Anna and her slutty Cousin Amanda.

This is a story about how Anna was sexually awakened by her C**sin Amanda.

First let me describe how both girls look. Anna has long redhair with green eye's. She stands about 5'2" tall and weights about 110 lbs. She has a slim body with full 36-C tits and a tight round bubble butt.

Amanda has shoulder lenght dark brown hair and brown eye's. She stands 5'2" tall and weights about 145 lbs. She has 36-EE tits, slim waste, a fat round ass and thick thunder thighs.

Anna and her c**sin Amanda were born one month apart. They weren't really close. Mostly they only saw eachother on Holidays. Usually on Easter and Christmas gatherings with the entire f****y.
When they were younger they got along well, till at around age 12. Anna was one month older than Amanda, but Amanda was starting to mature more quickly. Anna was jelious that Amandas breasts were starting to develope, but hers weren't.

At age 13 both girls were the same height (5' tall), but Amanda was a little chubbier than Anna. Amanda was already wearing a 36-DD bra and would tease Anna about her 34-B tits being small. Amanda would flirt with every man she got near, showing off her big fat tits.

One time over the summer, Amanda come to visit and swim in the pool with Anna for the day. They were both enjoying the cool water along with Anna's D*d. They both swam around, played and giggled like 13 year old girls do. They would take turns diving and jumping into the water, till Amanda's bikini top came off. As she stood up in the shallow 3 feet water, both her huge tit's were completely exposed. She seemed to be unaware as she slicked her hair back with both hands. Anna was shocked. She looked to her F***er, who was staring at those big fat tit's with their rock hard lite brown nipples. She then looked back to her c**sin Amanda. Amanda noticed her big tit's were exposed, but didn't freak out and try to cover herself. She just lowered herself till her tit's went underwater. She asked if anyone had seen her top.

Anna was shocked and angry that her c**sin didn't seem to mind showing her tit's to her f***er. Then her bl**d went cold as she heard her f***er say "Here's you'r top". Amanda swam back to the point she had jumped from, that caused her top to come off. Anna's d*d John had been hanging on the pool ladder as they jumped. He found her top floating in the water, as was holding out to Amanda. She swam up to him, taking the top in one hand and the ladder in the other. Now Amanda was less than a foot away from John. Her huge tit's jiggled as she fumbled around tring to put her top back on. Anna watched her f***er stare at those big wobbly tit's inches away from him. Amanda replaced her top and swam over to a floating chair. As she swam, John climbed the ladder and exited the pool. He turned around and told the girls he was going in the house. Both girls saw he had a large lump in the front of his swim-trunks.

After he left, Anna asked Amanda what the hell just happened. Amanda laughed and said "you'r d*d got a boner". Anna was pissed. She said " It's you'r fault. How dare you show you'r tit's to my d*d". Amanda said "well it looked like he liked what he saw. Didn't you see that big lump in his trunks?" "Why didn't you cover yourself? He's my d*d!" Anna said. Amanda replied, "Ya, but he's still a man...a handsome well built man". "You should be proud you d*d looks that hot. Most d*d's are old fat bald guy's....gross."

The girls tanned around the pool for the hour or so, till Amanda's m*m (Tammy Jo) came to pick her up. Anna went inside the house to shower and clean up. As she showered, she she played back what happened in her head. She noticed she was becoming aroused as she thought about what Amanda said about her f***er. Her f***er was a handsome man. He's tall dark hair, dark tanned skin with green eye's. He's very strong looking with muscles every where. He's tummy isn't fat at all, actually he has a nice sixpack tummy. As she pictured this in her mind, her hands started washing her tit's. She played with her nipple and felt tingles shot down to her young virgin pussy. As the hot water from the shower ran down her belly. She felt the tickle as it flowed down thru the red hair that sparsely covered her tiny pussy. As the warm water washed down thru the tiny lips of her cunt, she felt shivers run thru her. Then, she remembered the big bulge in her d*ds shorts. What did it look like? she wondered. How big was it?

