f****y Fun

One summer Saturday, shortly after my first year of college, I
returned home from a noon racquetball game to find my Mom washing her car. I
winced as I recalled I had promised to do this for her before my game. I ran up
the driveway, dropped my stuff and started apologizing. "Forget it," she said,
"I'm kind of used to your s**tterbrains. Honestly, I don't know how you make it
in college." I picked up a sponge and started helping her. It was a hot, muggy
day and I was still dressed in the nylon shorts I had worn to play racquetball.
My t-shirt was discarded in favor of gaining a tan. Soon sweat was glistening
off my torso. "Say," my Mom said approvingly, "Have you been working out? You
look like you've developed a mighty fine body." I looked up at my mom, surprised
that she'd mention something like that. She was leaning across the hood, eyeing
me appreciatively. She was also dressed in shorts and a white dago-T. This top
gaped open, revealing the tops of her perky little breasts. Trying not to ogle
her too much, I mumbled something about lifting at school, then went back to
washing. We finished up and I started collecting the buckets and sponges as Mom
hosed off the car. As she swished the water back and forth, she inadvertently
sprayed me. "Hey!" I shouted, "you're getting me wet." "Oh really," she grinned
innocently,"I haven't even started." Then she turned the hose on me. "Hey!" I
shouted again lunging for the hose. "Let's see how you like it." I grabbed the
nozzle, but she held on tight. In the ensuing struggle, we both got entirely
soaked. Finally she regained control and sprayed me again. I bent down and bent
the hose, restricting the water flow. "Truce!" I called laughingly. As we
grinned at each other, I noticed that I could see her tits through the soaked
tee as clearly as if they were naked. The sight gave me an instant hard-on.
Looking up to her face, I saw she was as mesmerized by my shorts as I was by her
shirt. I let go of the hose, and she sprayed me full in the face, knocking me
over. "Fine," I yelled. "Clean up yourself. I'm hitting the showers." I needed
to jack off this monster before it burst. So I rolled over and made a bee-line
for the house. In the hot shower, as I soaped my rod, my mind was filled with my
Mom's petite body and exquisite tits. I rubbed faster, nearing my climax.
Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. Through the translucent shower doors I saw
the vague outline of my Mom step into the room and close the door. "Hurry up in
there,"she said."I'm soaked." "Tough," I said, hurriedly rinsing away the lather
in my crotch. "It's your own fault. Now you can wait your turn." "The hell you
say," she trilled. Then, to my astonishment, I watched her form through the door
as she stripped! The white of the t-shirt went first, then she stepped out of
her shorts. All of a sudden I found myself staring at her naked outline and
wishing the shower door was clear instead of frosted. But I didn't need to,
because the next thing I knew, she slid the door back and stepped into the
shower with me! "Hello there!" she said. Then, looking down, "My goodness,
that's quite a hard-on you have there." "M-m-m-m-mmom!"I stuttered."What's going
on here?" "Oh ,come on," she said,"it's not like I've never seen you naked
before." "But, what about you?" "We're both adults, aren't we?" she said
suggestively. As I stared aghast at her she said "Come on, Bill. You've been
ogling me for years. It always turned me on, a little. Then, when you got back
from school looking like this. Well, I'm only human... and very horny." I tried
one more protest."What about Dad?" "He won't be back from golfing for another
three hours. Besides, somehow I don't think he'd mind. Now, how about letting me
give you a hand?" she said, stepping forward and grabbing my tool. "Oh, this is
nice," she cooed, stroking my rod "how about a little more soap. There, that's
slipperier. My, what a fine young cock you have, son. It's a shame I didn't
latch onto this sooner." My head whirled as her small hand danced around my
shaft. Soon all my protests were forgotten as I shut my eyes and drifted with my
favorite fantasy finally coming true. "Hey, Bill," she said huskily, "Why don't
you touch me, too. I won't bite, at least, not yet." In a daze I reached out to
her breasts and soaped them up. I wiped my hands around them, cupping, pushing,
squeezing, lifting. I thumbed her nipples and was rewarded with a long low moan.
"Oh, yes, baby. Play with my titties. Play with Mommy's titties. Oh, yes, Bill."
Her stroking of my rod continued, now speeding up a little. But the angle with
her facing me was uncomfortable for her wrist, so she dropped to her knees and
started pumping me in earnest, fingering herself at the same time. My knees
buckled, and I felt myself starting to come. "Yes," she urged me, "come for
Mommy, come for me. Oh come on son. Come in Mommy's face." Groaning loudly, I
obeyed, my Mom to the letter, unloading jets of jism all over her face. "Yes!
Yes! she yelled,"I'm coming too. Oh I'm coming, Bill." When our orgasms
subsided, she sat back in the tub, water spraying her hot flesh, and began
scooping my cum into her mouth. "Mmmm, yummy," she grinned "but I'd like to
taste it from the source, next time." Instantly my boner sprang to attention
again, as if I had never come at all. "How about now, Mom." "Sure thing, baby,"
she said, "but you'll have to do something for me, first." "Name it," I said.
"Come here," she beckoned, "Eat Mommy's pussy." She sat down on the edge of the
tub and spread her long tan legs. I knelt between them, the water pelting off my
back, and applied my tongue techniques to her twat. Soon I had her legs curled
around my shoulders, her hands tugging my hair as she urged me deeper into the
place I came out of (and, with luck, would be cumming into before long!) "Oh,
Bill" she moaned "you lick pussy like a pro. Make me cum, baby. Make your old
mother cum!" And I did. Boy, did I. Her legs crushed my face into her crotch.
Her back arched so far I had to hold her from falling onto the bathroom floor.
Her loud moans echoed off the tiled walls. As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed
her hold on me and I was able to resume normal breathing. (You know, someone
ought to invent a nose snorkel for dedicated pussy eaters!) "That was the best,
baby" she breathed. By this time I was rock hard and ready to roll. "How about
that blow- job now?" I asked her, standing so my dick was at lip-level for her.
She looked up at me with a dreamy, satisfied smile on her face. "Sure son," she
said,"but let's dry off and do it right in the bedroom." This was fine with me
and I said so. So we lovingly towelled each other off and headed for the
king-sized bed in the master bedroom.

