Sandy's Milk

Sandy had always been a rather large girl. By large in mean her bust was
bigger than most girls her age. She had begun to develop very early in
life until now, at age Sixteen, her bust turned the heads of any sane
man around. This is not to say the rest of her body wasn't something to
cause additional excitement with her slender waist and very womanly flared
hips. Her face was absolutely gorgeous with full sensual lips. Golden hair
cascaded down her back setting off the sparkle of her green eyes. Dainty
feet attached to slim ankles propelled her body upwards until she reached
the height of slightly more than half way between 5' 2".

I had watched her grow from a small little girl playing in her backyard
into a young adolescent young lady then to become a very mature woman.
Always polite and respectful of her elders almost to the point of fault we
had become very close friends. There seemed nothing she couldn't come to
me and discuss be it school, boys and life in general. As she matured I
must confess I began to see her not as the c***d I once knew, rather a
vibrant and extremely sexy woman.

In spite of all the talks we'd had through her growing years Sandy finally
came to me in tears. She was, to be blunt, pregnant and the young man had
disappeared upon hearing the news. I wasn't surprised having known him and
his f****y. Still I couldn't turn my back on her. I let her stay in the vacant
spare bedroom. How could I do less for my daughter?

For the next nine months, actually closer to eight, I looked and watched
over her. When the time came it was me taking her to the hospital only to
be left pacing around the waiting room. At thirty-five, I was very much the
oldest male as the two other expectant fathers, both about twenty, watched
with curiosity. One finally worked up the courage and asked only to be
told I was a very close friend. It must have been my look that caused him
to shrink back into this seat. Finally four hours later a nurse still
wearing her scrubs entered the room.

"Mr. Carter?" she asked. I jumped up and saw her beaming smile. "Well,
I know you aren't the father, but you are the proud segregate father of a very
healthy boy and yes mother is doing just fine. You can see them in about half
an hour, so just relax."

Now a days babies are born in the same room the mother stays in and, true
to her word, half an hour later I was at Sandy's side. She understood my
not wanting to be in the room when the baby was born and smiled tiredly as
I held her hand.

"Well, Mommy, you have a fine son to raise. I know you're tired and quite
frankly me, too. I'm going home and get some sl**p and clean up a little
around the house. Give me four or five hours and I'll be back."

"Daddy, you don't know just how much it means to me that you've done so
much. I don't know when or how, but I will repay all your kindness," Sandy
quietly said, a tear slipping from her eye.

"Hush now, my sweet," I said kissing away the errant drop from her cheek.
"You just rest and I'll be back later. Don't say anymore about pay-backs.
How could I have done less for my best girl." If only she had known how
long I'd held my desires for her, my lust kept in check all these years
and I wasn't about to say anything now.

Later that afternoon I was back in her hospital room. Sandy looked so much
better having slept. Her face once again took on the normal cheery look as
her smile brightened the room. As I came in a nurse was in the process of
removing some kind of contraption from Sandy's left breast. The container
below the bulbous looking cup was filled with what reminded me of skim
milk, thin and almost watery. In all the years I had watched Sandy grow up
this was the first time I'd seen so much of her breast. While the bathing
suits she had worn exposed nearly as much as they covered they didn't
prepare me for this sight. A small clear drop of liquid still oozed from
her very extended nipple, obviously the last of her mothers milk. The
nurse explained it was a breast pump she was holding and it was to assist
Sandy's natural flow for the baby.

"Daddy," Sandy called out happily as she quickly covered herself. I
detected a slight blushing of her cheeks knowing I had seen her naked
breast. "Little Teddy is resting quietly and he's every bit as handsome as

"Little Teddy?" I couldn't keep the surprised sound from my voice.

"I hope you don't mind, but what with all you've done for us I couldn't
help myself. I gave him your first name to honor you." Sandy's voice shook
slightly fearing I might be offended.

"Well, little lady," I said giving her my best John Wayne imitation,
"you've just about given me the highest honor could be bestowed. Think I
might just be a calling him Jr., that is if you don't mind."

"How could I mind," she blushed. "It's almost as if he were yours, ours."

The next day I took Sandy and little Teddy home. It was an uneventful ride
yet I was still filled with pride. I knew then I would be helping her
raise little Teddy as if he were my own son and had already started making
plans for him. School, sports, college, you know what most any real father
would think about. Sandy's room in my house was quite large and easily
held the crib and other things she needed for the baby. I carefully
carried what was to become officially my Godson inside and lay him in his
crib. Sandy brought in her small overnight bag and started unpacking. I
couldn't help but notice the breast pump the hospital had provided. She
blushed when she saw me looking at it.

"They said I would have to use this for a couple more days until my milk
really comes in by itself. Until then it's a bottle for Teddy," as we
had come to call him.

