taking place on top of it. He just held her hoping that it would go
away. He knew it was wrong. He pushed it out of his mind, but Roni continued to
move. He tried to think of something else, but his cock kept bringing him back
to reality. Dan looked down and Roni's shirt had come unbuttoned at the top. He
could see the sweet mounds that were enclosed in the lacy material of her bra.
He quickly looked away. Roni notice that her dad had stopped crying, but as soon
as she did, she also felt something under her, pushing up. She could feel his
hard-on he was getting from her sitting on his lap. She stopped crying and just
sat there thinking about what she was noticing under her. Dan just looked away,
embarrassed by what was happening to his cock. Roni looked up at her dad's face
and for the first time in her life, she looked at him as a man and not her dad.
Nervous and unsure about what was happening, she put her arms around her dad's
neck and pulled close to his shoulder. Roni was feeling the effects of the
alcohol, but was fully aware of her feeling and the situation. She knew that
what was happening had made her dad stop thinking about seeing her mom with the
black gardener. She pulled closer and told Dan she loved him and that she wanted
to make him feel better. Roni began rocking slowly and nervously over her dad's
hardening cock. Dan tried to push her back, telling her no that what she was
doing was wrong, but Roni held to him tight and told him she just wanted to make
him feel better. Roni pushed her bottom down harder on her dad's cock while
rocking in small movements. She felt his cock grow from the excitement. She told
her dad that she could feel that he liked it too. Dan stopped his effort to make
her stop, but the feeling of doing something very wrong was still going through
his stomach. Roni's movements became harder as she became more sexually aroused
by her movements. Dan's hands slowly moved to his daughter's rear and kept them
there as though he wanted to help her move. Roni kept asking her dad to let her
make him feel better as she moved. Dan's cock was now hard and straining against
his pants as his daughter humped over him. Dan told his daughter again how wrong
this was, but she told him that she didn't care that she only wanted to make him
happy. She asked him if it felt good and Dan told her it did, but he just didn't
like it being her. Roni told her dad to just think of her as being someone else
then. She told him to pretend it was Tammy that worked in the kitchen. She told
him that she knew he like looking at her because she had caught him several
times. Roni slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it, exposing her white lacy
bra. She then reached behind her and unhooked it. The bottom of the bra pulled
away from Roni's body, making her breasts bounce from the release of the
confines of the bra. Roni took the bottom of the bra and pulled it up, letting
her tender breasts come into full view for her dad. She asked him if he like
them. Dan looked down at them and told her he like them very much and that he
thought they were very beautiful. Roni placed her hand on the back of his head
and pulled it down to her firm breasts. She asked her dad to please kiss them.
Dan's mouth came into contact with his daughter's erect nipples for the first
time. It sent a burning desire to the head of his cock. Roni continued to rock
back and forth on her dad's covered cock until she could feel her wetness
building inside her. She moved back and without letting her dad's mouth move
from her breasts, she reached between them and unzipped his pants. Reaching
inside, she took his fat penis in her hand and pulled it free. It felt
incredible in her hand as it pulsated.
"I like the way your cock feels in my hand, Dad." Roni whispered to him. She let
her hand lightly roam over the length and over the swollen cockhead. She loved
the feeling of it in her palm, the way the head was so smooth against her hand.
She tightened her grip around it, causing her dad to groan with pleasure. Roni
looked down at her dad's swollen cock. The sight of it in her hand made her grow
even more wet than before. She moved forward and placed the tip of his cock to
her panty covered clit and pushed it over the hot little button. "It feels so
good touching me there." she whispered again in his ear. Dan was lost on her
breasts. He licked over the erect nipples until the stood out further.
