My Best Friend's Mother

When I was eighteen I met my best friend Sam; Sam would have all the k**s
he hung out with in school over to his house to play when the day was
over. This is when I met the women of all my teenage fantasies, his mother
Kate. One day he had me over and his mom was there. She was a very
soft-spoken calm lady with fair skin, a large ass and thighs and big round
breasts. She also had long brown hair, which I now like very much. Kate
and I would talk for hours at the kitchen table about school, music and
movies. We always got along and she talked to me like an adult.

She would always walk around in the towel she used to dry herself off with
when she got out of the shower. This turned me on so much. One time she
didn't no I was behind her and she bent over, the towel was always too
short and when she bent over her entire ass was in my view. I saw her big
hair covered pussy and her hairy asshole. I got this huge hard on, then
dipped around the corner before she noticed me. I especially loved when I
would come over at night time and she was ready for bed. She would be
sitting on the couch in a t shirt and panties. I would always try to see
if I could get a glimpse of her pussy hair, creeping through the side of
her panty crouch. Once in a while I did. Every day after school and every
night before I fell asl**p I would masturbate. After awhile I ran out of
things to think about while stroking my little prick, So suddenly Kate
popped into my head. I would think of all the times I saw Kate in her
towel, and how I saw her pussy those few times. That always got me off,
right away.

One day I was over Sam's house and I got horny just being in the house
with her So hiding my rock hard boner I went to the bathroom, locked the
door and dropped my pants. Right as I sat down on the toilet I started to
jack off. Hoping she would walk in and help stroke my dick. As I was
masturbating something caught my eye. In the magazine rack next to me was
a pair of her dirty panties. I picked them up and opened the large pair
under wear. On the crouch of the panties was a small brown stain, I knew
what that was, along with a creamy whit substance I thought to be dried
pussy juice. I brought them to my noise and inhaled deeply, smelling the
crouch of her panties.

They smelled so ripe with ass it made me so horny that I could stop myself
from tasting them. I held them up and put them on my face, covering my
face with the dirty crouch, So that I could suck and smell them while I
beat my cock. Just as I was about to blow my load I dropped them to my
hand. So holding them in my left hand I beat off with my right hand. I
continued to stroke off right into them, painting the crouch with my cum.
I rubbed it in and placed them back in the magazine rack. They were so
stained, as it was I didn't think she would notice.

When I left the bathroom there she was standing in the doorway to the
kitchen. " Are you ok James, your were in there for a while."

"Yeah I'm fine just a bit of a stomach ache from lunch." Ok she said Sam
and his father are going to the store to get some groceries, would you
like to stay for dinner."

"Sure I said that would be great."

"Ok, well you could watch t v until they get back." So Headed for the
living room and sat down, Just than she went into the bathroom and I heard
her gasp and say, "oh my."

I got up and headed to her, She was standing the bathroom holding her
panties. She looked up and said "You must of had a good time in here,
didn't you." She didn't look mad but kind of turned on. "yeah I guess I
did Kate are you mad at me."

"No James I'm not mad just sad that I couldn't watch you jerk off into my
dirty panties."

I was shocked and so was my cock as it started to quickly harden in my
pants. "Would you like to show me how you did it James, I would love to
watch you, maybe you could use the panties I have on." Just then she
lifted the soiled panties in her hand up to her lips, she licked the stain
I made, tasting my almost dry cum. "Umm tastes sweet and salty, but I'd
love to taste it right from the source, what do you think James could I?"

"Oh yes Kate, please, I've fantasized about this since I met you."

"Than I shut the door and open up your pants, Let me see that hard dick
you have there." So I shut and locked the door and turned around just than
Kate was pulling her pants down, exposing her large hips. She stepped out
of her pants and walked to me grabbing me by the waste and pulling me so
close to her that I could feel her breath on my face.

"Would you like to kiss me James?" She said as she licked my lips and
inched her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her sweet tongue and rubbed her
body, touched the swell of her back than moving down to her plump ass. Her
round ass was so soft and warm.

