I Call on Jill & Mary

When Jill was born the medical staff looked at the baby's genitals and
told the parents "You have a baby boy." The baby was named Jack, after his
uncle and spent the next several years as a boy. Jack never got involved
in sports with other boys, partly because of his small stature and partly
because he felt more at home playing with girls. He enjoyed wearing his
older s****r's clothing whenever he could. The s****r, who was empathetic
beyond her years, permitted, even encouraged this, and sometimes they went
out together. Jill was the name used then, and with her long blonde hair,
fair skin and padded bra, Jill was a very cute girl.

Jill's parents saw no humor in the situation. They celebrated her
eighteenth birthday by kicking her out of their house. Jill expected this
and had already arranged to move in with Mary, the older s****r of one of
her youthful playmates. She never again referred to herself with male
pronouns and never again called herself Jack. Her friends, including
myself, completely agree with her. Jill's wardrobe consists strictly of
feminine garments, especially including bikini panties and matching padded
bras. When she confided in me regarding her background I told her, with
total sincerity, that I was 100% on her side and that she was one of the
cutest girls I knew. She kissed me fully on the lips and I happily kissed
her back. Genitalia do not equal gender.

Jill and Mary still share an apartment and the last time I went there, we
all kissed each other hello and headed for the queen-sized bed in Mary's
room. I unzipped Jill's and Mary's dresses and unhooked Mary's bra. Jill
prefers to wear her bra and a negligee while making love. Mary stepped out
of her dress, wearing just panties, and lay on the bed. She is short and
rather chubby with an pleasant, but not very attractive face. Because of
her big heart and sweet nature, however, I consider Mary to be one of the
most beautiful people I know. I removed my clothing and knelt, naked on
the bed beside her. I lightly squeezed one soft titty and started licking
the nipple. My other hand was caressing her belly and hip and thigh. Mary
pulled off her panties and my hand was caressing her soft skin.

Jill came up behind me with a basin of soap and warm water and washed off
my ass. She took my cock briefly in her mouth, and sucked it for a few
strokes, her very talented tongue caressing it and her lips pumping it. I
knew she was just saying hello to a dear friend because we both had other
plans for my cock. Jill began licking my balls then, and took one into her
mouth and caressed it with her tongue. She treated its mate to the same
gentle mouthing and then licked my crotch, heading up. I knew her tongue
would be in my ass in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Mary's soft mammaries were the object of my tongue and my
mouth. I clamped my lips around one and applied gentle suction while
licking her nipple. I ran my tongue slowly around the areola and against
the sides of the nipple. Mary was breathing hard from the attentions I was
paying to her sweet titty and I was enjoying it also. I moved my
attentions to its twin just as Jill started licking my ass. Her clever
tongue gave me pleasantly erotic feelings as it laved the cleft of my ass,
and I knew it would be even better when she made penetration.

Mary's sweet pleasure globe felt even better in my mouth than Jill's
tongue felt on my ass, delightful as that was. Mary was enjoying it too,
and moaning in pleasure. Her hips were writhing on the bed and I could
smell her fragrant juices as they lubricated her pussy. The time had come
for me to go the rest of the way down on Mary. I licked my way down,
starting with the channel between her twin beauties, and stopping when I
reached her soft pubic hair.

To properly eat Mary's pussy, I was going to have to kneel between her
legs. This meant that Mary had to move to near the head of the bed with a
pillow under her ass. Her legs were over my shoulders and my arms were
wrapped around her thighs. I moved my knees in closer to elevate my hips
and give Jill better access. She reacted by spreading my asscheeks and
stretching my hole open with her thumbs. Just as my tongue entered Mary's
sweet love hole, the tip of Jill's clever tongue entered my ass. I
squirmed my tongue deeper into Mary's pussy as Jill squirmed her tongue
deeper into my ass, until both our tongues were in as deeply as they would
go. I slowly removed my tongue from the lovely place it had found and
began nibbling, with my lips only, on Mary's pussy lips. I kissed the
outer lips gently as a butterfly, while my tongue traced the seam between
her inner and outer labia.

Jill removed her tongue from my ass to catch her breath. She is a woman in
every respect except her genitals. She had become sexually aroused by
sucking and licking on me, and her cock was hard. When Mary saw this she
wanted Jill to sit on her chest so she could suck Jill's cock. None of us
had any problem with this so I leaned back away from Mary's pussy and Jill
straddled Mary's chest. Jill has no great interest in sex with a woman but
Mary likes to suck her cock and Jill is happy to accommodate her friend.
She leaned forward with her cock at Mary's lips. Mary pulled the hard cock
into her mouth and leaned back with it and Jill proceeded to fuck her
roommate in the mouth.