Anna was really getting turned on at this point. She let her right hand slide down to her pussy. At first, she just slid her finger back and forth thru her pussy lips. She never entered her tiny pussy opening, just ran her finger from her clit to her little asshole. She had been in the shower for almost an hour and was nearing her first climax. She was so close to cumming, she was deaf to any outside noises. As she felt the dam inside her begin to burst, she started to moan as the first wave of pleasure hit her. Her legs began to quiver and she nocked the shampoo bottle off the shower rack. It hit the tub with a big thump. She was cumming so hard, she didn't care as she moaned louder. Then all of a sudden, the bathroom door flew open. She turned her head to see her d*d standing in the doorway. There she was, her left hand tweaking her hard nipple and her right hand rubbing her tiny pussy as she rocked with a massive orgasm. It seemed to intensify as she looked at her f***er, who was staring at her shocked with his mouth wide open.

In her mind, she wanted to stop and cover herself up but her body was frozen in an orgasmic shudder. Her F***er slowly apologised as he watched her right hand slowly move between her thighs. Her couldn't take his eye's of his little girls tiny thinly redhair covered pussy. He was entranced by her pale skin, the red patch of hair, and the brite pink lips of her pussy. He said "I'm sorry honey... I heard a big thump then you moan...I thought you mite had fell in the shower and got hurt". As her orgasm faded, embarrassment took over. She pulled the shower curtain around herself as she said "I'm fine, I dropped the shampoo". Her d*d backed out the door as he left her alone. He's Cock was rock hard and he was filled with guilt and also pride. He was guilty for seeing his own d***hter masterbating and being aroused. What kind of f***er get's a hard-on looking at their d***hter, he thought. But he was also proud of how beautiful a women his little girl has grown into.

Things went back to normal soon after that. Both Anna and her d*d acted like it never happened.
Well a year later Anna and Amanda turned 14. Both girls had really grown. They were 5'2" tall now, but they both filled out. Anna was now a 36-C almost a D cup. Here hip were getting fuller and her ass grown. It was perfect, phat firm roundness. Amanda's Tits had almost doubled in size from a 36-DD to a 36-EE. She had lost some baby fat, her tummy and waist trimmed but her hips and ass get bigger.
It was Anna's birthday and she was having a sl**pover after her party. She invited all her friends to the skating rink. Amanda was there as well. All the parents dropped the girls off fot a couple hours. Once the girls were alone, Amanda was up to her old tricks. She was flirting and kissing all the boys at the skating rink. Anna had already made plans for her bff Brook to sl**pover after the party. Brook was a Sexy little blonde with 32-C tits not quite as bigand full as Anna's. She was also shorter at about 4'11". Anna and her friends couldn't believe how wild Amanda was acting. They were to shy to talk to the boys still, but Amanda was all over them. It wasn't long till the party was over.

Anna's d*d picked up Anna, Brook, and Amanda. When they got home Amanda asked to stay all night as well. Anna didn't really want her to but didn't want to hurt her feelings. So they called Amanda's m*m Tammy Jo who lived an hour away and she said that it was OK with her. The girls got dressed for bed in their nite clothes. Anna and Brook put on their nitegowns with just their tiny little panties underneath, but Amanda had not brought any other clothes. Anna's d*d gave her one of his large t-shirts and she wore it. It was long enuff on her that it came to mid thigh. She had removed all her under clothes so she could wear them in the morning. All she wore was the t-shirt. No bra. No panties.

The girls settled in the livingroom with blanket and pillows as they watched movies. John (Anna's d*d) made popcorn and drinks for everyone. He sat on the couch as the girls layed in the floor. They watched one movie, then started another. The girls were covered with blankets, except Amanda. She was laying on her belly with her feet facing John as she watched the movie. She knew he could see up the big t-shirt she was wearing.

