Bonnie and Jodie were in the backseat of the car as their uncle John drove them
to the farm. He picked them up at the Atlanta airport because they were going to
live with him and his f****y. Their parents had died a few months earlier. They
arrived at the little farm and unpacked. Bonnie was 12 and Jodie was 9. Uncle
John had two sons Steffen 17 and Kevin 14. The boys did early morning chores as
well as working cattle during the day. The girls helped out around the house or
wherever needed. One morning Jodie went out in the pasture with the two boys to
round up the cattle. Jodie went with Kevin into a small canyon and found a bull
fucking a cow. Jodie wanted to know if the bull was hurting the cow. Kevin
laughed and says that they were just having fun. Kevin then walked over to Jodie
and put his head down her pants to rub her hairless cunt. She wanted to know
what he was doing. He said he was going to eat and fuck her pussy just like a
bull. She tried to get away, but he was all over her, pulling off her pants. He
pushed her onto her back and shoved his face into her crotch. He lapped at the
smooth pussy gates. He undid his pants and pulled out his 8 inch prick. The
shaft and head weren¹t very thick, but the base had a small growth of pubic hair
and a good set of balls. He climbed up on her little body and pushed the head
into the narrow slit. She felt the cock spread back the tender lips of her
virgin box. The cock pushed two inches into the juicy pussy. The cherry membrane
stood in his path as he strained against it. The cock tore through the
tissue-like wall and plumed deep into her hot, steaming pussy. She cried out as
more meat packed her k**die cooze. Kevin felt the end of the prick bump against
the back wall of Jodie¹s pit as all 8 of his healthy inches were hilted in her
quim. Just then, Steffen walked up behind the couple of rutting youths. He knelt
behind Kevin and then got down on his stomach so that his face was straight
under Kevin¹s ass. Steffen could see his b*****r¹s balls smack against the
cousin¹s opened hole. bl**d and white ooze streamed down the edges of her cunt
and a slurping sound came from her cunt as Kevin slammed his hairless bag of
balls up against her asshole. Steffen put his finger up against the lips of her
cunt and got a good gob of pussy cream and bl**d. He sniffed his finger and
watched the action. He took his bl**dy finger and slipped it into Kevin¹s little
asshole. Kevin plowed her cunt with heavy thrusts. Her eyes rolled back into her
head as Kevin cried out to blast gallons of hot cream into her small innocent
pussy. He pulled out and rolled over on his back. She could see his dick lay
across his thigh. Jodie lay there exhausted as the seepage leaked out of the
hole. Steffen picked her up and carried her back to the house. Kevin tucked his
cock back into his pants and went on home. Jodie took a shower and put on a
fresh pair of panties. She moved the crotch band over to examine her sore pussy.
The folds of her pussy were puffy and raw. A dull pain could still be felt as
she moved her legs. She lay back into sl**p. Bonnie decided she was tired of TV
so she went outside to find Uncle John to ask if she could go swimming. She
heard moans coming from the barn and she entered to see her uncle behind a young
cow fucking it. He had a huge fuck stick that seemed thick enough to give a cow
a good plugging. He quickened his thrusts and pulled the huge cock out of the
cow cunt. The 12 inch prick spurted ribbons of white cream all over the back of
the cow. The large meat stalk was dribbling cum as it began to soften. He was a
bald man that was built like a bull himself. His arms and hairy chest was rock
hard and covered with sweat. He stepped into his overalls and left the barn out
the side door. Bonnie crept up behind the young calf and stared at its battered
cunt. The hole was red and gaping open in a tight oval. White pearls of ooze
clumped out of that hole and dripped down into the hay. The calf was larger than
her so that fact sent a shiver down her spine--something that big in her hole
would split her in two. She ran into the house to get ready for bed. She found
little Jodie laying in bed with just a pair of panties on. Bonnie went to cover
up her little s****r when she got a good look at the panties¹ crotch band. The
white band was puddled wet with a faint tinge of bl**d. Bonnie pulled aside the
piece of material to examine the young cunt. It looked puffy and swollen. The
lips were a deep scarlet and there was a tear near the base of her cunt. The
hole itself was open to the size of a pencil which was curious since Bonnie¹s
own peepee was always tightly closed. Bonnie peeled open Jodie¹s cunt and a goop
of white liquid leaked out, similar to the stuff coming out the little cow¹s
hole. Jodie woke up and sobbed her story to her big s****r. Bonnie decided it
was time to get out, so they snuck out during the middle of the night and headed
across the dimly lit field. The slept the rest of the night under a bush near a
stream. They were awakened by the sound of splashing nearby in the stream. A
young 8 year old black boy was playing in the stream and the girls made friends
with him. They followed him home to his small shanty in the middle of the woods.