Roni stood up, keeping her dad's cock in her hand, she used her free hand to
pull her skirt and panties down. Dan saw the small patch of dark pubic hair that
covered her young vagina. Dan just sat there with his hard cock in his
daughter's hand. Roni then looked straight in his eyes and told him that she
really wanted to make him forget all about her mom and then kneeling down
between his legs. Dan was speechless. He tried to stop her, but couldn't. She
held the cock in her hand, with her eyes fixed on his as she lowered her mouth
to his large cockhead. She starred straight into his eyes as she opened her
mouth and pressed the cockhead past her lips and into her mouth. Dan's eyes
closed with pleasure. It wasn't until then, Roni stopped looking into her dad's
eyes and closed them to concentrate on his cock. She slowly moved her mouth over
the head, letting her tongue dance freely over the underside of it. The feeling
made Dan moan and told her she was doing it right. Small drops of cum seeped
from the hole. Roni let the tip of her tongue take it and pull it away, causing
a thin string to form, linking her tongue to her dad's cock. The taste of his
cum made her want more. She quickly picked up her movements and let the cock
move freely in and out of her sucking mouth. She gripped the shaft tightly with
her lips as she sucked. Dan was becoming wild with pleasure. He began helping
her by making small pumping movements with his hips. Roni met each movement with
her own. Her hand, still wrapped around the thick shaft, stroked harder and
tighter. Nothing mattered to Dan now. It didn't matter if it was his daughter
that was sucking his cock so good. "Does mom let you cum in her mouth, dad?"
Roni asked. Dan, with his eyes closed told her that she didn't. She always
pulled it out before I shot off. "That's too bad, you can shoot off in my mouth
if you want to dad. I want you to, but not yet." Roni stopped sucking his cock
and crawled back on top of her dad. Before lowering herself, she took his cock
in her hand and aimed it at her pussy. Lowering herself a little at a time, the
cock pushed her lips apart and pressed into her wet hole. She slowly moved down
the rest of the way, taking all of her dad's cock inside her. She leaned over
and told her dad that she wanted him to fuck her just like he fucked her mom. By
this time, Dan was only too happy to obey her wishes. He placed his hand back on
her ass and cupped her small asscheeks in his palms. He pulled her ass up and
helped her move over his cock. Roni asked him if this is how he and mom fucked.
He told her it was. The feeling of being fucked made Roni squirm and hump her
father's cock even harder. Roni's hand instinctively dropped to her clit and
began rubbing. Dan's hand gripped her ass tighter and moved her harder down on
his cock. Roni whispered to her dad again, "I'm close to cumming , daddy, are
you?" Dan managed to moan a yes. Roni quickly got off his cock and went back to
her knees, stuffing his cock back in her mouth. Her hands were still hard at
work on her clit, bring her orgasm closer with each swirl of her finger tips.
She heard her dad say, "Oh Shit, Roni, I'm going to cum!!" Roni's fingers
pressed hard against her clit as she rubbed, her orgasm raced to her burning
clit. She removed the cock from her mouth just long enough to tell her dad she
was cumming and then quickly pushing her mouth back over the cock to suck hard
than before. Dan grunted loudly and started spewing cum into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Of Fuck,,, Take my cum, Roni! Suck it all out!" Dan grunted with
sheer pleasure. Dan cock pulsated in Roni's mouth as jet after jet shot hot cum
in her mouth. Roni was humming as she cum with the cock shoved so deeply in her
mouth. She pulled the cock from her lips, "That's it, cum for me daddy!" Shoot
your cum all over me!" Roni groaned as she pumped more cum from his cock. The
last couple of jets of cum hit her in the face and the rest landed on her
breasts. Roni's fingers were beginning to slow now. Her orgasm was finished and
the sensitive clit began convulsing as she rubbed it. She milked the last drop
of cum from her dad's cock before letting her head drop in his lap beside the
twitching cock. She rested for a moment and then looked up at her dad, telling
him that what just happened was so wonderful. Dan didn't say anything. The
horror of what just happened finally hit him.
Connie was still in the bathtub when Dan and Roni came into the house. They went
upstairs and opened the door to the bathroom and walked in. Connie attempted to
cover herself, but when she did, Roni told her not to bother, if she didn't mind
letting the gardener see her while he screwed her, she shouldn't mind her and
Dan seeing her. Connie's face was suddenly filled with fear. She had been caught
in the one time she was unfaithful to her husband. It was even worse that her
daughter saw her too. Connie couldn't say anything except she was sorry. Dan
just looked at her and told her to move her things into the guest bedroom and
left. Roni quickly took a suitcase from the closet and opened it, laying it out
on the bed and then leaving. Connie began crying as she got out of the tub.