As I said, Jill is a woman in every respect but her genitals and this is
especially so with her ass. It is soft and smooth and delightfully
curvaceous. In her silky black negligee, Jill has one of the most
exquisitely beautiful female asses I have ever seen, even with the balls
that were now bumping gently against Mary's chin. The skin on Jill's ass
is soft and unblemished and creamy-smooth and I thought lustfully that
soon I would have my cock buried all the way in it, and Jill's beautiful
ass would be fucking back to meet me. Jill's cock would stay hard in
Mary's mouth but Jill wouldn't cum until she and I started fucking. Then
she would probably cum at least twice, but that would happen later. For
now I was relishing eating Mary's pussy.

And a very nice pussy it was, too, with its juices trickling in her love
hole. I licked up all those juices, being sure I didn't miss any and again
started licking my way up a pair of Mary's pussy lips. I planted the same
nibbling butterfly kisses on her outer pussy lip while my tongue was
gently probing the seam between her inner and outer lips. Mary was
breathing hard, partly because of what I was doing to her lovely pussy and
partly because of Jill fucking her in the mouth. I reached the end of one
pair of pussylips and started on the other pair. Mary wouldn't cum until I
got busy on her clit and that wouldn't happen for a while. She was
enjoying what my mouth was doing to her pussy and I was enjoying what her
pussy was doing to my mouth.

What her pussy was doing was humping up into my mouth as I nibbled and
probed my way along her second pair of pussy lips. While I was
concentrating on her labia, I stopped every few minutes to lick up Mary's
delicious juices. After I got to the end of the second pair of pussy lips,
I started probing with my tongue into the inside of Mary's inner lips. She
is very sensitive there and started humping harder into my face. Her
thighs rotated slightly out and her pussy was totally presented to my
mouth. Mary was ready to cum but I wanted to delay a few minutes longer. I
continued with my tongue on her inner pussy lips until I reached her clit,
then I clamped my lips around that sweet love button and started to flick
it with my tongue.

Mary didn't want to bite down on Jill's cock while she was cumming so she
pushed her roommate away. "Yes!! Yes!! Ahhhhhh" she called out as she
started to cum. I continued to suck on Mary's clit and lick it with my
tongue, partly because I liked it so much and partly because she had her
thighs clamped around my head. Mary was humping her pussy even harder into
my face, almost lifting her ass off the bed, in time with my tongue
caressing her clit. She had wrapped her arms around Jill's hips and was
mashing her friend's pubic area against her face. Mary continued to cum
for several minutes, and then climaxed with one last big thrust of her
pussy against my mouth and a squeeze of Jill's ass. Then she sank back
into the mattress and relaxed, and I licked all the delicious cum juices
from her pussy.

The time had come for Jill to be the center of our attentions. As Mary
rested I went and got another basin of warm water. Jill was on her hands
and knees and I carefully washed her ass. Although she has a cock and
balls I have never thought of Jill as being anything but a cute young
woman with a really beautiful ass and I enjoy pleasuring that beautiful
ass the same as if she were biologically a woman. Licking and then fucking
her ass is the same to me as licking and fucking a pussy. Jill knew this
and was anxious to get my tongue and especially my cock into her ass. Her
cock had softened after being removed from Mary's mouth but had become
harder while I was washing her ass, and now Mary lay on her back under
Jill and took that semi-hard cock in her mouth.

I spread Jill's asscheeks and started licking at the top of her cleft.
Jill's skin is soft and smooth and felt almost as good on my tongue as my
tongue felt on her ass. Jill murmured with pleasure as my tongue licked
its way down her cleft. Mary appreciated it also because Jill's cock was
getting stiffer in her mouth. I licked Jill's adorable rosebud with broad
strokes of my tongue. I made no attempt to insert my tongue because my
cock would do a much better job. I licked all the way down to her crotch
and then back up. Jill's rosebud seemed to be winking at me in
anticipation of what would come next. Jill's cock was fully hard by now
and was going in and out of Mary's mouth. I rolled on my condom and
applied the KY Jelly to my cock and to Jill's ass.