He explained that he lived there with his older b*****r Seth who was 16. He
arrived home from the fields to find the three friends playing tag in the house.
Muscles rippled all over his body as he took off his sweaty shirt. Bonnie felt
uncomfortable about how Seth was watching her as he washed up in the pump sink.
They sat down to dinner which was eggs that Bonnie had cooked up. After the meal
they sat down around the fire to listen to little Ben¹s stories. Seth continued
to eye Bonnie even after little Jodie and Ben fell asl**p. He finally spoke up
and gave her a choice, either he¹d fuck her little white cunt or she¹d have to
suck his big black meat. With that he popped the button on his jeans and he
pulled out his 10 inch man meat. It was tar black with a slightly purple head
flaring out to top-off the thick shaft. He got up out of his chair and
approached her, his huge cock wagging back and forth in front of him. Jutting
his cock in front of her face, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards
his cock. She gazed down the veiny shaft into the curly, black tuft of hair at
the base, his balls hung underneath, weighted with boy cream. It was then that
the door crashed inwards and splintered as Steffen pointed a shotgun at Seth and
told him to back away. Steffen grabbed Bonnie roughly by the arm and yelled for
Jodie. Jodie rubbed her eyes as she entered the room and ran over to Bonnie.
Steffen eyed Seth as the three of them backed their way out of the shack and got
to the truck. No one spoke as they drove home. Bonnie could not image what
punishment they would receive due to their escape. Chapter 2 The two girls were
herded down into the basement where they saw Kevin bound and gagged, hanging
from the ceiling. Little Jodie clutched at her quim as she looked down at the
large, limp pecker between his legs-remembering the pain it had caused her.
³This will show you what happens to people who disobey me² growled Uncle John as
he came down the stairs. He was totally naked and his huge 12 inch stalk stood
up proudly from his dark thatch of pubic hair. He pulled up a chair and sat down
under Kevin. The boy began to scream as if he knew what was coming. John¹s
massive cock was twisted with veins and the huge head bulged a deep crimson. The
hefty nutsack, covered with thick strands of hair, hung down to the seat of the
chair between his legs. He reached up and parted Kevin¹s firm muscular
asscheeks, to gaze upon the pink little rosebud. The asshole was surrounded by
little brown hairs and pieces of dried shit clinging to those hairs. He shoved
his knobby finger up into the shit chute and Kevin yelled in protest. John
pulled back and Steffen let some slack in the rope so Kevin would descend down
onto John¹s lap. Kevin was eventually lowered down so that the plump cock cap
pushed against the hairy anus, seeking entrance. Steffen lowered Kevin down so
that his own weight would impale him down on his father¹s stalk. The asshole
stretched to engulf the monumental meat it was being fed. Bonnie looked in
horror as more and more of the terrible cock plowed up into the shrieking boy
³How do you like getting your cherry cracked by a big dick, You¹ll never disobey
me again, will you boy? Kevin slumped over on his father as he finally descended
down to swallow up the whole foot of prick into his young hole. John grabbed his
young son under the hairy armpits and began to sledge his cock in and out. Kevin
began to whimper as the colossal wedge assaulted his ass. bl**d tinges streaked
John¹s cock as John thrusted with his hips to fuck his human bat into the boy¹s
depths. The fucking became faster until John stuffed Kevin¹s rectum and spewed a
torrent of jism into the boy¹s waiting bowels. John gasped and his cock spasmed
with the spurts of male cream he was pumping in. John pushed Kevin away to cause
to swing limp from the rope. John¹s cock popped out and slapped against his own
belly, cum still oozing out and dribbling down his flank. John got up and
approached Bonnie and Jodie, who had her head buried in Bonnie¹s breast. ³You
girls have also been bad² ³Now that Kevin has learned his lesson, you will both
be our servants.² Jodie will stay down here with Steffen and you,Bonnie, will go
with me to wash me.² Uncle John grabbed Bonnie¹s wrist and pulled her up the
stairs towards the bathroom. Little Jodie cowered in near the steps and looked
over at Steffen who was tying off the rope.
