Naughty Girl

I drove towards his house with a plan in mind. I haven’t seen my lover for over a month. I was giddy like a fucking school girl. I already knew what I wanted to do to him when I walked through his door. I could feel my heart beating faster as the thoughts of him flooded my mind. I could feel myself start to get wet just thinking about him.

He was my perfect man, he was tall, Irish, he had dark hair and eyes. He was inked up like a biker-but his heart was pure gold. His personality was amazing and his soul was beautiful. I pulled up in front of his house. My heart was beating like crazy. I looked at myself in my review mirror-I smiled. I was ready.

I walked up to his house shaking a little bit like I always do-the anticipation always killed me. I pushed open the door and stepped into his house. I could smell him as soon as I walked in-I grinned to myself. I heard his voice from upstairs.

“Babe is that you?” I felt the butterflies in my stomach scramble.

“Yes” I called out. I heard his footsteps above me and he soon appeared at the top of the stairs. I watched him as he came down the stairs. I licked my lips and smiled. He looked good today. He had my favorite cap on- he had a basketball jersey on and camo shorts on. My little metal man I thought to myself.

“Anyone home” I asked- he looked around the house and back to me and shook his head.

“Good” I said I pushed his back up against his front door. He smiled down at me.

“Baby girl..whatcha doing?” he asked with a little laugh in his voice. I smiled at him and kissed him very softly. I pulled away and his eyes were bright. I dropped to my knees in front of him and started to undo his shorts. I looked up at him as I did. His eyes were huge and he had a smile on his face. He let his body relax against the front door and watched me as I pulled out his dick. He lifted his shirt a little bit so he could get a better look at what I was about to do to him.

I spit on my palms and grabbed him in my hands. I started to twist my wrists up and down his shaft. I watched him close his eyes and let his head fall back against the door. I gently kissed the tip of his cock before I let it slide past my lips. I heard him let out a sigh. I started to move my mouth up and down his length-in slow deliberate strokes. I felt his hips jerk towards me. He wanted to thrust into my mouth so bad. I looked up at him- his brown eyes were heavy with lust as he looked down at me. I took my mouth away from him.

“Babes do you want to fuck my mouth” I softly asked. He looked me in my eyes and all he could do was nod. He was speechless. I grabbed his left hand and placed it on the back of my head. I raised an eyebrow and took him back into my mouth. He let out an audible groan as I sucked on him harder. He started to thrust into my mouth. He was pushing hard into my mouth. All I could do was suck hard on him. I could tell he was enjoying it when he grabbed a fistful of my hair and started to slam me down his cock. I started to choke a little and gag. My eyes started to tear up and I was going to push back-but I started to get into it. He placed his other hand under my chin and lifted it a bit so I was looking him in his eyes as he fucked my mouth. I could see his eyes getting more and more heavy- he was getting so close. Our eyes stayed locked as he skull fucked me. I felt spit start to drip around his cock and fall out of my mouth. All I wanted to do was please him and get him off. My knees started to hurt as he slammed into my mouth. I gagged again when he pushed really hard. I grabbed his balls as a way to make him pull back a little bit. But it only enticed him more. He groaned out deeply.

“Baby girl, don’t stop please. I want to cum on those lips.” He mumbled as he pushed harder. I could feel myself getting wet- I felt as if I was dripping. I started to match his strokes with harder sucks. I had him moaning. I could feel his cock pulsing he was getting close. I locked eyes with him and pushed down hard. He groaned out fuck. He pulled out of my mouth as he came-leaving some in my mouth and he jerked the last of it on my lips. He stood against the front door breathing heavy and watched me as I licked his cum off my lips.

“God fucking dammit baby girl that was some fucking hello” I leaned back on the stairs in front of him and watched him fix himself. I licked my lips one more time gathering all the cum. He tasted so good-sweet and a touch salty. He smiled as he watched me lick my lips. He came over to me and pushed me back on the stairs. He placed his hands on either side of me and leaned down to kiss me. I grabbed him around the waist. His kiss was hard and his tongue stroked my tongue with licks. I shivered.

He pushed off me and looked down at me. I touched the side of his face and looked into his eyes. God he was so hot right now. I felt this urge to smack him. So I did. I hauled off and slapped him across his face. He pulled back startled and looked me.

“You fucking bitch” he growled and pinned me to the stairs. He took my mouth in a heated kiss and as he left my lips he bit hard into my bottom lip drawing bl**d. I felt my body awaken we are going to be abusive today. My nipples hardened at the thought of the impending v******e.

I tried to crawl away from him up the stairs.

“No you fucking don’t you little whore” he said as he pushed me face down into the stairs. He grabbed my wrists in his hands and wrapped a belt around them. He tied me to the railing of the staircase. He yanked down my pants breaking the button and zipper. That shit owes me jeans I thought to myself. He yanked my panties to the side.

“Spread your legs baby girl” he demanded in my ear softly. I spread them for him. He smacked my ass hard-I jumped and moaned. I heard him spit and I felt two fingers enter me. I sighed it felt amazing. My pussy welcomed his fingers. The little slut sucked his fingers in-begging for it. He pumped me slowly at first-he started to pick up the pace as soon as he felt me start to drip. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I soon felt his wet tongue pushing against my warm slit. God dammit. My whole body started to scream for release. I wanted to push his face deeper into my pussy. But I couldn’t my hands were still bound to the railing. This fucking bastard got me. I did the only thing I could think off-I pushed back hard into his face. He pulled away and smacked me hard across my ass. I screamed out it stung so bad.

He grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked my head back so he could look into my eyes.

“Listen to me my love. You are going to get what you deserve. Right now you deserve to be punished.” He pushed my head down into the stair the carpet rubbing against my face.

“Keep your face there and don’t fucking move” he said as he pushed his fingers back into me. I felt myself wanting to cum-I loved when he was the dominate one. It was so hot. He grabbed my ass cheeks , pulled them up and apart. I felt him attack my ass with his tongue. I screamed out-no one has ever done that. He continued to work my pussy with his fingers hard as he licked my ass. I started to whimper his name. He pulled back and smacked my ass hard.

“Say my name baby girl” he growled at me. I said his name loud. He pushed his fingers harder.

“That’s right you little bitch. You like that? You want me to make you cum” he asked as he continued to push harder and faster. He attacked my pussy with his tongue as I cried out answers to him. I loved it-I loved him-I wanted him to hurt me right now. He reached around and grabbed my neck. I groaned. He started to choke me slowly as he finger fucked me. I couldn’t help it I started to move my hips hard against his hand as he choked me. He didn’t stop me. I felt his lips on the back of my neck-he peppered my neck and shoulders with kisses. I felt his groan against my neck and his deep breathing-he was turned on. My body gave in to him. I came hard-my knees and face rubbed raw by the carpet on the stairs. He pulled his hand out of me and released my neck. He pushed the fingers into my mouth. I licked them clean. I tasted very sweet. I groaned at the taste of myself.

He untied my hands and picked me up. He threw me over his shoulder and walked up the stairs. He kicked his bedroom door open and dropped me on his bed. He stood in front of his bed and started to undress. He tossed his hat on the floor; he tore his shirt off and flung it. He stood in his camo shorts staring at me half naked and abused on his bed. He knew I wanted him. He was taking his sweet ass time. I wanted his cock in me so bad. I needed it to fill me up. I could feel myself changing. There are moments when I am with him where I feel like I completely change into this sexual a****l. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. He knew just by the color of my eyes what I wanted. He pushed down his shorts. He was already hard.

He stroked himself and came towards me. He tore undid my bra –he pulled it off and tossed it. He kept my wife beater on. He knew I liked to be teased threw the material. He rolled it and tucked it up so he could see my naked body. He bit my nipples threw the shirt and watched me. I groaned out. He switched to the other nipple licked the material drenching it and then bit down hard. I yelled out. I pushed his face down harder on my tit. I was so ready for him to ruin me. I reached for his cock and he pulled back.

“Oh no you don’t I have a few other things that I want to do.” He continued to bite my chest. I was a squirming mess after a minute of the constant teasing. He reached to the bed side table and pulled out a razor. He pressed it in a line along my hip bone. I moaned as the bl**d broke through the skin. God fucking Christ he knew how to get me. He licked at the cut-as I watched his tongue lap at it-my pussy started to get wet again. This boy was so good at what he did.

He cut his arm and pressed it to my mouth. I sucked on it while he pushed his fingers into me. I jumped and groaned. I kept sucking his arms till he was moaning. He pulled his fingers out of me and placed his cock on my pussy. He pushed his arm into my mouth harder. I sucked on it. He teased me a little bit with the tip of his dick. My hips pushed up wanting him inside me. He pushed into me. He pulled his wrist away so he could get more leverage. He pushed into me. I let a groan go. I felt my pussy stretch for him. I loved the first initial push into my pussy. I always saw stars when he first pushed in.

He got his dick all nice and wet and pulled out. He flipped me over on all fours. He pushed into me. I groaned out. Thank god-I loved when he fucked me from behind. He smacked my ass as he rode me. I kept pushing back into him. I felt his balls smacking me. He grabbed my hair in his hands and pulled as he fucked me. I felt like he was tearing out my hair-I screamed as he pushed a finger into my ass.

“God I want to put my cock in that ass so bad” he grunted as he pushed harder. He spit on my ass and pushed two fingers in.

“Just do it –fuck my ass” I growled into the pillows. I could almost hear him cum right there. He spit on my ass.

“Baby suck my cock get it wet” I turned and sucked on him hard. I was getting him all wet. Turned me on all fours again-he pushed in a little gently. I sucked in air. It fucking hurt so bad. I whimpered out.

“Hurts?” he asked while he pushed in harder. I cried out a yes. He pushed harder.

“Good.” he said as he spit on my ass. He pushed harder. I groaned and screamed as he worked my ass.

“Fuck this is so tight” he moaned softly. He kept pushing. He smacked my ass hard as he rode it. He reached under and pushed two fingers into my pussy. I moaned out his name. It felt so fucking good.

“I am going to cum” I groaned out. He pushed deeper into my ass and pushed a third finger in my pussy. I started to shake. I felt myself start to cum. Everything started to tighten. He groaned when my ass tightened around his cock. He yelled out my name and came in my ass. I collapsed in a spasm. He fell on my back. He pushed my hair to the side and kissed my neck.

“Oh baby girl. I missed you so much” he said softly as he kissed my ear.
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2 years ago
very good baby lovely read
2 years ago
Great story!