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I'd walk up behind you, my hard cock pressed against your voluptuous ass. I reach around you and unbuckle your pants, I lick my fingers and reach my hand down your thong to that hot pussy, I slip a finger in and play with your clit with my thumb. With my other hand I reach under you baby tee and squeeze those big tits pinch your nipple between my thumb and forefinger... As your jeans feel to your knees, I would start to undress you. Undoing your bra and pulling your thong to the side, I then would kneel behind you and bury my face in that ass, I'd stick two fingers in your pussy as I french kissed it, flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue licking you lips as i spanked your pussy. Then I stand behind you thrusting two fingers your pussy as I whisper "you like that don't know you wanna be fucked! you need to be fucked! You feel how hot and wet you are, My cock needs to be in there, you want my cock in there dontcha baby, dirtygurls love big cock and you're a dirty girl. Well you better get it ready for you" I turn you around and you go to your knees and spit on my cock licking it on both sides before sucking me... You feel my hot throbbing rod against your moisten tongue, sliding in and out and all you want is for me to fuck your dripping wet pussy. I wait for you to get it all nice and I take it out of your mouth and slide it in between your tits as your tongue teases the head. "You ready for me, is that pussy wet enough for me?" Yes you say. I stand you up and hold one leg up as I slide all 8 1/2 inches into you slow at first. I want you to feel every single inch, I kiss you passionately "You want more" i ask "Uh huh!" You reply, I start going a little faster your moans fill my ear as you whisper " Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" I start to fuck you harder because that's what a dirty gurl needs, a dirty gurl needs to be fucked hard and deep. hittin the back walls of her juicy wet pussy " You like that don't you?" I grab you by the back other neck and by you hip and pull you into me... I pick you up into my arms and start swinging you back and forth into me our hips slamming together you're arms wrapped around my neck. Your hair matted down with sweat. i lay you down and begin to have my way with you. Holding both of your legs over your head I sink every inch of cock into your pussy and then pull it out so you can taste your juicy as I shove three fingers in you pussy and pinch your nipples. I kisss you and then flip you over on all four like a good little whore. I kneel behind you a thrust my hard fuckstick into you... I put one hand on your shoulder and the other on you hip as i pull you into me, balls slap against your clit as I pound you... I then pull you back on top of me so you can ride reverse cowgurl, Your body glistens with sweat as you are riding on my cock. U slam your pussy down as you smack your clit making sure you fill every inch of that hot little cunt up with Hard Cock. I reach around and play with your pussy, rubbing your pussy lips back and forth as I fuck it hard..." i gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" you gasp..."Cum all over my fucking cock!"... You ride even harder to squirt that hot pussy juice all over my cock. I grab your shoulders from underneath so I f***e myself up into you,...your body trembles as you start to cum "lemme suck your cock"...I pull out and put my cock in your mouth as I know use four fingers on your pussy Your pussy gets wetter, and wetter and wetter until "FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!" You cum all over my hand so much that its pours out of you...I shoot my hot cum all over your face and tits, giving you what you worked so hard for? We tremble on the floor for a minute and I flip you back over "What are you doing?" you ask " Now that we got that out of the way its time to really fuck you!!!" "Unless my dirtygurl doesn't want more cock!" You look up at me smile push me down on my back and begin to ride...
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2 years ago
Almost always the hot girls can take another shot if you have the cock size, width and strength to make them cum again.
3 years ago
Very good, descriptive should do more.
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Great story