Walking into the bedroom and seeing the open suitcase made her cry
uncontrollably. A few moment of hard sobbing and Connie began to wipe the tears
from her eyes. She rolled over to the night stand and took out a bottle of pills
she hand been given by her doctor for nerves. What they really were was heavy
narcotic that caused her to walk around in a stupor everytime she took them.
Pouring 3 into her hand, she quickly put them in her mouth and swallowed them.
She then got up and packed her clothes into the suitcase and moved all her
things into the guest bedroom.
The next morning, Dan didn't go to work. Instead, he met Terrel at the front
gate and told him he was no longer needed. Terrel could tell that Dan had found
out and left without saying a word. After Terrel left, Dan and Roni got into his
car and drove off to talk about what had happened the night before. Dan was so
embarrassed at what he let happen. He was going to drive somewhere and tell Roni
that he was sorry that things got out of hand and that he never wanted to do it
again. Dan tried to think of what he was going to say as they drove out the
gate. A few minutes into their drive, Roni was the first to speak. She told him
that she loved ever second of what happened the night before. She knew it was
wrong, but didn't care. She loved her dad and only wanted to make him feel
better and hoped she did by doing what she did. Dan just listened to his
daughter and drove.
Connie was just waking up. She opened her eyes and the pain of what had happened
last night hit her hard. She began crying again, sobbing painfully. She took the
bottle of pills again and took 2 of them. She knew that in a few minutes, she
wouldn't care anymore. She pulled on a light housecoat over her nightie. It made
little difference because her night was almost see through and the robe wasn't
any better. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. There at the counter was
Tammy. The memory of seeing Tammy with that big black cock in her mouth eased
into her mind. Connie sat down and asked Tammy to get her a cup of coffee if she
didn't mind. Tammy eagerly poured Connie's coffee and placed it in front of her.
Connie watched Tammy's full breasts bounce as she moved through the kitchen.
Connie continued to watch her out of the corner of her eyes until she had
finished her coffee. Getting up, she told Tammy that the coffee wasn't strong
enough and that she needed something with a little more punch this morning.
Connie went into the living room and produced a bottle of vodka from behind the
bar. She took a large glass from the set hanging from the ceiling and poured it
full. Connie had followed Connie into the living room and watched her as she
drank vodka at 9:30 in the morning. Tammy cared about everyone in the house. She
loved her job here because everyone was so nice to her. She walked over to the
bar and sat down in front of Connie and asked her if anything was wrong.
Connie's eyes began to tear. Tammy asked her again and that she didn't like
seeing her this way. Connie moved around the bar and sat down at a table in the
corner of the room. She motioned for Tammy to follow her. Tammy was right behind
her. Connie sat down and Tammy took a seat next to her. Connie then proceeded to
tell her what had happened the day before, that she was in the hot-tub when her
and Terrel were there. Tammy's face turned very red. Connie assured her she had
no reason to be embarrassed at what she did and the went on to tell how Terrel
found her and what they did. Connie told her that she certainly could not blame
her for doing what she did, not after seeing his cock herself. That seemed to
ease Tammy's embarrassment. Tammy began talking to her about how she just wanted
to be liked, but all the men that she dated just wanted one thing and then
looked down at her large breasts. She told Connie how she decided to just fuck
the guys and not become emotionally attached to them. It was kind of like her
little revenge. Connie looked down at her breasts and told her that she saw them
and that she thought they were very nice. Connie wasn't small breasted, but
Tammy had her beat by a mile. Connie then asked her what it was like to have
breasts like hers. Tammy told her it was hell at times. Nobody wanted to talk to
her face, they only wanted to carry conversations with her chest. Tammy noticed
that Connie's nipples were beginning to form little points in the sheer fabric.