"OK," I shrugged my shoulders. "Just keep in mind if you need or want
anything." I didn't need to finish as she nodded her head with


I heard the unusual exclamation. Sandy seldom swore, then came a noisy
crashing sound of something hitting the floor and breaking. I rushed to
see what was the problem and found her sitting on the bed, her large
breasts naked for all to see. Tears were streaming from her eyes as she
looked at the floor. I looked and saw the pieces of the breast pump strewn
all over the floor.

"Sandy, what happened," I quickly asked. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just grand. That fucking pump broke and I hurt," she wailed.
Again I heard foul language from this most perfect and gorgeous woman. She
suddenly lifted her head, saw me looking at her and quickly covered her
naked chest. "Oh, Daddy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to use such
language," she said blushing the deepest darkest red I've ever seen.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'll just run down to the d**gstore and get
you another. We really should have two for just this situation."

"Where do you think you'll find a d**gstore open at two in the morning?"
she asked sarcastically. "Think about it then tell me what I'm
going to do now. Teddy isn't about to feed and take away the pain and
pressure and I don't know how to use my hands," she spat out the words.

"Sandy, I don't claim to be some kind of expert or anything but maybe I
could help. I mean maybe I could message your breasts and help you release
enough to make you feel better." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to
know by this time I was sporting and erection that could pierce steel and
was glad I wore my baggiest pair of shorts. Still I could feel the swollen
tip inching its way down the leg and would, if I didn't do something
quick, would become quite visible. Without thinking I quickly sat beside
her on the bed.

"I don't want to impose on you so much, Daddy, but I don't know what else
to do. My breasts hurt so much." I saw she had a towel in her lap and put
it in her hands.

"Here, you just hold this towel up close and I'll see what I can do to
help." My hands shook as they gently pulled open her top. There before me
were her two now very large hard breasts, small drops of her milk oozing
from each nipple. I shifted myself in an attempt to ease the discomfort
between my legs. "Now you just relax and let me do all the work."

Sandy's face turned beet red and the blush traveled down to the tops of
her massive breasts. Timidly at first I touched her skin and found it hot,
then curled my fingers around her swollen globes to gently squeezed. It
took several tries before I found the right method and before long hot
streams of her fresh mothers milk sprayed from her extended nipples and
soaked the towel she held. Ten minutes passed and Sandy began to truly
relax as the pressure in her breasts was relieved. Finally she sighed
contentedly and I reluctantly removed my hands. It had been such a
pleasure and rush to my system to finally have not only seen her half
naked but to touch her breasts. It was almost a fantasy come true. She
lowered her hand taking the towel with her. One hand slipped from her lap
and accidentally landed directly upon my swollen organ.

"Daddy," she gasped. "Is that really you? Oh, my, I've done something to
you, yes?" The smile on her face beamed as she looked at me, her fingers
beginning to form themselves around my now throbbing shaft.

"Yeah, that's really me," I said. Now it was my turn to blush.

"Wow, I couldn't ever imagine you being like this. Tell me, how long has
it been since your last.., uh, well, how long since you've.."

"Had sex? At least six months," I all but gasped. The feel of her hand was
extraordinary making me feel hotter and hotter all the time. I felt as if
I could have shot off a load that would have soaked the carpet.

"Daddy, I don't want to offend you in anyway, but if there's something I
can do for you now, please tell me."

"No, there's nothing," I moaned as she still held my erection only now
more firmly in her grasp.

"I think there is," she responded moving her hand and slipping it inside
my shorts. Once there she found my organ and again curled her fingers
around my solid shaft. "Oh, Daddy, I never imagined you to be so nice.
You're so thick and hard I just can't keep myself away. I've often
wondered how you would feel, how you would look and now I'm going to find

I knew right away what she had in mind, but it wasn't sex. She couldn't
have intercourse for close to six weeks, but that couldn't keep her from
giving and receiving pleasure. Her fingers kept a tight grip as her other
hand unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. It didn't take much for me to lift
my hips as she slid them down my legs. Since I don't wear underwear she
was rewarded by my sudden nakedness.

"It's even better than I had imagined," Sandy gasped upon seeing my more
than ready and willing manhood. Copious amounts of pre-cum fluid were all
but gushing from the angry purple colored head as she rubbed her thumb
over the sensitive tip. She allowed a good portion to oozed down the
shaft making it slick, her fingers curled comfortably around it as they
began moving up and down. It was the classic masturbation movement. "Oh,
Daddy, you feel so hot and hard. I can't tell you just how good it feels.
Please, let me give you some of the same pleasure and relief you gave me."

"You don't have to do this, Sandy," I mumbled softly.

"I know, but I want to and so do you. You know you want me to stroke and
make you cum. I've know it for a long time and now you're going to get
your wish. When the time comes I'm going to feel you inside me, but for
now just let me watch as you cum."

