Fun With Panties

My wife and I are always having swimming parties.

We live in a gated community and with our Olympic-sized pool in our
backyard we always play host to different gatherings in the neighborhood
such as the Fourth Of July Party, Halloween, and Christmas. (Although the
Christmas parties are usually held inside.)

It was at the Fourth of July Party this past year that the most erotic
thing in my life happen to me. Something which I have not spoken about
with anyone. An erotic adventure which I am happy to say I am still taking
advantage of.

You see, at this party my wife invited a 40 year old black woman named

A native of Alabama, Eloise is 5'10 and with her soft brown eyes and wavy
black hair she still attracts attention to men she meets. My wife is an
administrator for a Fortune 500 Company and Eloise works at the same
company as a Human Resources Director.

Eloise keeps herself slim and she has a sense of style and with her slight
Southern drawl which is not too annoying as some Southern drawls can be
she makes for a very beautiful woman. Someone you just have to jerk off to
whenever you get the chance.

I had met Eloise a few times when visiting my wife at her job and she
always came off as a very pleasant, but very serious woman. The kind of
woman who you would feel at ease with but not too at ease.

When my wife Sherri and I decided we would have the Fourth Of July Swim
Party we both thought that we should invite Eloise but we just assumed
that she would not show up. Much to our surprise though a week before the
party she said she was going to come and she even said she was going to

"Great," we said. Knowing that a lot of our guests would not actually be
swimming at the swimming party. But if Eloise wanted to swim we were sure
she would not be alone.

So on the day of the Fourth Of July Swimming Party, Sherri and I greeted
our guests when they arrived and when Eloise drove up my wife gave her a
hug and I shook her hand. (Needless to say I wanted to stick my tongue in
her mouth and hold her and feel her out but needless to say I kept my
urges in check)

Once all of the guests had arrived Sherri and I started to mingle and
before long it was time for me to use the restroom but when I did I found
that the door was locked.

"I'll be out in a minute," I heard a female voice say through the door.
Immediately I knew it was Eloise and I couldn't help but imagine what she
was doing in there.

Well, my guest finally emerge from the bathroom and when she did she was
wearing a Japanese-styled kimono over a pink bikini. The robe was open and
the view I got was of a chocolate brown-skinned woman who was clearly a D
cup and had a slim waist and hips and who looked like a million bucks in
her pink bikini.

"All yours," Eloise said as she walked pass me and patted me on the
shoulder. I tried to act cool as I entered the bathroom and close the door
behind me. Complete with a raging hard-on.

Now when I was inside the bathroom I actually went and it was while I was
going that I notice that Eloise had left an overnight bag inside the
bathroom which she had slung over her shoulders when she arrived. Of
course being the man I was it entered my mind that the bag was private
property and it would be very wrong of me to look inside. But then again
being the man I was I made sure that the door was locked and I proceeded
to open up the overnight bag and when I did I found items which fascinated

First, I found her wallet. She had $125 dollars inside in $20s and small
bills plus her credit cards and there were pictures of her parents and I
assumed her b*****rs and s****rs and maybe nieces and nephews.

Then I found her clothes. Her blouse she wore when she entered along with
her jeans and her bra and her panties. Of course I sniffed these items and
I must say I would have spent the whole afternoon simply doing this if not
for what I found buried underneath the clothes. It was a spiral notebook
and when I looked inside I quickly determine that it was the information
for her internet screen names which she used on the computer. She had her
screen names printed on the lined pages along with the chat rooms she
visited. The chat rooms in question were mostly romantic stuff for men and
women. One chat room though caught my eye because it said

When I read this I smiled and realize what this meant. What it meant was
that Eloise liked white men and was obviously looking for white men.

For the rest of the party I went back and forth into the bathroom or
spending my time outside on the patio watching Eloise swim and seeing her
get out of the pool dripping wet and with her tits almost hanging out of
her bathing top.

Needless to say the beautiful woman made a lot of friends at our party and
her best friend was me since I was around her every chance I got. That is
when I wasn't in the bathroom having the time of my life sniffing her
panties and writing down all of the proper information I needed in order
to get in contact with her over the internet.

Once the party was over it was I who walked Eloise to her car and thanked
her for coming to our gathering.

"Don't forget your bag in our bathroom," I told her as she was about to
leave. When I said that Eloise thanked me and it was not until she left
that I thought that maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Maybe she could
have left the bag in our house overnight and if so I could have spent the
entire night enjoying myself.