Chapter 3
Bonnie was led into the bathroom where her uncle started and tested the shower.
She was still in the long nightgown that she had put on earlier. Now she had a
good look at the fearsome prick that hung from her uncle¹s hairy groin. It was
tinged with bl**d, and specks of brown shit around the base where Kevin¹s ass
ring had mashed into the pubic hair. Uncle John stepped into the shower and
ordered Bonnie to get undressed. She slipped the gown over her head and threw it
onto the floor, only leaving her with white, cotton panties. Her tits were the
size of large g****fruit and firm as little melons. Large,red nipples jutted out
of small areolas and her dark hair fell around her shoulders to partially cover
them. She approached him, and he ordered her to use the washcloth to soap up his
soft, flaccid cock. She grasped his shaft and began to wash it as it grew. Soon
it was at its full 12 inches of hefty, vein-twisted cock. She tried to grasp it,
but it was so thick that she could not get her fingers around it. It looked as
big around as her wrist and as long as her forearm, but the thing that scared
her the most was that it was gnarly like the limb of an oak tree. The towering
post felt very warm in her hands and seemed to throb with a life of its own.
Uncle John rinsed off and toweled himself dry. He picked up his small niece and
carried her off to his bedroom.
Steffen walked over to Jodie and cradled her in his arms. Stepping over the limp
form of Kevin, Steffen carried her over to a bed in the corner of the basement.
He put her down on the mattress and climbed in with her. He wore only a pair of
shorts, so his hairless, muscular chest was bared to her gaze. She had on a tee
shirt and cotton panties that Steffen quickly pulled off of her. Her dainty
pussy was still swollen from yesterday¹s screwing from Kevin¹s pussy packing
cock. The hairless lips were slightly bruised, but he guessed she was okay for a
pussy packing from his king dong. He pulled down his shorts and threw them onto
the floor with her clothing. A stony 10 inch cock stood proudly out of the thick
forest of his groin. He grasped her behind her head and pushed her face down to
the fat, purple cock head to push it into her small c***d¹s mouth. Her lips were
pushed down around it to strain her mouth to its full circumference around the
cock¹s terrible girth. She began to choke as it it the back of her throat. Only
4 inches were sliding in, so he pushed down and f***ed another inch in. She
tried to push away, but he began to pump those 5 or so inches in her mouth. He
popped his overgrown sucker out of her mouth and pushed himself up to the head
of the bed to sit against the headboard. A long strand of spit trailed from his
prick as it glistened from the saliva coating it. He grabbed her and pulled her
up to hug her around her waist. The scared little girl wrapped her arms around
his strapping neck. She was in a squatting position, hovering above the wetted
10 inch pillar. Her pussy lips spread just slightly to allow the very tip of the
cock to part them. She began to sob, Steffen used his bulging biceps to skewer
Jodie down on his big penis. She jerked and her eyes bulged as the cockhead
punched into her bruised little cunt.