She decided to tease him. She spread her legs to let him see her goodies. John noticed her movement and his eye's were greeted by the site of her lower ass checks and her young hairy pussy. Her cunt was covered in a thick black thatch of hair. At first, there was so much hair he couldn't see her pussy lips. A few seconds later, she slowly started humping the floor. He could see her ass checks tighten up as she pushed her cunt against the floor. Then he could see her ass relax and swell as she arched her back, lifting her cunt up off the ground. She slowly kept this up for a couple minutes. John could see she was getting aroused. Amanda's pussy lips were starting to open like a flower. Her little cunt was getting soaking wet. John could easily see her cunt lips thru the wet mated hair.

John's cock was throbbing...he had to get out of the room to recover. He went to the kitchen to get a cold drink. He had just closed the fridge door and saw Amanda standing beside him. He backed away to the counter as Amanda opened the fridge. She bent over to get a cold soda. As she bent over, the shirt rode up over her ass. Her entire ass was exposed, John could see it all. He tried to look away. She stood up, closed the fridge door, and turned to face him. She walked up to him as her huge tits wobbled freely under her t-shirt. She thanked him for letting her stay the night and pressed those fat tit's into his chest. Smashing them agaist him as she suductively kissed his check. She pushed her pelvis into his groan and could feel his hard cock thru his jogging pants.

Then she turned and bounced off to the livingroom. John stayed in the kitchen for another 10 minutes. Once his aching cock deflated, he returned to watch the movie. We he entered the livingroom, all three girls were under blankets. One by one, everyone fell asl**p. First Brook, then John on the couch, then Anna. Once Amanda knew everyone was asl**p, she moved toward John. As the T.V. flickered light thru the livingroom Amanda softly rubbed John's cock thru his jogging pants. She was still horny and wanted to see how big his cock was. As she rubbed it, it began to swell and grow. The tip of his cock started to inch up towards his belly and stick out the top of his pants.

Amanda eased his pants down to just below his balls. His cock was over 8" standing straight up. She run her finger around his dick, tracing the thick veins from top to bottom. She scooped up his huge balls in her hand. She liked the way they rolled around in her palm. She was amazed at how large they were. One nut was as big as a ex-large egg. She has had sex before, so she knew how to handle a cock.

She licked his balls a couple times, then she gently sucked each ball into her warm mouth. Her mouth was so full of balls, she could hardly move her tounge. As she sucked his balls, she ran her hand flat against her dripping cunt scooping up as much of her pussy cream as she could. Then she wrapped her hand around his cock, using her cunt honey for lubricant as she slowly jacked him off. Amanda heard a russeling and saw Brook moving out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't turn her head to look because her mouth was stuffed with John's huge balls.

As see focused on Brook, Amanda could see she was watching. This made her pussy even wetter. She knew Brook was seeing her stroke John's big cock and was rubbing her pussy. Amanda easied her mouth off his balls, turned toward Brook with a finger to her lips. "Shh" she said then waved her closer.
She didn't know that John is a heavy sl**per. Brook was nervous as she slipped closer. Amanda whispered to Brook "watch this", then put her mouth over the head of his cock. Slowly she worked her mouth about halfway down his thick shaft. Then she pulled her mouth off and said "try it. See if you can take that much". Brook leaned in on shaky knees, put her lips on the head and slowly went down. As she filled her mouth, Amanda said "you keep practicing on that cock. Just keep going up and down till you can get it all in your mouth." "I'm going to work on these balls" she told Brook, as she sucked John's balls back into her mouth. Brook did as she said. She kept fucking her mouth up and down his thick cock. Each time she went down, she worked a little more cock in her mouth. They were really working John over. He started to moan a little. Softly at first, then a little louder. It wasn't real loud, but it was enuff to wake Anna. She turned and saw her bff Brook with 3/4 of her d**dy's cock down her throat and Amanda's mouth full of his balls. At this point the girls were so horny, they didn't care if Anna saw or not.

Anna moved to them mad as hell. She whispered "what the fuck are you guys doing? He's going to wake up and we'll be in trouble." Once again, Amanda took the balls from her mouth and said "Try it. I know you want to. I saw the look on your face that day at the pool." While Amanda was talking to Anna, Brook never stopped sucking that big cock. She was horny as hell and determind to fit every inch of this cock in her mouth. Anna was watching as Amanda talked. She was getting wet. She was also getting jelious. If someone was going to suck her d***y's cock it was going to be her.