But she didn't so instead I just had to be happy with the information I
took from her notepad. Information I was going to use in the future for my
own benefit. Hopefully hers as well.

***** ***** *****

It was on a Thursday night that I made contact with Eloise under a screen
name I made especially for the occasion.

It was on a Thursday night and I had started four days earlier when I
created a screen name in which I described myself as a white male looking
for a sexy black woman who wanted to keep any and all affairs as discreet
as possible. Although I didn't put that I was married I knew that when I
mention discreet it would send the message that I was married and I hope
that this would not turn off Eloise. Rather I hoped that she was the kind
of woman who wanted a married man. I was hoping for this since from
everything my wife had told me about Eloise over the years I had the sense
that she was the kind of lady who put her career first and according to
Sherri there was a rumor going around that Eloise had an affair with an
executive who like me was married.

So one night I got on my computer and I hoped I would see Eloise's' screen
name appear. As the days passed I must admit I became a little frustrated
but from personal experience I knew that these things took time. On that
fourth night when I did see Eloise's screen name appear I must admit my
hands trembled in excitement as I typed her a greeting when she entered
the chat rooms.

"Hi, I live in the city that you live in" I typed in the box where there
was an icon which when you clicked on it sent the message to the person
you wanted to speak with. I then sent another message telling Eloise that
I was a white male looking for a discreet affair with a black woman who
wore sexy lingerie and was very loving and very passionate. After sending
this message I then waited for her response and as I did I couldn't help
but wonder if she would even respond.

Fortunately though Eloise did send me a response and when she did it was
very nice and pleasant response in which she said that she too was looking
for an affair which would be very discreet with no strings attached and
she said that she did indeed wear sexy lingerie but only for the right

"Well, I think I am the right man," I wrote back to her as I felt my cock
getting stiffer by the moment.

The conversation then went on from there in the same tone until I finally
suggested to the hot lady I was talking to that we should meet. We should
meet that same night.

"You are very bold," Eloise answered back as I knew I was taking a chance.
Knew that I was risking rejection but not caring since I was just so
Goddamn horny.

"We can meet in a public place," I suggested and then I said that we could
meet at the big mall complex where they had a nightclub that was open at
all hours of the day and night.

At first Eloise was very reluctant to do this but she did say that she
wanted to meet me but not just that night.

"Come on," I then responded in another message. Thinking that I was
wearing her down with my persistence. Well, my work paid off when she
relented but instead of the all night bar at the mall she said that we
should meet at this small establishment that was in her neighborhood.

"Sounds great to me," I told Eloise since she told me the name of a place
I had been to. We then told each other we would be there in less than an
hour and signed off.

My heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking. I knew Eloise was
going to get the shock of her life when she saw me and of course the fear
went through my head that when she saw me she could freak out and end up
telling my wife and cause major problems for me. But believe it or not I
did not fear anything like this happening because it has been my
experience that things like that only happen in the movies. Of course
there is a possibility of such things occurring and I guess that's where
the danger is. That's where the risk is and thus that's where the fun is.

Eloise did not freak out when she saw me at the neighborhood bar.

But she did act embarrass and when we sat down in a booth the first
question out of her mouth was whether or not my wife Sherri knew that she
and I had been talking?

"Oh no," I told Eloise who came wearing a silk blouse and a tight skirt
with stockings that you could see the seam running up her calf. Wearing
red spiked heels and looking damn sexy and provocative with her hair
pinned on top of her head and wearing glasses that made her look
sophisticated. As if she was a slut just hiding behind the sophisticated

"My wife and I have an understanding. She leads her own life, does her own
thing. And I do in my life what I wanna do. Hell, we even have our own

Eloise laughed at this remark and it seemed to break the ice between the
two of us. We then talked about what we wanted out of a relationship which
was a chance to be with someone we were attracted to and who could fill
our sexual needs.

"Are you attracted to me?" I had to ask Eloise as I lean forward in the
booth we were sitting in. When I asked the question there was a question
in my mind whether or not she was attracted to me because for whatever
reason I didn't get that vibe. Perhaps it was because of the way she
button up her blouse all the way as we talked. Perhaps it was the way she
folded her arms across her chest as we talked.

