Schoolgirl and teacher

Being in 6 form and my body developing I was noticing the effect I had on boys I was lusting after a more experienced man namely my English teacher Mr Davis. He was in his early 30s and you could tell from his body that he played sport and his bum was lovely in his trousers and I could imagine my hands all over his body and his over mine.

I use to sit at the front of the class as I was a bit of a bookworm backing that up with the glasses that I wore. The one day I decide to sit there in my school uniform of a white blouse, grey pleated skirt and black socks looking very un-ladylike with legs open showing my knickers to sir if he wanted to see them. I caught him looking down there and hoped he liked what he saw. I did this for a couple of lessons and was then told by sir that I was to stay behind after school which was a first for me as I had never been in detention.

I got there and was told to sit down at the back of the class, sir then came to me and in a f***efull voice told me that despite my good school performace that some of my behaviour was not up to standard. I was shocked and wanted to cry then sir said that I need to be punished and maybe a spanking was an order of the day. My mood changed as I realised sir was going to do what he wanted with me sexually and I was more than willing. "Right then Jane please bend over that desk and lift your skirt up as you seem to be so willing your flash your knickers at me". I did as I was told and could feel the juices inbetween my legs run into my white lacy panties. Right count with me ordered as I felt his hand adminsiter a smack on each knicker clad bum cheek ten times.

I was now in a state of arousal that needed my clit to be touched and next sir pulled down my panties to my ankles and told me to spread my legs. "Yes sir" I replied and he then commented that my I was a hairy girl for my age and then sir proceeded to ask if any lucky boy had gotten into my knickers. "A few sir", was my breathlesses reply. "Hmm lucky them but today is my turn" and with that from behind I felt two of Mr Davis fingers reach around to my hairy pussy and started to rub my clit. I let out a loud groan and he expertedly rubbed and then proceeded to finger my aroused pussy until a tingly orgasam went right through my young body.

"Now then Jane you have teased sir too much lately and its time for more punishment". "Yes sir, whatever you must do". I heard the unzipping of his trousers and I turned around to see this big dick with a thick bell end in the hands of my teacher and soon to be lover. He rubbed his dick which was throbbing inbetween my bum cheeks and reached around this time to undue the buttons on my blouse and through my blouse expertedly undid my bra and then put his hands into my white bra saying that my bra was well filled and what size my titties were and I replied that they were 34D and as sir could feel my nipples were all stiff and aroused.

Next sir gropped my still glowing bum cheeks which set my off towards another orgasam and then I felt his big dick slide into me. I was expecting my tight young pussy to hurt a little but I was so wet it slid in and filled me. We grinded against each other with him calling me a naughty girl who needed sorting out which I readily agreed to. Putting his hands on my hips he then proceeded to fuck my hairy cunt along with him grabbing my brown hair and feeling all this lust from his body, dick and heavy bulls thrusting away into my 18 year old body. I felt him fuck me harder and harder with his balls banging into me from behind, I loved the feeling of this experienced man using me to take out his sexual desires on me.

"Oh you are such a good fuck you naughty young girl" he called out as another orgasam went through me bent over the desk. He pulled his prick out and then with a load moan from sir I felt this man's cum shoot over my bum cheeks and he then rubbed his dick over my bum to get the last of his seed out of his cock. "Right Jane I need to clear this up" and then got hold of my white panties and wiped his dick clean and rubbed all his spunk off my bum and then told me to put them back on if I really liked sir. I agreed and pulled them up to feel them totally soaking with a combination of my juices and sir's cum. He then told me to go and all I could think of was him all the way home where I went upstairs and proceeded to finger myself to my third orgasam with my spunk covered knikcers beside me.
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1 year ago
got me so hard and horny, great story x
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Jane was already talented at her early age:
Feeling shy, she still seduced her beloved man.
Though almost inexperienced, she sensed he would be fair and gentle with her for her first good time.
A young girl´s triumph: She won! ;-)P
4 years ago
Absolutely lovely you naughty girl! I would have spanked you while fucking...
4 years ago
i had a few teachers i would have shown my pussy to
4 years ago
Great story jane very realistic and so probably did happen to you at some point no? ;-) Keep up the excellent writing ;-)
4 years ago
I wish i was da student!
4 years ago
Very hot. You are so naughty.
4 years ago
Lovely story
4 years ago
wish i was that teacher--------lucky man
4 years ago
naughty lil'girl
4 years ago
Great. THink that is a lot of girls fantasies