Kirsten's Pregnant Adventure

Curly-haired, grey-eyed Kirsten stood naked in front of the mirror. She
was definitely pregnant, but still skinny and tight. In her fifth month
she had a hard round belly, but she looked good. Her breasts were bigger,
and she liked having bigger breasts. Later she might get to be just plain
big, but she didn't want to think about that yet. She'd read lots of books
about being pregnant, so she understood all these changes. What she didn't
understand was why being pregnant made her so horny. None of the books
mentioned being horny. She dreamed about fucking all the time. She was
thinking about it now, and Martin was away on the coast working for the
rest of the week with his engineer buddies. Kirsten touched herself and
thought about lying down on the bed again and letting her vibrating
"friend" in the bedside table satisfy this longing she had. She would
have, but she sensed it wouldn't do any good. She needed more than a
vibrator. On a whim, she decided she would call Carlo. Calling him was
crossing into forbidden territory, but she needed Carlo, so she would

Kirsten and Carlo had been together for a few months before Kirsten met
Martin and married him. Carlo was beautiful, and he loved fucking Kirsten.
They did a lot of great sex, but Kirsten wanted more. She wanted to be
married. She didn't think Carlo was going to get around to marrying her,
so when Martin asked, Kirsten said yes. Kirsten was getting what she
wanted, a husband, but she also knew she was losing Carlo. She told Carlo
that she was marrying Martin and he had graciously wished her well, but
she knew he was angry. She had made a choice, and choices weren't always
easy to make. After she got pregnant and began to get the horny itch, she
usually replayed in her head, while she lay in bed with her vibrating
friend, one of the many times she and Carlo had screwed themselves into
ecstasy. No wonder she thought about calling him. She'd ask Carlo to come
over. Kirsten wasn't certain whether it would be worse if he said no, or
if he said yes. He might say something like, "You made your choice, now
live with it." She might get rejected. Or he might come over, and things
might get complicated.

"Carlo? Hello, it's Kirsten."

"Hello, Kirsten. What a surprise to hear from you."

"I should have called before. I'm sorry. But Carlo I need to see you. Can
you come and see me now?"

"Is there something wrong, Kirsten?"

"Well no, Carlo. Nothing wrong. But also, yes. Please Carlo can you come
and see me now. I need to see you. You know?"

There was a very long pause. Kirsten thought Carlo might just hang up.

"I'll come right over, Kirsten, but I want something from you if I do."

"Anything, Carlo. Just come, please."

And Carlo did.

In the bedroom Kirsten knelt in front of Carlo, undid the metal waist
button of his jeans and unzipped him. She spread his pants open and then
pulled them down over his hips. The snaky bulge under his gray briefs made
her smile. With her left hand she drew the elastic band outward, while her
right delicately stole into his pants to draw out his hardening cock. Her
fingers touched it and out it came, lolling heavily. Oh fuck, his cock was
beautiful! Excited by the heavy swelling presence of this cock she had so
eagerly awaited, Kirsten gasped girlishly. Holding it with her thumb and
forefinger she pointed it at her face, pulled back the foreskin, opened
wide and took the head in her mouth. She caressed the slippery knob with
her tongue and tasted saltiness. With his cock in her mouth, Kirsten
looked up at Carlo's face to see if he enjoyed her cock sucking. Carlo
did. He smiled down at her and stroked her hair. Kirsten swallowed him and
at the same time touched his balls. Her face nestled in his pubic hair and
she smelled his warm man smell. She wanted him to fuck her. She had missed
this prick. Oh, she wanted him to fuck her! Her moistened lips glided back
up his shaft and her tongue flicked his glans. She gently tested the
weight of his heavy balls in their furry sack.

With her left hand she fisted him and pulled until she was rewarded with a
bead of clear liquid at the tip. This drop she slowly spread with her
index finger over the knob of his big prick. Then she licked it off with
her little soft tongue. Kirsten pulled again. The next slippery drop was
rubbed on her pouted lips while she gazed at him. Carlo's eyes had a
far-off look and his mouth formed some silent word of pleasure. Her soft
lips engulfed his hard-on again and it was swallowed. This time Mr. Penis
was too big and hard to get it all in. Carlo groaned. Kirsten's heart
soared. She knew he wanted to fuck her. He wanted her! Very soon that big
thing was going to be inside her and she was going to be fucked. She loved
the shaky, breathless anticipation of sex. Her tongue toured the length of
Carlo's cock, licked his balls and even the little ridge behind his balls
that led to darker places. Kirsten couldn't wait.