"Well, you are an attractive man," she said to me. But then she added that
she did not appreciate men who locked themselves in the bathroom in order
to look through her private property.

"I saw you going in and out of the bathroom during the party. I knew my
stuff was in there and you were looking at what was inside my bag. When I
got home that night I notice that everything had been re-arranged and I
even notice that you had been looking to see how much money I had. You
better be glad you didn't steal any of my money because if you did I would
have had your ass arrested. When you sent me the message over the computer
I had an inkling that it was you because you seemed like you were horny
enough to do something like that."

As Eloise said this it was without amusement and my heart just sank as I
saw my chance of being with this woman slipping away. The next few words
out of her mouth made me feel even worst.

"So why are you a pervert?" the lady asked as she looked me in the eye and
I couldn't help but try to avoid her glare as I looked around. Looked at
the people sitting at the next table. Looked at the waitress walking
between the chairs. Looked at my glass of water that the waitress put on
my table. Looking at anything but Eloise.

"I'm really sorry," I then told the black woman who I was sure was going
to end up telling my wife what I did and perhaps even notify the police as
to what my habits were.

But then all of a sudden Eloise began to laugh and when she patted me on
the arm I knew she had just been playing with me. As I then sighed a
grateful sigh Eloise announce that she had a present for me and she open
up a purse and took out a plastic bag with garments inside.

"What's this?" I asked as I took possession of the bag. Eloise said
nothing to me but put a devilish smile on her face. When I saw that smile
I also looked inside of the bag and immediately I knew that Eloise had put
some of her panties inside.

"I thought I would bring you a little gift," the black woman said as she
then lean forward in her seat and moved her feet under the table so her
heels were rubbing against my leg.

"But if a man is going to enjoy my panties I insist that he enjoy me as
well. Do you agree?"

"Yes, I agree," I replied as I tried to act nonchalant. Tried to act like
it was an everyday occurrence for me to have a beautiful black woman hand
me a plastic bag filled with her lingerie.

"Well, good then," Eloise told me as she got up from the booth in the bar
and motion for me to follow her. When the two of us were outside she moved
close to me and put her hand around my waist.

"You wanna come to my place?" the sexy black woman ask me as she lean
against my body as the two of us walked towards the cars in the parking
lot. Of course I told her yes as I put my arm around her and held her
close. We then separated as we got to her car and she told me to follow

"I'll do that," I replied as we both then got into our vehicles. I
followed Eloise and less than ten minutes later I was pulling into her
driveway behind her and getting out and walking towards her front door.

"Don't forget the panties," Eloise said as she saw that I was walking up
to the door of her house empty handed. Upon hearing this I went back to my
car and pulled out the plastic bag in the back seat and brought it inside.

"What are we going to do with these?" I asked Eloise as we made it into
her home and the sexy black woman lead me into her living room.

"I wanna see you jerk off into them," she said as she lead me to the couch
where I sat down and Eloise stood in front of me. Lifting up her skirt and
rubbing her pussy right before my eyes.

Upon seeing this I couldn't help but drop my mouth open in both shock and
anticipation. I then did exactly as I was told and took out a pair of her
lacy panties which I rubbed against my cock and balls once I had unbutton
my pants and had pulled them down pass my knees.

Of course I quickly shot my wad into Eloise's silk red panties and when I
did she was on her knees in front of me moving her hands from my legs and
up my thighs and finally up to my chest where she grabbed ahold of my
pectoral muscles and squeezed my nipples as my jism shot into the air.

"Oh yes, baby," Eloise said as if she was a female Jazz singer hearing an
especially beautiful note. She then held my cock with the panties between
her fingers and began to milk the last drop of cum from my cock which was
slowly loosing its stiffness but was more than ready to go another few
rounds before the night was over.

***** ***** *****

From that first night with Eloise to now which has been a lapse of two
years I have continued to meet with Eloise and have our fun.

We now make love to each other when we see each other but still Eloise has
a fetish for watching me masturbate into her panties. One time she even
sneaked me into her office so I whack off in front of her as she sat on
her desk with her legs spread and playing with her clit.

Eloise and I often do things like that. We always make it a point to bring
excitement into our sexual adventures.


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4 months ago
Very HOT and exciting. I have a panty fetish as well.
2 years ago
Horny hot story, I like to imagine it is real.
3 years ago
i thought this was an excellently told story, especially if it something that really happend