Mommies Make Great Pets! pt. 01

My daughter can be very demanding sometimes. From an early age Stacey
learned that being a brat works well for her, whether it's at the school
or sadly, at the home. This usually means she gets what she wants.

But as she's been getting older, Stacey has she been trying to challenge
me more and more. All teenagers try to rebel against their parents, but I
keep getting the impression that Stacey wants to take control of our lives
away from me.

It worries me that she doesn't respect my authority, even though I am her
mother. It also worries me that every time she openly defies me,
especially in public, I tend to get..... well.....wet between my legs.

I know it's horrible, and sick. But when she gets all bratty and
disrespects me, my knees go weak. I don't know why and I've never admitted
it to her. I would absolutely die if she ever knew.

But I am still her mother after all, and I have to do my best to act like
it. So one day when she came to me wanting a puppy, I finally decided to
put my foot down. It was time she learned who was the parent and who was
the c***d.

Since I hated dogs, I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not
allow her to get one. She begged and begged, but I wouldn't budge. Soon
she became her usual bratty self and resorted to name calling, saying I
was a mean cruel mommy who didn't love her daughter.

This was all very hard for me. I loved my baby very much, and to hear her
say such things really pained me. But I had to draw the line some where,
and not getting her a puppy was it.

After a week of begging and name calling, she just resorted to the silent
treatment. How c***dish. When I would come home tired from a long day at
work and ask how her day went, she'd just ignore me and continue eating
dinner or watching TV. When she went off to the movies one day with her
friends, she "told" me to pick her up. I should have known better but
agreed, thinking that it might improve our relationship.

But when I got there, she totally ignored me as she continued chatting
with her friends outside the mall. As I sat there stupidly in the car,
honking, she acted like I wasn't even there. The bitch! It took great
determination not to reach down between my legs as she and her friends
giggled at me. However, I knew I'd be indulging my perversion later that
night alone in bed.

You see I am 33 and divorced. I had caught my piece of shit husband having
an affair with this young blond bimbo and threw his ass out of the house.
He laughed, saying that I would be crawling back to him in no time, but I
showed him. I worked hard to pick myself up and now I had a very
successful, high paying job. Besides my income, I made sure we get plenty
of money in alimony from him.

So now Stacey and I get to live comfortably in our nice big house where I
can fall asl**p in my own soft King sized bed. My good income also allowed
me to buy a brand new Mercedes, which I just absolutely love to show off.

But just in spite of me, my ex always gives extra money to my daughter
when ever she asks. He does it so my daughter loves him more. I hate him
more for it. He's not the one whose here for her when she's really in
need. He's not the one helping with homework, or with boy problems or what
ever. But since he gives her money, he's not the one getting the silent

So that brings us back to today, where I'm sitting in my favorite chair by
the TV (This is one of the only other things I insist on with my daughter,
that she never sit in my favorite leather chair) when she came in the
house with a rather large paper bag. When I asked her what was in it, she
just ignored me and went into her room.

Later that day when I walked into the kitchen, I noticed laying in the
corner a small empty bowl. On one side it had the name "Butter Cup". She
had mentioned that she wanted to call her puppy Butter Cup. Well if she
thought that I'd still give in and get her a dog, than she could forget

Over the next several days I began to notice other pet items being left
around the house. A dog collar and leash on the dinning room table, rubber
toys in the living room, including this really strange doggy tail.

I was beginning to get upset with all her nonsense, she still believed I
was going to budge.

On Saturday, she spent half the day working on something outside in the
back yard. When she was finished, she walked into the house and straight
up to her room. When I looked out the window, standing there to my
complete shock was an actual dog house.

Well this was the last straw. I had to end this right here and right now.
She was going to accept my authority as the mother and forget this stupid
idea of getting a puppy whether she liked it or not.

I walked right up to her room and pounded hard on the door.

"Stacy, open the door this instant, we have to talk!"

"Its open mother"

I walked into my daughter's room and in the middle of all the stuffed
a****ls on her bed was Stacey on the phone.

"Mom, can this wait? Can't you see that I'm on the phone?"

"Stacey hang up, I want to talk to you right now."