After the lubricant was all applied Jill reached back and spread her
asscheeks. With my fingers I opened her sphincter and pushed the head of
my cock in. Jill cooed with pleasure and told me what a nice cock I have.
She is tight, but I knew that in a few minutes my cock would be all the
way in Jill's beautiful ass, massaging her prostate. I gave another push
and another inch of cock entered her ass, causing Jill to coo again with
pleasure, louder this time. I continued with the short strokes, getting
more and more of my cock into its delightful haven. Jill continued to
express her pleasure as my cock spread her sphincter more with every
stroke. Her expressions of pleasure urged me onward until my entire cock
was buried in Jill's tight, beautiful ass. Jill's cock was as hard as my
own now, giving Mary the mouthful of meat she desired.

I waited a few seconds and then pulled my cock most of the way out. I
applied more KY Jelly and slowly thrust my cock all the way back in. Jill
trilled in ecstasy and pushed her ass back to meet my forward thrust. She
reached back to spread her asscheeks to get the maximum penetration. I
continued deep, slow strokes, my cock going all the way into Jill's lovely
ass. She coordinated her motions with me, thrusting her ass back,
providing the maximum pleasure for both of us. Mary contentedly lay on her
back, letting Jill's cock fuck her in the mouth. Nobody said anything
intelligible. Jill was cooing and sighing at the pleasure Mary and I were
giving her. I was grunting as my cock penetrated Jill's beautiful ass.
Mary's mouth was too full for her to say anything.

Then Jill sped up the pace. She started fucking her cock faster into
Mary's mouth and her ass faster back to meet the strokes of my cock. "I'm
going to cum", she trilled. I matched her pace, being sure my cock
continued to achieve the maximum penetration. With a cry of delight, Jill
pumped a big load of cum into Mary's mouth. Mary swallowed the cum and
milked Jill's cock to get it all. While Jill's cock was being drained of
cum, I waited, with my cock totally buried in her ass.

After a minute or so, I slowly pulled my cock almost out of Jill's lovely
ass, so just the tip was still in, then I slowly plowed it back in again,
all the way to the hilt. "Your cock is so wonderful," she cooed. "I'm
getting hard again." Again I slowly pulled my cock almost all the way out
and slowly pushed it all the way back into Jill's beautiful ass. She cooed
her pleasure again and reached back to spread her asscheeks so my entire
cock would penetrate her eager ass. I continued the deep, slow strokes and
Jill resumed thrusting her ass back to meet my cock and fucking her cock
into Mary's mouth. We continued the slow but immensely pleasurable
activity for a long time. Jill was cooing and sighing in pleasure and she
told me again how wonderful my cock felt in her ass. I told Jill how much
I was enjoying fucking her beautiful ass, and how I wanted this to go on
forever. Mary's mouth would have been too full for her to say anything,
but she took Jill's cock out briefly to express her pleasure.

Nothing lasts forever. Although I was fucking Jill's tight ass slowly, I
could feel my climax approaching. I told the women I was getting ready to
cum. "Me too", said Jill. On the next stroke back I applied more KY Jelly
to my cock, then began thrusts that were faster but went just as deep into
Jill's delightful ass. She matched my speed with her own, pushing her ass
against my pubic area and her cock into Mary's mouth. I increased the pace
and shortened my strokes, still plowing my cock all the way into Jill's
incredible ass, but not withdrawing as far. I could feel my balls slapping
against Jill's as I continued with the short, quick, deep strokes. She
uttered an unintelligible but unmistakable ecstatic cry and I could feel
her ass tightening around my cock. I knew she was cumming and pumping
another load of her cum into Mary's welcoming mouth. I told Jill I was
cumming and after just two more strokes into her tightened ass, I shot my
load of cum into my condom.

Jill and I backed away from Mary. My cock was softening rapidly but was
still deep in Jill's ass. She reached back and gently removed it and
peeled off the condom. I lay on my back and Jill took my soft cock into
her mouth and sucked out all the leftover cum. She didn't expect me to get
hard again but she likes the taste of my cum and she likes to roll my cock
around in her mouth. Jill is very fond of my cock. She especially likes it
in her ass but she also likes the feel of it in her mouth, whether it is
hard or soft. After swallowing two loads of Jill's cum, Mary was hot for
some more action so she came over and sat on my face. I licked the bounty
of delicious pussy juices out of her love hole and clamped my lips on her
clit and started to suck on it, while probing that adorable love button
with my tongue. Mary was so aroused that it didn't take much sucking and
probing before she started cumming. "Ahhhhhh" she called out while humping
her pussy down into my face. She climaxed with a jerk of her thighs around
my head then fell forward to hug Jill and lick some of my cum out of her
friend's mouth. We all knew the love-making was over for the day but we
were already looking forward to the next time I would call on Jill and

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3 years ago
Fantastic story gereat sex had by all thanks Candi