At that point I lay back with my head propped up on several pillows. I
could easily see her hand pumping long slow strokes and feel my testicles
moving up and down in time with her movements. Occasionally she would lean
over and take the head of my swollen organ between her lips lavishing it
with her tongue, but mostly she just watched. At my unspoken coaxing she
moved her body higher allowing me free and easy access to her still milk
laden breasts where upon I would gently squeeze them forcing her milk to
cascade over my chest. With but a slight movement I could aim her nipples
at my throbbing groin spraying her milk and coating both her hand and my
genitals with her hot fresh milk.

"I'm there. Sandy, I'm there," I gasped as my body stiffened. "I'm going
to cum."

Her hand moved faster, her grip became more firm. She leaned over allowing
her large heavy breasts to dangle mere inches from my organ. I felt myself
swell thicker and she must have known it because her hand began moving in
a blur. My sack scrunched up as my cream erupted suddenly. Sandy moaned as
she felt my hot seed splashing hotly on her naked breasts. Suddenly, half
way through my orgasm, she slipped her lips around my organ taking in half
of my solid nine inches. More thick gobs erupted from my manhood filling
her mouth. I felt her swallowing as more of me filled her oral cavity.

My orgasm was over as she gently, tenderly slowed her hand until she
stopped. One solitary creamy white drop of my cum hung from the corner of
her mouth before her tongue lashed out, capture it and pulled it into her
mouth. Her heavy breasts were streaked with my seed and some of her milk.
Sandy release me, lifted her hands and messaged out mixed fluids into her

"I don't know about milk, but I've heard the pure protein of a man's seed
is very good for the skin. I'm hoping for more in the future," she smiled
happily at me.

Almost six weeks to the day I came home only to find Sandy waiting in the
front room. She had little Teddy to her breast and it was obvious he was
loving not just her milk but the feel of her very heavy large breast as
his tiny fingers dug deeply into the firm flesh of her globe. Within
seconds I was growing an erection and I knew it showed, but by now it was
nothing to hide from her. Over the past weeks Sandy had used her hands and
her mouth to relieve me of my seed as I had used my hands and lips on her
breasts. Oh, yeah, after that first time I would suckled at her nipple
drinking in the nectar of her breasts as she released mine from my

"Wait here," she said quietly standing and moving to her bedroom. She came
back after laying little Teddy in his crib loosing her silk robe half way
to me. Standing naked before me for the first time she spoke with lust in
her voice. "Daddy, I want you to take me now. I've passed my time three
days ago and now I want to feel you inside me, fully and completely.
Daddy, please make love to me."

How could I refuse such a beautiful sexy woman her request. I held her
heavy breasts while leaning with my lips to hers. Our tongues found one
another and quickly dueled together. Out bodies came together, hers
pressing tightly to mine with obvious desire but no more than my own. I
knelt as she opened her legs wide. I kissed her sex as I felt and tasted
her wanton desire. Rising my arms easily lifted her body and carried her
to my bed. Kneeling between her legs I could see she was way more the
ready. The tip of my erection touched her. She gasped and groaned, her
hips lifting to meet me. Hot liquid erupted from her body coating my ready
manhood as the head easily slipped inside. Sandy was hot, wet and
clutching desperately at me as I moved further inside. At long last my
most fervent fantasy was becoming a reality as I felt her body molding to
mine. Her soft velvet sex enveloped my drawing me in further and further
until I reached my limit and not a moment to soon. Deep within her I
touched her deepest inner being, the entrance to her very womb from whence
little Teddy had come. Her wetness increased as her body released an
orgasm that burned my organ. I couldn't move. All I could do at that
moment was remain still feeling her around me. The soft constant shaking
of her body with orgasm finally subsided and Sandy lay relaxed beneath me.
Slowly and carefully I helped her to move until she was atop my body. My
eyes gazed at her heave breasts, my hands took and felt them.

"Now, Daddy. Let's make love. Let me keep feeling you filling me inside.
Please use your hands to milk my breasts while we take of each others
bodies. Daddy, I don't want to fuck you, I want us to make love and feel
your creamy sperm filling me. Burn me with your seed."

Then began the real true making of love. I lifted my hips to join her body
as she bore down to mine. Together we coupled with more than lust, but
with the love that had developed over the almost year passed. I felt her
inner most muscles flexing to capture and hold me tightly as we moved
together. In unison we moved, the feelings and sounds more than erotic. As
Sandy leaned closer I took first one nipple then the other to suckle and
drink of her warm milk. She had more than little Teddy could ever need and
I rejoiced knowing there would always be more than enough for me. Before
long I sensed her body coming close to climax and indeed she was. She
mashed her breast tightly to my mouth as her groin pounded to mine.
Moments later Sandy grunted, then groaned, then all but howled her sexual
delight as she climaxed. I was only moments behind her as my organ swelled
to its thickest. Huge gobs of my seed erupted filling her all the way to
her womb. Neither of us could utter an single word as we completed our
mutual orgasms.

In the aftermath we lay quietly together. My manhood had long since
regained its normal flaccid state and had slipped from her body. We lay
spent yet excited our bodies glowing.

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