f****y Stud

It was quite a shock to my system to find my s****r naked in the living room. I
almost fainted, so quickly did the bl**d rush from my head into my dick. For
speed of tumescence, naked siblings are tops. Of course, my appearance had the
opposite effect on her. As her gaze met mine, her hands, which had been between
her legs, flew to cover her breasts. Her legs, which had been splayed wide,
snapped shut so hard her knees bounced. And her color, which had been a sexy red
flush, turned a ghostly pale. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she
yelled. "How dare you stare at me like that? What are you doing home?" How
typical. I catch her jacking off naked in the LR and she yells like it's my
fault. "Fuck you!" I yelled. Stunning repartee, I know, but it somehow leapt
easily to mind. "Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you pervert!" "Hey, I'm
not the one masturbating here!" "Like you never have?" she snorted, "Little Boy
Perfect, never whacks off!" "If I didn't, I sure would now." That left her
open-mouthed and staring and (for once) silent. I escaped upstairs, leaving her
to try to recover her shredded dignity. Also, I WAS going to jack off! Minutes
later, I was naked on my bed. My shaft jutted skyward, begging for relief. As I
stroked my rod, I had my eyes shut tight, recreating in my mind's eye Karen's
surprisingly full tits, her golden-hued pubic patch. I imagined her hands,
instead of covering her nips, lifting them up, first to me, then to her lips. I
could almost feel .... a draft? What the....?! CLICK-whirrrrrr. "Gotcha!" Karen
bounded from the room, now clad in a white terry-cloth robe, a Polaroid camera
in one hand, an about-to-be embarrassing photo in the other. It took me about 30
seconds to hop into my jeans. Most of that was being careful not to zip up my
still-hard rod. Then I stormed down the hall, ready to tear her room apart to
find that photo. But as I burst into her room (by now you've probably figured
out that our bedroom doors don't lock), Karen was just sitting quietly on her
bed. "Okay, bitch," I growled, but stopped short when I saw the strange look on
her face. "What's wrong?" "It's so big," she whispered. Then I noticed she was
staring at the photo. In an uncharacteristic bit of modesty I said, "Not SO big.
It's only seven inches or so." "But Bobby's is so dinky compared to yours."
Bobby was her studly jock boyfriend, though apparently not so studly. Then she
looked up suddenly with a gleam in her eye. "Let me see it." I could say I
refused. I could say I turned around and left the house without an i****tuous
thought. But why lie? I just unzipped (carefully) and basked in her admiration.
Karen slid off the bed onto her knees in front of me. Closer.... "It looks so
nice." ...closer... "So big..." ...closer... "So...tasty." ...BINGO!! She
inhaled me. My knees buckled from the sudden onslaught of pleasure and I grabbed
the back of her head. She bathed my shaft right fine, 'throating me in no time.
I don't know where she'd learned to handle it (not from Bobby), but she did me
like a pro. Her frantic tongue whipped the underside of my shaft. Her tonsils
cuddled the head like a pussy. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. After 5
brain-numbing minutes, however, she slid back up onto the bed, opening her robe
and cooing "You know, I never came when you interrupted me so rudely." "A
thousand pardons, madam," I said, kneeling at her feet and parting her knees.
"Allow me to rectify that." Oh, sweet snatch! I love sucking pussy, even when
it's a little funky and tastes it. But s*s was so nice, clean, juicy and tasty
that I was in Seventh Cunnilingus Heaven. My enthusiasm must have showed in my
tonguing, because soon Karen's heels were drumming on my back, her head was
rolling and her red-tipped fingers were mashing her tits together and squeezing
her nipples. There's nothing so hot as looking up at a girl's face, framed by
her tits, as you eat her pussy! Pretty soon her mewling became more of a
deep-throated growl. Then, without further warning, she sat straight up, grabbed
the back of my head, ground her pussy against my face and shuddered silently
through her orgasm. After she had let go and flopped back onto the bed, I caught
my breath preparatory to climbing up and fucking her brains out. Just as I got
up, we heard the front door open and our Mom call "hello" as she returned from
her waitressing job. I grabbed my jeans and skedaddled into the john, the only
door upstairs that did lock, and started a shower. As the warm water cascaded
around me, I picked up the soap and began to jack off again, extremely
frustrated. I had been THAT close. Mom called "hi" again from the hall. I
grunted back at her, finished myself off, stalked to my room and fell asl**p.
Had I but known what was going on I wouldn't have gone to bed so frustrated. As
it was, I never did again. But Karen filled me in on what happened later.

After calling out to me in the shower, Mom proceeded to Karen's room. She knew
something was up as soon as she walked in. She smelled S-E-X in the air, and
Karen was wrapped up in her robe again, holding it tight around her and looking
guilty as hell huddled in the corner of her bed. "Karen, what's going on in
here?" she asked, stepping in and shutting the door behind her. She was dressed
in her work outfit, a pleated white blouse (which looked like the shirt you wear
under a tux), a black bow tie, a short, tight black skirt and black mesh hose.