She stood and pushed Carlo back on the bed. Resting on his elbows he
watched as she removed his Nikes and then tugged off his jeans and
underwear. Kirsten smiled and began to take off clothes. She tried to
undress slowly because she wanted him to enjoy watching her. She crossed
her arms and took off her top and then undid her bra. She wanted to show
her bigger breasts to him, and was pleased that Carlo's eyes lingered on
them. She wanted him to touch them. Kirsten took off her shorts and then
slid her panties over her tight swollen belly. Carlo made room for her on
the bed and she grabbed his hard-on again. But Carlo moved and was over
her on hands and knees, his face going down between her legs and his big
cock bouncing in front of her face. Kirsten spread her legs and felt his
strong tongue opening her and pressing inside. Carlo's tongue knew where
to go. Kirsten oooh'ed when the tongue began to stroke her swollen bud. He
felt so good! She looked at his cock and balls above her and began to
stroke him. A drip of that salty stickiness bobbed on the tip and then
dripped down on her breasts. When she pulled his cock down and put it in
her mouth she let her finger go up the crack of his ass. She pressed her
long fingernail against his wrinkly hole and felt his tongue stop for a

"That feels good, Kirsten."

She laughed. The tongue went back to work. Kirsten was getting hot. A few
more minutes of this and she was going to cum. She loved holding his hard
dick and squeezed it gently to tell him how good he was making her feel.
Why did being pregnant make her so horny? Carlo had been sweet. When she
told him she wanted him to come over, she knew he would understand why she
was asking to see him. Here he was licking her cunt and making her feel
like a little whore. She remembered the time they had gone to an afternoon
movie at one of those multiplex cinemas. Only four other people were in
the theater and Carlo had put his hand between her legs and made her so
hot she had taken off her panties. While the screen flickered, he put his
finger inside her and slowly stroked her clit.

When she came she had to bite her lip to keep from making noise. Then in a
hotel room in Montreal, after slowly screwing each other right up to the
edge, Kirsten had taken Carlo's cock out of her, put it in her mouth and
sucked it until he convulsively discharged a major load in her mouth.
While he watched, she swallowed. Carlo had liked that. Once at Carlo's
they had sat naked on his couch playing with each other and watching taped
fuck movies on the television until they couldn't stand it anymore.
Kirsten had crouched on the couch, looking out the window at the people in
the street, and Carlo had taken her from behind. Kirsten had started
cumming almost immediately and seemed to flow from one climax to another
like a skipping stone. The night in her bed when Carlo had…but these
memories were interrupted. Carlo's tongue got the better of them.

"Oh, Carlo! Oh! Oh! I'm going to cum. Oh fuck, yes…. Oh, Carlo!"

Kirsten came like a clap of thunder, snapping her hips and holding Carlo's
head hard with both hands against her glowing hot pussy. She felt as
though something had been penned up inside, had been held back and now was
set free. Besides the painfully exquisite pleasure she felt all over her
body, she was flooded with gratitude. She needed him and Carlo had
understood! Now, while her body was still singing, she wanted that big

"Carlo, come put it in me."

" Why don't you get on top, Mrs. K, so I can see you."

Kirsten rolled over him, got up on her knees, reached back between her
legs and sat slowly back on his hard-on, feeling it spread her open and go
up inside. When it was all the way in, she began to rock herself easily
back on the big cock. She filled with a peaceful, stoned kind of
happiness. Oh, how much she needed this! She leaned forward, supporting
herself on her arms and letting her breasts come down over Carlo. They
swayed in his face as she fucked herself, and Carlo took first one and
then the other in his mouth and sucked them.

His strong hands caressed her back and cupped her cheeks, gently helping
her rise and fall on his dick. He fucked her, as she fucked him, and soon
they fell into an easy rhythm, backwards and forward, up and down, over
and over again. They watched each other. Time stopped. Sometimes Kirsten
would come down and kiss him. Sometimes she would pause and let Carlo fuck
her as she held herself still above him. Carlo stroked her tits. Kirsten
was feeling that sweet tension rise in her again that she loved.

"Does it feel good, Kirsten? I'm not hurting you am I?" She shook her head
and closed her eyes to show him she felt good. "You know how much I love
fucking you, you little pregnant bitch? I've tried getting over you but I
can't. I can remember every time. You know? When you called my heart
stopped." Kirsten put her hand over his mouth.