I hopped up onto the king-sized mattress and planted my ass in the
middle. Then I lay out, spread-eagled, with my cock jutting up toward the
ceiling. Mom stood in the doorway, eyeing me appreciatively. "You know," she
said, "You must have inherited your cock from my side of the f****y. Your dad is
nowhere near that big." That brought up a subject I wanted to avoid, but
couldn't really forget. My cock flagged slightly as I thought of my dad finding
out. He'd cut my balls off! "You mentioned earlier that Dad probably wouldn't
mind about us," I said, "are you SURE?" Mom laughed as she sashayed toward the
bed, her perky tits jiggling ever so nicely. "I'm sure," she said, "we've had an
open marriage since you k**s were little. Lately, when I intimated at more than
motherly feelings toward you, he laughed and teased me about it. Said I couldn't
wait to get my hands on your cock. He was right, of course, but not mad. I
accused him in turn of having lustful designs on Geriann. He admitted it. We
fantasized to each other about making it with you k**s. I think he'll be
delighted that he now has the opportunity to pursue your s****r." The thought of
Dad fucking my s****r brought me back to full hardness again. "I'm certain
she'll go for it, Mom. She's always checking out Dad's shape. Mine too, for that
matter. But I never dreamed we'd open up this can of worms." Mom crawled up onto
the bed between my spread legs. "There's only one worm I'm interested in right
now," she grinned, reaching for my cock. She curled up between my legs, her
shoulder length blonde hair brushing my thighs. It was still damp, and tickled a
bit, but suddenly I couldn't feel it anymore. I couldn't feel anything but her
hot breath on my cock. Exhaling heavily, she was bathing my staff in hot
breaths, exciting it in ways I never thought possible. Turning it this way and
that with her hand holding me at the base, she tingled every surface. I could
feel my pulse throbbing through my cock, every nerve ending excited and aware.
By contrast, the rest of my body didn't exist, so overwhelmed was my brain by
the total sesory overload emanating from my crotch. And she hadn't even touched
it yet! Just when I thought the feelings couldn't get more intense, Mom flicked
her tongue out and dabbed at the underside of my erection. The breaths now
alternated with tiny stabs of her tongue, one hot and dry, the other cooler and
moist. Gradually the breaths were outnumbered by the licks. The tiny flicks
became longer sweeps by her tongue. Now she was licking all around, long, wet,
slurping licks. "Mmmmm," she moaned, "you taste great, Son." The rhythmic
licking was actually less intense than the initial blowing, and my mind came
down a little from the clouds. But my cock was still high! Finally, Mom pulled
her head up and plunged her lips over the head of my cock. She applied a slight
bit of suction and began a pistoning motion. At this point, I raised up on my
elbows and gazed down at the head between my thighs. The full import of what was
going on hit me right then. There was my MOM! Giving me a BLOWJOB! Talk about a
"head" job, she was blowing my mind as well. As I watched, she casually brushed
her hair back behind her ear, u*********sly giving me a better view. She was
really into what she was doing, industriously pumping her head up and down. Her
lips covered and uncovered the length of my cock, which glistened wetly from her
saliva. Her cheeks were slightly hollowed from the suction she was using. If I
concentrated (and boy, was it hard to do!) I could differ- entiate between the
feelings made by the cheeks and those emanating from contact with her lips or
the slightly raspy tongue. Mom raised her eyes and noticed me watching. She
looked directly into my eyes and smiled around her mouthful of my cock. She
chuckled a bit, deep in her throat, and the vibrations sent new thrills coursing
through my rod! My eyes rolled back into my head and I dropped back onto the
bed. Noticing that effect, Mom began humming as she blew me, creating more good
vibes. I could feel myself beginning to lose control, the first inti- mations of
a great orgasm beginnig to tense my muscles. Sensing that, Mom went in for the
kill. Her suction increased, her pace quicked, her hand began following her lips
up my shaft, milking my cock harder and harder. Her tongue tap-danced up and
down, urging me to cum! Suddenly her motion changed. She placed her hands on the
bed outside my thighs and plunged her face deeper onto my cock. I felt her nose
collide with my pubic hair as she opened her throat and took me ALL the way in.
I could feel those stretched muscles constricting the top of my cock as she
pumped quickly up and down. That was it! With several quick moans followed by a
strangled cry I bucked my hips into her face and shot load after load of cum
down my Mother's throat. "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm." she moaned around my cock in time to
my spurts. The feeling of her swallowing around my cock coaxed more and more
jism out of my rod. Finally, exhausted, spent, wiped out, blown away, I
collapsed back on the bed and came as close to passing out as I ever had in my
life. After a few final licks, sucks and kisses, Mom left my now shriveled cock
to rest in peace and crawled up to snuggle against me. "That's the biggest load
I ever swallowed," she whispered, "and did it ever taste great. I love you, son,
you were great." "Mom," I mumbled "You were great. I-, I don't know what to
say." "Shh," she said, "you rest. Later on we can talk about what hap- penned.
And do it again, I hope. Now let's nap." So we slept together for a while. Later
I stumbled off to my bed to sl**p off the rest of the afternoon, while Mom got
dressed and went back downstairs. The last thought I had before falling asl**p
again was of my dad and my s****r, Geriann. I hoped that they could find a
little bit of what Mom and I did. Then I drifted off to dreamland, where nothing
I could dream of could top what had happened that day.
..... Or so I thought!!!!

That evening, Mom and Dad went out on a "special" date. By the big wink she gave
me when they left, I knew Mom was going to fill him in on the "goings-on." That
left Geriann and me home alone, and now that my thoughts were tuned to
intra-f****y sex, I began appraising my chances of making it with s*s. I knew
she was hot for me, but her contrary nature would cause her to reject any overt
passes I made. Geriann and I have always had a strong case of sibling rivalry
between us and, although we loved each other, we rarely turned down an
opportunity to put each other down. "Devious thinking is what's needed here," I
told myself. I decided on the oldest ploy in the book: play off the rivalry in a
"strip-"challenge. You know, strip-poker, strip-backgammon, that sort of thing.
Once we'd shed some clothes, maybe we could lose some inhibitions as well. This
trap only works when the trappee is as anxious to get naked as the trapper, as
I'd learned at school, but I was fairly certain of my prey in this case. "Yo,
shithead!" I called out, "Wanna get your ass kicked at nine- ball downstairs?"
Billiards used to be an even game for us, but one of the other things I learned
at school was how to handle a hot cue. Heh, heh, heh. "Thanks for the charming
offer, jiz-breath," she called back sweetly from upstairs, "but I've had a
better one." "I've got a date," she announced as she flounced downstairs. I was
flabbergasted. If her denim mini-skirt was up any higher it would have been a
hat. If the tube top under the jacket was any lower it would have been a sock.