I felt her large tits pressing on my chest. " Do you like my fat ass James
would you like to smell my asshole and taste it, like you tasted my dirty
panties Put your finger in it baby put your finger in my asshole." So I
reached between her cheeks and found that warm tight hole and shoved my
middle finger inside. "Oh yes James Shove it all the way in." I pulled out
my finger and began to suck on it tasting her lovely ass juice. Just then
she pushed me to my knees and turned so than her ass was in my face.

Pull my panties down. I reached up and started to pull them off slowly,
little by little exposing her ass crack. Finally I got them to the top of
her calf and stretched them open so she could step out of them. She
smacked her ass and grabbed her ass cheeks spreading them apart, showing
me her asshole that was covered with a thick mass of hair.

" Do you like it James? Do you like my dirty, hairy hole."

"Oh yes Kate" As I leaned in to take a whiff. "Lick me James, clean my
dirty hole" She said as she grabbed me by the hair forcing my face into
her ass crack. "Oh yes baby Oh yes taste me baby Oh stick your tongue
inside my shit hole, Oh yes. Fuck me in the ass with your tongue." I was
sliding my tongue as far as could inside her hot ass hole as I could. She
bent over farther pushing her plump hair covered cunt into view.

"Lick my pussy, spread it open and put your tongue in my cunt hole" This I
did right away sliding in side her with ease as her pussy was totally
saturated with her pre-cum. " Oh James suck it out of me, suck my cum into
your mouth baby taste me." Sit down on the toilet Kate so I could get a
better angle."

She sat down on the edge of the toilet, leaning back and spreading her
legs. Her pussy was so beautiful, her pubic hair was covering her entire
pelvis, and a portion of her bikini line on her upper thighs and covered
all the way down, hanging below her ass hole by about two inches.

"Come here and suck my cum out of cunt hole, I'm gonna squirt it in your
mouth." Kneeling in front of her I buried my face between her legs,
sucking and licking her jungle like pussy. I found her clit and she
started to shake so I keep on licking and sucking on it."Oooh James, Oh
baby suck it don't stop suck it oh yes here I go baby, here it is I'm
gonna squirt Oh Oh Oh ."

With the last Oh she starting shaking and shimming holding my head in
place while a huge gush of cum and piss shot all over my face and into my
mouth. "Oh James Oh baby that was the biggest one yet, Oh, do you like the
way I taste?"

"Yes Kate I love the way your cunt tastes."

"Oh baby now it's your turn to squirt, I want it right in my mouth."

She got up still shaking and told me to sit on the bowl. I took of my
pants and boxers in one shot, than I sat down. She kneeled in front of me
and and rubbed my legs up to my crouch. She ran her finger through my
pubic and grabbed the base of my cocked squeezing it a little to milk the
pre-cum that had been flowing from Jump Street. She moved her lips to the
tip of my cock and smeared it all over her lips. Her tongue came out and
licked it all up.

" Oh baby" she said, " It's so much better when it's warm." She grabbed
the panties from off the floor and wiped her her ass hole first than
rubbed them all over her pussy. She turned them inside out and told me to
put them on. I started to put them around one foot and she said "no put
them on your head so you could taste and smell me while I jerk and suck
this cock."

I put the crouch to my face and pulled them over my head placing them
nicely so the gusset was covering my nose and mouth. She started to jerk
me off hitting her lips and tongue with every stroke. I just sat there
enjoying the taste of her ass and cunt through her panties and the feel of
her beating off my cock. " Oh baby I want you to shoot it in my mouth."

Just than she picked up the pace, stroking me faster and faster. " Oh Kate
yes baby Oh yes, " I said from my panty covered mouth. "Do you want my cum
Kate do you want to taste it baby."

" Oh yes I do I want it so bad, In my mouth please give it to me please"
Just as my thighs and balls tensed up ready to shoot a massive load she
dove onto my cock taking it and the way to my balls. Her nose was buried
in my pubic hair put my hand on the back of her head and held her down on
my cock.