"Don't talk about it. Not now. Later, Carlo. Just fuck me and I'll cum for
you again."

"I'll make you cum again. You called me because needed some screwing,
didn't you? Does your little belly make you horny? It makes me horny. It
makes me want to fuck you, you pregnant little whore."

"Well, then fuck me, Carlo. I need to be fucked." Kirsten was beginning to
feel wild and out-of-control. The big cock was driving her crazy.

She let the big prick slide out and lay down next to Carlo thinking he
would come and get on top, but Carlo had a different idea. He lay down on
his side beside her and scissored his legs through hers. In a minute he
was back, deep inside her. Kirsten lay on her back and Carlo lay on his
left side, beside her, but angled away enough that he could get all the
way up inside her. This was comfortable and lazy and he fucked her slowly
and deeply at first.

"Kirsten, your pussy still feels like slippery satin."

She loved how hard Carlo felt. Martin didn't get as hard. She knew from
experience that when Carlo was hard he might fuck her for a long time
before he came. She wanted him fuck her all afternoon if he could. Carlo
started to go faster and Kirsten turned her head so she could kiss him and
put her tongue in his mouth. Carlo palmed her breast as he kissed her.
Kirsten turned, not turning her back on him, but moving her hips in that
direction so that he came into her at a different angle. It felt better.
He seemed deeper inside her. Carlo's arm went around her waist and his
hand went down between her legs and held her hard. He began to go a lot
faster, working hard now. He liked this position too. Kirsten felt the
sweet tension rising in her again. The bed was making noise. Carlo's
thrusts rocked her and their bodies slapped together. They went faster
together. When Kirsten felt Carlo getting bigger inside her, she began to
cum. Mouth open, she looked at Carlo and told him with her face that she
was cumming. Carlo came too, shooting himself in Kirsten's pussy and
holding himself hard inside her as he came.

And then they were still, gasping for breath, hearts pounding. Carlo's
cock subsided and popped out after a few very pleasant minutes. The two
lovers lay back on the bed and enjoyed how their bodies felt.

Kirsten must have fallen asl**p, she thought. The next thing she knew
Carlo was up and walking around naked, setting up a camera on a tripod,
looking through the viewfinder and adjusting it carefully.

"Carlo, you crazy person, what are you doing?"

"I told you I wanted something if I came over."

"Didn't you get what you wanted already?"

Carlo came over and kissed Kristen. "No, Mrs. K, you got what you wanted
and I enjoyed giving it to you. But now it's time for me. Get out of bed
and brush you hair. We are going to have our portrait taken together."

Kirsten got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She returned in her
bathrobe, brushing her hair. "I'm ready to have my picture taken with you
Carlo, sweetheart."

"Not quite, Mrs. K. We are both posing without clothes for this portrait.
May I take your robe?" He took it and d****d it over the bed.

The camera was set up facing into the bedroom in front of the bedroom
door. When Carlo closed the door, they could see each other in the
full-length mirror on the back of the door. Carlo told Kirsten where to
stand, checked the camera again and adjusted the focus and the flash. He
pushed the shutter release and the camera began to whir. Quickly Carlo
came and stood next to Martin's pregnant wife and put his arm around her.

"Smile, Kirsten. Look beautiful!" The whirring stopped, the flash went
off, and the portrait was made.

"Can we do one more?" said Kirsten.

Once again the camera was set and Carlo stood at her side, but his time
when the shutter snapped, Kirsten's hand had snaked around Carlo's waist
and taken hold of the big cock that hung between her lover's thighs. They
laughed together.

"Why are you taking these photographs, Carlo?"

"Please don't worry, Kirsten. You can trust me. I will be very discrete. I
am taking these pictures because I want something to remember you by."

"You make it sound as though you are going away."

"I am Kirsten. I am going away, back across town to my place, and I am not
coming back. While we might have gotten away without hurting anyone this
one time, I don't think we could accomplish that again. I think I'm still
in love with you. I will put these photos away somewhere and when I miss
you terribly I will take them out and look at them and remember you just
as you are today. I'm saying goodbye. This has been a most amazing day for
me. I have never before made love to woman to woman who is pregnant with
someone else's baby."

Then Carlo left and Kirsten remained alone. She too had had a most amazing
day. And she had enjoyed it. She wondered if there were someone else she
might call. Perhaps she could try Carlo again in month seven. Tell him she
wanted to see the photographs.

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