Her normally bedraggled red hair rose in shimmering haloes around her head,
framing a face highlighted by rose-colored lips which said "Fuck me" without
once moving. "Who's the victim," I gasped without much conviction. "Jimmy
Taylor," she said, "the quarterback at the community college." "Oh, so he's dumb
and a bad athelete, otherwise he'd be in real school," I cracked, regaining some
of my composure. "You're just jealous," she said. "Of you??" "Of him," she said,
with an odd emphasis to her voice. Outside a horn honked. "S'long, schlong," she
called, heading out the door. "Say 'hi' to Rosy Palm and her 5 s****rs for me."
Ten o'clock: there's 7 million naked stories in this city, and I wasn't one of
them. Oh, I was naked alright, but I was alone. Mom had called from the
restaurant to say she and Dad were heading out to the Sybaris. They were getting
laid. My s****r was out with some Neanderthal. The way she was dressed I was
sure she was getting laid. All I had was HBO, a six-pack and Rosy. Oh well, at
least the beer was cold. Eleven-twenty: the front door slammed shut, jolting me
out of a doze. I was still naked, but no longer alone. "Oooooo, MEN!" Geri
screamed storming upstairs. I bounded up after her. "What?" I called, "what have
we done now?" She whirled around in her bedroom door. Her tube top was pulled
down on one side, displaying a round, heavy tit proudly capped by a bright red
nipple. Her lipstick was smeared and her hair was askew. I immediately got the
wrong idea. "Did he try to **** you?" I yelled, "I'll kill the fucker! I'll
break his balls! I'll ... " "No, no, you asshole!" she yelled back "I wanted it!
I asked for it." "Then what the fuck's your problem?" I shouted. "The little
shit came 10 seconds into foreplay at the drive-in. Then he wanted to watch the
fucking movie, so I made him drive me home and I'M STILL HORNY!" I fell over
laughing. Here was the little bitch herself, out on a hot date, ready and randy
and her QB fumbles the hand-off! As I laughed myself silly I noticed that she
wasn't laughing. Nor was she cursing. In fact, she wasn't doing anything but
staring. Staring at me. I was still naked! And there was Geriann, half-naked
herself, licking her lips and staring at my ..... BOINNNGGG!!!!! "Oh, wow," she
breathed, "that's quite a piece of work, Bill." "And it lasts quite a bit longer
than 10 seconds," I couldn't help it, it was too good a zinger to pass up. But
she didn't even notice. "I'll bet it does," she said, half to herself. "Can I
touch it?" Can she touch it? What am I gonna say, "No?" I didn't say anything. I
just held out my hand. Geri took my hand and knelt down. I guided it to my shaft
and left it there to fend for itself. She just held it for awhile, then stroked
it lightly with one finger. "I knew it would be big," she said, "I just knew
it." Now strange as this may seem, before that day Geriann and I had not seen
each other naked in years. She had her own bathroom off of her bedroom, and the
opportunity to spy her out had never presented itself. Similarly, although she
had ogled my bulge in the past, this was her first view of it au natural. The
way she was stroking it, however, it was soon going to be au jus. Not wanting to
fail in my boast and blow the deal by blowing my wad I pulled away and stood up.
"Hey, I'm not through with you yet," she said petulantly. "No you're not, little
s****r," I said, "not by a long shot." Taking her hand, I led her into her
bedroom. As usual it was a mess, but at least the bed was made and relatively
uncluttered. Turning around, I took her by the shoulders and kissed her deeply,
feeling first that lipstick smearing against my lips, tasting it with my tongue,
probing deeply into her mouth. Our tongues entwined in a deep, searing soul
kiss. Lips still locked, I pushed the jacket from her shoulders, then drew the
tube top down until her right breast popped free. My hands affixed them- selves
to those tits, hefting, squeezing, tweaking the nipples. Just as Mom supposed
that the size of my rod was inherited from her, I'm certain that Geriann's tits
came from Dad's side, just as her red hair did. Dad's mom had had red hair, but
it was tough to tell on the breasts because Grandma was fat all over. The
interlude from the hall to the bedroom had stood off my impending orgasm, and I
was ready for action again. My hands slipped down to that damned mini-skirt and
under to where Geri's white cotton panties waited to be disposed of. The crotch
was soaked from both my ministrations and, I supposed grudgingly, Taylor's. As I
tried to get above the waistband, s*s stopped me and pulled back. My split
second of disappointment was assuaged as she unzipped the side of the skirt and
dropped it to the ground. She also removed the tube top from her belly and
stepped out of her panties. Now she was as naked as I, and truly a wonderful
sight to behold. She stepped around me, put her hands around my neck and drew me
down on top of her on the bed. We kissed deeply again, then I nuzzled my way
down her neck, and spent some time on her breasts, licking and sucking those
wonderous nipples. I went into motion again, starting to kiss my way south to
eat at the 'Y' when she gently pulled my head back up and kissed me. "Not now,
big b*****r," she said tenderly, "I'm ready enough. I need you inside me. I need
it bad." "Sure," I said, "you've got it." I shifted my hips as she pulled back
her knees. The head of my cock lay agaisnt her pussy, ready to enter. She
dropped one hand down, squeezed my pole, and guided it lovingly into her hot
pussy. We both groaned deeply as I sank in to the hilt. It was like complete
fulfillment for both of us, the ultimate expression of an attraction that had
been building since puberty. For a moment we lay still, and I could feel her
muscles stretching and relaxing around me as she became accustomed to my size.
Then, with a shudder that racked us both, I pulled up and began fucking my
s****r with slow, deep, long strokes. "Oh, yes," she breathed "yes. Fuck me. So
deep. So good." She kept talking like that, her rhythm matched to that of our
strokes, her intensity proportional to that of her pleasure. We began rocking
faster, she began talking faster.
"Yes...yes...Oh...Yeah...Go...deeper...big...b*****r...Bill" Our arousal
increased, as did her volume. Her vocabulary, however, diminished:
"Yes..Yes..Fuck..Me..YES..YES..OH..OH" This went on for a good 15 minutes, by
which time I was pistoning in and out and we were both on the brink. Geriann was
reduced to one syllable, one vowel, over and over "O! O! O! O! O! O! O!" Her
head tossed from side to side, her hair whipping back and forth on the pillow.