Anna pushed Brook aside. As Brook's mouth was pulled from his cock, it made a wet pop sound. Anna slowly started sucking on his cock. She had mixed emotions about it. It felt wrong and nasty, but it also made her super horny cause it was so taboo. She also didn't want the other girls to have his cock. Amanda told Brook to suck his balls. Brook was disappointed that she had stop sucking that cock. She was just getting good at it. She traded places with Amanda and started liking and sucking on one ball then the other. Amanda was now behind the girls as they were on there hand and knees. She rubbed Brooks back softly, then her ass, then she easied Brooks panties down and off. At this point Brook knew Amanda was in charge. Amanda then started rubbing Brook's little pussy. Anna was starting to work up rythem. She was moving her mouth up and down his cock pretty good.
In John's mind he was dreaming of fucking Amanda. Slowly he was he begin to wake up as the pressure of a huge climax grew closer. When he opened his eye's, he saw his little girl Anna working his cock. Then Brook sucking his balls and Amanda smiling at him as stood behind the girls. Amanda said "Suprize!" Anna and Brook, not realising John was awake both jumped and pulled away. John's cock popping out of Anna's mouth slinging saliva up on his belly.

Anna and Brook both stood up waiting for the worst. John lay there on the couch, cock rock hard and aching. He was to far gone to stop them. He needed to cum now. Amanda was again the first to make a move. She stepped up beside the other girls. She looked at them, then pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Brook gasped as she saw Amanda's massive tit's come into view. Brook looked at Amanda as if waiting for a sign. Amanda gave her a nodd, then Brook stripped as well. John was amazed at Amanda's body. He had fucked a lot of women, but none of them were as well indowelled as she was. Then he saw Brook disrobe. As she raised her nitegown over her head, he saw her pussy. It was amazing. It was covered in thick patch of cotton blonde hair. John couldn't believe his eye's. It was first time in his life he ever saw a true blonde haired pussy.

Amanda walked over to John. Leaned down and started sucking his cock with vigar. She deepthroted his cock swiftly. John couldn't help but grab her head and fuck her face. He grunted and grouned as looked at Brooks blonde pussy. Anna not wanting to be left out, snatched her gown off then pushed her panties down quickly. John noticed her tit's had grown since he saw her in the shower. Then he saw her pussy. It was covered in a thick patch of red hair. It was way thicker than it was a year ago. It had just started growing in when he saw her in the shower. Now at 14, it was thick and full and the prettiest shade of reddish orange. Amanda was working his cock so good, he came as soon as he saw Anna's red bush. He filled her mouth full of a couple of weeks worth of cum. Amanda swallowed as fast as she could, back she couldn't keep up. There was cum dribbling from the sides of her mouth running back down his shaft. Brook and Anna moved to the sides of Amanda. They saw the cum rolling down the shaft. Brook wanted a taste. She pushed Amanda aside and quickly capped her mouth on his spurting cock. Her mouth was quickly filled. Amanda told Anna "get a taste of you'r d***y's cream". Anna quickly replaced Brook to get the last few spurts. She swallowed it all then moved off his cock to try to distinguish what it tasted like. The girls talked about the taste. Then John grabbed Amanda pulling her to him. He said "since you started this, let me eat that fat little pussy of yours." As Amanda got into possition sitting on his face, Brook went back to sucking and cleaning up John's cum covered cock. John's licked and sucked Amanda's hairy pussy like he was starving. It had several since he ate pussy. Being a single d*d, he hadn't been with a woman since Anna's m***er Melissa (or Mel as he called her) let the two of them to marry a Marine named Patrick. Amanda's pussy was sweet with a little saltiness. He found her clit and trapped it between his lips sucking it into his mouth as he flicked his tongue over it.

