Uncle Timmy Takes Control...Part 1

Before coming over we lived in a village outside Middleton...I say village but it was two houses either side of a road really.It would take mammy and daddy about 20 minutes into town for the shopping or the cinema or whatever.When they went out for the night I would babysit.
I don't know if it was that daddy was a civilised man or that mammy had trouble inside but unlike others we knew,there was only me and the baby and a good few years between us too....Nice peaceful house.Hahahaha.

I came home from college one day to see the car gone and Uncle Timmy making himself at home with the teapot at the kitchen table.
I called him Uncle Timmy, though to my certain knowledge he was b*****r to nobody in our f****y.
I would lie in bed with the baby in the cot nearby hearing him and mammy and daddy laughing and drinking at night.Sometimes he would be there asl**p on the sofa in the morning.He was a bit of a fixture....I suppose none of the other folks would have him in the house..haha.

"You're babysitting girl" he said "the folks are off in town for the night."

I had wanted to go and meet up with my pal Anne and was not best pleased to be finding out this news....Before I realised it I let slip a curse word..

"Fuck it" I said and clapped my hand over my mouth.Uncle Timmy looked shocked and raised his hand to me...
"Don't you be hitting me Uncle or I'll tell the mammy"
He thought for a moment and said "Not if I tell her first about you and yer foul mouth an' all"

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down across his knee,yanked up my skirt and proceeded to spank me on my arse - naked but for my cotton knickers.
I can joke now about the cheeks at both ends being red but at the time I was mortified and nearly died of shame.

I don't know how many spanks I got but he stopped with his hand resting on my tingling bottom.

"Waddya think o'dat den ya foul mouthed baggage?"

I was crying - more with embarrassment than anything else - and fearing he might have overdone it Timmy started to stroke my cheek...Obviously the one his hand was nearest to.

I think we both became aware at the same time of the fact that my cotton draws were soaking wet.I'm sure he thought I'd peed myself.
..I knew from the throbbing down in my cunt that it was more than that.I had never been with a boy but I knew those feelings well enough.
If I was walking the fields and came upon a ram covering a ewe I knew what was what and it made my cunt twitch...Likewise if I ever met Paidraig out and about I felt very warm in the pants for him......Hahaha.

"Jeez! What have you done to yerself?" He asked... "Twas you did it" says I

"I've never drawn bl**d from anyone in my life" says he and looks down to where the cheeks of my bottom were hiding my treasure.
I spread my legs so he could see there was plenty of wetness but none of it red or yellow,and when he realised he let out a small gasp and slipped one finger under the gussett of my knickers and straight into my sopping cunt

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3 years ago
oh you nasty girl
3 years ago
Oh that is so naughty.
3 years ago
more indeed
3 years ago
Let's hear more.