Her breasts heaved and jiggled with each thrust and counter-thrust. Finally with
a rush, I felt myself starting to cum and added my own voice to hers "Oh, oh, oh
Ger, I'm gonna, I'm, I'M, CUMMING!!!!" Her litany crescendoed with mine "YES!!
YES!! CUM!! YES!! YES!! YES!!" Spasms rocked through our bodies! I fired wad
after wad deep into her womb, grunting with each shot. s*s's voice had finally
left her and she rolled her head back and forth, mouthing silent moans of
ecstasy. With one last big shudder and a heavy sigh, I rolled off her and
started to relax toward sl**p. Fortunately, I remembered her emphatic "Oooo,
men" in time to roll over and snuggle her, thus avoiding boorishness. With a
satisfied sigh of her own, which spoke volumes more than her other noises,
Geriann snuggled back and we drifted off to sl**p.
A light stabbed into that contented sl**p, waking me rudely. My anger drained
out of me, however, when I heard my Mom's voice ringing through the room. "WELL,
what do we have HERE!"

"WELL, what do we have HERE!" Mom's voice cut into my sexually sated drowse. In
a split-second, I realized that I had been caught , nakedly spooned to my
s****r. Almost as quickly, though, I relaxed, since Mom and I had had our own
little session earlier in the day. Geriann, however, knew nothing about that and
was mortified. Uttering a little shriek, she quickly wrapped herself in the
bedspread, curled up in the corner of the bed against the wall, and began
sobbing in shame. Mom spoke up again. "Your father had a little too much to
drink and I brought him home to sl**p it off. I can see it wasn't a moment too
soon. William," she continued sternly, "go to your room, and don't wake your
father. I'll deal with you later. First, I want to speak to Geriann." Her sly
wink to me belied the sterness in her voice. Feigning chagrin, I shuffled out of
Ger's room, modestly covering myself with my hands. I pulled the door shut
behind me, but not all the way closed. Instead of returning to my bed, I knelt
in the darkened hall to see just what my Mom would say to my s****r. Mom
approached the bed and sat down on the edge. "Geriann, honey," she said gently,
"it's okay. Don't cry." "Oh M-m-mom," s*s sobbed form underneath the sheet, "I'm
suh-suh- sorry." "Don't be, it's okay. I understand." The sobs moderated a
little, and Ger's head peeked out of the covers a little. "You do?" she said,
sounding perplexed. "Of course I do," Mom reassured her, "Sometimes you can just
get carried away with things, especially at your age. The sex drive is a very
powerful thing. It's why I insisted you start on the Pill when you got seriously
into dating." The sheet dropped to Geriann's shoulders now, as her red head
popped up in surprise. "But, my doctor said I should start. I didn't know you
knew." "Darling," Mom laughed, "who do you think told the doctor to say that?"
Geriann almost appeared relaxed at this point, until she remebered the whole
story. "But, Bill! Aren't you mad about me and Bill?" "Not at all. Sex is all
about love, and what better partner is there than someone you love and trust.
Besides," Mom giggled, "I think Bill's quite a hunk." "Oh, MOM," Ger cried,
exasperated (and letting the sheet drop to her waist) "NO one says 'hunk'
anymore." They both shared a giggle. "Then you're not mad?" Geriann asked. Well,
this was it, I thought. Time to head to bed soon. "Of course not, honey," Mom
said gently, opening her arms for a hug. Geriann scootched acroos the bed and
hugged our Mom. Since everything was cool (ultra-cool, since I was getting
double sex at home), I started to get up. The next sentence froze me in my
tracks. "You know, Geriann, I just love your breasts." "Mom!" Geriann said,
embarrassed, pulling back slightly. "No, really, dear," Mom insisted, "I always
wished I could have breasts as nice as yours. They're so large and round." My
sexy Mom and s*s were both sitting on the bed, holding each other, gazing down
at Geriann's breasts. This DEFINITELY was getting interesting. I settled back
down, and my cock started to settle UP. "Sometimes they're such a pain, though,"
Ger was saying, "other girls are jealous, but they just get in the way
sometimes. I'd much rather have breasts like yours, Mom." "Well, let's see," Mom
said thoughtfully, starting to unbutton the white blouse she was wearing, as if
to compare. My rod was really throbbing at this point, but I didn't touch it
yet. Mom dropped the blouse from her shoulders and unhooked her bra in front. (I
love those types of bras, one flick of the finger and Shazam! Tit-city.) "See,"
Geriann said accusingly. "You don't even need that bra. They stay in place so
nicely. And they're so cute, especially your nipples." "Well," Mom said, "your
Dad says my nipples are my best feature. But I like yours, too. I've heard that
girls with larger breasts have less sensitive nipples, though. Is this true in
your case?" "Oh God, no" Geriann said. "Sometimes I can cum just by playing with
them. The whole circle gets big and pink and feels just great." "Really? Just my
nipples get hard, but they stick out like pencil erasers." "Really? Wow, neat!"
s*s said. Mom leaned her head forward conspiratorially and said in a low voice
"Wanna see?" Now, differences of traits such as hair color, breast size, etc.
aside, Geriann and Mom (and Dad and I) all share a single trait. We're all
highly over-sexed. I think the f****y motto must be "If it feels good, do it, if
it feels really good, do it alot." Plus my s****r's personal motto always seems
to have been "Try anything once and some things several times." For this reason,
she never once blanched at what Mom suggested. In fact, she seemed fascinated
(and a little turned on). So she just giggled and said "Sure." "Okay," Mom said,
and withdrew her arms from around Ger. Without further ado, she encircled her
breasts with her hands and began stroking them out toward the tips. Within
seconds, her aureolae began to puff slightly, but the nipples really poked out,
like little finger tips (or cocks). Geriann watched, engrossed. "There," Mom
said, a little breathily. "Oh, wow," Geriann whispered. "How about yours," Mom
said, "can I see how yours get?" Geriann complied immediately. She licked her
fingertips first, however, then placed her hands on either side of her breasts,
pushing them together, and began to stimulate her nipples by moving her wet
fingertips in circles around them. I finally began to get into the act as well,
slowly stroking my cock. For a few minutes there was no sound at all, except for
some soft sighs as Mom and s*s each stimulated their own breasts. I knew it was
just a matter of time before things escalated. Sure enough, Mom moved one hand
up to her mouth, licked her fingers, and reached out to touch Geriann's breast.
