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Very happily married mother of two beautiful young daughters. The oldest is also my half sister, so you figure it out. The youngest is by my own wonderful loving husband. Born June 24th, 2010. Poor man is condemned to live in a house full of females, unless he gives me a son soon.

I have to ask you guys to PLEASE stop asking for photos or videos, or to cam with me. That will never happen. I am too high profile in our area, and with some of the personal things I've shared on here with friends about my private life, I cannot take the chance of someone in this area getting hold of something that would surely identify me. Once those things get out into cyberspace they seem to take on a life of their own. It would be catastrophic for anyone locally to find out about our incestuous lifestyle, and especially the fact that our oldest daughter is a child of incestuous love. Besides, I made a solemn promise to my father and then to my wonderful husband that I would never do that. At the suggestion of a friend, I did think about uploading a photo of an attractive girl from the internet, but would that be fare to the girl whose photo I used? Just think of the problems I could cause her. Thank you for understanding.

I'VE BEEN SCREWED! And I have the proof living inside me. My wonderful, loving husband has given me the best Christmas present ever. This one is labelled, "Do not open until September." My husband bought the test kit for me and wrapped it with Christmas paper and a pretty bow. He said he was confident because he could see something special in me that he has only seen twice before...when I was pregnant with our Jenny and our Cindy. He likes claiming that he was the first to know. I hope all my friends at the hamster will be happy for us.

As for Santa, I'm a believer, because I can personally guarantee that Santa Clause cums tonight.
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1 month ago
Dear, sweet Janie. It's been a year now since your page has been silent, I only hope you are well and just needed to take a break from xH. I'd love to be in communication with you again someday. Love and smooches.
1 month ago
Hi Janie
I like your 'about me'. I'm a lot into incest, that's what gives me the most pleasure. I have a daughter but I've never fucked her. It seems that I mostly like to read about incest, write about it and to watch movies, but not do it myself except in my imagination. Hope you will be my xH-friend...
1 month ago
sweet package and now being nurtured
3 months ago
Hey loved one of your comments on a video so had to check out your profile which I like even more, of you'd like an English friend then let's be friends and then perhaps one day you can east my semen too, especially if you're pregnant at the time xx jx
4 months ago
Nice one..
5 months ago
add me plz
5 months ago
A full sister has the same parents. A half sister has just the 1 parent. Dont be so petty
6 months ago
Actually your oldest is your SISTER there's no half about it. As you're not a third party outside the family dynamic, any child brought to life inside the union of the household by means of a father figure with someone already there, there would be no case for half sibling relationships in the same household. If you don't want to ident your family, why give a D.O.B. Why Jenny and Cindy(they could be fake I understand). But the DOB.?
7 months ago
Great favorites :)
7 months ago
Cum and check out profile and let us know what you think
7 months ago
Like you comments and self description/profile. Definitely we could be friends. Came here because of some comments you made about Jenna Ross. I'm an American expat Europe and a lot older. Just thought I'd say hi. PS, Jenna Ross is a really delightful sexual person and fantasy with her cock sucking.
7 months ago
Wow. Love your incestuous profile. :)
8 months ago
we missed u janie
8 months ago
Still missing your sweet presence here, dear Janie. Hope you're okay and your family is well.
8 months ago
hi Janie! :) how are you?
9 months ago
You're awesome! Miss your presence and wonder why you unfriended me??
9 months ago
You sound like a beautiful person, Janie.
I do hope (Jenny + Cindy) are pseudonym's and NOT their actual references. That would be a BIG clue as to your identities. That said, i'll sing your praises from way over here in Scotland, hope Christmas is ALL that you hope. Be well sweet lady, and thanks for your candour,...it was very brave of you.
9 months ago
10 months ago
hot to read!!
10 months ago
awesome content thx for sharing janie
10 months ago
Hi Janie! Was wondering about that! Congratulations! Hope all turns out well.
10 months ago
I only wanna know this: did you have that 3rd child, and was it a boy?
11 months ago
Lovin' your Vid Faves ;-)
11 months ago
love the videos
Add me
11 months ago
add me! ;-)
11 months ago
add me baby.... it's daddy :)
11 months ago
Hi Janie, Hope all is still well with you. Drop me a line when you get chance.
11 months ago
Hello. Add me as a friend. I am trying to expand my network. Checkout my contact information. I have other accounts and profiles. Add me as a friend or follow me on other site please.

Thank you, :)
11 months ago
Wow great profile! I like your style! Check my favs for some dirty fun.
12 months ago
wow..u r hot...my new man...suspects..but doesn't know for sure..that im the family fuckdoll..soon:):)