Tammy commented to Connie that her breasts were very nice to and that she had
often seen them when Connie didn't know it. Connie looked at her and just
smiled. Tammy went on to admit to Connie that she had often fantasized about
Connie's breasts. Connie was a little taken back by her bold confession. Connie
asked, "Are you......" and Tammy replied before Connie could finish the question
that she didn't think so because she still like a man's dick too much, but she
still had fantasies about other women though. Tammy returned with her own
question to Connie, "Haven't you ever thought about being with another woman?"
Connie thought back to a time when she was young and free. She had a friend that
she used to visit in the country. Her f****y would go to their mom's parents
house and she would go to the neighbor's house to play with her friend. She
remembered a time in the barn when they both were experimenting with mutual
touching. She remembered how the girl brought her to her first orgasm. The
feeling was still locked in her memory. Connie told her about the friend she
used to have in the country and how some friendly touching got out of hand.
Tammy giggled and told her that pretty much how it happened to her, except the
girl was much older and knew what she was doing. Tammy could see that Connie's
nipples were very erect now. The sight of Connie's nipples made her own nipples
harden. Tammy casually let one of her hands move to the buttons on her blouse.
She began to unbutton them one by one, watching Connie as she did so. Connie's
looked at her hand and then to Tammy's face. She didn't say anything and then
turned her attention back to Tammy's hands. As each button opened the shirt move
away from Tammy's large breasts. Connie could see the large white globes coming
into view. Connie's breathing began to become harder with each button that was
undone. Very sweetly, Tammy asked her, "Do you still want to know what they are
Unfastening the last button, she moved the blouse away from her breasts, giving
Connie a good look at them. They were so big and white. Little freckles spotted
the hugh globes. Big brown circles encased each nipple on its perch. Connie told
her they were beautiful. Tammy told her lightly that she could touch them if she
wanted. Connie moved her hands to the large mounds. She took each breast into
her warm hands. Tammy sighed with pleasure and Connie looked up to her face.
Tammy smiled as she told her that her hands felt very nice on her breasts. Tammy
placed her hands on top of Connie's and pressed them hard against her globes.
Tammy let a long low moan escape from her mouth as Connie's hands took her cues.
Without further instructions, Connie began massaging Tammy's heavy breasts. It
caused Tammy to moan louder. Tammy whispered to Connie to taste them and that
she could tell her from experience that they tasted wonderful. Connie lowered
her head to the large pert nipple of one of the heavy breasts. Connie took it
into her mouth and lightly moved her tongue over the tip of it. It felt like a
small erect cock in her mouth. Tammy pulled Connie's head harder to her chest,
telling her to take it deeper in her mouth. Connie quickly did as requested.
Connie could hardly take more than just the brown part of Tammy's breast. Tammy
pushed her hand quickly under her skirt and into her panties. Connie watched her
hand as it kneaded her pussy. Connie spread her legs and pressed her own hand to
her pussy. She unsnapped the crotch of her nightie and pulled the material away
from her pussy. Quickly she placed her fingers between the wet lips of her
pussy, finding her clit hard and waiting. Connie eagerly sucked both of Tammy's
large dark nipples while she watched Tammy play inside her panties. The
restrictions of the panties became too much for Tammy so she pulled them down to
her knees. As she spread her legs apart, Connie hear the light fabric of Tammy's
panties give. f***efully, Tammy parted her legs causing the panties to rip at
the seams. Her hungry hand pushed its way back to the wet depths of her crotch.
Connie could see everything as she played with her own pussy while watching and
sucking. Connie heard Tammy ask her if her fingers felt good playing with her
clit. Connie could only manage to moan a yes with her mouth stuffed with a large
brown nipple. She then heard Tammy ask her to suck her nipples hard and to pinch
them between her fingers. Connie did as Tammy asked and pinched Tammy's nipples
hard between her fingers. Tammy moaned with pleasure. Tammy pressed Connie's
head tightly against her breast, telling her to suck harder that she was
cumming. Connie watched Tammy's finger move wildly on her clit and Connie
matched the motion with her own hand. Connie began cumming also at the sight of
Tammy's orgasm. It caused Connie to push her mouth harder against Tammy's
breast, pushing more into her hungry mouth. Tammy's body trembled under the
control of her orgasm. Connie's own orgasm became stronger as she tasted a small
amount of fluid seep from Tammy's breast and onto her tongue. Connie pulled at
the nipple hard with her mouth as though she was nursing Tammy's big breasts.