"Oh, Mom" Ger sighed, letting her free hand drop down to her own crotch. As she
started tickling her clit, Mom reached out with her other hand. Geriann dropped
HER other hand down to her crotch. Suddenly, Mom stood up. Geri whimpered for a
second, missing her mother's touch. But Mom simply kicked off her shoes,
unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing panties, but
she was wearing (you guessed it) a garter belt and stockings. She quickly
settled back down onto the bed, resuming Ger's chest massage. But this didn't
last long. Soon, her head dropped down and she sucked one of her daughter's
large pink nipples voraciously into her mouth. Geriann uttered a curiou little
sound, sort of a cross between a hiccup and a sigh. Little by little, Mom pushed
Geriann back. Finally, they crossed gently past the balance point and Geriann
lay back on the bed, Mom on top of her, between her legs, still sucking tit. Ger
just lay back and enjoyed it, eyes closed, gently stroking Mom's hair.
Gradually, Mom moved her head down Ger's torso, kissing and licking her way. I
couldn't tell if Geriann was pushing her down or if she went of her own
volition. (Probably both, I guess.) When she got to her daughter's pussy, Mom
put that talented tongue to work. I would have been extremely jealous of both
women had I not sampled them each earlier myself. Pretty soon, Geriann, was
reaching further down Mom's body, gently urging her to swing around. Mom lifted
up without missing a lick, swung her leg over Ger's head and settled back down
into the . Sexy grunts, groans, slurps and moans emanated from these two sexy
women. It was clear that neither Mom nor s*s were strangers to the arts of
Sappho, the fact of which excited me even more. I picked up my own stroking a
notch. In fact, at this point, I was seriously considering joining them. But I
really get off on voyeurism, and I figured (correctly, as it would turn out)
that I would get plenty of chances at both Mom and Ger later. SO I sat tight.
Meanwhile, both blonde and red heads were flying, racing to bring each other to
orgasm. Geriann won. Mom's licks got slower, then she lifted her head, eyes
closed, muscles taut and straining. She ground her pussy against her daughter's
face, then started moaning loudly. Seconds later, with a large groaning
"OOooooOOOOHHH!" Mom came in Geriann's mouth. Geriann avidly licked up all of
Mom's juices, moaning and panting the whole while. As Mom came down, she rested
her head on Ger's thigh, the rolled off her, flipped around and kissed her
daughter full on the lips. "Mmmmm," Mom moaned, "I can taste myself on your
lips, honey." "You sure taste great, don't you, Mom." "Ohhh, so do you, hon. But
you haven't cum yet." "I think I haven't stopped cumming since you touched me,
Mom." "Nonsense," Mom insisted, "You haven't cum the way I want you to. Let me
do you some more." "How can I say no to an orgasm? I'm your's, Mom." Without
further ado, Mom repositioned herself between Ger's thighs. She didn't touch her
right away, though. She just started blowing lighlty around Ger's crotch. I
grinned to myself, knowing that this "blow job" was Mom's specialty. Sure
enough, in no time at all she had s*s writhing back and forth, hitching her hips
and pushing down on Mom's head, trying to get that teasing mouth onto her pussy.
Mom played hard to get for a minute, then dropped her head and planted a deep
soul kiss right on Ger's cuntlips. "Ooooo, Yessss," Geriann hissed, "Oh, eat me,
Mom." Mom complied willingly and with gusto. Licking, blowing, kissing and
munching, she brought her daughter closer and closer to orgasm, like an expert
race car driver shifting gears to top speed. Mom next brought her hands into
play, sliding fingers in and out of her daughter's pussy. Soon, Geriann's head
started whipping back and forth, and she started talking in monosyllables again.
"Oh...Yes...Mom-...my...Eat...me...oh...yeah!" From previous experience I knew
she was getting close, so I quickened my own strokes, determined to cum with
her. Then all of a sudden, Mom grasped one of her own tits and, hitching up over
Ger's stomach, jammed it nipple first into her daughter's creaming quim, fucking
her with those pert little tits. The sight of this blew my mind and my load. And
that cock-like little nipple on her clit drove Geriann over the edge too,
screaming silently into her orgasm. Mom's groans as she fingered herself
indicated that she, too, was coming. Leaning wearily against the doorjamb, I
watched Mom collapse onto Geriann's stomach, then crawl up beside her. As mother
and daughter shared another deep kiss. I stumbled to the john, got a washcloth,
and returned to clean up my mess. Mom and Geriann were fast asl**p in each
other's arms, blonde hair and red entwined on the pillow. I returned the
washcloth to the bathroom, stumbled off to bed and fell instantly asl**p. I
didn't dream any erotic dreams that night because I had lived them all already.
Well, almost...........

I slept very late that Sunday morning. The previous day's events had worn me out
physically, sexually and psychologically and I slept like the dead. What finally
awakened me was some really nice feelings emanating from my groin. It felt like
a blowjob. I opened my eyes. It was. Mom was at it again, much to my delight.
But when she saw that I was awake, she stopped. "Afternoon, sl**pyhead," she
laughed. "Time for the rest of you to get up." "I'd rather you got down," I said
sl**pily, "What time is it?" "One-something," she said, "Everyone else is up."
"Even Geriann?" I asked, "After what you two ... uh, whoops." Mom laughed
heartily. "I knew you were there," she said, "so you're into voyeurism, so what?
