We all do it, masturbate that is, every day for some, once a month for
others, but a recent poll said that 90% of all the women in the U.S.
masturbate and the other 10% are liars! Now, being a very liberated lady
of the 90's, I admit to having an on going love affair with the middle
finger on my right hand. Unlike the very unpredictable male, my trusty
middle digit is always, ready, it's never tired, it never wants to talk
when it's over, and best of all, it doesn't think of me as a slut, or at
least I think it doesn't! I'm thirty two years old now, but I still manage
to get off with my own hand at least once or twice a week, that's eighteen
years of pleasuring myself when I felt the need arising! What was strange
about this very natural phenomena, was how I learned to do it, or should I
say who taught me how to do it. Back in 1980 I was just an innocent girl
of f******n, and my sexuality was just beginning to emerge, and like most
girls my age, no one had ever taken the time to explain anything about the
feelings that were racing through my body. The only person I could talk to
was my best friend Nancy, and we told each other everything! You could
just about be sure that if Nancy was around, Valerie couldn't be far away!

"Hey Val," Nancy whispered, "I found some of my dad's magazines in the
basement last night, you gotta come over after school and see them, they
show everything!!!" "Really," asked Val, "everything!?!" "Everything,"
Nancy shot back, "meet you at my place at about four o'clock, nobody's
gonna be home then!" For the rest of the day Val thought about the
magazines in Nancy's basement, finally she would get to see what all the
fuss was about! So far she had heard some pretty wild stories, some of
them totally unbelievable, well at least she hoped so! Anyway, today would
be the day she found out for herself, she could hardly wait!!!
Nancy led Val down the narrow stairway into the dark forbidding basement.
Nancy found the light switch, and the large room suddenly was flooded with
bright light from the over head neon fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
"Over here," instructed Nancy, "I found them behind this box of old
National Geographics." Nancy reached over the box and retrieved three
magazines, all of which had pictures of scantily clad women on the covers.
Both girls sat down on an old couch up against the far wall, and settled
down for some serious "reading"!!! Opening the top one, Nancy said, "Get a
load of this Val, they're really doin' it!" Val looked on with wide open
eyes, the bright color pictures showing men and women in various stages of
love making. Val couldn't believe that something as large as a penis would
ever fit in her tight little vagina, but from the looks of the photos, the
women seemed to be more than enjoying themselves! Flipping the page, Nancy
commented, "Get a load of this one Val, this one is sucking on his
thing!!!" Val stared at the picture, what she had heard was more than
true, women actually put hard penis's in their mouths!!! Unreal!!! The
next page was even more bizarre, several women were sitting on the floor
with their legs wide apart, and sticking what could have almost passed as
candles into their vaginas! Even though what she was seeing was shocking,
especially to someone so young, Valerie couldn't help but feel the wetness
forming in her own pussy, and the funny gnawing feeling she was getting in
the pit of her stomach! Even though it looked repulsive, Valerie would
have given anything to have been one of the women in the photographs! All
the way home she thought about what it would feel like to have a man enter
her vagina, her clit was sending out a signal that was impossible to
ignore, she needed to be filled, she just had too!!!
The next day after school, Val wandered about the house, thinking about
the pictures she had seen the day before at Nancy's place. That feeling in
her loins hadn't disappeared, it had grown more insistent by the hour. She
could feel that her vagina was damp, and that her lips were puffy and
distended. She had the house to herself for at least the next hour, so she
decided to do something about it, she would try masturbating like the
woman in the magazine, by sticking something inside her vagina! Val
slipped off her panties, lay down on her bed, and spread her legs wide
apart. Just feeling her vagina being stretched made her let out a soft
moan, her whole being seemed to be wrapped up in her crotch! She hadn't
given much thought on what to use, but the handle of her brush was nice
and smooth, and it wasn't very thick, so it wouldn't cause any pain going
in. Val used her finger to make sure that she was good and lubricated, and
then she slowly inched the brush handle into her steaming little box. My
god, it felt so good to have something inside of her, even if it was just
that skinny little handle! Val was just starting to get into it when a
voice cracked the air like a rifle shot, "Just what do you think you're
doing, Valerie," her mother demanded, "I leave you home for a few hours
and this is how you spend your time?!?" Valerie quickly dislodged the
handle from her pussy, leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and
stuttered. "Well, I was just, I was just trying to....." "I know what you
were trying to do," shot back her mom, "the question is, where did you get
such an idea!?!" Valerie had never lied to her mother, and even though she
wanted to, she broke down and told her about the magazines and all of the
pictures depicting all sorts of sexual acts. Her mother, now calming down,
remembered how she as a young girl had also experimented with
masturbation, and that it was almost impossible to resist its temptation!