More fluid seeped out until hot streams of milk shot into Connie's sucking
mouth. Connie's moans became loud and hard at this. She could hardly make out
the words that Tammy was saying. "yessss, suck them, suck them hard, suck my
milk, suck my nipples hard." Connie pressed her fingers tighter around Tammy's
free nipple and pushed in. Streams of milk shot out over the table. The nipple
in Connie's mouth now shot hot streams of milk freely down her throat.
The women's orgasms had finally subsided, but Connie was reluctant to let go of
Tammy's breasts. She wanted to stay right there and not move, but Tammy told her
that she had to get back to work. She really enjoyed what they did and hoped
that they could do it again sometime. Connie looked straight into Tammy's eyes
and told her she could count on it. With that still hanging in the air, Tammy
stood up and re-buttoned her blouse and flattened out her skirt. Tammy returned
to the kitchen and started back with what she was doing before. Connie stood,
but her legs were still trembling from her orgasm. She finally made her way back
to her bedroom and laid down. Connie's thoughts drifted to long ago to the time
of her hayloft experiences with her friend and then back to the present to the
experience she just had. Suddenly, the events of the day before didn't seem to
matter that much, as she took another 2 pills.

Dan and Roni were well into the country now. Dan had still not spoken much,
letting Roni do most of the talking while he gathered his thoughts before saying
much. Roni took the initial move. She pulled close to Dan and began telling him
how much she enjoyed what they had done, softly in his hear she whispered. Dan
told her not to start anything, because he was still trying to get used to it.
Roni sat back and told him that he would get used to it with no problem. Dan saw
his side road on the highway and took it. He had been this way before. The road
led down to a deserted stretch of dirt road that ended at a lake. There wasn't
any houses around for miles and miles. One at the lake, he stopped the car and
got out. Roni was right behind him, getting out on the passenger's side. The
place was beautiful. Dan told his daughter to follow him on a path that lead
into the woods. About a half mile into the woods, the path opened into a well
manicured yard with an old log home that had been restored to beauty. Roni saw
the home and asked her dad if he knew the people that lived here. He turned to
her and told her he knew the person very well, he bought it last year and had
been working on it to give to Connie for their anniversary. Roni was surprised
beyond words. She could only keep say how beautiful it was. They walked up the
steps to the front door. Dan produced a set of keys and opened the door. Inside
was a most lavishly furnished home. Antiques covered each room. Dan went to the
couch and sat while Roni roamed the house looking in each room. Once in the room
with her dad, she asked him what he planned on doing with it now. Dan just
replied that he didn't know. They walked out on the back porch and looked out
over the lake. The scenery was beautiful and the air was clear, fresh and cool.
Roni asked her dad if he had put a hot-tub in. Dan told her that he hadn't got
to that part yet that a hot-tub was next on the list of things to do. As they
closed the house back up and walked down the steps toward the path that lead
into the woods again, Roni had a thought. She asked her dad if he would keep the
house so they could come spend some time there. Dan thought about it for a
little while as the moved along the path. He finally told her he would keep the
house. That it would be their little place. Roni squealed with excitement and
hugged her dad tightly as they walked together. Once to the car, they drove back
to their house. Ten minutes into the drive home, Roni started teasing her dad.
Giving him a few quick tickles under his arm as he drove. Dan told her to stop
that she would cause him to wreck, but it didn't bother her, she continued to
tickle his underarms. Finally she looked at him and told him that if she
couldn't tickle him that she would have to find something else to do.
She moved her hands to his crotch and cupped his flaccid cock through his pants.
