Carol's Lactating Breasts

Heather's older b*****r Tony was in the army. He had just been sent
overseas for some training. His very pregnant wife Carol reluctantly moved
in with Heather and her parents. Carol missed Tony very much. One night,
Heather heard her crying. Heather entered Tony's old bedroom, where Carol
was sl**ping. "What's wrong?" Heather asked her.

"Oh, I just miss Tony, I am so lonely" Carol told her. Heather sat on the
large bed beside Carol and held her. "It's ok, he won't be gone that long"
Heather told her. "Oh, I know, but it really seems like it" she replied.

As Heather held Carol she noticed the two large wet spots on Carol's
nightgown. "Wow, what's that?" Heather asked ,pointing at the 2 spots.
"Milk, I am already lactating alot" Carol replied. "Cool" Heather told
her. "Can I see what it looks like?" Heather asked her s****r in law. "Ok
sure" Carol replied. Carol slid her nightgown off and Heather looked at
the large swollen white breasts. The nipples were brown and very large.

Heather looked at the greyish fluid as it seeped from the huge nipples.
Heather reached out with one of her fingers and wiped the fluid. Heather
brought her finger to her mouth and tasted. "Mmm, not bad" Heather said.
Heather lowered her head and took one of Carol's large brown nipples
between her soft lips. Carol moaned as Heather gently sucked her tit.

Heather sucked the milk from Carol's large nipple. As she sucked it, she
softly ran her hand across Carol's large pregnant belly. Carol moaned as
she felt Heather's hand move closer to her wet pussy. Heather lightly
brushed the crotch of Carol's silk panties. Carol moaned. "Wow, you are
really excited, aren't you?" Heather asked as she touched the wet silk.
"God, yes, I am so hot" Carol replied.

"Well, why don't you lie back and let your little s****r in law make it
all better" Heather whispered to her. Heather firmly tugged on the silk
panties pulling them downward. Carol arched her back making it easier for
her to remove them. Heather wasted no time. She quickly began sucking on
Carol's wet pussy. Carol moaned loudly as she felt Heather take her
swollen clit into her mouth. "Mmm, that feels so good" Carol moaned.

Heather eagerly sucked Carol's throbbing clit. Waves of pleasure shot
through Carol's body. Carol bucked her hips, meeting each thrust of
Heather's wet, hot tongue. "Oh, please, eat me yes, baby" Carol yelled.
Heather thrust 2 fingers inside of her s****r in law's tight, pregnant
pussy. "Oh, yes" moaned Carol. Carol climaxed intensely beneath Heather's
probing tongue, and plunging fingers.

Heather continued sucking Carol's hot pussy causing her to cum yet another
time. "Mmm, you are so incredible" Carol moaned. Heather crawled from
between Carol's widely spread legs. She plopped onto the bed beside her,
and began sucking her large breasts again. Heather sucked the warm mama's
milk hungrily, as she stroked Carol's hot pussy.

"God, I want to taste you, too" Carol whispered to Heather. "Oh, yes"
moaned Heather as she quickly stripped off her clothing and tossed it to
the floor. Heather straddled Carol's face and lowered her hot, wet, tight
pussy onto her open mouth. Carol's tongue eagerly thrust inside of her
tasty pussy. "Mmm, yes, eat me baby" yelled Heather. Carol's tongue darted
playfully around Heather's wet, swollen clit. Carol had never tasted pussy
before, but she liked it. She hungrily ate her little s****r in law's
sweet pussy.

Heather rode Carol's face, grinding her wet pussy against her probing
tongue. Carol thoroughly enjoyed this. "God, I am gonna cum" Heather
screamed. "Mmmm, yesss, she continued. Carol felt the pussy juices as they
gushed from Heather's sweet little pussy. Carol greedily lapped up the
tangy juices. She could feel the hot pussy juice as it flowed across her
face. "Mmmm," Carol moaned in a muffled voice. She made loud slurping
noises as she continued to suck the pussy juice from Heather's hot little

Heather climaxed once again, flooding Carol's mouth with her tasty juices.
Heather's young body shook violently as she came. "oh, yes, baby, oh yes"
Heather screamed She climbed from Carol's face and began kissing her on
the lips. Their tongues thrust wildly into each other's mouths. Carol
could feel Heather's warm, soft thigh as it rubbed against her hot, wet
pussy. "Oh, yes" she moaned. Heather ground her thigh up and down Carol's
hot pussy. Carol began humping wildly and moaning loudly. "yes, you are
gonna make me cum again" she moaned.

Heather held her and they kissed some more. "God, I think I love you"
Carol told her younger s****r in law. "No, I just made you feel good, you
love my b*****r" she replied. They held each other and smiled. "You know,
maybe I won't be so lonely after all" Carol said with a smile. Heather
stroked her pregnant belly as she kissed her large leaking breasts one
more time. "No, you won't be lonely at all, I promise"...

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2 years ago
really hot story
3 years ago
Really hot story. I didn't want it to end. Thank you