"In a moment." And she just continued talking. I was steamed at her
arrogance. Defying her mother yet again. Yet I allowed her to finish. I
was trying to show her some level of respect so that in turn she'd show
some back.

Yet 5 minutes later she was still chatting away, with no sign of stopping.
I was feeling very foolish standing, looking at my daughter as she
virtually ignored me. Finally I spoke again.

"Stacey I've been very patient, hang up that phone this instant."

"Mother you are so rude, I'm on the phone with a friend. Can't you just
leave and come back when I'm finished?"

I felt a little tingling sensation in my stomach as she said it. I hated
when she did this. She was obviously attempting to take control of the
situation by ordering me to leave. But if I walked out now, she'd win and
totally lose any respect for me. I couldn't allow that to happen.

So instead of leaving, I continued to silently stand there. But as she
talked on the phone, completely ignoring me, I found myself getting that
sick feeling of humiliation, and I was actually becoming slightly excited
by her attempted rebellion. Even more, something in my head was telling me
to leave, to listen to my daughter's orders and walk out.

You see its a little known fact that in the deepest part of any single
mother's brain, she secretly enjoys it when her daughter tries to overcome
her right to power. Almost welcoming her daughter to take over the
dominant role. But they'll never admit it and especially never act on it.

Yet as exciting as the possibility of surrendering control to my daughter
was, I knew I couldn't do it. I needed to demonstrate authority, not
submission. So I did the only thing I could do, I patiently waited for her
to finish. And waited.....and waited. After 15 minutes of talking about
boys, hairstyles, and what ever else young girls talk about, I was
beginning to feel very foolish again. Why didn't I just demand she stop
talking this instant? Why was I letting her ignore me like this?

Suddenly I realized that my panties were sticking to the inside of my
thighs. I was still becoming more and more turned on by Stacey's
rebellion. Oh how I wish I could just reach down and re-arrange my sticky
panties....and maybe even....shamefully rub around a little.

But I couldn't do that in front of my own daughter. Perhaps I could
quickly run out and satisfy myself in the bathroom before coming back. Yet
she would see me leaving her room as acceptance of her command. No, I had
to remain where I was, no matter how sticky my thighs were becoming.

Finally she finished, hung up the phone, and looked up at me. "Ok, now
what was soooo important that you couldn't wait."

I hated her tone, it was as if she were the parent and I was just a c***d
who was bothering her with my little problems.

"Stacey, we have to talk, I'm getting tired of all these items you keep
buying and leaving around the house.

"But they are for my new puppy."

"Stacey, as I told you before, I will not allow you to get a puppy and
that is all there is too it."

Finally an accretive tone. I was demonstrating who was in charge here. Now
she'd learn to fully accept me as the female matriarch of the f****y once
and for all.

But she simply giggle and continued "Oh don't be silly, of course I'm
going to have a puppy."

She had now locked eyes with me, still trying to make me back down.

"Stacey, you can beg me all you want, but I'm going to put my foot down
and say NO."

She began to rise off her bed and slowly walk towards me. "Mommy, would
you like to know what my puppy will look like?"

"No Honey, I don't want you to have a puppy." I detected a hint of whining
in my voice.

"My new little puppy will be so cute, with her wide puppy dog eyes, and
nice long coat of hair." She was now standing right in front of me.

"Stacey, I don't think you understand...."

"Shhhhhhh" She said, raising a finger to my lips. I was shocked. How dare
she shush me, her own mother. I should be taking her over the knees and
spanking the little brat. Yet all I could do was breath heavily onto her
finger as she held it to my lips.

"My puppy will also be very obidient to her new master. She will always
listen and do as she's told with out question."

She was now softly running her fingers along the outside of my lips,
caressing them. I couldn't understand what she was doing, but I was
finding it harder and harder to stand up straight.

"I will also teach my new puppy how to do tricks. She will learn how to
play fetch, roll on her back, play dead, and so many other fun games."

Now her hand was caressing my check. This wasn't going right. She was
taking over the situation and I had to retake control, but her caressing
hand was making it so hard to think.

"My puppy will also be given the very best doggy food and will be kept
very clean as I lead here into the bath tub and thorally scrub every part
of her dirty body."