She asked him if he thought he could handle it while he was driving. He quickly
told her that he had been getting hand-jobs while driving since he was 16. Roni
cooed at how early he had started sex. Roni slowly unzipped his fly. She watched
the expressions on his face as she reached in and pulled his limp cock from it's
hiding place. She held it up for her inspection. The inspection was for merely
for show, she wanted to see the reaction of her dad's face as she pretended to
look intently at it. Dan asked her what was wrong with it. Roni just sighed and
told him that there was so much cock and so little time before they got to the
house, ending it with a slight giggle, smiling at him while she said it. She
stroked his cock until it become hard, but not fully hard. This is the way it
felt best to Roni. Slightly hard, but not fully hard, just thick. Roni quickly
laid down in the seat facing him, her face was almost at her dad's cock. Before
she took his cock in her mouth, she told him that she hoped that he could take a
blow-job while driving instead of a hand-job. Roni slowly pushed her lips over
the thick head of her dad's cock. The warm feeling of it on her tongue felt good
to her. Dan continued to look ahead at the road as his daughter pulled and
tugged at his cock with her mouth. By the time they were a few blocks away from
the house, Dan told her that she had better hurry if she didn't want him to pull
up in the drive way with his dick in her mouth. Roni picked up her tempo on his
cock and without warning, Dan began cumming. As they turned down the road their
house was on, Roni was caught a little off guard by his cum. She stopped moving
her mouth over his cock and just pumped the shaft while he shot his cum in her
mouth. Roni pumped the last drop of cum from her dad's cock as he pulled into
the driveway. Roni quickly sat up and stuffed her dad's cock into his pants and
zipped them. She playfully nudged her dad in the side for cumming without
telling her. Dan told her that if she could take the heat, stay out of the
kitchen as they walked up the steps of their house. Roni nudged him again in the
side. Once inside, they looked around to see if Connie was up and around. They
walked upstairs and looked into the guest bedroom. Connie was sl**ping in the
bed. Roni closed the door and took her dad by the hand and led him to his
bedroom. Closing the door behind them, Roni locked it. Turning around to her
dad, she quickly started unbuttoning her shirt and threw it to the floor. Dan
asked her what she thought she was doing. Roni told him that sucking his cock
had gotten her so worked up that she need him to fuck her. As soon as she
finished saying that, she moved quickly to Dan and kissed him hard on the mouth.
Dan tried to move back, but Roni held tight. Her mouth pressed hard against his
as her tongue pushed its way into her dad's mouth. It quickly found his tongue
and began dancing over it. Dan quit trying to move away and began kissing Roni
back. When she felt that, she began taking off her skirt and pushing it down to
the ground. Her panties were next. She stood there in front of her dad with
nothing but a bra on. Her breasts jutted out above the lacy white bra. Roni
definitely took after her mom in the titty area. Roni pulled him to the bed and
laid down, pulling him on top of her. Roni's hand soon found his zipper again
and pulled it down. She unsnapped his pants and pushed them to his ankles with
her feet. Reaching between them, she took his hardening cock in her hand and
guided it to her pussy. Throwing her legs around his waist, she pulled herself
up, making her dad's cock sink deeply into her wet hole.
The noise of Dan's shoes dropping on the floor woke Connie. She sat up in bed
for a second and listened. She could hear words being said in the room next to
where she was. She continued to listen until she could make out two voices. She
could tell who it was, only there were two different voices coming from what
used to be her room. Connie got up, still half dazed from the medication, she
made her way into the bathroom that joined the two rooms together. She pressed
her face against the door to the other room and listened. She could hear
movements and whispering.
Dan was now pushing his cock to meet his daughter's hips that were humping
wildly against him. His cock jabbed deeply inside Roni's pussy. The bed began
rocking. Connie heard it and knew that Dan was fucking someone in their bedroom.
Hurt at first, but then soon got over as she thought about Dan with his cock in
someone else. The thoughts made Connie hot. Connie continued to listen as she
heard someone in the next room moan in what sounded like hot pleasure. Connie
heard the voice begin whispering in a low but loud tone. She heard the voice say
she needed Dan to fuck her hard and fast. The rocking of the bed became harder
as Dan picked up the speed of his hips. Connie heard the voice again, this time
it was telling Dan how good it felt for his cock to fuck her the way it was.