Bonnie was thrown onto the bed, and Uncle John reached down and tore her little
panties off of her. He stood there overshadowing her while fisting his humongous
slab of male beef. It looked bigger than before, the huge, hairy nuts swayed
underneath the shaft. He milked the cock, pulling the loose skin over the head
causing a drop of goo to leak out of the penis hole. He, on the other hand, was
looking lustfully down at the girl¹s virgin pussy. At a distance the small cunt
looked hairless, but on closer inspection he could see several downy hairs
bordering the fringes of her unopened split. He ordered her over onto her hands
and knees. She reluctantly rolled over and looked back over her shoulders. He
pulled her ass up in the air and spread her knees out further so he could get a
good look at his treasured, uncracked cooze. The firm buttocks opened wide to
expose her tiny anus and below that was the pink crack that opened just slightly
between the fleshy fat lips. He reached for a tube of clear gel and squeezed a
big glob onto his hands which he lubed up all over his prick. ³I¹m used to
fucking young cows, I know you saw me last night² ³This stuff will make my cock
slide into your cunt easier.² He climbed in behind Bonnie, a hulking man
yearning to sink as much of himself into the trembling virgin. She felt the
slimy cock bump the opening to her pussy and strain against it, seeking
entrance. He grasped her at the waist with one hand while the other kept his
cock lined up with her cunny. The cock cap slowly began to sink into the
yielding opening. She screamed as her lips snapped back around the rim of his
oversized knob. John could not believe the grip of her cunt as he fought the
urge to drive his tool fully into her. She already felt stuffed full of cock as
pushed in against her hymen.
Steffen lunged up with his hips to slide more cock into her taut love chute that
clutched him so securely. He reached down and cupped the mounds of her ass to
pry them apart to aid in his penetration. She pushed her face into his shoulder
in pain, he was much thicker than Kevin, and it seemed to get thicker as it
inched inwards. Steffen felt like his cock was only halfway in and he could go
no farther. He began to bounce her up and down on his cunt-splitter as though
she was riding a horsy. A new pain, way up in her pussy, started to radiate as
his cock smashed up against her cervix door. The sensation began to go numb as
her cervix began to dilated against the repeated pummeling in was receiving. Her
little slot felt totally stuffed with cock, the opening to her cunt was tightly
banded around the shaft as it heaved in and dragged out. Her tiny tittie nubbins
rubbed against his bulging pecs as Steffen continued to cram cock in her. He
felt the cum in his bloated balls churn as he hammered her juicy, packed pussy.
He lunged and cried out as jets of scalding spunk shot up from his cock to pelt
the walls of her insides. More and more man juice squirted into her to seep down
the outside of his shuddering pole. Jism flooded her cunt until the husky
firehose finally gushed out its last drop. The spent prick softened in its milky
quim until it flipped out, allowing the overflowing cream to flood out of her
frazzled hole. He laid her back and her legs wearily fell open to reveal her
hairless, sloppy hole, leaking white cum down to the bed sheets. Her poor pussy
mouth was still open to the size of a penny, it winked at Steffen as she
contracted the strained muscles. Uncle John grabbed Bonnie around her small
waist and pulled her back at the same time he threw his weight forward. She
screamed in sheer agony as the massive intruder tore through the protective veil
of her maidenhead. The lips of her assaulted pussy splayed grossly under the
onslaught of the bloated prick. Her face fell into the pillow as she muffled her
cry- more of that gigantic prick was forcing its way through the tattered
cherry. Uncle John looked down to see his prick slowly vanish, little by little,
into his nieces newly opened honey pot. She clenched her fists in pain and her
mouth was a gape in sheer torture as the merciless cock tore onwards into her.