She made this incredible sucking sound "Umm Umm" was all I heard as shot
after shot of cum went down her throat. When the cum subsided She slowly
pulled my cock from her throat, swallowed the last drippings and smiled at

"We better get cleaned up before the boys get back with dinner, although
I'm pretty full right now as it is. She chuckled a bit and hugged me. She
whispered in my ear, "I can't wait until next time James." Me either Kate
me either." We kissed and cleaned up the bathroom. I went to sit down and
watch t v and she finished starting the laundry.

I had a tough time looking Sam and his father in the face but I pulled it
off and so did Kate.

After dinner I headed home. When I got to my house I hurried past my
mother who was watching her soap opera, and went straight to my basement
bedroom. I sat in front of the computer in a very dazed state. All that I
could think of was Kate’s mouth balls deep on my pulsating cock.

The scent of her panties lingered on my face and in my sinus cavity. A
raging hard on was quickly with me. So I popped in one of my favorite porn
movie and went at it. During my beat off session I thought how great it
would be if I could get her to give a pair of her dirty filthy panties, so
that I could smell her whenever I wanted to. This would have to be. I knew
that after what happened earlier that it wouldn’t be a problem.

The next day was Saturday and I woke up with a massive stiff cock. Usually
I would head to the bathroom to piss but I could wait to get this one out.
After I rubbed my bad medicine out all over my room I picked up my cell
phone and made the call.

“Hello James.” It was Kate in low toned sexy voice. “Uh, Hi Kate is Sam
home.” “ Don’t Bullshit me James, I know you called for me, besides Sam
isn’t here. He went to a football game in city with his Father,

Didn’t he tell you.”

Uh, No he didn’t. Is he gone all day. I said, With sort of a sly attitude.
“ Why actually they probably won’t be back until late tonight. Why don’t
you come by for a little while we could, you know.”

“Yes, I know what we could do, I’ll be right there.” I was like a little
k** heading to Disney world. I got dressed as fast as possible and hit the
road running full. I ran so hard that by the time I got to Sam’s driveway
my heart was ready to beat out of my chest. I walked eagerly to the door,
and just as I was about to knock on it Kate opened it up. There she was in
a large T-shirt that hardly covered her ass.

“ Hi there James, took you long enough.” She said with a giggle.

“ I bolted here Kate, there was no way I was keeping you waiting.”

“ Come up stairs and take a load out, uh I mean, oh God you know what I

“I hope you had it right the first time.”

“ We’ll see.”

She turned around and led me up the front stairs. I paused a second and
let her get a head start so that I could watch her lovely plump ass walk
up the stairs. Just seeing her in the T-shirt turned me on but when I
noticed that all she had on her lower half was the pair of panties I spunk
into yesterday, sent my hormones through the roof. I could smell her
crotch three feet away as I followed her staring at the panties creeping
into her large ass canyon, and the thick black pubic hair creeping out the
edges. When we got into the kitchen I closed the door and immediately
walked to her, wrapping my arms around her thick waist and pulling her
close to me, giving her passionate kisses all over her face and lips.

“ Oh Kate I couldn’t stop thinking of you last night.”

“ I couldn’t stop thinking of you,” she said. As she rubbed her hands all
over my chest and stomach as she worked her way down to my crouch.

“ Oh I see that we are ready to get to business” she said as she stroked
the length of my cock with her hand.

I wrapped my fingers in her long dark and f***ed her mouth open with my
tongue. I jammed it so far down her throat I could taste what she had for
breakfast. I pulled my face back a few inches from hers and said

“ I always thought that you were a kinky, horny, woman who probably loved
to get dirty when you fucked around.”

“Oh yes I love getting dirty and talking like a filthy cum eating whore,
but I always have to compose myself around my son, and most of all my
husband. He really doesn’t like to get kinky, which is so boring for me. I
like to get disgusting when I fuck. That’s where you Cum in!”

I loved hearing her say that cause I always fantasized her being dirty.

“So why don’t we get naked and nasty?”

“I’d love to but we’ve got too much clothing on”. She said.

“Could I use your bathroom Kate I’ve got to piss so bad”.

“Sure you know where it is”.