Just as Roni was about to reach her orgasm, Dan was beginning to feel his cum
start at his balls and race to his cock. He began moaning that he was going to
cum. The next words Connie heard made her mouth drop open with horror. She heard
Roni's voice telling Dan to shoot his cum inside her. Connie knew that her
husband was in the next bedroom fucking their daughter and their daughter was
loving every second of it. Dan's shot his cum deep inside Roni's pussy, coating
the inner walls and sliding out between his cock and her pussy. Roni's cum was
extremely powerful. More powerful than the night before. Her body quaked with
excitement as she pounded her hips into her dad's. Dan was making long hard
pistoning strokes with his cock. As they came together, Roni held her dad
tightly against her as she kept her hips rocking. Connie stood back from the
door, eyes wide and mouth open. She went back into the bedroom and sat on the
bed. She could believe what she had just heard coming from her bedroom. Connie
didn't know what to do now. She took the bottle of pills and downed another two
of them. She knew that pretty soon, even the thought of her husband fucking
their daughter wouldn't matter. She heard them moving in the room again. Dan and
Roni were dressing. Connie stood and opened her suitcase and pulled out a shirt
and pants. Dressing in the bedroom, the medication began its work. She soon
found that if she thought of Dan and Roni fucking, it didn't bother her. Connie
walked out of the bedroom and past the door to what used to be her bedroom. As
she got to the stairs, she heard the door open behind her and turned around to
see Dan and Roni coming out. She smiled at them and asked them if they had
enjoyed themselves. Roni looked at her dad. Connie continued by saying that it
definitely sounds as though they were enjoying themselves a lot. Connie turned
around and walked downstairs. Dan looked at his daughter with a blank expression
on his face. Roni had a similar expression. They didn't know what to think.
Connie didn't even seem horrified nor mad at what she sounded like she new. Dan
and Roni were soon downstairs at the table. Dan sat at the end chair, Roni at
the left side of her dad and Connie at the right side. Roni looked at her mom
across the table, her mom seemed happy, but Roni couldn't understand how that
could be. She had just admitted to Roni and her dad that she knew about their
i****tuous affair. How could she be happy? Roni was totally confused. Dan on the
other hand, didn't care. Seeing Connie again today brought back the memory of
what he had seen her doing the day before. Dan just looked straight ahead as
they all waited on Tammy to bring dinner to the table. Tammy entered the room
carrying a large tray of food. Sitting it down at the far end of the table, she
picked up plate by plate and set each down in front of her employers. When
getting to Connie, Tammy smiled as Connie looked up at her. Connie's head spun
at the scent of Tammy's body close to her's. Connie's foggy thoughts quickly
turned to the next time her and Tammy had a chance to be alone again.
Nothing was said during dinner. Everyone either looked ahead while they ate or
they didn't look up at all. Connie was the one that broke the ice by asking Roni
how her day had been. Roni, looking surprised by the unexpected question,
answered her mom with a quick "Fine" and before Roni could think, she asked
Connie how her's had been. Connie answered by saying it has been perfect. Dan,
for the first time, looked at Connie. Now both Roni and Dan were confused by
Connie sudden happiness. As Connie finished her dinner, she picked her plate up
and took it into the kitchen. She found Tammy standing over the sink. Connie
walked up behind Tammy and reached around her and sat the plate into the sink.
Before retrieving her hand, Connie gave one of Tammy's large breast a light
squeeze. Tammy almost fell from the sudden pleasure that she was receiving. As
Connie removed her hand and stepped back, Roni came into the kitchen with her's
and Dan's plate. She set them on the counter beside Tammy and told her the meal
was very good and thanked her. Tammy told her she was glad she appreciated it.
