Uncle Timmy takes control...Part3

It was a big old rolled back,horsehair stuffed sofa and manys the time when I was a bit younger I'd straddled the back playing at horsies.

I wasn't straddling the back now...I was laid over it with my arse in the air and Uncle Timmy pulling down my wet pants.

I'm thinking I'm gonna get what I always wanted now,but I still feared a baby and what that would do to mammy and daddy.They would disown me for sure and I would be shamed forever.Surely uncle must have a rubber on him....surely he must.

"Don't give me a baby Uncle Timmy...Please don't give me a baby" I whimpered,frankly laying it on a bit think.
" Don't you worry about that you little trollop" says he as he has his two thumbs in my cunt and is pulling apart my arse cheeks.
I hear him hawk and spit and feel a gobbet hit me and roll down between my cheeks.He rubs the rose of my arse and fingers my cunt...the wetness of me is running down my leg now and I think if he doesn't do something for me soon I might die of wondering....
He did something alright.....I felt his cock pushing at the lips of my cunt but that's not where it went.He shoved it into my arse without a 'by your leave' and plunged into me balls deep.

I screamed in pain and then remembering the baby asl**p in the next room I didn't scream anymore.
The strokes were burning and hurting but my cunt was still weeping with pleasure.As he continued I remember wondering how long it had been since Uncle had fucked anyone.If it had been a long time maybe he would finish quickly.
I never did find out how long it had been but he certainly didn't finish quickly.He settled into a long steady rhythm that suited him and soon it began to suit me too.

Every stroke hurt...every stroke burned...and every stroke thrilled.I learnt to open my legs wide so that his balls would bang against my cunt lips and sometimes my clit.I slipped my hand under my belly and down to my clit where I pulled and stroked to make myself cum.
I might have inadvertently nudged one of his balls or something because suddenly with no obvious warning he grunted and snuffled like a pig and I could feel myself fill with warmth as he shot a load of spunk into my arse.

I didn't cum but I felt great and was lying enjoying the feeling when I heard the door slam.He had got out of the house as quick as his spunk had shot out of his cock....speaking of which I was aware of it running out of my arse and down my leg so I went to the bathroom to clean up and to taste a little bit off my finger.....Mmmm.A little bit of arse but lots of Uncle Timmy....Nice taste.

I made a point of finding Uncle Timmy a couple of days later and very sheepish he looked too.I told him not to worry.I told him I kept "our" secret.I told him I enjoyed it.I told him he could do it again....He did...We did.

It's a funny thing.I was the first of all my friends to get fucked but the last of all my friends to get fucked in the cunt...hahaha.Two years of Uncle Timmy has made my arse the accomodating hole it is today.
95% (15/1)
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3 years ago
good girl, you really liked it didnt you?
3 years ago
Mmmmm...the jane_pub seal of approval.We love it
3 years ago
i loved it loved it loved it
3 years ago
you are a mind reader XXXXXXX
3 years ago
Excellent story
3 years ago
Good girl, make sure you never so no, to anyone.