I am too, though I rarely get a chance to practice it. But that's why I woke
you. Are you up for another round of peek-a-boo?" "Are you going to jump your
daughter again?" "Nope, Ger's the jumper and your Dad's the jump-ee." I was
fully awake now, and sat up straight in my bed. "Great," I said, "When's the
main event?" "Any minute now," she said, "Your Dad's asl**p on the living room
couch. Geriann is putting away lunch dishes, then she's going to wake him up,
much the same way I woke you up. It was my plan, of course, but she was
delighted to try it. She asked me to leave them alone and stay up here while she
makes the move. Can you imagine? After all we went through yesterday she still
is a tad on the shy side. Anyway, I'm not missing this for the world. If you
want, we can watch through the railing up here." "Lead on, Mom." So Mom and I,
clad in our robes, crept out to the upstairs railing which overlooked the living
room. The tableau displayed before us consisted of Dad, also wearing a robe,
which, Mom assured me, had nothing beneath it. He was laid out on the couch,
head back and snoring. A faint clatter of dishes and silverware emanated from
the kitchen, attesting to Geriann's presence. It wasn't long before that noise
stopped and s*s appeared in the doorway. She was dressed in a baby doll nightie
which was tied shut between her breasts with a red ribbon. Similar ribbons
decorated the side of her matching panties. With quick, light steps she crossed
over to the couch and stood looking down at Dad. If there was any hesitation in
her mind, it quickly vanished as she knelt down beside the couch. Delicately,
she lifted aside one side of Dad's robe, exposing his naked crotch. I gloated a
little when I saw his size; he was smaller than me, at least soft. I would be
able to compare extended lengths in just a moment. Ger reached out and lifted up
his peter, encircling it with her hot little fingers. The only effect it had on
Dad was to change the tone of his snores a little. Ever so gently, she leaned
down and slipped him into her mouth. Mom and I both hunched a little closer to
the railing (and toward each other) to get a better view. The couch was along a
wall perpendicular to us, nearly below us, and Dad's feet were pointed in our
direction. So we had a perfect view from the side. As we watched, Ger's cheeks
hollowed out and she pulled back slightly, stretching Dad's hardening dick. He
began to moan in his sl**p and seemed on the verge of waking up. With a wicked
gleam in her eye, s*s lowered her lips down his shaft, pushing her nose into his
salt-and-pepper pubes, and held still, sucking gently. Dad settled down a bit,
then his hips started lightly bumping up and down. Ger added a bigger up and
down movement on his shaft, which was by now fully erect. Dad really started to
wake up now, and, before he was fully awake, moaned out, "Oh baby, that's great,
but what about the k**s?" I snickered, only to have Mom poke me in the ribs. Ger
only moaned around his cock "Mmmmph," and continued sucking. Dad's eyes
fluttered, then rolled back in his head as s*s' ministrations began to take full
effect. He continued to buck his hips slightly. Then his hand came up to her
head and his eyes popped open in surprise as he felt Geriann's long tresses
instead of the short, suburban housewife hair-do he expected. His voice,
however, was non-chalant, "Oh, Geriann, is that you. That's real nice, honey,
keep it up. What a nice way to wake up your old Dad. Hey, is it my birthday
already?" Geriann lifted her head up to look him in the eye "Oh, Daddy, shut up
and enjoy your blowjob!" Then she went back to sucking. "Yes baby" Dad said
contritely, and laid his head back. After a bit more, he stopped her. "If you're
not careful, Geri, baby, I'll be filling your mouth up with jizz." "But that's
what I want," she said petulantly. "I've got other plans for this load, baby. I
don't want to lose it too soon before we have enough fun." "Okay, Daddy," she
said brightly, "what do you have in mind?" "Come here and kiss me for a start."
Dad and s*s entered into a long, deep lip-lock, during which time Ger never
relinquished her hold on Dad's cock. For his part, Dad's hand had already found
one of her ample breasts and was twiddling her nipple through the sheer
baby-doll. She leaned back and undid the ribbon, opening up the front of the
nightie, and stuck her tits into her father's face. Dad began sucking, lustily
and noisily, on first one magnificent mam, then the other. "Dad!" Ger squealed
"Your beard is so rough!" "Sorry baby, I'll be careful." "Fuck careful!" she
shot back "suck my titties." Dad complied readily. In the meantime, I was stiff
as a board (naturally) and was beginning to think about a little action of my
own. Mom evidently had the same idea, be- cause she reached over under my robe
and began stroking my boner lightly. Downstairs, s*s pulled back from Dad. He
slipped his arms from his robe and left it open beneath him on the couch. That
lazy old fart hadn't moved yet and was getting all this great sex. What a scam!
In the meantime, Geriann stood up facing him and teasingly tugged on the ribbons
holding her panties on. Dad would have none of that. He just reached up and
yanked on the bows. They came untied and the panties drifted down between her
legs to the floor. Dad's hand passed them on the way up and he settled her
crotch right in his palm. Working one finger into her pussy, his big thumb
covered her clit and began rubbing in a heavy, circular motion. Geriann's breath
went out of her in a big sigh and her knees sagged. In fact, it seemed that only
Dad's probing hand held her up. Still using one hand, he pulled her toward the
couch. She went willingly. She swung her leg up and over his torso, settling her
tush squarely on Dad's chest. Dad's arms went under her legs and pulled her
crotch into his face. A long, drawn out, satisfied groan from s*s signalled that
his tongue had made contact. Dad continued to eat Geriann out for about 10
minutes. Ger held onto the arm of the couch behind his head and humped his face
for all she was worth. Pretty soon, those familiar rhythmic moans, groans,
squeals and sighs were echoing off the living room wall, as s*s geared up for
her orgasm. As the pace of the noises increased, so did Mom's action on my
hard-on. I flipped up the back of her robe, exposing her ass and pussy, and
began a digital attack of my own on those orifices. With an almost noiseless
shriek, Geriann came all over Dad's face. Almost immediately, she slid her ass
down his torso until it bumped into his boner and licked her juices off his
face. Without further preamble, she lifted her butt, impaled herself on his
staff and began a frantic humping. Dad's hands went to her chest and began
mashing those great tits around. Geriann's head was back rolling on her
shoulders, her eyes closed in ecstacy. Dad's hips were pistoning, bumping her
into the air. I had to admit, the old man could still throw a fuck into a gal.
Almost seamlessly, like a ballet, he slid his legs around and was sitting on the
couch, his daughter facing him as they fucked. Then they were standing, Dad's
hands under her ass, lifting and lowering her like he was doing curls. Then he
turned, lowered her to the couch, and was on top of her, still fucking. "Wow," I
breathed "he's really good." My previous smugness about his size was replaced by
awe at his technique. This guy was good! "He sure is," Mom agreed, "but he's not
young anymore. This fuck'll do him in for the afternoon." "This fuck is enough
for the afternoon for anyone." "Not for me," Mom said "give me stamina and
resilience anytime." "Like in a 20-year-old guy?" I smirked. "Exactly," she
said. On the couch, Dad was building to his climax. His ass was pistoning up and
down. Geriann had her hands on her kness, pulling her legs back, holding herself
open for her Dad's cock. Dad started to groan: "Oh, Ohh, OHH, OHHHH!" He whipped
his dick out of her hole and jacked it over her stomach. His wad flew from the
tip, spurting all over and leaving a trail of slime from his daughter's navel,
past and over her heaving tits, up her neck and to her chin. Geriann, who had
been climaxing constantly since she hung in mid-air impaled on Dad's dick,
continued to writhe frantically, even though her pussy was empty, and scooped up
all the sperm she could reach, licking her fingers. Finally they both calmed
down, and Dad collapsed into an exhausted, sweaty embrace with his daughter. Mom
and I both stood up, leaned over the rail (with the fronts of our robes hanging
open) and applauded heartily. s*s looked up and Dad looked over his shoulder at
us and both smiled weakly in acknowledgement. Ger waved at us and Dad called up
"Okay you two, it's your turn to put on a show for us!" "Gladly!" Mom called
back and turned to me with a twinkle in her eye. "We're on," she grinned.