Her mother walked over to Val, put her arms around her and gave her a bit
hug and said, "I'm sorry I got so excited, what you were doing was
perfectly natural, but using something as sharp as a hair brush handle can
be dangerous, and I don't want you to injure yourself!" She then kissed
her daughter on the cheek and continued, "For that reason, and so you know
what you're doing, for this one time I'm going to show you the proper way
to masturbate!" For several seconds Valerie just stood there, stunned at
what she thought she had heard her mother just say! Nope, she had heard
right, her mother began removing her clothing, and instructed her to do
the same! Valerie's head was indeed spinning!!!
When they were both quite totally naked, Val's mom lay down on the bed and
had her do the same, both mother and daughter side by side and naked on
the bed! "Now, Val," her mother intoned, "I want you to pay attention to
everything that I say, because this is the last time I want to have to
show you this, got it!?!" "Yes, mom," answered a very nervous Valerie!
"Okay then," her mom went on, "first a little history is in order, the
women in our f****y are very sexually adept, and very easily aroused!"
"While sometimes it's a pain in the butt to have your vagina always in
need, it also can be the most wonderful thing in the world!" "Your father
is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love making department, but
he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate on
the nights he's not a home." "You will also find out that once you start
having orgasms, they are like the proverbial potato chip, you can't just
have one!!!" "Some days your vagina will have to be taken care of two or
three times, depending on how you feel!" "I'm telling you all of this,
just so you'll know that it's okay to need and have orgasms often!" "Now,"
her mom went on, "as you can see, just from talking about sex, my nipples
have become very hard, and I see that yours have too!" "When I'm
masturbating, I usually like to start with my tits, because a good nipple
twisting really gets your pussy wet and ready to go!" "By the way, from
now on I am going to use street language to describe body parts as well as
sexual acts, because in real life, men and women talk very dirty to each
other in bed, okay?" Valerie, nodded her head and her mother went on,
"Look at how nice and plump are nipples have become, just twist them
lightly, feel your clit twitch with each tug!" "Feel it!?!" "Yes,"
whispered Val, "I can really feel it!" "Well," her mother continued, "I
knew you would, all of the Clark women have very sensitive nipples!" "Do
you feel the dampness in your pussy," asked her mother, "you should be
able to feel it getting very wet by now!" Valerie nodded yes, and her
mother then offered, "Now take you finger and run it up and down your
crack like this," while taking her own finger and sloshing it up and down
her dripping cunt. "Good job, Val, how does that feel?" Valerie could
barely make her mouth work, but she managed to stammer, "Real good, real
good!" "That's my girl," her mom fairly beamed, "I guess we know now that
your clit is working fine!" "I think it's important to note, that you keep
playing with your tits with your free hand, because that just keeps
stirring the pot in your pussy!" "Okay, that's good, twist them harder,
yeah, that's right, do your clit a little harder!!!" Both of them were now
breathing harder, their breaths coming in fits and bursts, coinciding with
the spasms in their vaginas. "Now we get down to some serious stuff, work
you finger in and out of your pussy, finger it hard, and then come back to
your clit every now and then!" "T-that's good, Val," she stammered, "her
own fingers flying over her wide open cunt, I'm getting very close to
cumming, how about you!!!" "Valerie had lost all of her inhibitions and
was now furiously stroking her wet slit, she answered in a thick sounding
voice between deep breaths, "I'm close too, mom, jesus, I'm close!!!" Her
mother continued with some lewd talk, how does it feel to spread your legs
and expose your vagina?!?" "It makes me feel slutty," Valerie panted,
"makes me feel like I want everyone to see how hot I am!!!" "Good girl,"
her mother hissed, "just like all of the Clark women, total sluts in the
bedroom, we know how to satisfy our men, don't we!?!" "Mom," begged
Valerie, "do we put our men's penis's in our mouths and suck them!?!"
"Mmmmmm," her mom moaned, "oh yes, all of the Clark women are born
cocksuckers, we put their pricks in our mouths and let them cum, then we
swallow all of it!!!" "Do you suck daddy," Val panted, now on the edge of
her first climax?!? "Of course dear, your daddy has a lovely cock, it's
very long and thick, and takes very good care of mommy's vagina!!!" "Do
you think my vagina will be as hairy as yours is someday," Valerie asked,
between gasps for air?!? "Of course darling, that's another thing we Clark
women have in common, very hairy pussies, and we love having our men suck
them!!!' "I-I-I"m cumming," stammered Valerie, her hand flying over her
clit at the speed of light!!! "Me too," her mother screamed, "just
thinking of a mouth on my pussy put me over the edge!!!" Both of them
thrashed about the bed, twisting their nipples and fingering their hot
cunts to orgasm! When they were finished, Valerie rolled over and put her
head on her mom's chest and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it
like a baby! Her mother stroked her hair and cooed what a good little girl
she was!
While they were dressing, Valerie had another question, "Mom, you said
that this would be a one time lesson, but you forgot one thing?" "Oh,"
replied her mom, "and what may I ask was that!?!" "Well," Val offered,
"you showed me how to masturbate using my fingers on my clit, but you
never showed me about using something to fill my pussy!" Her mother
thought for a second, and answered back, "You're right dear, we will have
to have lesson number two!!!"


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