Her hand was now moving down my neck and soon rested on the top of my
blouse. I had still yet to say anything to stop her. With every second
that went by, she was more and more switching places with me. Despite the
fact that my moist cunt was now dripping juice down my thighs I had to
take control of the situation.

"Stacey, p...please stop!" I was almost shocked with how pathetic I
sounded. Like a little girl asking her mommy to stop.

Stacey giggle at my weak attempt as she began playing with my top button.
As Stacey looked again into my glazing eyes.....she unbuttoned it. I felt
a little electric shock go through my spin at that moment. She was fast
taking control.

I didn't know where this was leading but she was obviously aiming to
finally take my place as head of this house...second button....she was
testing me, seeing if I'd submit....third button...I had to stop this and
preserve my position as mother....fourth button....before all was lost.

"Of course mommy, my new puppy will need to be house trained. In the
beginning she'll sl**p in her cute little doggy house outside. But guess
where she'll sl**p when she learns how to behave?"

She held on to the last button, toying with it as she raised her head to
my ear and whispered "Between my legs!"

My knees buckled and I almost fell to the floor as I held on to the bed
post. I looked back at her with a look of fear and....desire as she undid
my last button. Now my blouse was open partially revealing my bra. Stacey
reach up and lightly pushed the blouse off my shoulders allowing it to
fall to the floor.

"So mommy, what do you think now of giving me my new puppy?"

Her hands were now at my waist, slowly tugging down on my dress. My mind
was screaming to stop her, but my throbbing cunt was begging for her to
continue. As she moved my dress past my hips, and below my soaked panties,
my sent filled the room.

I knew I was fast approaching a thin line that I would not be able to
return from.

In another brief moment my dress had completely fallen to the floor and I
know stood embarrassingly in my bra and panties before my daughter as she
defiantly looked me in the eyes. I turned away, unable to return her

"Mommy, would you like to know a little secrete, I already have my new
little puppy. Would you like to see her?"

A slight whine escaped my mouth in response. Smiling she turned around and
walked to her table drawer. Opening it, she pulled out.....a collar. The
same collar I had seen a few days earlier. She turned back to me and
walked over looking as bratty as ever.

"Here mommy, why don't you put the collar on my new puppy"

She handed me the collar. I felt a slight spazing deep in my vagina as I
stared at the collar in my hands. Even though it only said Butter Cup on
it, it had submission written all over it. As I said, Stacey has been
trying to take over control of our lives for some time.

With my daughter looking at me in triumph, I raised the collar to my
neck...and snapped it on. A wave of humiliation washed over me at that
moment. I, a 33 year old mother had just handed the dominant role of our
f****y over to my teenage daughter.

Stacey had a look of complete victory on her as she began walking behind
me. "So my mean mommy wish's to become my little pet does she?"

I didn't answer, my mind was swirling with confusion and lust. Had I just
submitted to my own daughter? But as Stacey began caressing my panty
covered ass and patting it possessively, I quickly became fully aware of
my new position.

"I said, does my mean old mommy wish to become my little bitch puppy

I nodded my head yes and she gave my ass a squeeze. "Will my mommy be an
obedient puppy?"

I nodded again. She had now reached around me and began fondling my
breasts through my bra.

"And will she do all kinds of tricks for her new owner?"

I thought of how degrading it was going to be doing doggy tricks for my
daughter, with my breast bouncing and ass jiggling for her amusement. I

She had now walked back in front of me as she reach down between my
legs.....and started stroking.

"Will my little pet be punished if she misbehaves?"

I couldn't stop, the intimacy of it just made me answer "Yesssss."

"But puppies aren't suppose to talk, there suppose to bark. Bark for me
Butter Cup".

I looked up at her for the first time. My new owner was waiting on me.


She removed her fingers from my heated panties.

"Good Girl. It seems my little pet is getting a little excited." She held
up her hand to show me the sticky wet film on in. I could not believe I
had actually wet my own daughter's fingers with my pussy juice, through my
panties no doubt. But she was making me so hot, and I was craving her
domination of me. She knew exactly what she was doing and I was completely
lost under her spell. She dried her slick fingers off my right bra, then
looked back at me.

"Butter Cup, doggies aren't suppose to stand, there suppose to crawl for
their masters."