It bore in and she cried out,pleading for him to stop the onslaught. He felt how
tightly she gripped his stalk, he was practically having to tear into her. This
was the tightest pussy he¹d ever fucked his cock into. She finally felt the
large plum-like head bump the very limit of her cunt furrow. They was a great
cramping as it seated itself up against her cervix and John began to pulled back
even more on her little tush. She screamed in terror as the cock cap stained her
cervical hole to the limit. John looked down to see only 7 inches of his foot of
cock in her and he was pressing against the back wall of her cunt. He pulled
back and felt the lips of her pulling and dragging at his cock. Looking down, he
saw her pudgy lips distended, trying to pull his cock in. It looked as though he
was pulling her pussy innards out as they clung his cock. bl**d and lubricant
coated his pole as he pulled out. To Bonnie it felt as though all of her guts
were trailing out after the big man plug. This time he plowed back in and 8
inches were hilted in her quim, causing it to bash against her womb¹s door. He
continued to fuck her with short,choppy strokes--her face being f***ed into the
bed mattress on each thrust. She could feel every bump and vein on his huge
penis as it entered her pussy, yet he fucked her with a furious pace that seemed
to get faster. He grabbed her around the shoulders so that he could fuck her
harder, pounding into her pussy. She felt her cunt walls burn as the pain began
to soften. She groaned as she felt the cervical opening begin to dilate as the
cockhead smashed against it, that ravaged, muscular hole was giving in to the
abuse. She was numb to the ache, her pussy gates fluttering as if giving up and
surrendering to the massive ram plowing into its depths. John was gasping for
breath while he felt the rumbling of his massive nuts begin to tug at the root
of his prick. More than anything, he wanted to blast his load into the depths of
his little niece¹s cooze. He stabbed in one last time, driving in 8 thick
inches, just as semen rushed up his dick shaft. Bonnie¹s eyes bulged as the
first shot of hot dick spray pelted the walls of her bleeding cunt. He lunged
and buried another half inch into her flared vaginal receptacle, causing the
spray of man cream to shoot directly into the mouth of her womb. Cream pumped
out of the ejaculating cock to drown her pussy tunnel, easing and bathing some
of the pain. The jets began to slow down and finally he pulled back, out of the
tender, torn vagina. He rolled off the bed and her knees gave out from under
her, plopping her down to lay on her belly. He poor deflowered pussy gushed
bl**dy cream onto the bedspread.
Bonnie woke up the next morning with her pussy throbbing. She sat up and peered
between her legs to see a dark red swollen cunt, with crusts of yellow dried cum
and speckles of bl**d. It was obvious that she was still on Uncle John¹s bed.
She got up and stiffly walked to the bathroom to draw herself a bath. She
cleaned her almost hairless pussy which also relieved some of the pain. Dressed
and feeling better she went downstairs for breakfast. Entering the kitchen,
Bonnie found Steffen sitting on a chair and Jodie upside down clutching his huge
10 inch cock, bobbing her mouth up and down the plum sized head. Steffen's face
was buried in between Jodie¹s legs, lapping at the c***d¹s juicy tunnel. Jodie
held onto the meaty pole with both hands and sucked at it like she was slurping
a big ice cream cone. Her legs were bent at the knees and wrapped around his
head as he held her around the waist pulling her cunt more and more onto his
ravenous tongue. Steffen looked up at Bonnie through the small asscrease laying
on his face and winked at her. Bonnie ran outside. Bonnie turned the corner near
the barn and heard sawing and hammering echoing from the barn. She went up to
one of the windows and peered inside to see her uncle hammering on a large wood
frame. She wondered what he was doing in there. She knew that her s****r and her
had to escape soon, but she had to plan it better this time. By the time she
walked into the kitchen again from her trip to the barn, she found Steffen at
the refrigerator drinking a glass of milk. His huge half-hard cock was softening
between his hairy thighs. A long strand of jism hung down from his cockhead,
jiggling till it dripped down to the floor between his feet. Jodie was down on
her knees cleaning up the white gooey mess splattered on the floor. She looked
up at Bonnie, her cheeks and hair dripping with pearly semen. It was even
running down one of the corners of her mouth. Bonnie glared at Steffen angrily,
but Steffen sat down his glass and walked over to tweak one of Bonnie¹s rubbery
nipples. Bonnie ran up to her room in desperation.

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Great! juicy! Hot!
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