It was a technique he found drove his ex-wife Mel over the edge. It would make a woman cum in a few minutes. It worked like a charm. Amanda started shaking then she screamed out and gushed her pussy cream out of her cunt like a water hose, soaking his entire face. Her cum was from below his eye's to his chest and from ear to ear. As Amanda fell away from him, landing on her back on the floor. John stood up took Anna by the hand and guided her to the floor beside Amanda. He layed down between her legs and started eatting his baby girl's virgin pussy. Anna cam in a couple of seconds, but John kept on eatting. It was like Anna was having one huge nonstop Orgasm. John ate her till she begged him to stop.

Then John layed Brook down on the other side of Amanda. He ate her virgin blonde pussy just the same. Once she begged him to stop his cock was rock hard again. He sat up and looked down at the three withering girls. What a Beautiful site three gorgeous naked girls laying in a row. Then he looked at there pussy's it was like neapolitan icecream. Strawberry (redhead), Chocolate (brunette), and Vanilla (blonde). Then he thought they were as sweet.

John thought of which girl to fuck first. He knew Anna and Brook were virgins and would need a nice slow fuck to break them in, but Amanda couldn't be a virgin. But even if she was, that little bitch was teaseing my cock all night. I'm going to grudge fuck this little bitch.

John possitioned himself between Amanda's legs. He told the girls "Since Amanda started all this, I'm going to fuck her first. You two can watch and see if you'r ready for this or not". With that said he slammed his 8" cock all the way to bottom of Amanda's tight little pussy. Amanda screamed out, but John just kept powldriving his entire cock to the very bottom of her cunt. He was banging into her cervix f***eing it open with each thrust. She was moaning "oh shit, oh shit, fuck me, fuck that pussy!" John pounded her for about 30 minutes. Amanda had came 4 or 5 times, her eye's rolled to the back of her head. She was bearly capable of making sound. She just kept moaning "Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh" as John's cock fucked her ragged. Amanda's huge tits were bouncing around in circles as John tried to kill that little pussy. Amanda was totally limp. John grabbed her legs and put her tiny feet on his shoulders. He leaned forward, supporting his weight on his arms. This pushed Amanda's knees into her tits, raising her ass up off the floor. John started fucking her again. In this possition his cock would go a little deeper. It also make her pussy tighter. Now John could slam into her ass and feel the head of his cock go inside her Cervix. With his first thrust, Amanda felt his big cockhead split up in her cervical canal. She screamed out in pain and tried to push his off, but she was to weak. This pushed him over the edge. He banged her fast and hard for another 5 minutes. Each stroke stabbing into her core. John Slammed fully into her one last time and held his cock deep in her young womb. He could feel her cervix squeezing around the head of his cock as he fired squirt after squirt of his baby batterinto her fertile womb.

John pulled his cock out of her well fucked hole and saw alittle bl**d around the head of his dick. He felt good. He knew he busted her cunt, taught her a lesson about being a cock tease, and may have knocked her up. Amanda was panting and shaking all over. She couldn't even hold her own legs up. She lay limp saying "Oh my god, Oh my god". John went to her head and fed her his cock. She was so weak she could baerly suck his cock. She managed to clean off all the cum and bl**d. Then John pulled his cock from her mouth.

He had Anna and Brook look at Amanda's stretched open pussy. It was gaping open and the girls could see his cum leaking out. John said "We can't waste all that cum. Who ever eats it out gets fucked next." The girls looked at each other.

Anna didn't mind eating her F***er's cum, but didn't want to eat it from a pussy. Brook was so horny from watching him fuck Amanda, she didn't care. She needed to be fucked, so she didn't hesitate. As a big glob of cum ran down to Amanda's asshole, Brook dove in. She liked Amanda from her asshole to her fucked out cunt hole.

John moved behind Brook, who was on her knees with her face in Amanda's cunt. John finger fucked Brook to loosen her up for his cock. Then he told Brook to get in the 69 possition with Amanda. "If you eat her cunt, then she can eat your" he said. Amanda was coming back to life and the two girls really started working eachothers pussy over.
John fingered Brook again as Amanda ate her out. John had 2 fingers in her cunt when she started to cum. John lined his stiff cock up with her virgin opening. As Brook's orgasm hit, John pushed his cock in. Brook Screamed as her hymen broke and shook thru her orgasm.