I headed to the toilet and she was right behind me. When I got to the bowl
she bent over to drop her panties and when she stood up she took off her
T-shirt. I then pulled out my prick and started to piss. When it hit the
water she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down.

“Take these off James” she said.

“Ok Kate what ever you want.”

Just then her hand reached around and she replaced the hand holding my
cock with her own.

“ I always want to hold my husband’s when he pisses but he won’t let me.”

“ You can do what ever you want to Kate, as far as I’m concerned, you’re
the boss.”

Just then she brought her other hand up to my face and started rubbing the
panties she had on all over my face. Putting them in my mouth, rubbing
them on my nose.

“Smell me James, smell my dirty cunt and asshole, do you like that you
dirty little boy, do you like my panties in your mouth?”

“You have no idea Kate, how much I love this.”

Just as I started to stop peeing she let go and let the last drops of
urine flow onto her fingers. She lifts her hand to her mouth and started
to suck the hot piss off her fingers.

“ I love hot piss in my mouth, James it’s so sweet and salty, almost like
you’re cum shot.”

“How about you bend over and let me tastes that hot asshole of yours Kate,
I’ve been thinking of it all night long,” I said as my cock stiffened

“Follow me” she said as she pulled me by my cock into her bedroom. Once
inside her room she climbed onto the bed on all fours and looked behind
herself over her left shoulder and said “ come and get it James”

She moved forward on the bed giving me room to join her, then while on her
knees with her plump ass in the air she laid her large chest on the bed
and grabbed her hairy ass spread it open for me.

So with large amounts of pre-cum dripping from cum gum I started to rub
her legs and inside her thighs,

Playing with the large amounts of hair on her crouch and growing up her
ass crack.

Staring at her beautiful brown eye I noticed that it was rather dirty. I
massaged her fat ass cheeks and moved my mouth closer to my prize. I stuck
out my tongue and gave it a swift lick. I worked around the hairy out
skirts of her ass hole then I focused my attention on the dirty grizzle
ring that tasted so fucking good, as she cooed and moved her hips up and

“Yes James, plunge my asshole baby, clean it for me, clean my ass honey
oh, I left it dirty after my morning dump just for you baby.”

She reached over her ass and drove her middle finger inside the dark cave
and moved it around. When she pulled it out, it was clearly dirty and
brown looking. She took her finger to her lips and sucked it into her
mouth after rubbing the tip on her lips like it was lipstick.

“How does that ass taste Kate? Do you like you hole baby?”

“Umm yes I do James, I love the way my shit hole tastes, don’t you”

I answered by diving back into my cleaning job.

“Dry fuck my ass hole James! Get that cock tasting like my asshole for

I kneeled behind her, rubbing my cock in her crack. Grinding her hole up
and down the sides of my prick. It slid in nicely do to all the spit she
had on it from my lick job. When she thought it was ready to go she swung
her legs around and brought her face to my crouch. She smelt my cock from
my balls to the helmet.

She then gave it a long lick from the bottom of my sack to the top and
repeated this for a few seconds, before diving balls deep, down on my rock
hard, throbbing, Cum gun.

I moaned and fought back from cumin. I reached over her to her hairy ass
and rubbed her slimy hole, massaging it with two fingers.

“It’s nice and hard now baby,” she said slurping up her spit.

“ How about we slide this cock into my cunt”

She laid down and spread her legs wide, showing me her large, dark, and
very hairy crouch. I reached out and touched her pussy. It was so wet that
it made a squishing sound I when pushed down on her fluffy crouch.

She was so wet already and me being anxious I kneeled close to her and
leaned my body on top of Herr’s.

She reached down and guided my Cock towards her love hole. I pushed it in
slow enjoying the feeling of her hot, tight, vagina, grabbing me and
sucking me inside her.

Once I was fully to depth I paused to enjoy where I was. Just then our
eyes made contact and she asked me to do something that Almost made me nut
right then and there.

“James, would you please spit in my mouth for me.” As she opened her mouth
as far as she could.

“ Are you sure Kate”.

“Yes” she said, “ I want you to treat me like the slut I am, spit in my
mouth and on my face, do it!”

