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Why Fear Honesty?

Why do many people on the web fear honesty?

Everyone hates being lied to or misled...yet it happens over and over.

I think the web gives you a greater sense of privacy and detachment. For example, I could never tell someone I met in person all my kinky/taboo sexual turn-on's without them thinking me a perv. However, on this site we are all perv's to some degree. We all seam to gravitate to others with like minded fetish's with a certain level of comfort of not being judged harshly.

Personally...I don't care if you like what I have to say or if you like the type of porn I watch. After all...I don't really know you and you don't know me so any negative comments some may have affect me not.

I would LOVE to find a women with interests like mine, but I know I'll never find them if I HIDE or lie about the true me.

In closing...Let you'r FREAK FLAG fly and be yourself, I bet you'll like the results.

Posted by JaxsonCurry 2 years ago
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2 months ago
You're dead on, Jaxson, It's oh so true!
1 year ago
Well said, and I totally agree, as you will see if your read my profile and blog of Q&A FAQ Jill Vincent profile.
Nice to read this blog and know there are honest others out there.