I found myself slowly lowering to the ground. It was becoming official, I
was completely surrendering myself to my daughter. She was now the
matriarch of the house. Moments later, I was on my hands and knees before

"Now lets play with my new pet doggy, roll over and play dead!"

I rolled over onto my back and held my legs and hands up in the air like
I'd seen the neighborhood dogs do so often.

"Such a good girl" She started rubbing my belly and I felt strangely very
proud. "Now roll back over and fetch" She through an object across her
room and I immediately got to my hands and knees and chased after it. I
could her laughing as I clumsily wobbled my behind.

Quickly I found what I was looking for, a leash. I tried to pick it up
with my hands but she stopped me.

"Puppies don't know how to use their hands silly, they use their mouths."

I lowered my mouth to the floor and picked up the leash with my teeth.
Then I crawled to my very happy daughter.

"I am so proud of my little puppy, she is behaving so well. Does my little
pet know what this is for?"

I nodded my head.

"That's right, it's suppose to be attached to your doggy neck so I can
lead my pet around." She reached down and clipped the leash to my collar.

"Come Butter Cup, time for your lunch."

She pulled on the leash and I was soon crawling behind her. We walked out
of her room, through the living room, and into the kitchen. I was having a
hard time keeping up and Stacy was getting a little annoyed.

"We're going to have to work on your crawling pet. But now its time for
your first meal."

I started crawling to the table but she yank me back to her.

"No stupid pet, dogs eat on the floor, out of their bowls." I stared at
the bowl on the floor. She told me to heel on my hind legs as she left the
kitchen. A moment later she appeared with a giant bag of.....Dog Food.

My heart sank as I realized my daughter would be serving me real dog food.
She poured the contents into my bowl and told me to begin eating. I
hesitated. It looked so disgusting.

"Come on Butter Cup, doggies need to eat to keep their fine coat of hair
and muscle strong." She punctuated by patting my left thigh.

I looked up at my owner and whined.

"Don't be like that, this was the most expensive doggy food I could get
with your credit card. But if you don't like it, the store does serve cat

With great reluctance I lowered my head to the bowl. The smell was also
awful, yet I opened my mouth and began eating. I had to really chew hard
before I could swallow the hard food.

I could hear Stacy giggling to herself. I could imagine what she was
thinking. She always wanted to switch places with her mother, and become
the dominant female in the house, but she could have never have dreamed
that her mother would actually submit to her. Even more, she was managing
to turn her mother into her very own pet puppy.

My face burned in shame as I continued to eat my dog food.

When I was finished, I looked around for something to drink. The food had
made me thirsty. I looked up at Stacy and whined again.

"Oh, does Butter Cup need something to drink"

I nodded my head.

"Then come on." She began to lead me out of the kitchen. I was a little
confused, since she could simply fill a bowl in the kitchen sink and give
it to me. Yet we continued across the house.....and into the bathroom.

She led me up to the toilet, lifted the lid, and just looked at me. I
looked back at the toilet, and then to her. I was a little bit confused.

"Gosh, I had no idea that dogs were really this dumb. Your suppose to
stick your head in it and drink. That's what all new puppies do before
their house trained."

My mouth dropped. She was telling me to stick my head into the filthy
towel bowl and drink. Even worse, I had just used this toilet not one hour
ago, and my stench could still be smelled.

But my mind was decided for me as Stacey gently guided my head to the
bowl, and slowly lowered it to the water. I didn't stop her as I closed my
eyes. When the tip of my nose touched the cold water, I extended my
tongue.....and began lapping. Stacey squealed in delight as she watched
her mother further degrade herself.

With my belly full of toilet water I raised my head and waited for her
next perverse idea.

"Oh, my little puppy is all wet and yucky. I think its time to give my
doggy a good washing." She reached behind me, unclasped my bra, and
allowed it to fall to the floor, my breasts popping free and swaying
beneath me. Next she hooked her thumbs into the sides of my panties and
quickly pulled them off my legs.

97% (25/1)
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"Mommies Make Great Pets! - Pt. 01" - Thrity-three Year Old Divorced Submissive Mother and Mid-teenage Dominant Daughter Stacey.

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