John was balls deep in this tiny little blonde virgin pussy. He held still so she could get accustomed to the size of his dick. Amanda kept eating her out and John could feel Brooks cunt muscles working his cock as she climaxed. Than her cunt loosened a little. John started slowly fucking her. Her pussy was really tight. He couldn't remember feeling a pussy as tight. It didn't take her long and she was cumming in Amanda's liking mouth. John fuck her slow but deep. He would drive in hard then pull out slow. So slow he could feel every bump and contour of her velvety vise-like cunt. Brook was going crazy. The combination of Amanda's tongue and John's big cock gave her multiple orgasms. John had fucked her for about 20 to 25 minutes, but couldn't hold out any longer. He grabbed Brooks little hips and slammed into her tiny ass fast and hard. He banged her vigorously for a couple minutes. John Slammed in as deep as he could go and filled her tiny pussy full of his potent love liquid. Her tiny pussy had no more room inside her. As John held himself tightly in her, his cum dribbled out of her cunt as he filled it.

John stayed deep inside Brook, till his cock was limp. He pulled it out and a big glob of cum rushed when he exited. He fed his cock to Anna, which she quickly excepted. She sucked all the cum, bl**d, and pussy juice off his dick. Amanda cleaned all the cum out of Brooks well fucked hole. John was exausted, so everyone fell asl**p in a pile on the livingroom floor.

They continued in the morning.
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1 month ago
And Her Slutty Cousin Amanda" - Mid-thirties Divorced Father John, Fourteen Year Old Daughter Anna, And Her Fourteen Cousin Amanda and Their Fourteen Year Old Friend Brook.

For some unknon reason(s) Anna's father John gives no consideration nor attention nor thought to fucking his most willing fourteen year old daughter anna. But he doe3s fuck the walls off the pussies of Anna's fourteen year old cousin Amanda and their fourteen year old virgin friend Brook!!! Very strange, indeed. Of course, if the writer has intentions of a continuing chapter or two the non-sexual attraction of Anna to her father John is understandable. John does honorably fuck his sexually talented, ever-teasing niece Amanda, and most probably knocked her up. He then fucks Brook, after she witnessed the pounding of Amanda, so she knows what's coming (cuming!!) her way; John takes her virginity and fucks her as if she were an experienced woman, most probably impregnating her as well.

The theme, content, style and plot of the story is "hard dick, shooting loads" arousing and fulfilling. The grammar and spelling are srely lacking, but for the most part understandable!. The stable of three-nubile, even horny, fourteen year old daughter, niece and their friend is anough to heat up my cock and balls to boiling--and eruption!! Very considerate there is no physical abuse, no rape, but each actor (character) knows exactly what to expect. Very erotic, visually inticing and illicit action and reading!! Momentenous!!
1 year ago
John should have his wimp-dick sliced, diced and shoved up his ass. His daughter (Anna) wants him, needs him, and he fucks and sucks about five loads into Anna's two friends--one a virgin and one an often used slut teen; all three girls are fourteen years old. He's most likely impregnated the two friend's; BUT, he never touches his daughter, although she did get share a few sucks of his cock before fucking started Amanda and Brooke (the two friends). HE NEVER EVEN ATTEMPTED TO FUCK HIS NAKED, WILLING, NEEDING DAUGHTER, EVEN IGNORING HER!!! The theme could have been great but it was not believeable, though there was very little foreplay the fucking and sucking was great!
1 year ago
So the statutory-raping-teens pervert father uses u[ about five or so loads of orgasm on two teens, one pre-used and the other a virgin, but doesn't save a loadfor his wanting-his-dick daughter. The man (?) needs his dick stuffed up his ass! Of course the two young ladies he did fuck were most probably impregnated!! So should have his daughter been impregnated (if he had bothered to do his fatherly-manly duty). The sex and fucking is great, though no foreplay nor believeability.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Good story. It got me horny. Thanks
3 years ago
A really hot story, can't wait to read more -:)