Roni then asked her mom to walk with her outside. Connie happily agreed and
walked outside with Roni. Once outside, they walked for a moment before Roni
spoke. She asked her mom why she was so happy. That she knew her mom knew what
had happened only a little while ago. Connie put her arm around Roni and told
her that she was big enough to know what she was doing. She also told her that
she was very sorry for being so stupid the day before with the gardener. Connie
went on to tell her how it had all happened. Everything from stepping into the
hot-tub to Terrel screwing her. She told her daughter that it was the first time
in the 20 years they had been married that she cheated on him. Roni was quickly
becoming sorry that she showed her dad what she witnessed by the hot-tub. Roni
asked her if she wanted her to stop doing what she was doing with Dan. Connie
told her again that she was old enough to know what she was doing. By this time,
they had made a full circle around the yard and was back at the kitchen door
again. Roni and Connie walked inside the house. Connie went to the living room
and watched Tv. Roni found her dad and told him everything her mom had said.
This still didn't change the way Dan felt. He was still full of anger and
bitterness toward Connie.
About 3:00, the phone rang, Roni picked up and said hello. The voice on the
other end made her eyes grow very wide and the expression on her face become
very happy. With a loud voice, Roni shouted, "KEN!" It was her older b*****r
calling from college. They talked for a little while before Ken asked to speak
to his dad. Roni handed the phone to her dad. Dan spoke to Ken for a few minutes
before telling him that they would be looking forward to him coming home for the
holiday. When he was finished speaking, Ken asked to speak with his mom. Roni
took the phone to Connie. Connie's voice sounded so happy to hear from her son.
They exchanged words for a little while before Ken had to go. Saying their
good-byes, Connie handed the phone back to Roni for her to hang it up. Roni was
ecstatic that her b*****r was coming home from college. She loved her b*****r.
He had always been there for her. He had even fought for her in school. Roni
used to love to hang around with him. Ken was always nice enough to let her.
Even when his friends started saying things. Ken told them that if they didn't
like his s****r, they could go screw themselves. After that, Roni had total
devotion to Ken. Now she would get to see her b*****r again in a few days. He
would be coming down in 3 days for Thanksgiving.

92% (54/5)
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1 month ago
"The Family Caught In The Act" - Forty-two Year Old Father Dan, Thirty-seven Year Old Mother Connie, Sixteen Year Old Daughter Roni, Twenties Year Old White Maid Tammy, and Black Gardener Terrel.

The story isa convolution of sexual activity, starting with mother Connie allowing Terrel the gardener to fuck her--but not doing the "money shot"; and she and Terrel being observed first by her daughter Roni and in the same act by Connie's husband. Consoling her father daughter Roni seduces her father into some heavy sexual activity (which her father is reluctant to contine). Finally the next day Roni and her father Dan fully consummate their incestual copulation--with love, passion and man/woman love and endearment!!! Mother Connie, now relegated into the guest bedroom for fucking Terrel the gardner by herself, overhears her husband Dan fucking their daughter Roni--and not caring as she tells their sixteen year old daughter she's old enough to make her own decisions about fucking her father. Disappointingly, there is no details nor discussion about any birth control for either mother Connie (fucked by the black gardener but he didn't "drop his load" by pulling out). Father Dan did "the full monty" with his daughter and filled by young teen pussy to over-flowing with his fertile seed into her young fertile pussy!

Great story but details are sorely lacking!! Several times, at least four, the word "not" was left out after using the words 'could', 'would', 'did', etc, which made for some confusing re-reading of sentences. The discussion of birth control, or not, would have answered many unanswered questions. The ending was very suspensefully eliminated, leaving many more questions. The writing is exotic, erotic, a purist mix of various sexual activities, written with feelings, sensuality, and love and passion between daughter Roni and her father Dan! A GREAT Read, though!!
6 months ago
Fuck thats hot :)
Zoe xx
1 year ago
please continue with more its a great story
1 year ago
2 years ago
A very good melodrama, almost to the style of a "soap", with many questions to be asked and answered, amybe even acted upon.

Many twist and turns, with quick and unknown expectations around every corner.

Many quirks of sexual activity, each with different levels of lust arousal. In the end a good cliff-hanger.
2 years ago
A very good story, to began with, where's the finish?
2 years ago
Gosh, If you only knew what paragraphs were it would be a very good read.
2 years ago
there is more to it
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
This was a awesome story thanks for posting it!