"Nothing," good answer, s*s! "Don't tell me ... what's this?!" Mom stooped and
picked up my polaroid. Luckily, my face wasn't in the shot. "Uh, I was, uh, well
..." "You were masturbating, weren't you, karen?" Relieved beyond belief, Karen
copped to the lesser charge. "Yes, Mom, yes I was. I'm so sorry. I'll never do
it again!" "Oh, cut it out," Mom cried, but not angrily, as she sat on the end
of the bed, "there's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does it. But I am
worried about this photo. Did you take this of Bobby, dear?" Once again, Karen
couldn't believe her luck. But she made it even more innocuous than it was,
"It's Bob, Mom. But I didn't take it. He just gave it to me. He wants me to fool
around and he thought it would excite me and make me want him." "Well, I see it
worked. Mmmm, and I can see why. He's got quite a large one, doesn't he." "I
wouldn't know large from small, Mom. I haven't seen any others, but it does look
nice." "No, of course you wouldn't dear. And it is nice. But I wish you wouldn't
fool around with him. What you were doing just now is perfectly fine to release
tension, but you don't need to have intercourse with Bobby." "But Mom, I like
him a lot and I want him to like me. But if I don't fool around, he might find
some girl that does." "Well, there are other ways to keep a man interested
without risking it all, you know. Have you thought about just using your hand on
him, the way you do on yourself?" "Oh, come on, Mom. I don't know a lot, but I
do know that guys and girls do it differently. I wouldn't even know what to do."
Karen was really laying that innocent stuff on thick. Mom considered this for a
minute, then said, "I'll be right back." A few minutes later, Mom returned with
a large shoebox. She placed it on the dresser and extracted a very realistic
looking dildo from it. This flesh-colored monstrosity was about six inches from
base to tip and possessed a pair of balls as well. Karen was speechless as Mom
began her lecture. "As you know, this is what a penis looks like. You can
probably tell from Bob's photo that men masturbate like so." Mom began stroking
the dildo lightly. "By continuing with this motion for an extended period of
time, you can cause a man to ejaculate. Of course, you may vary the motion,
going faster and slower, or gripping tighter or looser. Fondling his testes like
this will also provide some variety." Mom lost her composure a little then as
she cracked into a guilty smile and said in a conspiratorial whisper, "Your
father used to love when I'd do this for him. He especially liked when I'd fist
just the head, like this." "That's great, Mom, but won't jacking him off get a
little... old after awhile?" "I don't know where you picked up such language,
but, yes, it may," Mom admitted, "but you mustn't let him pressure you into
intercourse. You must put him off." "But Mom, men can be so insistent. Won't he
argue that I'm just doing something he can do for himself?" "Well, you have to
be firm. But if a man is extra insistent, and there's no other way out, you may
try fellatio." "Oh, wow, what's that?" Karen asked in (well-faked) wide-eyed
wonder. "Fellatio is the art of stimulating a man orally. Your father also said
I was a wonderful fellatrix." "Mom, do you mean cock-sucking." "Yes, honey, that
is a vulgar way to put it. Other terms include blowjob and giving head. It
requires much more technique and lots of practice to do well. I usually begin by
stroking it with my hand, then I move it into my mouth, licking and kissing it
entirely. Then I hollow out my cheeks, applying gentle suction with my lips and
keeping my tongue against it. A steady up and down motion then usually finishes
the job nicely." "But, what about the cum?" "You can swallow it, spit it out, or
finish him with your hand if you don't like the taste. I always just swallow;
it's much less of a mess that way. Here, observe my technique on this." Mom then
began huffing and puffing up and down the length of the dildo. Karen began to
get really turned on by this. The fact that our Mom was turning her on didn't
phase her at all. By the way Mom's nipples were poking against her white work
blouse, it was clear that it was having a similar effect on her. After several
minutes of demonstration, Mom handed the dildo to Karen and instructed her to
try. Karen, whose expertise I can attest to, enthusiastically swallowed the
whole length of the fake dong after only a few preliminary tongue swipes. Mom
squealed in surprise "My goodness, Karen, you're a natural," as her chest heaved
with pants and her thighs squirmed under her short black skirt. Karen pulled
away the dildo and, lips glistening with saliva, asked in a breathless voice
"But what about me, Mom, I'll be so hot I'll want to do more than this. Not even
masturbating can fulfill me now. I feel empty, I want to be filled." Mom seemed
out of it at this point. Her eyes were slightly glazed and her breath was short.