“ Ok Kate” I replied. I got as much saliva gathered up on my tongue that I
could, and spit directly into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed my spit.

“Um yes just like that, when ever were alone I want you to do that when
ever you want to, it turns me on so much, I love swallowing spit and being
spit on.”

“ Sure Kate” I said as I spit another large amount of loogie on her face
and cheek.

“ Oh, I love it, I love being a horny slut whore, Fuck me James make me
cum baby.” “ Oh I’m gonna squirt on your cock baby.”

As I pumped into her love madly, I looked down to watch my cock dive in
and out of her. She started to tense up, and then her pussy started to
squirt. At first I thought she was pissing, which would have been nice,
but realized it was too thick and white to be piss. Jets off her cum shot
from the sides of my dick, as I started slowing my strokes.

When her orgasm ended she pulled my cock from her pussy and slid her hand
up and down the shaft a few times, and made a suggestion I thought she
would make.

“ How about we put this is my ass.”

She let me go and reached below herself with both and slid two fingers
from each hand inside her asshole. She relaxed her sphincter and started
pulling open her hole.

When it was open about an inch she winked at me and I knew what to do

I moved my cock up to the opening and gently pushed it in. Her ass took my
rod with no problem, even which her fingers still holding it open. She
pulled her fingers out letting her asshole close tightly around my cock.
She put two fingers in my mouth and two in her own. I pushed my dick in
her ass until it disappeared, while we both enjoyed the taste of her shit

When her fingers were sucked clean she grabbed my ass with both hands and
pulled me close to her. With her knees high in the air she pulled me back
to her every time I pulled out to return my stroke.

“ Oh Kate your ass is so fucking tight, baby, Oh It’s amazing, so much
better than I ever imagined it would be.”

“ Fuck my ass James fuck me hard baby, Fuck It Fuck It Fuck it.” I want
you to shoot your hot cum in my ass, fill me with your hot load.”

Just as I was ready to shoot she pulled me out and got on her knees in
front of me, she bent over and grabbed each cheek, opening it up to me
once a gain. I moved to push my cock back inside her and resumed my
furious pumping. She moaned with each stroke.

“ Shoot it in me, baby, Oh yes give me your cum, Oh I want it Yes Yes,

“ Oh Kate, Oh Kate here it goes baby, here is my cum.” I shouted as I held
her hips so close that her Pussy hair was tickling my tightened ball sack.

I felt shot after shot pump into her dirty, stretched hole. I felt at
least six giant cum shots escape from my balls into her bowels. When my
huge orgasm subsided I gently slid out her worn out shit hole.

She cooed, but didn’t move position. She placed her right hand under her
crouch and pushed her butthole

As if using the toilet. After a short few seconds she managed to push my
cum out of her asshole and into her hand.

“ Oh James Look at my asshole. Do you like watching me shit your cum into
my hand, baby.”

“Kate, you’re so filthy, baby I love it.”

When she pushed out all of my cum, she got up and kneeled as I was, right
in front of me. She brought her hand to her mouth and let the cum slide
off her palm into her mouth on her tongue. She Drank my cum as if enjoying
a fine red wine, savoring the flavor. After she swallowed my recycled load
she licked her hands clean and wrapped her arms around me, Kissing me,
letting me taste the cum in her mouth.

“Thank you for the wonderful fuck James.”

“ No thank you Kate, the pleasure was all mine.”

She pulled back the soiled bed spread and laid down in each other’s arms.
We kissed and rubbed each other’s bodies.

I looked into her eyes, smiled, and said, “Wow and the day is still very
young.” Yes it is James, Yes it is.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
very hot story
2 years ago
2 years ago
what dirty bitch, i love it i would love to have a teemage kid fuck my ass and i woud lick the cun out of my ass, and wash it down with him pissing in my mouth liks mommy used to do.
2 years ago
ohhh i wish this could have happened to me
3 years ago
So fucking hot.I used to have such hot fantasies about my friends moms. I wanted to fuck them so badly but nothing like his ever happened to me. Oh it wouold have been so wonderfull if it had!
3 years ago
very interesting!