Mom, Dad, Geriann and I really enjoyed each other and the thought of having two
available women was keeping me hot to trot. We all stayed naked the rest of the
day fucking and sucking at will. Later that afternoon Dad and Mom suggested we
join them in a trip to their friends house for a swing party telling us that
both Geriann and I would be surprised by what we saw. Geriann was game and the
idea of even more available and willing women had me already hard. Ger and I
agreed right away and Dad went to call some friends of his and Moms as I Geriann
and I worked Mom to a quick climax.
Geriann sucked Mom's left tit while finger fucking Mom's pussy while I licked
and sucked Mom's right tit and fingered her tight pink asshole. Mom came like a
fire cracker as Ger and I worked her hot body ramming our fingers up her pussy
and ass while sucking her pert tits and bitting her stiff nipples. By the time
Dad returned Geriann and I were very worked up and Mom was moving us into
position to fuck. Mom guided Geriann's hot dripping slit onto my cock while Mom
straddled my face pushing her dripping quim to my waiting mouth. Ger was
bouncing on my stiff cock driving my tool deep into her hot tight twat while I
licked Mom's pussy with ever increasing pressure. All of a sudden I felt Ger's
pussy tighten and a hard shaft pressing against my cock. At first I didn't know
what was happening then I hear Mom telling Dad to stuff his cock deep into
Geriann's asshole and realized that Ger was getting her first double fucking.
Geriann began to pant hard and loud as Dad and I reamed her young tight holes
for all we were worth making her climax quickly and continually as she and Mom
massaged each others tits. Dad pounded his prick deep into Geriann's hot tight
anus as she drove my prick into her hot wet convulsing cunt stretching her pussy
and asshole as her tight young body was racked by orgasm. Mom was getting hot
too and her pussy flooded my face with sweet juice as her climax over took her.
I fired another load up my s****r's hot cunt as Mom filled my mouth with her
sweet climatic juices. Dad was still reaming Ger's anus making her cry out with
pleasure. Geriann's tight rectum finally took its toll on Dad and I heard him
moan as I felt his cock drive deep into Ger's asshole and knew he was filling my
s****r's tight butt with his thick jism. Dad pulled out of Geriann's well fucked
anus and let her climb off me as Mom rolled off and licked Dad and my cum from
Geriann's ass and pussy.
We all took a group shower and rested till dinner, I did managed to get Geriann
worked up and ate her hot sweet pussy to a nice climax something that I had
wanted to do since the previous night when Mom discovered us sl**ping together.
Ger loved my tongue in her hot box and her cries of pleasure brought Mom and Dad
to her room in time to watch me lick her slippery slit to orgasm. When I had
licked up all of Geriann's sweet juices I sat back and noticed Mom and Dad
watching us. Dad's cock was stiff and Mom's nipples were standing out like stiff
little pricks waiting to be sucked and licked. Mom moved onto the bed next to
Ger and spread her legs motioning Dad follow her. Dad cock stiff and throbbing
slipped between Mom's legs and began to lick and finger Mom's very wet pussy.
Ger and I just watched for a moment as our folks got it on in front of us. The
hot scene stimulated us and both Geriann and I wanted Mom to really enjoy a hot
orgasm so we began to lick and suck her pert firm tits Ger taking Mom's left tit
into her mouth as I licked Mom's right tit. Mom was moaning and coaxing us on
telling us to lick and suck her tits while Dad ate her out and finger fucked her
hot twat. Mom raised her legs opening her pussy wide for Dad and Ger and I
grabbed her legs holding Mom's slippery pink pussy open as Dad stuffed two
fingers up her juicy pussy and licked her stiff pink clit. My cock was throbbing
as we worked Mom and She added to the excitement by reaching into Geriann and my
crotches stroking my stiff prick while she fingered Geriann's slippery slit
stuffing her fingers deep into my s****r's hot pussy. Mom's hand slacked off and
I knew she was on the brink of a total orgasm as her legs began to tremble and
she started to cry out her passion loud and long flooding Dad's mouth with her
sweet pussy juices.
I wanted to jump Mom and stuff my cock up her slippery cunt but Mom had passed
out from the pleasure her limp body covered with sweat, pussy juice and saliva
from our tit licking. Dad told me and Ger to let her sl**p a bit and suggested
we get dinner ready. As we were preparing dinner Mom came down stairs and we all
ate a light meal sitting naked in the kitchen. After dinner Mom and Dad
explained what was going to happen this evening so that we would know how to act
and to insure that we would keep quiet about what we saw. Ger and I agreed and
were looking forward to the evening the thought of lots of naked people sucking
and fucking at will had both of us very horny. Dad told us that we would be
meeting some new people and others that were long time f****y friends so not to
be surprised. I asked Mom if her friend Jenny was going to be there and Dad
nodded yes. Mom asked me if I had the hots for Jenny and I confessed that I had
been ogleling her for years when she came over to visit with Mom. Mom told me
that Jenny would like that as she had remarked more than once that she would
like to see me naked. Geriann asked Dad about one of our black friends Bob and
his wife Carol and dad said he wasn't sure but Bob and Carol were regulars so
that there was a good chance that the would be present. I knew Ger had seen
Bob's big cock once when she was younger and had walked in on him in our
bathroom. The thought of a big black cock driving up my s****r Ger's hot cunt
made my cock stiff. Dad also mentioned that there would be some k**s our age at
the party and that we would get a chance to see some other s****r and b*****r
sex. All of us were very stimulated by the hot dinner time talk and Mom
suggested we get ready to go. Ger and I were ready in a flash and Dad told me
not to bother with underwear as it would only be one more thing to find at the
end of the evening.