She considered a moment, then came up with the solution. "You already
masturbate, so I guess there's no harm in adding a little stimulation to that
process. You could borrow this dildo here when you want to be filled. But I'm
not sure you could take it." "But Mom, I want it!" Karen whined. "Okay honey,
here, lie down. But let's do this right." Karen couldn't believe what was
happening, but the little slut was incredibly turned on by this. We always knew
that Mom was highly sexed (her shoebox of sex toys was no news to us), but that
she was highly bi-sexed was incredible. s*s was the type of person who would try
anything once and most things twice. Her philosophy (and mine) was that if it
feels good, do it. If it feels real good, do it a lot. Hence her masturbation in
the living room. Hence our tete-a-tete (interruptus). On now, she was about to
get into it with Mom. Mom turned out the lights in the bedroom, but the glow
from the streetlights lit the room enough for them to see each other. Karen lay
back with her robe sashed loosely at her waist. Mom knelt on the floor beside
her. She reached up and opened Karen's robe, exposing her completely. Mom then
put her arm under Karen's neck and whispered in her ear. "Okay, baby, begin by
touching yourself with your hands." As Karen reached between her own thighs with
both hands, Mom began stroking her stomach lightly. Karen hunched closer in to
Mom and moaned lightly. Mom whimpered in answer. Almost imperceptibly, Mom's
hand crept down Karen's torso, her fingers first brushing lightly at Karen's
golden pubes, then twining into the curls. Karen began humping her hips up into
her own hands as Mom's hand rode lightly, palm down, just above those hands.
Karen brought her right hand up to her own breast, tweaking the nipple and
massaging the round globe of flesh. Her other hand slid up, covered Mom's and
brought it back down to the juicy young pussy. Together, mother and daughter
stroked the sweet gash and swollen clit. Mom's breath was hot and heavy in
Karen's ear. Suddenly, Karen turned her head, paused for a moment, then plunged
her lips onto Mom's. Mom responded warmly, increasing the pace of her hand on
Karen's slit while trying to tongue her tonsils. They stayed locked in that kiss
while Mom slipped first one, then two fingers into her daughter's juicy pussy.
Karen humped her hand hard, all the while increasing the pace on her own clit.
Her right hand returned to join her left. Then Mom pulled away gently. "I think
you're ready for 'Dick' now, honey." "Oh, Mom," Karen giggled "what a silly
name. I love you, Mom. I'm ready. Please give him to me." Mom picked up 'Dick'
from the floor, then said "Let me warm him for you," and slipped it into her
mouth. After a few moments of dildo deep-throat, she pulled the glistening fake
phallus from her mouth and moved it to s*s' snatch. Mom teased Karen a bit by
rubbing the dildo between her pussy lips a while and teasing the clit with the
head. Then she straightened it out, bent down, kissed Karen, and slid the dildo
into her snatch. As 'Dick' slid home, Karen took in a long shuddering breath,
then let it out in a long, low moan. Her hands were gripping Mom's shoulders.
Mom's right hand was still under Karen's neck as her left manipulated the dildo
slowly in and out of her pussy. Karen moved her hands in towards Mom's neck,
then began unbuttoning her blouse. As Mom fucked Karen with the dildo, Karen
moved down the pleated front of Mom's work blouse. When all the buttons were
undone, she began pushing the blouse off Mom's shoulders. Mom pulled her right
hand back, shrugged off that sleeve, switched hands on the dildo, then shrugged
off the other sleeve, leaving her in her bra, skirt and hose with that black bow
tie still around her throat. Her left hand returned to dildo duty, while her
right began caressing her daughter's tits. For her part, Karen began kneading
Mom's larger, fuller tits through her bra, then undid the clasp, which was
conveniently located in front. As Mom's tits burst free, Karen whimpered
hungrily and began sucking on the large nipples, swollen with lust. Mom
whimpered back. Karen's hand dropped between Mom's knees and snaked up her
skirt. Expecting to encounter fabric, she was surprised to find that Mom wore
stockings ... and no panties. Her fingers progressed unobstructed to Mom's
glistening, swollen snatch. "Mom!" Karen grasped, dropping her liplock on Mom's
tit. "I never wear them to work," Mom said, "I get much bigger tips that way."
Then she let go of the dildo and stood up to shuck her skirt. Clad now only in
garterbelt and hose (and that incongrous bow tie), she lay down next to Karen
and took her in her arms. "I love you, Karen," she breathed, "I want you to feel
good." Then they commenced to kissing again, running their hands freely over one
another's body. Finally, Mom grabbed hold of the dildo once again. She sat up a
bit and began pumping it in and out. Then she knelt over Karen's body, picking
up the pace. Then she leaned over and, as Karen moaned out her approval and
assent, began lashing her daughter's bulging clit with her tongue. Karen kept
one hand on Mom's head and tweaked Mom's nipple with the other, then moved it
around Mom's ass and slipped a finger into her pussy. They kept this position
for awhile, Mom tonguing Karen, Karen finger-fucking Mom. Then Karen began to
pull Mom's ass closer to her head. Mom didn't struggle, but quickly assumed the
full 69 position over Karen. Karen plunged her greedy tongue into her mother's
pussy. Within minutes, both were humping like crazy, rubbing their pussies into
each other's face. The dildo was discarded in favor of a full oral attack, and
mother and daughter each had her arms hooked around the other's thighs. Karen
began to feel a tremendous orgasm coming on, and lost her concentration in the
feeling. Mom considerately stopped humping her face and concentrated on bringing
her squirming daughter off. A short labial attack followed by a full clitoral
assault, and the objective was achieved. Karen arched her back as she reached
the precipice, then lunged forward as she came violently, her screams muffled in
her mother's wet, furry snatch. Mom swung around, gathered Karen in her arms,
and kissed and licked her own juices from her daughter's face. Then the two

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