Dad and I were waiting for Mom and Geriann to finish dressing when Dad let out a
low whistle. I turned to see Mom and Geriann coming down the steps. They looked
hot Mom was wearing a shear blouse with no bra her pert firm tits showing
clearly thru the blouse and her stiff nipples attesting to the high state of
arousal she was in. Mom had on a short skirt which was slit high up one side
showing a lot of firm thigh and clearly showing that she wasn't wearing any
panties or nylons under her skirt. Geriann had on a white blouse which buttoned
up the front and was cut low over her tits. Ger's full firm tits were jiggling
nicely attesting to their braless condition. Geriann had selected on of her hot
looking black leather mini skirts which showed off her firm long legs nicely.
Ger pulled up her skirt showing Dad and I her pussy which had been just newly
shaved letting us see her wet pink pussy lips and erect clit. Mom smiled and
said "How do you guys like Geriann's new look". Both Dad and I told her how hot
she looked and complemented Mom on her pussy shaving ability. Ger reached over
to Mom and pulled her skirt up showing us that they had done each other and
Mom's pussy was completely shaved her pink pussy lips glistening with her own
juices. Dad and I both had raging hard cock just looking at Mom and Ger, I
wanted to fuck them both right there but Dad and Mom hurried us out to the car
Dad getting Geriann in the front seat with him and Mom and I getting in back.
Mom told us that she was going to be my date for the evening and Dad was going
to e****t Ger. I liked the idea and wondered how it would be to share my mother
and s****r with other guys. A tinge of jealously crossed my mind but the thought
of stuffing my stiff prick up Jenny's cunt and asshole soon erased any doubt
about our f****y adventure.
We drove for about 20 minutes and pulled up in front of a nice suburban house
which looked for all intense very conservative. The only indication of a party
was the six or seven cars parked in the driveway and in the street. Dad and I
got out on the street side and went around to help the ladies out getting a
great show as Mom and Ger made sure to hike up their skirts. We went to the door
and rang the bell after a short wait a tall blond woman wearing a terry cloth
robe answered the door and let us in. Dad spoke briefly to her then introduced
Geriann and I to her telling us that her name was Donna. Dad told Donna that
this was our first swing party and that we were their k**s. Donna looked at Ger
and I and licked her lips then reached out and rubbed Ger's tit then my cock. I
liked Donne right away and told her I was going to make sure she enjoyed
tonight. Donna smiled and opened her robe placing it on the chair next to the
door and allowing us see her hot body as she led us into the living room. My
eyes almost fell out of their sockets as we entered the room. There were four
couples and a three young girls going at it on large mats layed down on the
floor. Donna led us thru the fucking mass of bodies to a bedroom and told us to
strip and join in where ever we wanted. Mom told me to close my open mouth and
began to strip me quickly. Dad was doing the same for Geriann and soon my s****r
and I were standing there naked. I helped Mom out of her clothes as Geriann
stripped Dad exposing his stiff cock and stroking his prick in her hot little
hand. Mom told us that we needed to be introduced to everyone and that we would
have to let the others get to know us a bit before we really got wild. After her
words of wisdom Mom led me by my cock as Dad guided Ger by placing his hand on
her ass moving us to the living room to meet their swinging friends.
The fucking had slowed a bit and the other guests were relaxing as if they were
waiting for us to join them. I spotted Jenny right away, she was sitting on some
guy's cock facing away from him and was gently rubbing her stiff exposed clit.
The guy had a nice fat cock and Jenny had it stuffed deep into her hot red
haired cunt. Jenny's pussy was trimmed back nicely and her pussy lips were
shaved bare exposing her pink pussy lips and long stiff clit. Jenny's tits were
full, firm and capped with stiff pink nipples which I longed to suck and lick.
Dad and Mom maneuvered us in front of the fireplace and began the introductions.
First was Ceil and Jim a pert little red head Ceil had small firm tits which
looked great and her pussy was nicely kept showing shaved cunt lips and a neat
triangle of red hair against an alabaster body. I knew Jim he was Jenny's
husband, his cock was stiff, ready and about 8 inches erect. Ceil kept up a slow
stroking on his cock as Dad and Mom introduced Ger and I and I could tell from
the way his cock jumped he was very turned on by the thought of Ger and I with
Mom and Dad. Ceil introduced us to her daughter Kim who was kneeling next to her
mother. Kim had Bob's long black cock stuffed up her pussy and her small firm
tits gently jumped when Bob shoved his thick black shaft far into her cunt. Jim
introduced Jenny his wife and made a nice comment about Mom and Geriann's
pussies telling them how he liked to eat out shaved hot cunts. Jenny spoke up
and told Dad and I we could have her any time and commented on the possibility
of us taking her cunt and ass together. Bob introduced his wife Carol and told
Mom that Carol was waiting for her to arrive so that they could lick each others
spermy cunts and assholes. Carol was on her hands and knees getting her pussy
plowed her firm large tits swinging the guy slowly stroked his cock deep into
her hot black pussy. A very young girl was laying under Carol licking her cunt
as the guy slowly fucked Carol. Carol introduced Andy Ceil's husband who was
stroking his cock into her pussy. Pulling the young girls head from her pussy
Carol told her to stop a minute and meet us. The young girl's name was Pat and
she turned out to be Donna's daughter. Pat had small perky tits and pretty face
which was now covered with Carol's slippery pussy juices making her look very
sexy. Pat had nice long legs and a lightly downed pussy which had been shaved
except for a small strip of hair on her mound. I knew I would be stuffing my
cock into her hot cunt before the night was over. Pat introduced her father Tom
who was laying back next to her and had a beautiful black girl perched on his
cock. Tom introduced himself and then the girl he was fucking. The girls name
was Lisa and as I suspected she was Bob and Carol's daughter. Lisa was hot
looking and the sight of her sitting astride Tom's stiff cock made my cock
pulse. Lisa had firm tits with stiff brown nipples which were very long and
thick, her pussy was shaved leaving her cunt lips and clit exposed and I could
see the pink inner lips of her pussy as Tom's thick long cock stretched her
tight teen slit. Donna waved as she straddled her husband Tom's face pressing
him down and planting her slippery slit on his mouth. The introductions done the
party continued and the other guests demanded we give them a show by fucking our
mother and father in front of them. I was ready and from the look on Geriann's
face she wanted some hot cock stuffed into her dripping pussy.

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8 months ago
awesome story.
2 years ago
Now that's one hell of a family, And I love a good swing party. Can't wait to read more.
2 years ago
thats just to hot needs a part 2, 3...
3 years ago
Great family fun.
3 years ago
damn I love your family and friends , love to party some times